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Before we go on to this, however, we must consider what is meant by success in Pratyahara. This is a very extensive subject, and different authors take widely divergent views. One writer means an analysis so acute that every thought is resolved into a number of elements (see The Psychology of Hashish, Section V, in Equinox II).

Theory of Quabbalistic Mysticism

I have already pointed out several times that the interpretations of Oriental books on yoga, tantra and other spiritual fields is insufficient, and I have emphasized that nearly al writers who translated these works from an Oriental language into a language of the Occident did not consider the fact that the contents of these writings are to be understood symbolically. A true hermetic finds it easy to tell a symbolic language from an intellectual one. He will never translate Oriental writings literally and will always beable to comprehend the true sense of the teachings, especially of the

The Exoteric Theory Of Breath

A writer has stated that if the air cells of the lungs were spread out over an unbroken surface, they would cover an area of fourteen thousand feet. The combustion arising from the change in the waste products generates heat and equalizes the temperature of the body. Good breathers are not apt to take cold, and they generally have plenty of good warm blood which enables them to resist the changes in the outer temperature. In addition to the above-mentioned important processes the act of breathing gives exercise to the internal organs and muscles, which feature is generally overlooked by the Western writers on the subject, but which the Yogis fully appreciate.

Philosophical Disquisition Upon The Nature Of The Soul

I don't say, went on the mystic, that the genius and his artist are not inseparably connected. It may be a little more closely than the horse and his rider. But there is at least a distinction to be drawn. And here is a point for you to consider the genius appears to have all knowledge, all illumination, and to be limited merely by the powers of his medium's mind. Even this is not always a bar how often do we see a writer gasp at his own work 'I never knew that,' he cries, amazed, although only a minute previously he has written it down in plain English. In short, the genius appears to be a being of another plane, a soul of light and immortality I know that much of this may be explained by supposing what I have called the genius to be a bodily substance in which the consciousness of the whole race (in his particular time) may

The Johannite Tradition

We shall speak of legends pertaining to Horus, to Jesus, that have not survived to the masses, but which have survived in the writings of the Jews and various Secret Organizations. These legends have survived in the writings of the hack-writers, to whom we are thankful for preserving snippets of them.

The Esoteric Theory Of Breath

This great principle is in all forms of matter, and yet it is not matter. It is in the air, but it is not the air nor one of its chemical constituents. Animal and plant life breathe it in with the air, and yet if the air contained it not they would die even though they might be filled with air. It is taken up by the system along with the oxygen, and yet is not the oxygen. The Hebrew writer of the book of Genesis knew the difference between the atmospheric air and the mysterious and potent principle contained within it. He speaks of neshemet ruach chayim, which, translated, means the breath of the spirit of life. In the Hebrew neshemet means the ordinary breath of atmospheric air, and chayim means life or lives, while the word ruach means the spirit of life, which occultists claim is the same principle which we speak of as prana.

In Memory of the Kabbalist Rabbi Baruch Ashlag

Those who can leave aside reason and opinions, and follow the ways of writers of authentic books of wisdom, will be able to bond unconsciously with the spiritual. It is because we do not see or feel the Creator in our world that we cannot selfishly surrender our consciousness to Him.

Clairvoyance Of Distant Scenes

The characteristics of Space Clairvoyance. The Astral Seeing of Distant Scenes and through intervening objects. Remarkable instances of this power, well authenticated and established. Interesting and instructive historical cases recorded and explained. Testimony of the Society for Psychical Research concerning this phase of Clairvoyance. The interesting case of W.T. Stead, the celebrated English writer, who went down on the Titanic. The important testimony of Swedenborg, the eminent religious teacher. Other well-authenticated cases happening to well-known persons. The evidence collected by the Society for Psychical Research. Interesting German case. Why so many cases of this kind happen when the person is on his death-bed, or seriously ill. Why such experiences often occur in dreams. Actual appearance of persons at a distance, and how explained. Important and interesting facts recited in connection with this phase of Clairvoyance.

The Nervous System

The Yogi teachings go further than does Western science, in one important feature of the Nervous System. We allude to what Western science terms the Solar Plexus, and which it considers as merely one of a series of certain matted nets of sympathetic nerves with their ganglia found in various parts of the body. Yogi science teaches that this Solar Plexus is really a most important part of the Nervous System, and that it is a form of brain, playing one of the principal parts in the human economy. Western science seems to be moving gradually towards a recognition of this fact which has been known to the Yogis of the East for centuries, and some recent Western writers have termed the Solar Plexus the Abdominal Brain. The Solar Plexus is situated in the Epigastric region, just back of the pit of the stomach on either side of the spinal column. It is composed of white and grey brain matter, similar to that composing the other brains of man.

Your Microphone Can Do It

(NOTE The author is widely known among working mentalists everywhere for his first book on mentalism, It Must Be Mindreading, published in 1949. Many consider it to be a classic within the mental field. His latest book, the just-released Dynamite Mentalism, is available through Chicago's Magic, Inc., and has been acclaimed by its reviewers. Known and recognized as a successful writer, he is less widely known as a performer, yet he was a performer long before he became a writer. Presentation (in mentalism), he once wrote, is all-important. A mediocre trick with a good presentation will surpass a superb trick with sloppy production, every time, In this Bonus Insert, he talks about a too-seidom considered aspect of presentation, the value and utilization of a microphone,)

Bizarre remembrances under hypnosis

Put in a more familiar context, artists and creative writers look at the world in a certain way. It is the same world that everyone else sees, but seen differently. Contemporary people often call artists weird because they do not seem to be seeing the same things that the majority sees. It is critical to realize that the sensory gateways that feed into the brain establish their own conditions for the creation of images and knowledge. Artistic giants knew full well that their visions were not shared by most people. Even when persecuted or abandoned because of their vision artists persist. That is all the can do because their visions are their reality, and for many of us they subsequently become our reality when we experience their art.

Termination of the disorder

The really interesting and significant seances came to an end with the production of the power system. Even before this, the vitality of the ecstasies had been falling off considerably. Ulrich von Gerbenstein came increasingly to the forefront and filled the seances for hours on end with his childish chatter. The visions which S. W had in the meantime likewise seem to have lost much of their richness and plasticity of form, for afterwards she was only able to report ecstatic feelings in the presence of good spirits and disagreeable ones in that of bad spirits. Nothing new was produced. In the trance conversations, one could observe a trace of uncertainty, as if she were feeling her way and seeking to make an impression on her audience there was also an increasing staleness of content. In her outward behaviour, too, there was a marked shyness and uncertainty, so that the impression of wilful deception became ever stronger. The writer therefore soon withdrew from the seances. S. W....

The Book Amtuat And The Book Of Gates

In inventing a situation for the Tuat the Egyptians appear to have believed that the whole of the habitable world, that is to say, Egypt, was surrounded by a chain of mountains lofty and impassable, just like the Jebel Kaf 2 of Muhammadan writers from one hole in this mountain the sun rose, and in another he set. Outside this chain of mountains, but presumably quite close to them, was the region of the Tuat it ran parallel with

But even this very plain word part Does he mean to

The fact is that very few of us know what words mean fewer still take the trouble to enquire. We calmly, we carelessly assume that our minds are identical with that of the writer, at least on that point and then we wonder that there should be misunderstandings Then there are devices style rhythm, cadence, rime, ornamentation of a thousand kinds. I think one may take it that the good writer makes use of such artifice to make his meaning clear the bad writer to obscure it, or to conceal the fact that he has none.

