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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the fuss was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Chapter Two Neopaganism and Reformed Druidism

As he uses it, Neo-Paganism refers to a complicated and constantly evolving philosophy based upon viewing humanity as a functional organ within the greater organism of all Life, rather than as something separate and 'above' the rest of the natural world. 6. There are of course people who could be called Neojews (Reform) and Paleojews (Orthodox), Neobuddhists (Mahayana) and Paleobuddhists (Theravada), Neowitches (Wiccans) and Paleowitches (Fam-Trads), etc. 8. Perhaps the most well-known of such Neopagan movements are the various diverse belief systems that refer to themselves as being Wicca, Witchcraft, The Old Religion, etc. based upon many different cultural backgrounds (though primarily Celtic) and of wildly varying levels of scholarship and practice.

Chapter Three Magic Witchcraft and Reformed Druidism

If, on the other hand, all the members of the religious group share the task of channeling the energies equally, and all expect to develop their psychic abilities, then we have a psychic technology that is referred to (at least by some) as a system of Witchcraft. 7. But it is safe to say, from a scholarly viewpoint, that the RDNA is a Priestcraft and not a Witchcraft though many Druids and Witches seem to encounter no difficulty in attending each other's rituals.

Luciferian Witchcraft

This is the revealed grimoire of the left-hand path. There is power for those willing to drink from the cup of the Beast and his Bride, the Devil's Harlot. Herein is the path as walked by one who seeks to reveal the True Path of Ahriman and Lilith-Az, to manifest in flesh the spirit of Azi Dahaka and Cain. Herein is magick from the foundation to higher pathworkings of Sorcery and Black Magick . . . here the works which burn away the modern white-washing of so-called magick and or Witchcraft . . . herein are the rituals of Lucifer, Ancient Persian Sorcery, Goetic magick and forbidden sex magick For more than a decade left hand path and dark withcraft expert Michael W. Ford has laboured in the forbidden fields of the dark side of the occult, lit by the pale moon of Luciferian ambition and Satanic drive. Luciferian Witchcraft represents perhaps the major part of his published accomplishments to date. The first editions of most of his works are disappearing into private libraries of...

Magick And Witchcraft

A number of other occult disciplines are prevalent today besides magick. There are many cults and sects which profess their own views, but there are really few differences between them. One popular area in the occult today is witchcraft. This is far removed from the cliche of devil worship. Real witchcraft is a nature religion (pagan). Witchcraft has much in common with magick. Of course, everything I have said here is a generalization. Magick, witchcraft, alchemy, or any occult field are complex subjects. Suffice it to say that magick

Witchcraft In Mexico

Real Witches Mexico Are

THE cult of the witch appears to have been as general in ancient Mexico as it was in Europe and Asia, and in its American form it bore so startling a resemblance to the witchcraft of the Old World that it is difficult not to believe that both can be referred back to a common origin. Indeed, more than one of the zealous missionaries arrived at such a conclusion. These women, says one, writing of the Mexican sorceresses, are such as we in Spain call witches. But, curiously enough, in Old Mexico, as in Burma, the sabbath or convention of the witches was engaged iu by the dead as well as the living, the evil ghosts who attended t being recruited from among those deceased women who had left young children behind them, and who, in consequence of their bereavement, were supposed to be particularly vindictive, wreaking their spite and disappointment on all who wrere so unlucky as to cross their path. They are represented in the ancient paintings as wearing black skirts on which cross-bones...

Note by the Current Editor

As stated before, The Green Book, was near to the heart of Druid-ism until the early 80s when Carleton Druidism lapsed. When it revived in the mid-80s, Carleton students had taken a greater interest in Neo-Paganism, Wiccan and Native American beliefs areas rarely explored before that time. As a result, The Green Book has not received much attention since due to its Monotheistic and Asian foci. However for me, the Green Book is a powerful reminder of the breadth of sources that Reformed Druidism can and should draw upon during the searches for religious truth.

The Electric Crossroads

Traditionally, Voodoo and witchcraft ceremonies were conducted in crossroads (some say for mystical reasons, while others claim that the crossroads provided many avenues of escape in case of discovery). As the first pathways of the electronic superhighway are being laid out, the more tech-oriented Voodoo Initiates have staked out a portion of cyberspace as their own. These cyber-houngans often hold conclaves via electronic conferencing, never seeing each other's

Origins of the Lodges

The Lodges had thoroughly infiltrated the Christian Church and the Roman Empire by the year 363, when the death of Emperor Julian the Apostate dealt the final blow to paganism. The majority of the population settled for promises of enlightenment and paradise after death, and the mystical elements of Christianity were suppressed. Direct communication with angels or the spirits of dead saints was left in the hands of the Church, isolating the people from contact with spirits. The few Initiates who displayed their powers openly were labeled saints (when they were good Lodge members) or sorcerers when they did not, and each was treated accordingly.

The Werewolf In The North

Norse Traditions - Manner in which the Change was effected - Vrelundar Kvreda - Instances from the Volsung Saga - Hrolf s Saga - Kraka - Faroese Poem - Helga Kvida - Vatnsdela Saga - Eyrbyggja Saga IN Norway and Iceland certain men were said to be eigi einhamir , not of one skin, an idea which had its roots in paganism. The full form of this strange superstition was, that men could take upon them other bodies, and the natures of those beings whose bodies they assumed. The second adopted shape was called by the same name as the original shape, hamr, and the expression made use of to designate the transition from one body to another, was at skipta homum, or at hamaZ whilst the expedition made in the second form, was the hamfor. By this transfiguration extraordinary powers were acquired the natural strength of the individual was doubled, or quadrupled he acquired the strength of the beast in whose body he travelled, in addition to his own, and a man thus invigorated was called hamrammr.

The Foundations Of Sex Magick

Sex Magick has been practiced in many forms since the dawn of mankind. The ancient Sumerians had Gods which held rites at shrines, the ancient adversaries to the Zoroastrians known as the Yatus, those who practice yatuk-dinoih (witchcraft) worshiped Az-Jeh the Whore, whose was kissed by Ahriman and caused menstruation in women. Ahriman had many Pairikas who were essentially Sex Magickians, Succubi who initiated men into their cult by their charms and wares.

