ib© ntnni niniy ,n:mnn miN b© nib'sNn nnnn© ,Nonani .pb^n ni'oi ,nnui -nun nTipi© ,n:mnn b© nN'ni ni'ni Nin -nun Ty ntnni .nib'sNn nn"oni ni'nini .n:mnn b© n'©yi n-'s' ni'ni Nin i'bn ni'o Ty nunbi nnuni .nnn''on .nN'nib -nun Ty ntnn© n"m TNnn ©"n .nib'sNb ntnn Ty n":mn n'inii nrnaon

187) All individual Sefirot de Sefirot are divided in a similar way. Even Malchut de Malchut de Assiya has its own Rosh and Guf. The Guf is divided by its Chazeh, Tabur, and Sium Raglin. The Parsa, which is located under Atzilut of this level, stands in the Chazeh and limits it.

Beria of this level takes the space between the Chazeh and the Tabur. Yetzira and Assiya of this level are located between the Tabur and Sium Raglin. The Sefirot HaGaT of each level correspond to Atzilut. The lower two thirds of Tifferet from Chazeh to the Tabur are Beria, NHY - Yetzira and Malchut - Assiya.

nib'sNni .Nnb^bJ qisnab in ,nT'n' in ,nnD ni'nib oni'n n:mn bDT ©N-n pbi (nap ntnn© ,n© nN'nini .i"y qisnab in ,n'nn niNb in ,nnDnb oni'n ,ntnn Ty nan© ,n© -nun© ,n© n'©yi nn's'ni j"o qisnab in ,nn©in niNb in ,ni'ib oni'n ,nnun Ty '3 ni'sn /[b'Nni nN-ni) .f'ii n"n qisnab in ,©ai ni-T niniNb in /["itb oni'n ,nunbi

188) Thus, the Rosh of each level refers to Keter or Yechida, or Partz-uf Galgalta. Atzilut (from the Peh to the Chazeh) refers to Hochma or the light of Haya, or AB. Beria (from the Chazeh to the Tabur) refers to Bina or the light of Neshama, or SAG. Yetzira and Assiya (below the Tabur) refer to ZON or the lights Ruach and Nefesh, or Partzufim MA and BON (see diagrams 3 to 12 in "Sefer haIlan").

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