The Four Methods Of Respiration

This form of respiration is far better than either of the two preceding forms, and of recent years many Western writers have extolled its merits, and have exploited it under the names of Abdominal Breathing, Deep Breathing, Diaphragmic Breathing, etc., etc., and much good has been accomplished by the attention of the public having been directed to the subject, and many having been induced to substitute it for the inferior and injurious methods above alluded to. Many systems of breathing have been built around Low Breathing, and students have paid high prices to learn the new ( ) systems. But, as we have said, much good has resulted, and after all the students who paid high prices to learn revamped old systems undoubtedly got their money's worth if they were induced to discard the old methods of High Breathing and Low Breathing. In Low Breathing, the lungs are given freer play than in the methods already mentioned, and consequently more air is inhaled. This fact has led the majority of...

The Relation Of Sensation And Thought

Some writers have gone farther than this, declaring that not only are sensations the materials out of which thoughts are constructed, but that thoughts are produced by sensations, thus ignoring any Thinker, any Knower. Others, at the opposite extreme, look on thought as the result of the activity of the Thinker, initiated from within instead of receiving its first impulse from without, sensations being materials on which he employs his own inherent specific capacity, but not a necessary condition of his activity.

Magical Stones Or Amulets

Power and prayers were cut upon the amulets, which thus became possessed of a twofold power, that is to say, the power which was thought to be inherent in the substance of which the amulet was made, and that which lay in the words inscribed upon it. The earliest name for the formula found upon amulets is hekau, and it was so necessary for the deceased to be provided with these hekau, or words of power, that in the XVIth Century B.C., and probably more than a thousand years earlier, a special section i was inserted in the Book of the Dead with the object of causing them to come to him from whatever place they were in, swifter than greyhounds and quicker than light. The earliest Egyptian amulets known are pieces of green schist, of various shapes, animal. and otherwise, which were laid upon the breast of the deceased these are found in large numbers in the pre-historic or predynastic graves at several places in Egypt. It is most unlikely that they were made by the aboriginal inhabitants...

The Spread of Rosicrucianism

Turning from Bacon to other English writers, a more direct Rosicrucian connection is to be found in the works of Robert Fludd midst of the earth or centre of the world which is both small and great. It is soft, also above measure hard and strong. It is far off and near at hand, but by providence of God invisible. In it are hidden the most ample treasures, which the world is not able to value.' It is clear that Vaughan is here referring to the mountain that must be climbed in search of spiritual attainment. But in the works of other writers - for example in Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, which I shall come to in the next chapter - a mountain covered with symbols is used as an allegory of the alchemical process. This indicates that Rosicrucianism and alchemy are to be seen as having an inner and an outer aspect. This again will be discussed more fully in the next chapter. Another interesting document is a letter in Ashmole's handwriting among his papers in the Bodleian library. It is...

The Spiritual Panacea

In order to describe the Panacea an experience of the author will be related A substance was shown to him in the Temple of the Rosicrucians on a certain memorable night, with which the Universal Spirit could be combined as readily as great quantities of ammonia combine with water. Three spheres were suspended one above the other in the center of the Temple, the middle sphere being about half way between the floor and ceiling. It was much larger than the other two, which hung one above and one below. Inside the large central sphere was a smaller contained which held a number of packages filled with that substance. When the Brothers had placed themselves in certain positions, when the harmony of certain music had prepared the way, suddenly the three globes began to glow with the three primary colors, blue, yellow, and red. To the vision of the writer it was plain how during the incantation of the formula the container having in it the before mentioned packages became aglow with a...

Principle Transcends Degree Work and Ritual

The writer doubles and triples his style, when silence is imposed by a master upon the people. There springs from this silence a certain mysterious fullness, which filters and freezes into brass in his thoughts. Thus, living under the despotism of the federal U.S., Pike writes his tome compressed between blocks of symbols and arcana that disguise his ancillary intent, to write a missive that will keep the idealism of the South alive during occupation.

Natural Causes Of Lycanthropy

The hallucinations under which lycanthropists suffered may have arisen from various causes. The older writers, as Forestus and Burton, regard the were-wolf mania as a species of melancholy madness, and some do not deem it necessary for the patient to believe in his transformation for them to regard him as a lycanthropist.

Association With Superiors

For this influence direct personal contact affords the most effective channel. But failing this, or in association with it, much may also be gained from books, if the books be widely chosen. In reading the work of a really great writer, we should try for the time to put ourselves into a negative or receptive condition, so as to receive as many of his thought vibrations as possible. When we have read the words, we should dwell on them, ponder over them, try to sense the thought they partially express, draw out of them all their hidden relationships. Our attention must be concentrated, so as to pierce the mind of the writer through the veil of his words. Such reading serves as an education, and helps forward our mental evolution. Less strenuous reading may serve as a pleasant pastime, may store our minds with valuable facts, and so subserve our usefulness. But such reading as is described means a stimulus to our evolution, and should not be neglected by those who seek to grow in order...

The Sensation Of The Light

Therefore, when we read these books, we must always remember the writer's spiritual degree. That enables us to not only connect with the ideas and direction, but also forms a bridge that could help us in our progress as we bond with the author. It is not important if the author is alive or not we can bond in our feelings while studying the author's books.

Green Book of Meditations

The original edition is much different from this one. The Zen Koans, Haiku & Christian Thoughts are the same, but I removed many selections from the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet, because many represented the sole thoughts of Benjamin Hoff (a recent writer) and were not the retold timeless stories of old Taoists (which I kept in this volume). This amounted to about 5 pages being removed out of 40 from the Third Volume. I will put those removed selections into a file on the web-site for observing, but not for downloading. I have recently added all the selections in Zen and the Gospel, Scots Gaelic Poems, Three Random Pieces, Is God A Taoist , Wit and Wisdom of Islam and Various Other Quotes. The end result is a more diversity and intriguing stories and Druidical one-liners.

Third Division Of The Tuat

Description of the Lake from later writers, and it is equally clear that his account of it represents the tradition of the existence of some hot sulphur spring or bituminous lake which existed in Egypt, probably in or near one of the Oases. At Kharga, for example, there are several springs the waters of which reach a temperature of 97 Fahrenheit. As we see in the picture (vol. ii., p. 112) a large plant, or small tree, growing before each of its inhabitants, it is evident that some kind of vegetation flourished in the neighbourhood of the Lake, and the quaint costume of the gods, who, of course, typified the inhabitants of the region, suggests that they were not Egyptian. The dwellers in the LAKE OF BOILING WATER entreat AFU-RA to come to them, saying, Send forth thy light upon us, O thou great god who hast fire in thine eye (vol. ii., p. 113). In answer, the god decrees that their food shall consist of loaves of bread and green, herbs, and that their beer shall be made from the...

The Gnostic Secret The Creator is Evil

For a more modern twist, one science fiction writer (with a penchant for occultism and a strange adaptation of psychology) outlined the Gnostic myth in a more technological form. Millions of years ago in the spiritual dimensions, a spirit entity decided he wanted more power than was his due, he created a sequence of mind traps or games. These games or traps enthralled the other spirit beings and as they became involved in them, they found themselves creating material reality. The final game involved forgetting who they were and entering into matter, hence, they entrapped themselves. Modern adaptations of the Alpha Event are not unusual. For example, there is much discussion about the possibility that extra-terrestrial entities genetically engineered mankind. These theories were made popular by such writers as Sitchin and on a more vulgar level by Von Daniken. Whether we wish to use a highly spiritual and ethereal description such as that by the Kabbalists or see the fall in more...