The World Fellowship Of Faiths

Ancient paganism Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc. Thus, though the Fellowship of Faiths is of recent origin and limited in scope, it symbolizes the union of ancient paganism with modern esoterism. This naturally leads to a search for the link between the two. Esoteric doctrine is avowedly that of magic (occultism, magnetism, hypnotism, etc.). It is not, however, so commonly known that the old pantheistic paganism is also based on magic.

The Formula Enochian Magic Table

Enochian Magick, with its emphasis on individual study, may better serve those who prefer not to participate in the group ceremonies of more traditional Wicca or Occult organizations. Although similar in theory, Enochian Magick is probably best practiced alone and in secret.

Chapter Four Magic vs Science

Now lest there be some of you who feel that I am talking foolishly about that which I know naught, I will state that I have been a scholar of minority belief systems for ten years, that I have authored books and many scholarly treatises upon the subjects of Magic, Paganism, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Parapsychology and other related subjects.

The Earth versus the

It is interesting to note that both Paganism and Christianity fit into this category. Wicca, Paganism and Neo-paganism all emphasise the beauty of the cycles of earth and a focus on the fertility and reproductive worship of the earth Goddess or the Moon as the governess of the earth cycles. Christianity and Judaism both have distorted elements of sky cult iconography (since they are apostate forms of early Gnostic sky cults), but are in reality descending traditions. The focus being on reproduction, the family and material values. It is interesting to note that many modern Christian denominations now interpret heaven as a new earth, a redeemed and perfected physical world - the ultimate descending perspective.

The First Epistle of Robert

Druidism is neither polytheistic nor monotheistic if anything, it is vaguely pantheistic. Most of the early members of the Reform were either Christian, like the First Patriarch, or agnostic. What they held in common was a commitment to the search for truth and a belief that truth must come to each from within rather than being forced upon one from without. For these reasons, I am opposed to Isaac's attempted redefinition of Druidism as pagan, though I can see practical advantages and despite my personal pagan orientation. Though I have found much personal religious truth and experience in my researches into Celtic (especially Irish) paganism and mythology, these are my trip and I have no wish to impose it on others.

Why Were Two Separate Apocryphas Printed

Isaac had always intended his printed version of the Apocrypha to be enlarged by other people adding new selections that they deem fitI suspect that most of the Carleton letters of the Isaac Affair were written too late to be included in the printed collection of DC(E). Richard Shelton in collecting his own Apocrypha, which have many letters of opposition to Isaac's reforms, positivley decided not to include any of Isaac's letters. I suspect this is because Richard felt that Isaac had essentially formed or discovered a Neo-Pagan religion, and was trying to retroactively superimpose it upon the Reform. I don't think that Richard ever disliked Neo-Paganism, but he would have equally opposed similar attempts by Catholics to claim that Reformed Druidism has always been Catholic, or if Nicheren Zen Buddhists demanded that we should realize that Reformed Druidism is really Zen in disguise and that we should adopt mandatory chanting of sutras and eating pickled radishes. Richard felt that...

No Default Must Specialize

This skill reflects an understanding of the intellectual and mystical process involved in conducting magical rituals (see p. 66). On a successful skill roll, you can understand the purposes of a ritual being conducted in your presence, as well as the types of entity being summoned. You must specialize in a specific form of magic. Specializations include Voodoo, Lodges, Witchcraft, Native American, and so on. Each type defaults to another at -5. The processes involved are roughly the same, but the actual rituals and spirits involved are quite different.

Dees Third Period 15891608 Disgrace And Failure

One of his activities when at Manchester was to act as adviser about cases of witchcraft and demonic possession. He had books on these subjects in his Manchester library which he lent to enquirers investigating such cases. One of the books which he thus lent was the De praestigiis daemonum by Weyer,25 the friend of Agrippa, in which it is argued that witchcraft is a delusion, witches being only poor, melancholy old women. Another book which Dee lent was the Malleus maleficarum, a work which is very positive as to the reality of witches. The reality of witches and witchcraft was being forcibly maintained in these years by no less a person than the King of Scotland, soon to succeed Queen Elizabeth as James I. In his Daemonologie (15 8 7),26 James is profoundly shocked by the 'damnable error' of those who, like Weyer, deny the reality of witchcraft. He refers the reader to Bodin's Demonomanie where he will find many examples of witchcraft collected with great diligence. And for...

Sexual Magick And Transformation

The Luciferian Magick

The preparations for Sexual Magick are as systematic as any other workings, take note that discipline and self-imposed isolation is essential for initiation before working with another. While your actual work may be very loose and hermetic, the preparation should be disciplined. Firstly, know what your goal is - the very aim of the working. Will you seek orgasm or will you use the method of Karezza, being excitement to the brink of orgasm and then focusing that energy on your goal, then allowing a mental release rather than a physical orgasm. Second, when practicing the rite, allow your mind to stay focused on the goal, not the pleasure itself. If it a solitary working, keep your thoughts focused on the object or goal. Although Luciferian Witchcraft and Sorcery holds many ciphers and symbols, in the circle it is merely you and the Gods Goddesses and Daemons which you have given power to - nothing else.

That naturall Vertues are in some things throughout their whole substance and in other things in certain parts and

Also we read of a certain people of Rhodes, called Telchines, who corrupted all things with their sight, wherefore Jupiter drowned them. Therefore Witches, when they would after this manner work by witchcraft, use the eyes of such kind of Animals in their waters for the eyes, for the like effects. In like manner do Pismires ants fly from the heart of a Lapwing, not from the head, foot, or eyes. So the gall of Lizards being bruised in Water is said to gather Weesels weasels together, not the taile or the head of it and the gall of Goats put into the Earth in a brazen Vesel vessel , gathers Frogs together and a Goats liver is an enemy to Butterflies and all Maggots, and dogs shun them that have the heart of a Dog about them, and Foxes will not touch those poultry that have eaten the liver of a Fox. So divers things have divers vertues dispersed variously through several parts, as they are from above infused into them according to the diversity of things to be received as in a mans body...

