Raising Of Man Of Zat De Nikudim To Abba Ve

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92) We have already explained that, because of Malchut rising to Nikvey Eynaim (caused by TB) and the emergence of the world of ^ Nikudim in Katnut, each level divided into two parts. GE, remain ^

on their level and are therefore called Kelim de Panim, and AHP, which fall from their level to the lower one and are called Kelim de Achoraim. Thus, each level now consists of inner and outer parts. The AHP de Keter of the world of Nikudim is inside the GE de Abba ve Ima. The AHP de Abba ve Ima fell into the GE de ZON of the world of Nikudim.

So, starting from TB, each level consisting of 10 Sefirot is divided into GE, which include Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura and the upper third of Tifferet, and the AHP that include the lower third of Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod and Malchut.

The light can enter the upper part (the GE), which may be used. The AHP cannot receive the light and these desires may not be used. The upper Sefirot are called the altruistic desires, the lower Sefirot - egoistic. The former bestow, the latter receive. Each level may actively work only with its upper part, i.e., the GE.

If before TB all levels were one under the other, after TB all AHP's of the upper levels are inside the GE of the lower ones, which allowed an exchange of information in both directions. This entire structure is called a "Suiam" (ladder); the souls descend and ascend it.

There are two entities: the Creator and the Creation. The Creator is an entirely altruistic desire, whereas the Creation is an absolutely egoistic desire.

The Creator's goal is to make the Creation similar to Himself, so that by the end of its correction, it will achieve absolute perfection. This can be done only by way of passing the Creator's properties to Malchut, i.e., by mixing the nine upper altruistic Sefirot with the egoistic Malchut. However, they are completely opposite to one another. To bring them closer, a special force is created in the system of the worlds. With its help, the egoistic properties of Malchut can mix with the sparks of altruistic properties by a stroke contact between them.

^ Now we begin to study the formation of these forces (external as ^

regards the souls) in the worlds, so that with their help the souls could be elevated to the Creator's level.

We have learned that there are four phases of development of the light: Hochma, Bina, ZA and Malchut. Being completely filled with the light, Malchut expels it and makes TA, which leaves it absolutely empty. Then Malchut invents a system that allows it to begin receiving a little light, but for the sake of the Creator. Bina is an interim stage between Malchut and Keter. It consists of two parts: Gar (Gimel Rishonot) and Zat (Zain Tachtonot). Bina does not want to receive anything in the first three parts, but agrees to receive in the seven lower parts on condition that the reception be for someone else's sake. This someone is ZA, which agrees to receive only 10 % for Malchut. Such is the property of Zat de Bina: receiving for the sake of giving to someone else.

However, if a light more powerful than Bina's screen comes, then Behina Bet starts desiring it for itself. However, TA forbids egoistic reception; hence, the Zat de Bina begins to contract and assume the egoistic properties of Malchut. The further goal is to reverse this process: elimina-

tion of the egoistic properties in Zat de Bina and passing the true altruistic properties to Malchut. This can be achieved by breaking of the vessels, which we will study later. With this, the entire system turns into such a combination of both egoistic and altruistic vessels that, as in our world, there will be no distinction between them.

To change this situation, an additional portion of the Creator's light is necessary. With its help, it will be possible to distinguish between the two kinds of desires. The entire process of correction is based on this principle.

In fact, Zat de Bina is the central part of the creation. Much depends on it, so we will discuss it at length. During the descent of Nekudot de SAG under the Tabur, i.e., when Zat de Bina meets the more powerful desires of NHYM de Galgalta, Zat de Bina contract and assume Malchut's properties. TA was made by Malchut to restrict itself; TB is the restriction of Bina. In other words, the Creator, as it were, takes on the egoistic properties of the creation.

This is done in order that the Creator gradually passes His altruistic properties to the creation, corrects it, and fills it with the light. To correct someone, one has to possess the same properties that will later be corrected. The spiritual ladder is built so that its last spiritual level, the AHP, enters us, partially acquiring our egoistic properties. In this way, it establishes contact with us to elevate us later on to the spiritual world.

In fact, the worlds do not turn egoistic (they are still completely altruistic), but they are covered with an external curtain of coarseness, which enables them to be in contact with the souls of our world. Alternatively, rather, the worlds are the curtains that the Creator puts on, which weakens His light to the extent of becoming similar to the "spoiled" created beings, for the purpose of keeping contact with them.

Therefore, on all levels in the spiritual worlds, there is the same measure of imperfection that is present in the created beings. The TB is a restriction in the worlds.

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