Third Boundarywho Perceives

Also, when Kabbalists write about the worlds above BYA, they are not actually writing about those worlds specifically, but about how the writers perceived those worlds while being in the worlds BYA. And because Kabbalists write about their personal experiences, there are similarities and differences in Kabbalistic writings. Some of what they write relates to the general structure of the worlds, such as the names of the Sefirot and the worlds. Other things relate to personal experiences that they experience in these worlds.

Radionic Tools Toys And Transmission

Radionic Dial Machine Boxes

D Take the rate and measure with the sweep dial as before. In this case, try to take a reading while the subject is calm and while the subject is animated over some disaster. Compare the readings. The more upset the subject is, usually the higher will be the reading on the strength of that level. It was for this reason that older writers contended that the emotional level had a life of its own and would try to take complete control of the individual if the emotions were not kept under tight control. Victorian garbage, of course, but there is a relationship between the ability to think clearly and the strength of the emotional level.

Live But Live Well The Te of Piglet pg 155

Taoism is not the reject-the-physical-world theory of living that some scholars (and a few Taoists) would have others believe. Even Lao-tse, the most reclusive of Taoist writers, wrote, Honor all under Heaven as your body. To a Taoist, a reject-the-physical-world approach would be an extremist absurdity, impossible to live without dying. Instead, a Taoist might say Carefully observe the natural laws in operation in the world around you, and live by them. From following them, you will learn the morality of modesty, moderation, compassion, and consideration (not just one society's rules and regulations), the wisdom of seeing things as they are (not of merely collecting facts about them) and the happiness of being in harmony, with the Way (which has nothing to do with self-righteous spiritual obsessions and fanaticism). And you will live lightly, spontaneously, and effortlessly.

Question What is the connection between the spiritual land of Israel and the corporeal one

Kabbalist, he in fact, connects himself with the upper management. And because the writer wrote the book while being in the upper world, as well as in ours, his attainment reaches the upper world, but the text is in words of our world, written with pen on paper. This way he connects the two worlds with one another.

The Relaxation Ritual

I am firmly convinced that one day magick will be understood in Western scientific terms. History proves this. Reading, writing, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, physics and more were all at one time deep occult secrets. Today, many of these things are taught to children before they begin school. The occultism of the past becomes the science of the future. Arthur C. Clarke, the famous science fiction writer and author of 2001 A Space Odyssey, said that any sufficiently

Question Is it possible to describe the way from beginning through the end of correction

Membership in the group necessitates participation in various things such as teaching Kabbalah. During the study, there is the aim to draw special forces from above. We study texts that were written by Kabbalists such as Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai and the Ari, who were at a certain degree of control and awareness of reality. When we read those texts, we can ascend to the level of the author. You do not say this to a beginner, but in fact he can already (especially if he is in a group that is experienced in that) bond with that power, the degree the writer was in. Then, a force pours down on him from above, a light that begins to accelerate the evolution of his spiritual gene - the root of his soul - even further. The evolution through the light continues until the point evolves to an entire ten Sefirot. The point seems to inflate, and when instead of the point there is now ten Sefirot, it is considered an entire structure, the body of a soul, a vessel. It is...

Q Can Kabbalah be taught in other languages besides Hebrew

Words are completely external clothing their sole purpose is to convey information. This can be done in several ways, which is why language itself has no meaning. Knowledge can be conveyed in English, Russian or any other language, even though the writers of the Kabbalah wrote in Aramaic, Hebrew and some Greek. There are also Kabbalah books in Arabic, and Kabbalists in the middle ages wrote in ancient French.

An Infinite Variety of Mankind

JAY HALPERN - Contributing Editor Writer belongs to Cosmopolitan Lodge 125 in New Haven, CT. He published The Jade Unicorn in 1979 (Macmillan), an occult allegory of the battle between good and evil, and is looking to have his novel, Gris-Gris, a lyric meditation Cell Fantastick , a collection of poems The Emerald Canticle of Hermes , and a collection of short stories, Ghosts & Bones, published ASAP. Bro. Halpern is also a disability rights, civil rights, environmental activist who ran for Connecticut state representative last November to make a statement about a power plant being shoved down the region's throat, in lieu of a comprehensive renewable energy policy.

The Rosicrucian Adept as Hero and Villain

He romantic possibilities of the Rosicrucian legend have made it a rich source of material for writers. Its use in fiction and poetry has both reflected and shaped the popular image of the brotherhood and has complemented the various attempts to continue the order actively. Before coming to the most recent phase of active Rosicrucianism I should like to look at the way in which the figure of the adept and other aspects of the Rosicrucian legend have been treated in literature. aspects of the Rosicrucian symbol. Other writers have linked the Rosy Cross primarily with alchemy. One such was the German physician and alchemist, Demeter Georgiewitz-Weitzer (18731949), who wrote a number of books under the name of G.W. Surya. These included works on Paracelsian healing methods and a novel, Moderne Rosenkreuzer (Modern Rosicrucians), published in 1907 and re-issued in 1914. Some information about Surya is given in a letter from Dr Kellner of Hamburg which is attached to the Warburg Institute...

The Dark Before The Dawn

The darkest time of night is right before the dawn. Similarly, the writers of The Book of Zohar said, almost 2,000 years ago, that humanity's darkest time will come right before its spiritual awakening. For centuries, beginning with the Ari, author of the Tree of Life, who lived in the 16th century, Kabbalists have been writing that the time The Zohar was referring to was the end of the 20th century. They called it the last generation.

Modern Rosicrucian Movements

German astrologer and occultist Hugo Vollrath, who ran the Theosophical Publishing House at Leipzig between the wars. Though a somewhat disreputable character, Vollrath evidently had a sense of humour. He was accustomed to wear a fez at his office because, he explained, 'it keeps my aura in place'. He had for a time been a disciple and secretary of Franz Hartmann (1838-1912), a Theosophist and prolific occult writer whose works included much on Rosicrucian themes. Vollrath posed, under the name of Walter Heilmann, as the secretary of a fictitious Rosicrucian society in Germany and 'collected subscriptions from gullible people, mostly women, who received impressive diplomas and esoteric instructions in the form of Master Letters The Rosicrucian Master Letters were not written by Vollrath but consisted of material translated from the pseudo-Rosicrucian nonsense published in California by Max Heindel. '5

Thinking And Ceasing To Think

Another way of giving the rest to the mental body and the brain - a far easier way than the cessation of thinking - is by change of thought. A man who thinks strenuously and persistently along one line should have a second line of thought, as different as possible from the first, to which he can turn his mind for refreshment. The extraordinary freshness and youthfulness of thought which characterized William Ewart Gladstone in his old age was largely the result of the subsidiary intellectual activities of his life. His strongest and most persistent thought went to politics, but his studies in theology and in Greek filled many a leisure hour. Truly he was but an indifferent theologian, and what he was as a Greek scholar I am not competent to say but though the world cannot be said to be much the richer for his theological pronouncements, his own brain was kept fresh and receptive by these and his Grecian studies. Charles Darwin, on the other hand, lamented in his old age that he had...

Q Why do we study only or mostly the Zohar the writings of the Ari and the writings of the Ashlags

A Because these are actually one writer, one soul that reincarnated from the first man, through Abraham, Moses, Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yo-chai, the Ari and finally, Rav Yehuda Ashlag. It is a soul that came down only to show humanity the path for correction. Although there are Kab- I advise all of you to start studying these sources. Later on, when you have absorbed the material, you'll be able to understand other writers. This will give you a solid basis from which to examine other sources to see if they suit you as well.