Chapter Eight Geburah The Folding of the Robe

The Planet of Geburah is Mars, MDIM, equalling 654, as do LHTIM (Secret arts, enthusiasm, witchcraft) and DMDVM (Twilight, dim light). This again suggests the mastery of practical magic as the skill attained in the initiatory system. The twilight follows the Day of Tiphareth and precedes the Night of the Abyss during the ascent of the Tree.

Golden Dawn Air Dagger

Golden Dawn Air Dagger

Earlier in this lesson I mentioned that I was going to discuss the difference between the wand and the dagger. Although the wand has traditionally been associated with the magickal element of Fire and the dagger has been associated with Air, some people, especially in recent years, have reversed these associations. This is in a large part due to those people who have been using what they call Wicca or Witchcraft. While it is true that Witchcraft is thousands of years old, it is also true that much of what is today called Witchcraft is either a creation of or a re-construction by the late Gerald B. Gardner. It is clear that Gardner simplified some seemingly complex magickal techniques and philosophy (borrowed from the ubiquitous A. Crowley). Then, with the help of Doreen Valiente they created modern Witchcraft. It does not matter whether or not he received initiation from the New Forest Witches as he claimed. Nor does it matter that many have gone far beyond his initial researches,...

Mythological Origin Of The Werewolf Myth

But besides the doctrine of metempsychosis, which proved such a fertile mother of fable, there was another article of popular mythology which gave rise to stories of transformation. Among the abundant superstitions existing relative to transformation, three shapes seem to have been pre-eminently affected that of the swan, that of the wolf, and that of the serpent. In many of the stories of those transformed, it is evident that the individual who changes shape is regarded with superstitious reverence, as a being of a higher order of a divine nature. In Christian countries, everything relating to heathen mythology was regarded with a suspicious eye by the clergy, and any miraculous powers not sanctioned by the church were attributed to the evil one. The heathen gods became devils, and the marvels related of them were supposed to be effected by diabolic agency. A case of transformation which had shown the power of an ancient god, was in Christian times considered as an instance of...

The Book Of Antichrist

And one heavily robed and veiled showed me the sign, and told me to look, and hehold, I saw flash below me four past lives wherein I had failed in my object. And I beheld the life of Simon Magus, preaching the Whore Helena as the Sophia, and I saw that my failure was in Hubris, the pride of the spirit. And I saw my life as Giles de Retz, wherein I attempted to raise Jehanne Darc to be Queen of the Witchcraft, and failed through her stupidity, and again my pride. And I saw myself in Francis Hepburne, Earl Both- well, manipulating Gellis Duncan, that was an unworthy instru- ment. And again as Count Cagliostro, failing because I failed to comprehend the nature of women in my Seraphina. And I was shown myself as a boy of 13 in this life, invoking Satan and showing cowardice when He appeared. And I was asked Will you fail again and I replied I will not fail. (For I had given all my blood to BABALON, and it was not I that spoke.)

Chapter the Sixth Folk Religion

Paganism or heathenism is, as the terms imply, folk religion. 2. As such, paganism is an accumulation over time of a myriad of traditions and beliefs, which are sometimes contradictory and always confusing to those outside the belief system or culture (and often to those in it ) 3. One should not look for consistency in paganism, such a search will lead only to confusion and frustration. 4. While some structuring exists, and a loose hierarchy of deities often emerges, paganism is essentially an organically grown melange of beliefs with roots deep in the past. It is religion built from the bottom up.

Of The Plains Beneath Atlas And Its Servile Race

The principal fear of the populace was a variation of any kind from routine. For any such the people had one word only, though this word changed its annotation in different centuries. Witchcraft, Heresy, Madness, Bad Form, Sex-Perversion, Black Magic were its principal shapes in the last four thousand years of the dominion of Atlas.

Chapter the Seventh Organic Religion

It is this very organic quality which leads me to believe that paganism is truer in human terms than revealed religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and their like. Such cults are fine as parts of a greater whole, but when they become the whole, much human quality is lost. 2. The organic quality of paganism usually leads to its being open to new cults and religious concepts.

Marvels Of The Pine Tree

Create an iron key during seven Holy Fridays. Leave a concavity or orifice in this key so that you can insert the stick of the cross through it. Whosoever carries this key will be exempt from any type of sickness which is produced by witchcraft. As well, any type of sorcery or work of black magic will have no effect over the one who bears this key.

Chapter the Ninth Religious Persecution

Such a state religion, while still tolerant of other beliefs, has much tighter boundaries to its tolerance than does paganism. 3. Though conflicts between cults are not unusual in paganism, and such conflicts could lead to theological debate by other means (to paraphrase Clausewitz on war) such conflict rarely disrupted normal life for long some accommodation would be reached. 13. Other persecutions for religious reasons include the Christian church against the German, Slavic, and Baltic paganism (among others), Islam against pagans (Islam has historically been tolerant toward other people of the book, i.e. Christians and Jews, but has always been intolerant of paganism.), the Crusades, the Inquisition, the medieval witch-hunts, Communism against all other religions (counting Marxism as a religion), and Cromwell against the Irish Catholics.

Magic Is International

If a man has laid a charge of witchcraft upon another man and has not justified it, he upon whom the witchcraft is laid shall go to the holy river, and if the holy river overcome him, he who accused him shall take to himself his house. Code of Hammurabi, circa 2000 b.c. (8).

The Relaxation Ritual

Some of you may even be thinking now, Well, so what I got the money I wanted. Yes, this is true. But there is always a price to pay. As you sow, so shall ye reap. If you have caused evil, if you have been a source of spiritual darkness, it will surely return to you. In many Wiccan traditions it is believed that what you do will return to you three-fold. Those doing Black Magick always have a heavy price to pay.