Christian Konrad Sprengel 17501816

Lullus, a Spanish writer and philosopher born into a wealthy family in Palma, Mallorca, was well educated, and became the tutor of King James II of Aragon. He wrote in Arabic, Latin and Catalan. He wrote treatises on alchemy and botany, Ars Magna, and Llibre de meravelles.

More Phenomena Of Yogi Psychic Breathing

The Yogis possess great knowledge regarding the use and abuse of the reproductive principle in both sexes. Some hints of this esoteric knowledge have filtered out and have been used by Western writers on the subject, and much good has been accomplished in this way. In this little book we cannot do more than touch upon the subject, and omitting all except a bare mention of theory, we will give a practical breathing exercise whereby the student will be enabled to transmute the reproductive energy into vitality for the entire system, instead of dissipating and wasting it in lustful indulgences in or out of the marriage relations. The reproductive energy is creative energy, and may be taken up by the system and transmuted into strength and vitality, thus serving the purpose of regeneration instead of generation. If the young men of the Western world understood these underlying principles they would be saved much misery and unhappiness in after years, and would be stronger mentally,...

The Twelveinch Rule And The Common Gavel

It would be a waste of time to comment upon this. Some writers have imagined that the parallel lines represent the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which the Sun alternately touches upon at the Summer and Winter solstices. But the tropics are not perpendicular lines, and the idea is merely fanciful. If the parallel lines ever belonged to the ancient symbol, they had some more recondite and more fruitful meaning. They probably had the same meaning as the twin columns Jachin and Boaz. That meaning is not for the Apprentice. The adept may find it in the Kabalah. The JUSTICE and MERCY of God are in equilibrium, and the result is HARMONY, because a Single and Perfect Wisdom presides over both.

Chapter xlix Of Light Colours Candles and Lamps and to what Stars Houses and Elements severall colours are ascribed

Their capacity, all which joyning to it self with an enlivening heat, and passing through all things, doth convey its qualities, and vertues through all things. Therefore Magicians forbid the Urin urine of a sick man to be sprinkled in the shadow a sick man, or to be uncovered against the Sun or the Moon, because the rayes of the light penetrating, bringing suddenly with it the noxious qualities of the sick bodies, convey them into the opposite body, and affect that with a quality of the same kind. This is the reason why Enchanters have a care to cover their Enchantments with their shadow. So the Civet cat make all Dogs dumb with the very touch of her shadow. Also there are made artificially some Lights, by Lamps, Torches, Candles, and such like, of some certain thing, and liquors opportunely chosen, according to the rule of the Stars, and composed amongst themselves according to their congruity, which when they be lighted, and shine alone, are wont to produce some wonderfull, and...

Proper Care Of The Deceased

A case was told the writer in which a surgeon amputated three toes from a living person under anesthetics. He threw the severed toes into a bright coal fire, and immediately the patient commenced to scream, for the rapid disintegration of the material toes caused an equally rapid

Constructing Sigils With Planetary Cameas

Hagiel Sigill Square

The following explanations are based on Israel Regardie's excellent bookHow to Make and Use Talismans, which contains a very clear summary, though the author refers to the older material of the Golden Dawn and other writers have explained the system elsewhere.14 Tb be able to use these systems, however, you need a sound basic knowledge of cabbalism and planetary magic. Unfortunately, these cannot be taught here and would lead away from our main topic. Readers who are quite unfamiliar with these disciplines should refer to the relevant literature listed in the bibliography.

Till old experience do attain To something like prophetic strain

Puritanism the Renaissance traditions. It is this combination which would have made Milton so attractive to members of Italian academies whom he met on his visit to Italy. He was an Englishman who boldly resisted the tyranny of Antichrist, yet was vitally linked to the Renaissance culture, cultivated in the Academies, though frowned on by the seventeenth-century rulers of Italy. Milton's demons might have brought him into trouble in some circles yet they belong naturally to the outlook of the writer of a great Renaissance poem, concerned with the angelic and demonic forces of the cosmos. Such a poem could be written in Puritan England, but not in seventeenth-century Italy.

Belief A Key to Magick

Chaos Magic

The interesting thing about metaprogramming is that you can adopt a belief for a relatively short time, and then drop it again. When practising ritual magick its generally a good idea to, whatever you think about gods being archetypes or reflections of bits of yourself or whatever, behave as if they were real. So in a Cthulhu Mythos ritual, nothing will help build the neccesary tension than the adopted belief that if you get it wrong Cthulhu will slime you Of course, outside the ritual you don't have to believe in Cthulhu and that even now a slimy paw appears at my window no No ahem, sorry about that. Related to this approach is the idea that 'Suspension of Disbelief' can also be useful. To do this, take a book which expounds an idea that you find totally crap (every magician has their favourite 'crap' author) and try to see the writers message without your inner voice hurling abuse at the page. One of the most difficult 'suspensions' for fledgling magicians is overcoming the nagging...

Wish Exercises Matos Spells And Magic Xi

This, although it has been suggested that the title refers to that old serpent originally responsible for the Fall of Mankind, which, according to ancient writers, is visible in the heavens and may be followed by taking diagrammatic representation of the constellations, where Hercules is shown trampling cn t he head of the Serpent, or Scorpion. As the Serpent, it typifies the temptation of Eve, who won wisd m and knowledge at the price of bitter sorrow and suffering. According to Greek Mythology the Scorpion was placed in the heavens by Juno the yueen of Gods (and wife of Jupiter), because it carried out her wishes by stinging Orion, who had offended the goddess by boasting that he could outrun and subdue the wildest and fiercest of beasts. Orion died from the effects of the sting and, with the Scorpion, was translated to the heavens, forming different constellations so placed that as one sets the other rises and amongst mariners, when Orion is obscured it is considered to indicate...

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

There are several different aspects to sexual magick, and it is difficult to divide them into categories as they overlap a great deal. Even so, it is necessary to make loose categories in order to discuss the subject. Do understand that these divisions are just for communication's sake, and other writers may not follow them

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

At the time I placed no importance on the content of this experience. I did not like the idea of being chosen to write somebody else's words, nor did I even know who they were. But about a week and a half later, I had the idea to write this book and began a magickal operation for the purpose of increasing my effectiveness as a writer. I shy from attributing cause-effect relationships to this kind of work rather, I would say that the same Will which prompts me to write these words was the same Will that inspired me to perform that particular magick. The ritual and the work resonate together.

The Tarot And The Tree Of Life

The Trumps are numbered in Roman figures in order to avoid confusion with the Arabic numbers of the Sephiroth. It has puzzled the traditional writers on the Tarot that these numbers should run from 0 to XXI. They seem to have thought that it would be proper to assume that 0 was the Fool, because he was a cipher, a good-for-nothing. They made this assumption simply because they did not

Matos Spells And Magic Grey Magick Circle

Magick Circle Spell

The Greater Key of Solomon is readily available at metaphysical bookstores and occult shops. It is fascinating that many occultists claim that the Lesser Key deals with evil spirits and the Greater Key deals with good ones. This is merely a repetition of what other ill-informed writers have claimed. There is not one bit of proof that one Key deals with evil spirits and the other deals with good ones.

Matos Spells And Magic Wishes Circle Patterns Thoughtforms

It is only in the last fifty years, however, that certain techniques of astral projection, derived from the writings of Oliver Fox, Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington, have become widely known in the western world. The first-named of these writers disc overed for himself what he called 'the pineal doorway' while the second developed a mode of astral projection involving reducing himself to a state very near to physical death.

The Psychological

Carl Jung was a pupil of Freud, and to place them completely in opposition, as some writers have tended to do, is a mistake but one of the great purposes of Jung's career was to broaden the basis of Freud's findings and to show, as indeed he succeeded notably in showing, that every aspect of human life has reference to some aspect of spiritual truth. Repeatedly he made it clear that he too was working not as a theologian but as a physician, that his concern was altogether with the human, not with the Divine. But in spite of his protestations, his work continued to startle those who had become accustomed to a materialistic approach, for his careful observation and scrupulously honest following of the evidence led him to the conclusion that the spiritual levels were the unchanging reality, whereas human life was its reflection and symbol, not the other way round. His study of the dreams of his patients, of which many are recorded in his published works, all point in one direction that...

Third Series Advanced Exercises

There should be no side-thoughts such as those about the material of which the pin-head is made, its colour, size and so forth. Only to see, to contemplate, without any other movements of the mind. The reward for a satisfactorily performed exercise is very great. You will find that it is now easy for you to direct your attention (mind) to anything you wish, embracing it in your visualizing consciousness. Writing these lines, I am also experiencing what I am expounding to you here. I am looking at my wrist watch wishing to see it from all possible points of view, i.e. from all sides at once. And there is no difficulty at all. But, of course, I cannot write and simultaneously perform this exercise, for the mind must be silenced, and no movement of a writing hand is possible without the participation of some special subdivision of the same mind to direct its activity. And yet, there was a time, when the writer was terrified when he tried to imagine such a degree of concentration, as...

Matos Spells And Magic Lightning Spiral

But Arthwait was in the fetters of his own egoism while he pronounced himself father and grandfather 157 of all spiritual science, in language that would have seemed stilted and archaic to Henry James, or Osric, and presumptuous in the mouth of an archangel, he was the bondslave of utterly insignificant writers, fakers of magical grimoires of the fourteenth century, hawkers of spells and conjurations to a benighted peasantry who wished to bewitch cows or to prevent their neighbours from catching fish. Arthwait had published a book to show the folly of such works, but in practice they were his only guide. In particular, he swore by the Black Pullet, which seemed to him less dangerous than the Grand Grimoire, or the forgery attributed to Pope Honorius. He wanted to evoke the devil, but was terrified lest he should be successful. However, nobody could be more pedantically pious than he in following out the practical prescriptions of these absurd charm-books.

Weaken The Storms Matos Spells Nd Magic

It is a strange circumstance that no Magical writer has hitherto treated the immensely important subject of the Magical Link. It might almost be called the Missing Link. It has apparently always been taken for granted, only lay writers on Magick like Dr. J. G. Frazer have accorded the subject its full importance. Writers of Magick have been unsparing in their efforts to instruct us in the preparation of the Will, but they seem to have imagined that no further precaution was necessary. There is a striking case of an epidemic of this error whose history is familiar to everybody. I refer to Christian Science, and the cognate doctrines of mental healing and the like. The theory of such people, stripped of dogmatic furbelows, is perfectly good Magic of its kind, its negroid kind. The idea is correct enough matter is an illusion created by Will through mind, and consequently susceptible of alteration at the behest of its creator. But the practice has been lacking. They have not developed a...

Mind Reading Matos Spells And Magic

(NOTE Published in 1949, the author's first book on mentalism, It Must Be Mindreading, has become a mentalism classic. His latest book, the just-released Dynamite Mentalism, is a 15-minute one-man routine that should become a classic in its own right, with anyone who understands audience psychology. , .and can talk intelligently. He has written others on both magic and mentalism, and he has four more slated for early publication. He has written suspense novels, for radio, and for television. He is the author of more half-hour commercially sponsored radio who-done-its than any other writer in the world, A writer by profession, the author is a performer by inclination,)

Clairvoyant Psychometry

The word clairvoyance means clear seeing. In its present usage it covers a wide field of psychic phenomena and is used by different writers to designate phases of psychic phenomena differing widely from each other. The student is apt to become confused when he meets these apparently conflicting definitions and usages. In the glossary of the Society for Psychical Research, the term is defined as The faculty or act of perceiving, as though visually, with some coincidental truth, some distant scene it is used sometimes, but hardly properly, for transcendental vision, or the perception of beings regarded as on another plane of existence. Mrs. Henry Sidgwick, a distinguished writer on the subject of psychic phenomena, in one of her reports to the Society for Psychical Research, says The word clairvoyant is often used very loosely and with widely different meanings. I denote by it a faculty of acquiring supernormally, but not by reading the minds of persons present, a knowledge of facts...

Astrology As An Aid To Healing Astrological Basis For Healing

If physicians would study the science of astrology, they would thus with a very slight effort be able to diagnose their patient's condition in a manner altogether impossible from the ordinary diagnostician's point of view. Some physicians are waking up to that fact and have discovered by their experiences that the heavenly bodies do have an influence upon the human frame. For instance, when the writer was in Portland, Oregon, a physician mentioned as his observation that whenever it was possible for him to perform an operation while the moon was increasing in light, that is to say, going from the new to the full, the operation was always successful and no complications would set in. On the other hand, he had found that when circumstances compelled him to perform an operation when the Moon was going from the full to the dark there was great danger of trouble, and that such operations were never as satisfactory as those performed while the light of the Moon was increasing. The way to...

The Practical Value Of Astrology

To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments. This phase of the science is dealt with in The Message of the Stars, giving numerous horoscopes to show how the signatures of various diseases appear in the stellar script. The writer diagnoses unerringly by this method the ailments of patients all over the world and love will light the way for others also who aim to follow in the steps of Christ as healers of the sick.

The Fourth Book of Cornelius Agrippa

It is a matter now almost of general knowledge that a Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy is attributed to Cornelius Agrippa, and that it is rejected as spurious. The authenticity of the famous three books has never been questioned and is indeed beyond challenge the fourth is perhaps less interesting from the nature of its contents than from this question of its authorship. It is, at the same time, a much more skilful performance than the common run of magical impostures it connects with and rises out of the genuine work in a very curious manner and, having regard to the special magical complexion of the latter, there might seem no inherent reason why it should not have been the production of Agrippa. The difficulties concerning it may be reduced to three heads. One is of time it appeared after the death of the restless speculating philosopher of Nettersheim. Now, a posthumous publication is not necessarily open to suspicion unless it is a treatise on Magic, but a treatise on Magic of...

Chapter One The Tree of Sapphires

Another extension of the Lattice idea is that of the link between macrocosm and microcosm, the greater world and the lesser world. It can be seen that if the whole Universe is modelled as a latticework of reflective spheres, each point in the Universe reflects everything else. Thus, if a change occurs within one sphere, the whole is equally changed, and if a change occurs across wider areas of the lattice, then equally, every discrete point will be changed in reflection. This model is a more holistic vision of the many levels model previously adopted by some esoteric writers, which is more linear in that one world tends to be seen above or about the other. As above, so below can be equally considered as as within, so without , or even, as here, so everywhere .

The Training For Meditation Preliminary Remarks

To do this we must criticize the Authorities some of them have made it too complex, others have completely failed in such simple matters as coherence. Many of the writers are empirics, still more mere scribes, while by far the largest class of all is composed of stupid charlatans.