Chapter the Seventeenth Interrelated Religions

I would also suggest that there is a greater relationship between Celtic paganism, Hinduism, Christianity, and even Zen than is usually realized. 2. Let us look again to the roots, Celtic paganism, like all European paganisms except those of the Basque, the Magyar, and the Finns, evolved from the same Indo-European root as did Hinduism. 3. Hinduism gave birth to its own salvation cult, Buddhism, one sect of which became Zen. So Zen is actually a very distant cousin to Celtic paganism. 4. In the centuries before Christ, Judaism was influenced by both Hellenism and the dualist ideas of Zoroastrianism, another salvation cult outgrowth of Indo-European paganism.

Satanic Copulations Transformation of Therionick Desire

Lilith And Samael

The Circle within Luciferian Witchcraft represents the very binding space of the sorcerers body, both of spirit celestial and flesh infernal. It is the symbol of both the Sun and the Moon, the sphere which begets strength and the very focus of the Magician. Thus the circle of Cain is the symbol of the Beast or Devil in flesh, a very manifestation of a God or Goddess on Earth. The circle is a continual and progressing manifestation and power center, which is merely a reflection of the body.

Leabhar Toirdhealbhaigh

These poems was written by Robert Larson in the spring of 1967 beffore his Archdruidcy while of Berkeley (1968-1976). The title is Irish for Book of Torvel and could be pronounced as Lyow-ur Turuli(g) (it could also be pronounced kkakzzpopzidkdkaltzt, but that would be very silly). At the time of its publishing in 1975 for DC(E), Robert was in the SCA and ran under the name Toirdhealbhaigh MacLorcain, mainly to bedevil any herald attempting to pronounce it. The grove jokingly called me Turlock MacGargle (At least, I think it was a joke.) Earlier, I might have called it Leabhar Aedha, later Leabhar Chathail, or whatever. Robert Larson is an old Carleton Druid, present during the birth of the RDNA, although like Frangquist, he only joined the RDNA after the initial weeks. Robert Larson, like I mention in his biography, never graduated from Carleton, but left midway through Frangquist's ArchDruidcy. Larson had drunk deeply of Carleton Druidism and was a protohippie. He was also deeply...

Book of Changes Part

As was mentioned elsewhere, I broke this Book into three parts, in order to facilitate the model of a dialogue. This first part contains the letter sent by Isaac Bonewits to the many members of the Council on July 18th, 1974. I fully describe the impact of this letter in my History of Reformed Druidism in America. Essentially, the last three Arch-Druids of Carleton had been lax in their Chairship of the Council of Dalon Ap Landu, and Isaac had assumed that Berkeley & Twin Cities were the only groves left. Isaac by this point had fully embraced Neo-Paganism, which few of the other Druids had ever heard of, and he wished to redefine the Reform into a Reconstructionist Neo-Pagan religion. There were other Reconstructionist Neo-Pagan religions at the time such as Nordic, Egyptian and Greco-Roman but no exclusively Celtic ones (except possibly Celtic Wicca). Thinking the rest of the Third Orders had given up on Druidism, he wanted to make the simple necessary changes for reconversion of...

The Age of Slavery 17001860

Religion was slowly replaced by Reason during this period. Belief in the power of witchcraft and sorcery was on the wane, and by the 1850s it became the province of the superstitious and ignorant just as the Lodges had planned. Meanwhile, Voodoo became an important political force in Haiti and a secret underground movement throughout the rest of the continent. All the major participants in the Shadow War faced each other during this period.

The Epistle of Richard

Shelton provided a useful look back at the Isaac Affair and tried to explain this to Isaac. He reiterated that the Reform needs to avoid formalism, must keep itself separate (but applicable) to other religions, the need for sober and responsible discussion, the avoidance of Arch-Druid kingship over the lower Orders, the independence of each Grove, and the omniportance of the individual within Dru-idism. Is it well known to all the Druids, that the publication of DC(E) (and Isaac's further public interaction) would forever form a connection in the public's mind between Neo-Paganism and Reformed Druidism. Up to this point, most outsiders didn't know squat about Druids, and this vagueness had been a boon to Reformed Druidism. In all likelihood, even without Isaac Bonewits, a Celtic form of Neo-Paganism would have adopted the name of Dru-idism and influenced public perception of the word Druid.

Cup Filled to the Brim with Druidism

While she may go further into oneness than most other Druids, it still an admirable example. The last vital note for the researcher is her opinion of the impossibility of defrocking or excommunication with the Reform, an activity vital for a serious organization to maintain its sense of separateness.

The Third Epistle of Robert

Well, this was quite a long one Robert wrote this epistle on the Spring Equinox of 1996 to discuss his reaction to my General History in Part Eight or ARDA. In particular he was intent on providing a much simpler alternative vision of Paganism, as opposed to Isaac's more grandiose schemes that eventually became Ar nDraoicht Fein. Neo-paganism can search for the simple, seemingly chaotic roots or it can choose to bild as complex a structure as many of them are trying to escape from.

The Book of the 30th Anniversary

The author was Anderson, a prominent Wiccan author. The Terlach referred to here is Robert Larson, the founder of the Berkeley Grove. It also tells of how Jeff Sommers was ordained and founded the Tuatha De Danaan Grove in the Bay Area. This book gives a little insight into the attitudes of the NRDNA to the role of the Third Order. It also has a rare reference to a person being previously denied entrance to the Third Order, but eventually entering in time. It is a difficult area to deny entry, as I discuss in my General History.

The Spirit of Serenity

Another skill of the White Mage is the ability to perform minor healings. Now, of course, these healings are not nearly of the same caliber as a Healer, but they are nonetheless effective. Much like a Black Mage borrows from Necromancy, so does a White Mage from Healing. The purity of the nodal environments made by a White Mage allows them to sufficiently amplify their power enough to perform spells which are slightly out of their category. One method used by White magicians is a Wicca technique called The Cone of Power. Details of this procedure can be found at many different web sites and should not be too hard to hunt down (I'll provide a link if someone takes the time to point a good one out to me).