The Powers of Death and Decay

It's quite probable that if you are interested in Necromancy that at one point or another, you have either read, or bought (or both) the Necronomicon. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint those of you that have or had it, but it isn't worth the paper it's printed on. You can not buy ancient powers, mighty gods, Necromantic powers and legitimate spells to go along with it for 20 Canadian. Sorry, but no. The truth of the matter is that H. P. Lovecraft is a fiction writer. His story about the origin, purpose, and discovery of the Necronomicon is totally fake, as is the content of his book. It is nothing more than a semi-intelligently wraught mish-mash of facts that he has attempted to correlate into a cohesive tome. Don't believe it, don't buy it, and don't think it's worth even keeping. Let the neophytes and those that are easily fooled keep THAT book. There is no such thing, anywhere or in any art, as The Big Book of Magic Spells that you can simply pick...

What Magick is What are the Parts thereof and how the Professors thereof must be Qualified

And most famous Writers amongst which principally Zamolxis and Zoroaster were so famous, that many believed they were the inventors of this Science. Their track footsteps Abbaris the Hyperborean, Charmondas, Damigeron, Eudoxus, Hermippus followed there were also other eminent, choice men, as Mercurius Tresmegistus Trismegistus , Porphyrius Porphyry , Iamblicus Iamblichus , Plotinus, Proclus, Dardanus, Orpheus the Thracian, Gog the Grecian, Germa the Babilonian Babylonian , Apollonius of Tyana, Osthanes also wrote excellently in this Art whose Books being as it were lost, Democritus of Abdera recovered, and set forth with his own Commentaries. Besides Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democritus, Plato, and many other renowned Philosophers travelled far by Sea to learn this Art and being returned, published it with wonderfull devoutness, esteeming of it as a great secret. Also it is well known that Pythagoras, and Plato went to the Prophets of Memphis to learn it, and travelled through almost...

Anaxagoras 500428 BCE

Like Empedocles, he started from the Parmenidean account of 'what is'. Also like Empedocles, Anaxagoras postulated a plurality of independent elements which he called 'seeds'. They are the ultimate elements of combination and are indivisible, imperishable primordia of infinite number, and differing in shape, color, and taste. Later writers referred to the seeds as omoiomereia (from an expression of Aristotle), meaning particles of like kind with each other and with the whole that is made up of them. They were not, however, the 'four roots', fire, air, earth, and water on the contrary, these were compounds. Empedocles had supposed that bone, for instance, could be explained as a compound of the elements in a certain proportion, but this did not satisfy Anaxagoras. He pointed out that from bread and water arose hair, veins, 'arteries', flesh, muscles, bones, and the rest, and he asked 'How can hair be made of what is not hair, and flesh of what is not flesh ' (fr. 10). These words read...


We may, however, provisionally accept the view that Dhyana is real more real and thus of more importance to ourselves than all other experience. This state has been described not only by the Hindus and Buddhists, but by Mohammedans and Christians. In Christian writings, however, the deeply-seated dogmatic bias has rendered their documents worthless to the average man. They ignore the essential conditions of Dhyana, and insist on the inessential, to a much greater extent than the best Indian writers. But to any one with experience and some knowledge of comparative religion the identity is certain. We may now proceed to Samadhi.

The Cosmic Language

In their books, some writers make mention of the cosmic language, which they sometimes even call the Uranic language. It may well be that some letters of the cosmic language are known and intelligible to them, but up to this day nobody has dealt with it in detail. The hermetic will know from what has been said that by cosmic language the language of God, or Divine Providence, is meant. By this, God, as Universal Spirit, has created everything that exists in the universe, starting from the tiniest up to the greatest and highest, i.e., according to the unshakable laws by which God is expressing His Own Self. Therefore we can only understand God via His legality in the universe and clothe the synthesis of His laws into words to reveal him as the Highest Original Principle which may ever be intelligible to man.

The Method

Some of them may already be familiar to occultists who have long been engaged in the study of concentration. Some have been developed by the writer himself, while others were taken years ago from sources now no longer available, as the authors are long since dead and their books have disappeared. These latter exercises are the work of the most authoritative and competent exponents, but nevertheless they have all been dealt with by the one rule test and proof of their usefulness and safety.


Let the above sentence provide an example Any given sentence implies that this is not the only sentence, that additional communication is indeed available. This is very good news for the linguistic detective, who, we must assume by virtue of hir job description, has knowledge of language and would be out of a job without things like these sentences. Many presuppositions which are enough clues implies that there is someone to do the presupposing, that minds, at least of linguistic detectives, can function in the analysis of language. The sentence presumes that your culture actually contains enough different things to make this exercise worthwhile. The idea of a presupposition assumes that we take things for granted. The concept of a detective implies that people do not always reveal everything that might be learned. That s he is referred to as a linguistic detective strongly suggests that there very well might be other kinds of detective, also that the writer of the sentence believes...

Interlude A Goattale

Ah A writer then Looking for inspiration Needless to say, the guy was disappointed. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to him in his exemplary life. You probably don't understand what a blow this might have been. You writers are used to rejection, you're used to people telling you that you're all kinds of things, but never exemplary. Oh, perhaps your prose is exemplary, or your scholarship, or your message, but not you. At any rate, this guy was royally fucked up because this kid from college got the job that he thought he wanted. In reality, he would have hated the job, but he never knew that.

Who is Israel

If we accept the evidence that ancient Israel was White (and hence definitely not Jewish in the modern sense), then who actually are Israel We know that ancient Israel, whose capital was Samaria, was taken captive by the Assyrians in 721 BC and yet after this traditional history tells us that the ten tribes are lost - but is this really so Or has history also been twisted by scribes and politicians We know that Josephus writing in 70 CE states the ten tribes did not return to Palestine only two tribes service the Romans after Palestine became a Roman province . According to Second Esdras (a book within the New Testament Apocrypha) the ten tribes moved a thousand miles west to Southeast Russia to become the people history knows as the Scythians. In Race and Civilisation Roger Pearsons writes Nordic Scythians overran Palestine in the seventh century BC and the history of the Sacae or Scythians with their many tribes and branches is well worth following. They originated in south-east...

Mexican Magic

The Spanish priesthood has bequeathed to us certain notices regarding the naualli which, however, give us a somewhat confused notion of their attributes. The naualli, says the writer who first mentions them, is he who terrifies people and sucks the blood of children during the night . These are magicians, says Father Juan Bautista in his instructions to confessors, panted at Mexico in the year 1600, who conjure the clouds when there is danger of hail so that the crops may not be injured. They can also make a stick look like a serpent, a mat like a centipede, a piece of stone like a scorpion, and engage in similar deceptions. Others of them will transform themselves to all appearance into a tiger, a dog, or a weasel. Others, again, will take the form of an owl or a cock.


Several very important consequences connected with death follow this fact. As it is the chemical ether which cements the molecules of the body in their places and keeps them there during life, when only a minimum of this material is present, disintegration of the physical vehicle after death must by very rapid. This the writer has not been able to verify because it is difficult to find men of high spiritual proclivities who have passed out recently, but it would seem that this is so from the fact recorded in the Bible that the body of Christ was not found in the tomb when the people came to look for it. As we have said before in relation to this matter, the Christ spiritualized the body of Jesus so highly, made it so vibrant, that it was almost impossible to keep the particles in place during His ministry. As stated before, a worldly life increases the proportion of the lower ethers in the vital body to that of the higher. Where, in addition, a so-called clean life is lived and...

Captain J F C Fuller

A highly original study of morals and religion by a new writer, who is as entertaining as the average novelist is dull. Nowadays human thought has taken a brighter place in the creation our emotions are weary of bad baronets and stolen wills they are now only excited by spiritual crises, catastrophes of the reason, triumphs of the intelligence. In these fields Captain Fuller is a master dramatist.

Why Intellect

This argument creates a fascinating possibility. Was nature interfered with Did some genetic engineering take place that modified available genetic substances, to create modern man This sort of reasoning is used extensively by such writers as Sitchin and more uncritically, Von Daniken. The darker side of this suggestion is why would an alien lifeform modify genetic substance without adequately balancing the social effects of the inherent flaws within the original substance. If an alien species, a deity or whatever was capable of manipulating genetic materials, then surely it would be aware of the destructive power inherent within the ape-like form it was transforming. Accordingly, if we consider that there was some manipulation of mans genetic structure, then the suggestion would be that this was accomplished by an inefficient and ignorant form (unlikely considering the required technology) or one that was and is malefic or at least, unsympathetic, to the resulting human condition.

The Shroud Of Turin

Joshua And Caleb Cluster Canada

One researcher who has deeply considered this question is Thaddeus Trenn, Ph.D., Director of the Science and Religion Course Program at the University of Toronto, Canada. In an interview with science writer Linda Moulton Howe,1 he advances the arguments of U.S. chemist Dr. Giles Carter, the first, but by no means the last, to observe an X-ray quality to the Shroud's image, as suggested by the eerie skeletal appearance of the hands.

The Mysteries

Prayer and participation in the Sacraments, it involves the cooperation of two wills, divine and human. In this union with God human beings become partakers of the divine nature (II Peter 1 4) without ceasing to be creatures. Other New Testament writers expressed this union in terms of being or dwelling in Christ. The fathers of the Church as well as modern theologians recognised that deification as the goal of Christian life lies at the base of every important theological controversy in the history of the Orthodox Churches. Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions, Page 553.

The Blood Of Life

There may be another way of looking at the Crucifixion, and hence, another way of resolving the contradiction of these terms. One possible explanation for the use of the two different words, soma and ptoma, to describe Jesus' body is that the Gospel writers were expert word workers. They understood that words have history and multiple levels of meaning. They treated words similar to the way a geologist treats a core sample of soil. The Gospel writers frequently used words with double meanings to describe the same thing. This enabled them to conceal the true meaning of their words while at the same time telling those 'in the know' exactly what they meant. They did this to escape persecution by opposing religious and political authorities, and also to communicate ala Winston Churchill and F.D.R., between themselves. In their word play the Gospel writers are therefore hinting that Joseph was asking for the literal blood of the hare, Christ, or alternatively, some form of life-prolonging...

Mexican Astrology

A thorough knowledge of the tonalawatl is essent ial in order to grasp the fundamentals of Mexican religion, but its significance has perhaps been heightened by the difficulties which certainly attend ts consideration. I have endeavoured to present the subject here as simply as possible, and to keep all distracting side-issues for later consideration ami aw ay from the main proof. Most of these, indeed, have been created by writers who have too closely identified the tonalamafl with the solar calendar, and have added to the obscurity of the subject by the introduction of abstruse astronomical hypotheses which have only a problematical connection with it.

The Decay Of Manners

The mob could understand the superficial resemblance of babies they could not be got to understand that the circumstances of education and environment made but a small portion of the equipment of a conscious being. The brutal and truthful You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear had been forgotten for the smooth and plausible fallacies of such writers as Ki Ra Di.


This correlates nicely with an FA AB slanted writer. Those people tend to sort by self. However, the DE E+ is not always others sorters, they just are very receptive to other's emotional stimuli. This metaprogram is difficult to define and utilize beyond the typical self-centered or not self-centered labels.

Cubeb Berries Magick

CITRONELLA Draws friends to the home, customers to the business. Promotes eloquence, persuasiveness, and prosperity. Protects and cleanses the aura. Encourages self-expression and creativity (great for writers and actors ) and brings clarity to the mind. Repels insects and deoderizes.

Chapter Seven

The Hebrew Alphabet, as previously explained, has a numerical basis, so that, in truth, every Word as well as every Letter is really expressive of a number. Again, any two Words having a similar Numerical Value may be said to have a natural affinity through their vibration. This is the basic idea of what is called GEMATRIA and upon it a system of interesting Correspondences has been built up, especially in regard to the Hebrew Scriptures and other Qabalistic writings, wherein a Word or even a Sentence may be made to disclose some hidden meaning (often concealed in that way by the writer) by finding the numerical correspondence between it and other words or sentences oflike value. To take a very simple example in the case of the Motto of the writer which is 764 2 ACHAD meaning UNITY. This will be found to add to 13, thus 4 2 1, n 28,7 24 1 + 8 + 4 2 13, whereas the word A5A4, meaning Love or Beloved, has the same value thus 4 2 1, A 2 5, 5 2 2, A 2 5 1+5+2+52 13. The close...

Stan Alexander

Included are performers, inventors, writers, teachers, dealers, manufacturers, publishers, collectors, historians, and showmen of magic. The number of strikingly-different effects that can be performed with a nail-writer is limited only by your imagination, he points out. Fields always uses an under-the-nail clip-on writer. He makes his own, be-1 eaves they are a better fit than any on the market.

Chapter Viii

American traditions are many, varied and wonderful. From North to South of the continent, cult after cult has flourished and has been absorbed into the total psychic awareness of the land. In the North, the powers are living and vital still the Thunderbird, the Wendigo, Wild Spirits of Prairie, Lake and Forest. In the South, the savage spiritual beauties of the Mexican cults are waiting to be called forth. There are bridgeheads into the occult, too, for the perceptive, in the scholarly work of Emerson and in the spontaneous philosophy of Whitman. Many writers have treated of one or another of these subjects as material for exoteric intellectual study. On the occult level, however, something of a unifying pattern and purpose emerges. Certainly its character can be found to some extent in the whole human race. This is necessarily true, but most markedly, most distinctively, it is the recognizable plan and purpose of American philosophy. It is not our purpose to trace out the later...

Splitting The Veil

Another person we can turn to is Jesus' uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, one of the greatest figures of mystery in the story of Jesus. His request for the secret mother substance may also explain why the Gospels offer so few details concerning him. The writers probably assumed we would know, or would look up, or split open, the meaning of the term soma and would have connected him with the proper nuclear Druidic, Hindu, Sumerian, Greek and Egyptian traditions.

Frater P

In this Order, at the time of hisjoining it, was a certain 157 brother of the name of P., who had butjust returned from China, and who had been six years before sent out by the Order tojourney through all the countries of the world and collect all knowledge possible in the time which touched upon the mystical experiences of mankind. This P. had to the best of his ability done, and though he had only sojourned in Europe, in Egypt, India, Ceylon, China, Burma, Arabia, Siam, Tibet, Japan, Mexico, and the United States of America, so deep had been his study and so exalted had been his understanding that it was considered by the Order that he had collected sufficient material and testimony whereon to compile a book for the instruction of mankind. And as Frater N.S.F. was a writer of some little skill, the diaries and notes of Frater P. were given to him and another, and they were enjoined to set them together in such a manner that they would be an aid to the seeker in the mysteries, and...