Fall Hercules from heaven in tempests hurled And cleanse the beastly stable of the world

There can be no doubt that Hamlet belongs to Melancholy Night, but is it a good melancholy of inspired vision or a bad melancholy of witchcraft and evil Hamlet himself is not at first sure, and he questions the Ghost With the accession in 1603 of the King of Scotland to the throne of England the witchcraft problem became more acute than ever, for this monarch believed intensely in witches and believed that plots had been hatched to harm him by witchcraft. He also did not believe that Christian Cabala of the type defined by Cornelius Agrippa was harmless. In his book about demonology he had classed Agrippa with bad conjurors and devils and sorcerers.18 We know, too, that James was against Agrippa's disciple, John Dee, who appealed to him in vain to be cleared of bad conjuring.19 He would surely have been against the Spenserian fairy world of white Cabala he did in fact condemn fairies as bad spirits20 and he disliked Spenser's poem which he believed contained criticism of his mother.21...

Let them curse it that curse the day who are skilful to rouse Leviathan JOB

The current revival of the cult called WICCA is a manifestation of the ancient secret societies that sought to tap this telluric, occult force and use it to their own advantage, and to the advantage of humanity as was the original intent. The raising of the Cone of Power through the circle dancing is probably the simplest method of attaining results in rousing Leviathan, and has been used by societies as diverse as the Dervishes in the Middle East and the Python Dancers of Africa, not to mention the round dances that were familiar to the Gnostic Christians, and the ones held every year in the past at Chartres.

The Epistle of Norman

Norman's letter has a few prominent themes the value of humor in the Reform, the role of dis-organization, the independence of Reformed Druidism from allegiance with any other religion philosophy (including Neo-Paganism), its applicability to any religion or philosophy, the unimportance of external trappings, and the viable existence of solitary Reformed Druidism outside of Grove activity. Perhaps, not readily apparent, was the understanding attitude that he conveyed while still holding to his own opinion the hall-mark of good Druidical communication.

Chapter the Fifth Neo Pagan Pantheonizing

Parallels and linguistic connotations aside, one of the problems I find in Neo-Paganism in its current context is its tendency to over-define and personalize deity concepts. 2. In this Neo-Paganism models itself after the polytheistic pantheons of established mythologies, such as those of Greece and Rome, and tries to extend this structure to other vaguer pantheons, such as those of the Celts or Norse. 5. The attempt to structure Neo-Paganism is a mistake that confuses paganism with polytheism. They are not totally synonymous.

Chapter Four Earthly Deities and the Supreme Being

Followers of Reformed Druidism who are horrified by being associated with Paganism will be surprised to learn that traditional Pagan attitudes towards a Supreme Being are highly similar to those held by most Reformed Druids towards Be'al. 15. As direct emanations form The Star Goddess and Her Consort, there is an Earthly Goddess and God (referred to in Neopagan Witchcraft, for example, as a Moon Earth Sea Goddess and a Horned God of the Wildwood and the Sun).

The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

Banishing Ritual The Pentagram

There are many variations on this part of the ritual. The Golden Dawn in Step Two above pointed to the chest. Thelemites, those who follow the teachings of Aleister Crowley, point to the chest between Steps One and Two above, and vibrate the name Aiwass at that point. Aiwass, Crowley believed, was the name of his (Crowley's) Holy Guardian Angel and was an extra-terrestrial intelligence. Alex Sanders, founder of the Alexandrian system of Wicca, at Step One above, vibrates Kether and in Step Two points to the stomach. Instead of AH-MEN, some people prefer AUM or AUMGN or even a combination such as AUM-EN.

Deliberate Creation of Elementals

Here we have to deal with a phantom of eroticism the birth of such a phantom - if one may use the expression of birth at all - takes place in the face, the beautiful body of a living person, sometimes only a photo, a pornographic illustration or something similar with the purpose of provoking the lust, the sexual instinct, regardless of the person belonging to the female or male sex. Provided anyone being in love, having no opportunity at all of satisfying his personal longing, the stronger and more vehement this yearning will grow, and at the same time the phantom's insinuations will become stronger, because it is thriving entirely on thoughts of yearning. The more the concerned person tries to resist this unsatisfied love, the more obtrusive the phantom will become. At first it will turn up in dreams and allow is victim to revel in the most delightful transport of love. A little later it will provoke the sexual instinct and allow sexual intercourse in the victim's dreams. The...

Matos Spells A Nd Magic Part

Spells For Grey Witchcraft

Those who practice magick under the traditions of Paganism, many of whom call themselves Witches, use the dagger as their primary weapon. The name used by many Pagans for this dagger is taken from a Kabalistic book, The Greater Key of Solomon. Ceremonial magicians, on the other hand, use a wand as their primary tool. It is not, however, the Fire Wand, but an even superior wand which will be described later in this lesson.

Chapter Nineteen The Rituals of the Sapphire Temple

The Meditation for the ritual is one used in many opening rituals, which involves facing each quarter in turn and meditating on the properties of the element associated with that quarter. Thus for East, one visualises the Air, and attempts to awaken within oneself the positive qualities of Air, being lightness, swiftness, clarity and so forth. Most systems, including Kabbalah, also use personifications for the powers of the quarters, such as Michael for the South, or Djinn in the Wiccan system. However, in the Sapphire Temple sequence, it is best to begin with the abstract principle of the element, and then build up suitable personifications at a later stage. This avoids some of the dangers

The First Epistle of Isaac

As Isaac mention in his endnotes to DC(E), that this Epistle was written after the letter in the Book of Changes Part One, and that the First Epistle was intended to have been mailed with that letter. The Letter was mailed out, and the Epistle followed about four weeks later in late August of 1974, although we do not have an original copy in the Archives. This delay may have caused even more discord, because the July 18th letter was too curt to really explain Isaac's intentions, and, arriving all by itself, may have negatively pre-dis-posed the Druids to any further mailings from Isaac (not that the First Epistle improved their opinion of Isaac). Isaac apparently had already gotten some strong feedback before he had a chance to mail out the First Epistle, and you can see some Damage Control being performed through out this Epistle to soothe irritated Druids (see Chapter One). It is likely that he had already received letters from Ellen Conway '72, Richard Shelton and Renny Seidel (who...