Handwriting Analysis

A person's handwriting is a guide to his character. The shape of a single letter or word if analysed properly can be a guide to the hidden character and appearance of a writer. 2. If the letters are small, crowded, written close to each other, the writer may be narrow-minded and stingy. 3. If the writing is average, then the writer is of an average nature but generous. 4. If the writing slopes to the left or backward, the writer has an attractive nature, loves beautiful things and has artistic feelings. Emotional and fond of the opposite sex. 5. If the letters are straight, running up and down, the writer is determined, sometimes obstinate and has a good will-power. He knows what he wants and cannot easily be diverted. 7. During writing when the downward strokes of words are thicker than the upward strokes they denote the writer to be of a worrying nature, worrying over trifles and hence no peace of mind. 10. When letters stand separated from each other and have equal spacing between...

Ace Of Swords

Corresponding passion for its Twin Element, Earth. There is indeed, a notable passivity in its nature evidently, it has no self-generated impulse. But, set in motion by its Father and Mother, its power is manifestly terrific. It visibly attacks its objective, as they, being of subtler and more tenuous character, can never do. Its all-embracing, all-wandering, all penetrating, all-consuming qualities have been described by many admirable writers, and its analogies are for the most part patent to quite ordinary observers.


As for the false adepts who have often called themselves Rosicrucian, one must remember that it is not always easy to distinguish between the imposter and the true sage - in fact often a person can be both of these at the same time. This truth is illustrated in some of the occult novels and stories of the German writer Gustav Meyrink (1868-1932). Meyrink had a more than academic interest in the esoteric. He was a member of the occult lodge of the Blue Star in Prague which became affiliated to a group surrounding an elderly weaver who was supposed to have received a Rosicrucian initiation. In a short story called Meister Leonhard (published in 1916), Meyrink describes a quack doctor and wonder-worker called Schrepfer. It may have been more than coincidence that he chose the same name as the eighteenth-century masonic propagandist of doubtful character mentioned in Chapter Eight. At any rate, Meyrink's Schrepfer is described as a curiously contradictory individual

The High Priesthood

In 1937, Huxley was sent to the United States, where he remained throughout the period of World War II. Through a Los Angeles contact, Jacob Zeitlin, Huxley and pederast Christopher Isherwood were employed as script writers for MGM, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney Studios. Hollywood was already dominated by organized crime elements bankrolled and controlled through London. Joseph Kennedy was the frontman for a British consortium that created RKO studios, and Bugsy Siegel, the West Coast boss of the Lansky syndicate, was heavily involved in Warner Brothers and MGM.

TWLGSOPhlCal Socilty

All of that changed when some of the Theosophist leaders and followers returned from a five-year stay in India in 1884. Theosophy was suddenly fused with Eastern philosophy and mysticism, which clearly differentiated it from other contemporary occult traditions. Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders and its most prolific writer, also faced scandal. Her housekeeper in India had tipped off local journalists with news that Blavatsky and others had faked miracles. Word reached Great Britain and Psychical Research investigators raided her home and collected evidence. The scandal made headlines around the world but would do no harm. The Society continued to grow until it fractured after Blavatsky's death in 1891.

Oannes Dagon

Berossus claims in his history, that Babylonian civilisation was founded by alien amphibians, the chief of whom is called Oannes -- whom the Philistines knew as Dagon (surely there must be some connection between the words Dogon and Dagon ), and whom Lovecraft borrowed for his own Cthuhlu mythology. The Greek grammarian Apollodorus (about 140 BC) had apparently read more of Berossus, for he criticises another Greek writer, Abydenus, for failing to mention that Oannes was only one of the 'fish people,' he calls these aliens 'Annedoti' ('repulsive ones'), and says they are 'semi-demons' from the sea. All this begins to sound more and more like Lovecraft. -- p. 52. OANNES. -- According to Berosus, there appeared in the Erythraean Sea -- the modern Persian Gulf -- bordering on Babylonia, an animal endowed with reason, whose name was Oannes or John, perhaps the Anu of the Assyrian inscriptions. By various writers, this creature was differently represented but the usual appearance in which...

Records of seances

First and samd sittings (August 1899). S. W. at once took control of the communications. The psychograph, for which an overturned tumbler was used, the two fingers of the right hand being placed upon it, moved with lightning speed from letter to letter. (Slips of paper, marked with letters and numbers, had been arranged in a circle round the glass.) It was communicated that the medium's grandfather was present and would speak to us. There now followed numerous communications in quick succession, mostly of an edifying religious character, partly in properly formed words and partly with the letter transposed or in reverse order. These latter words and sentences were often produced so rapidly that one could not follow the meaning and only discovered it afterwards by reversing the letters. Once the messages were interrupted in brusque fashion by a new communication announcing the presence of the writer's grandfather. Someone remarked jokingly Evidently the two spirits don't get on very...

The Grand Grimoire

The Grand Grimoire is the most fantastic of the cycle and is introduced with great pomp by its pretended editor, Antonio Venitiana del Rabina, a personage whose name indicates the Italian origin of the work. By reason of its rarity and the great request in which it is, we are informed that it must be regarded as the veritable Magnum Opus--a view which may appear inconsequential, but for which the authority of Rabbinical writers is cited. It is to these authors that we owe the priceless treasure which innumerable charlatans have endeavoured to counterfeit, but have never succeeded in discovering. The copy made use of by Antonio in preparing his edition was transcribed from the genuine writings of the mighty King Solomon, which were obtained by pure chance. Of The Grand Grimoire is, however, regarded as one of the most atrocious of its class it has a process in Necromancy which is possible, say some occult writers--in the geniality of a lucid interval--only to a dangerous maniac or an...


2 The reference is probably to the Heptameron seu elementa magica, a i6th-century Grimoire of planetary magick (published with the Fourth Book of pseudo-Agrippa) deriving in part from the Solomonic cycle and in part from the Liber Juratus or Sworn Book of Honorius, a medieval work on magick (not to be confused with the early modern Grimoire of Honorius falsely attributed to the third Pope of that name). Its attribution to Pietro d'Abano (1253-1316) is generally recognised as spurious. The uncontested works of d'Abano do deal in part with astrological images and the medical talismanic use of the same (vide Walker, Spiritual and Demonic Magic and Yates, Giordano Bruno), and he is occasionally cited as an authority by Renaissance writers such as Ficino and Agrippa the material specifically attributed to d'Abano in 777 is from the Heptameron, although the images of the decans may be from his genuine works. The Ars Nova is sometimes confused with the Ars Notoria (Notary Art) attributed to...

The Grimorium Verum

The French translation, but unknown to the present writer, as indeed to most bibliographers. The work, as it stands, is really in two parts only, the Grimorium Verum proper and certain Rare and Astounding Magical Secrets. The first may be analysed as follows --(a.) Directions for the preparation of the Operator, all of a personal kind and analogous to those of the Clavicle. (b.) Instructions for the manufacture of the magical

Yatukih Sorcery

Algol was in Hebrew known as Rosh ha Shaitan, or Satan's Head , as some traditions have referred to Algol as the Head of Lilith. The Chinese called Algol Tseih She, which is Piled up corpses and was considered a violent, dangerous star due to its changing vivid colors. On some 17th century maps Algol was labeled, The Specter's Head . Algol upon some research has indicated that possibility Three stars which are an eclipsing binary, which may explain some of the rapid color change. Some writers have connected Algol with the Egyptian Khu, or spirit. The Khu is considered a shadow spirit which feeds on other shades of the dead. In reference to the writings and initiatory symbolism of Michael W. Ford, ALGOL is the sigillized in one form as a Chaos Star with an Averse Pentagram in the center. The Pentagram refers to the Eye of Set, timeless and divine, godlike and independent. The Chaos Star is destruction, Change and power - all of which emerges from the Eye of Shaitan, or...

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