The Second Epistle of Isaac

The early seventies were the nascent years of the Neo-Pagan movement, which had emerged from Wicca and the occult scene. As with any new-born religious movement, there were some people who were interested in defining and shaping their own movement, and Isaac was amongst the forefront. Isaac, since around 1972 when Neo-Paganism first identified itself, had been deeply involved in this movement and is still considered a knowledgeable expert on the Neo-Pagan movement today. With this in mind, one may reinterpret the Epistles as his way of laying down a path for future Reformed Druids to investigate the possibilities of the Neo-Pagan movements. In fact, the entire Druid Chronicles (Evolved) serves this purpose

Liturgy Of The Druids

Many a person has added Wiccan elements or Cabalistic elements or Judeo-Christian elements, etc. The purpose of the liturgy is to bring people together, and if the majority of the people in the grove belong to one particular tradition you can add elements from that tradition (if you want to). However, the original version has been judged over the years to be relatively ecumenical enough and dogmafree to be acceptable to most people, so we recommend it when dealing with a mixed crowd.

Folklore From The Sierra Nevada

Certain snail- shells with the shape of cartridges exist, which are called deriches by the Indians. There are large and small size s. The small ones are carried around the necks of the boys and the large ones are used by the men. These snail-shells assist them against witchcraft and evil entities.

Matos Spells And Magic Wishes Circle Patterns Thoughtforms

There was an ambivalence in the attitude of the Church towards astral projection. When indulged in by the orthodox it was called bilocation and regarded as evidence of possible sanctity. When, on the other hand, it was practised by those who might reasonably be suspected of heresy or witchcraft it was looked upon as proof of co-operation with Satan, or of deliberate attendance at the Witches' Sabbath, or even of dangerous (and possibly diabolical) delusion. Thus Sprenger, the co-author of that notorious inquisitors' manual The Hammer of the Witches (1484), reported the case of a woman who voluntarily approached some Dominican friars and related that she attended the Witches' Sabbath every night.

The Tantrik Ritual Of Inner Alchemy

I find another similar idea far more enticing. If the essence of a deity can be invoked into food or drink, why not invoke that god or goddess into a person and have sexual relations with that god or goddess Certainly the myths of Greece and Rome are filled with such ideas. There are some Wiccans or Witches who do practice this, calling it the Great Rite.

Sunrise Matos Spells And Magic

Reformed Druids of North America A term for the movement until 1976, when it came to indicate a branch of the Reform which did not see Neo-Paganism as its primary source of inspiration and stayed very anarchic. Abbreviated as RDNA. Wicca The religion of the Wiccans Wiccan A believer in Wicca or used as an adjective. Read Drawing Down the Moon. Witch A believer in Wicca. Witchcraft The activity of a Witch.

The Debt To The Golden Dawn

Regardless of origins and former associations his present commitment is solely to the Golden Dawn System of Magic. While in an exalted state he once experienced an array of religious insights which encompassed him, finally bringing him to a state of exhilaration and collapse where the only thing left in his mind was the following, not Christianity, not Buddhism, not Paganism, not anything but the Golden Dawn, the System which encompasses all. I was present when he experienced this revelation and can clearly testify to its intensity and meaning.

Magical Physical Training IV

Now we shall go on to a further chapter, also unknowns to date, concerning positions of the body, gestures and positions of the fingers, generally known as ritual. The fundamental principle of rituals is based on confirming an idea, a train of thoughts by an external mode of expression or the other way around, producing a train of thoughts by a gesture or an action, which we shall designate evocation in hermetics. This maxim is standing for the entire magical ritual. It is stated hereby that not only any idea can be expressed by an action, but can also be bound to a certain task. This refers to any creature as well. Anything not receiving and bearing a special name, symbol or external mark is without significance. All the magical processes and rituals are based on this primordial thesis in every religious system with its special cults since the remotest times. The only difference is that nothing but a very small part has been accessible to the masses, whilst most of it has been kept...

The Symbols The Planets

Growth. Fertility. Non-sex Emotions. Natural Forces. Sailors. Nurses. Stomach. Uterus. Breasts. Maternity. Witchcraft. Protective Instinct. Home. Pearls. Silver. Domestic Servants. General Public. Sense-reactions. Short Journeys. Removals. Changes and Fluctuations. The Personality. The Woman Consulting this Oracle. Feminine Reproductive Instinct. Woman.

Magic in The Shadow

The system described in Chapter 3 attempts to depict magic as many cultures, from native American animists to European witches to Voodoo priests, think it works. Unlike sword-and-sorcery magic, with fireball-tossing wizards and spectacular effects, the magic of the Shadow War is usually quieter, less obvious and harder to identify as supernatural. Voodoo magic (like other mystic systems such as European witchcraft) has two elements applying one's will to determine the outcome of events, and controlling spirits to perform specific tasks. The line between the two elements is blurry (see the sidebar on p. 14), but they are what makes a magician able to affect the world without using physical means.

Renunciation For Druidism

There were several important reasons that kept the RDNA members from dissolving the RDNA, reasons far more complicated than a simple fascination with ritualism or Paganism or any other such pat answers. For a great many Druids, the RDNA had introduced the possibility of taking personal responsibility for understanding and believing one's own faith. The RDNA had also shown them (in an experiential way) the benefits of learning from people from other faiths in a non-hostile forum of interaction. For many it was It is important to note here that there are no explicit gods or goddesses mentioned in the Basic Tenets. The Earth-Mother is said to be Nature, but she is not defined as a Goddess. While the Earth-Mother would immediately be considered a Goddess by most Wiccans and Neo-Pagans who would hear this statement, here is a loop-hole for an atheist or monotheistic Reformed Druid to view the Earth-Mother as a personification of the material world, Nature. The result is that more people...

Preliminary Invocation

The function of the facts is then quite passive it matters little or nothing whether the cloud be the red mist of Christianity, or the glimmering silver-white of Celtic Paganism the hard grey dim-gilded of Buddhism, the fleecy opacity of Islam, or the mysterious medium of those ancient faiths which come up in as many colours as their investigator has moods.< < In order to get over the ethical difficulties presented by the naive naturalism of many parts of those Scriptures, in the divine authority of which he firmly believed, Philo borrowed from the Stoics (who had been in like straits in respect of Greek mythology) that great Excalibur which they had forged with infinite pains and skill -- the method of allegorical interpretation. This mighty 'two-handed engine at the door' of the theologian is warranted to make a speedy end of any and every moral or intellectual difficulty, by showing that, taken allegorically, or, as it is otherwise said,...

What about the Old Testament

The Gnostic attitude towards the Old Testament is ambivalent to say the least. The major issue is that it was written during the Babylonian captivity and edited to fit the prevailing Pharisaic form of Judaism that existed at that time. The fact is the Old Testament was written at the same time as the Babylonian Talmud and other questionable Edomite Judaic texts. In this context it becomes clear that the Old Testament as we have it is not a Gnostic or Israelite text, but a text distorted to fit the Talmudic Jewish tradition. Accordingly, it mixes together accounts from a wide variety of sources and contexts with little thought to their integrity and original meaning. We can deduce that there are at least four Old Testament strands and these are in addition to the original Israelite Gnosis. This original gnosis was sustained by secrecy and taught mouth to ear (Kabbalah) by a small Pneumatic class, little of this tradition has been recorded in the Biblical accounts. Accordingly, the Old...

Psychic Influence At A Distance

Psychic Influence over others, manifested when they are distant from the person exerting the influence. Distance no obstacle. Psychic Induction at Long-Range. How to create the en rapport condition with the other person. How to protect yourself against such influence at a distance. The Psychic Armor. Psychometric Method of producing Distant En Rapport Condition. To proceed when the en rapport condition is secured. The scientific explanation of the old tales about sorcery, witchcraft, supernatural influence, etc. The effect of fear, and belief, on the mind of the other person. The effect of Denial. The secret of many strange cases made plain. Some typical cases. The Master-Key which unlocks the doors of many Mysteries. Low forms of Occultism, and how they may be defeated. Dangerous Teachings in some quarters. Warnings against their use. The Astral Tube how it is erected, used and employed. A simple, plain explanation of a puzzling occult manifestation. Self-Protection.

Analysis By A Master Of The Temple of the Critical Nodes

Your father separated from your mother in order that you might grow up with a hatred of authority and a spirit of revolution necessary to my work. The Oedipus complex was needed to formulate the love of witchcraft which would lead you into magick, with the influence of your grandfather active to prevent too complete an identification with your mother.

The Others Continued

Most Celtic druidic orders, Old Religion worshippers and other ancient European traditions were absorbed by the Servants of Hecate under pressure from the other Lodges. Many independent groups still survive. Together with the Servants of Hecate, they have inspired many neo-pagan and witchcraft movements, trying to bring occult knowledge to the mainstream. Their efforts are hampered by campaigns of disinformation on the part of the Roman and Enlightened Lodges.

The Moon

The Moon, partaking as she does of the highest and the lowest, and filling all the space between, is the most universal of the Planets. In her higher aspect, she occupies the place of the Link between the human and divine, as shown in Atu II. In this Trump, her lowest avatar, she joins the earthy sphere of Netzach with Malkuth, the culmination in matter of all superior forms. This is the waning moon, the moon of witchcraft and abominable deeds. She is the poisoned darkness which is the condition of the rebirth of light.

Chapter Five

Visibly relaxed, Chad finally spoke, SOW has nothing to do with violence like this, and you know that, Brenna. Someone is framing the organization. Lots of people hated Bob John and what he stood for. Heck, even you had reason to kill him. I hear he'd been threatening you. A sly smile crossed the young man's face. Threatening to expose you and this business as a front for satanic witchcraft.

The Formula Of Alim

The word adds up to 81, which is a number of the moon. It is thus the formula of witchcraft, which is under Hecate.< > It is only the romantic mediaeval perversion of science that represents young women as partaking in witchcraft, which is, properly speaking, restricted to the use of such women as are no longer women in the Magical sense of the word, because thy are no longer capable of corresponding to the formula of the male, and are therefore neuter rather than feminine. It is for this reason that their method has always been referred to the moon, in that sense of the term in which she appears, not as the feminine correlative of the sun, but as the burnt-out, dead, airless satellite of earth. No true Magical operation can be performed by the formula of ALIM. All the works of witchcraft are illusory and their apparent effects depend on the idea that it is possible to alter things by the mere rearrangement of them. One 26 must not rely upon the false analogy of the Xylenes to...


If it is required to investigate the cause of a sickness which is suspected to be the consequence of a witchcraft performed by the will of a perverse one, then, a doll with bones of a rabbit, deer, black cattle or tiger has to be carved. The bones must previously have been buried for a certain time. Thus, one must unbury them and make a doll as perfect as possible.


To the Ancients, elementals were the physical explanation of the universe. However, some contemporary occultists see them only as symbols for forces and otherwise not 'real' at all. Another word sometimes used for elemental is 'familiar' (usually in medieval witchcraft) the term is ambiguous, as it might merely be an ordinary household pet such as a dog or cat.


Therefore, it seemed almost logical that he should seek in the defeated, Old Religions of the world for the basis of his new philosophy and, some say, his new religion. He raised the female aspect back up to one of equality with the male, as it was in the rites of Egypt, and of Eleusis. Our Lady Babalon (his spelling) became a theme of many of his magickal writings, and he received he Credo, the Book of the Law, through a Woman, his wife Rose Kelly. The lunar element, as well as the Venusian, are certainly accessible in his works. It has even been said in occult circles that he had a hand in putting together the grimoire of one Gerald Gardner, founder of a contemporary Witchcraft movement, called the Book of Shadows. The Moon has an extremely important, indeed indispensable, role in the tantrick sex magick rites that so preoccupied Crowley and the O.T.O. There can be no true magick without woman, nor without man, and in the symbolic language of the occult there can be no Sun without...

Knowing Yourself

Magic Circle Template

To understand how a Technomage thinks and how it relates to modern paganism, you have to visualize a balance between religion on the left and science on the right. The distinction is purely arbitrary and please do not read anything political into that. On the extreme left hand, you have the orthodox pagan with his or her various forms of worship based ritual. Slightly to the right of that, you have the practitioner of Magick, now usually basing his work on the Golden Dawn system in some way, or the work of Franz Bardon, the system favored by my own teacher. As you study this lesson, some of you may find a certain similarity to things written of by William Seabrook in his book Witchcraft. This is not an accident. My own teacher was influenced by that work as well as some of the things of the sixties and I am merely following in his footsteps though I have added some things to his exercises and subtracted a lot to make this section manageable for you, but do not be surprised if some of...


The ultramundane symbolism and atmosphere of the Meditation Room of the United Nations may bemuse the unwary and the lukewarm in faith their delusion need not be shared by Christians or members of other faiths who do not accept ancient paganism clothed in modern dress. Pagan had at one time an antonym milites Christi or enrolled soldiers of Christ men and women who fought paganism with every iota of strength and faith and knowledge at their command. Milites Christi are needed now to combat the influence and supporters of this Temple of Abomination, with its crude, occult-evoking simulacra of Deity.

Part Three

Lesser Banishing Ritual The Pentagram

The High Magickal Art is by nature different from certain aspects of other so-called primitive forms of magick as practiced by those involved in Witchcraft, Wicca, Voodoo, Brujeria, etc. The word primitive is not meant to insult followers of those or similar traditions any more than calling somebody such as Grandma Moses a primitive artist is insulting. Rather, it infers older styles and simpler ways. Many people I know who are involved in Wicca and Witchcraft are proud that their tradition is both old and simple.

The Prude

Thus under the Golden Bough in the moonlight was the host uplifted, and the Shepherd, and the Hangman, and the Sorceress broke the bread of Necromancy, and drank deep of the wine of witchcraft, and swore secrecy over the Eucharist of Art. Now in the place of the dolmen stands the hospital, and where the trilithons towered is built the Hall of Science. Lo the druid has given place to the doctor and the physician has slain the priest his father, and with wanton words ravished the heart of his mother the sorceress. Now 187 instead of the mystic circle of the adepts we have the great Bosh-Rot school of Folly. Miracles are banned, yet still at the word of man do the halt walk, and the lame rise up and run. The devils have been banished, and demoniacal possession is no more, yet now the most lenient of these sages are calling it hystero-demonopathy --- what ajargon of unmusical syllables Saul, when he met God face to face on the dusty road of Damascus, is dismissed with a discharging lesion...

The Royalist Lodge

The final straw came during the Hundred Years' War, when a powerful female Initiate and military leader defeated the English invaders of France. Joan of Arc proved to be too great a threat to the established order, and the Lodges of Rome, England and France joined forces to crush her. They did this by branding her a witch and burning her at the stake. Shortly thereafter, one of her followers was discovered to be a secret follower of the demiurges, and a practitioner of human sacrifice and ritual torture. The male-dominated Lodges quickly concluded that the entire Lodge of Hecate was in league with the forces of evil, and targeted its members with a campaign of extermination. Of the thousands of victims claimed by the Inquisition, a sizable percentage were members of the Servants of Hecate. The vast majority, however, were non-Initiates who had the misfortune to be accused of practicing witchcraft. In the last few decades, many Servants have gone public they are one of the forces...

The Epistle of Ellen

Ellen Conway wrote this on almost the same day as Renny's Epistle and the Words of Green. This is not unusual since, Richard Shelton and Ellen Conway were good friends, Carleton Druids of the early 70s, and were then studying together at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She would later marry Richard. She also founded the Ann Arbor grove and worked hard with Richard to control the Isaac Affair. Here we see the first instance in the debate about the primacy of the Basic Tenets and the need to distinguish between personal beliefs and Reformed Druidism. I suspect that Ellen's comment on Neo-Paganism, probably did not sit well with Isaac.

Bible Narratives

These differences, and many others, are major and show that while in Babylon the Pharisees mixing Babylonian Paganism and Judaism not only wrote such texts as the Talmud but also edited together the Old Testament. Hence, the task of restoration becomes even more daunting and reference to documents such as the Dead Sea Scrolls becomes imperative.

Chapter Four

Then there is the surprising similarity of names and dates of the same eight festivals of the Reformed Druid calendar with the 8-fold wheel of the year found in Neo-Paganism and the British Druid Fraternal system. I believe that this can easily be explained in that all three groups could have easily researched the popular literature written on Celtic customs. Beltane, Oimelc, Lughnasadh and Samhain were common Celtic festivals in the British Isles up until the 19th 20th century. So anyone spending an hour or two reading MacCulloch (1910) or Kendrick (1932) could have learned of these four great calendar festivals. As for the cross-quarter festivals (named so because they lie exactly half-way between the aforementioned holidays) of the solstices and equinoxes these can be explained by the common (possibly false) assumption that the Druids or Celtic peoples had built the megalithic stone circles as observatories to measure the lunar cycles and the movements of the sun. Since many of...

Prefatory Notes

THE PRESENT MANUSCRIPT was delivered into the hands of the Editor by a priest who had managed to get ordained through uncanonical methods which have been entertainingly described in the several books and articles on the ecclesiastic phenomenon, the wandering bishops. Just such an unorthodox prelate was Fr. Montague Summers, who wrote numerous books on demonology, witchcraft, and the like. Suffice it to say, we were rather doubtful as to the authenticity of the work before us. In the first place, it was in Greek and for quite awhile it was difficult to ascertain what it might actually be, save for the title NECRONOMICON and the many weird drawings. In the second place, after translation, we found several internal inconsistencies and some evidence that would suggest we did not possess the entire Work. There may still be some missing or the irregular monastic might have withheld certain of the chapters. As the chapters are not numbered, it is too difficult to day.

What is Chaos Magick

So what is a magical system Magical systems combine practical exercises for bringing about change with beliefs, attitudes, a conceptual model of the universe (if not several), a moral ethic, and a few other things besides. Examples of systems are Qabalah, the different Wiccan 'traditions', The Golden Dawn system of magic with all its grades, costumes, mottos etc, and the increasing number of westernised 'shamanic' paths that are proliferating nowadays. As far as most magical systems go, before you can start to wave your wand around or bounce up and down on your head 'til you reach enlightenment, you have to spend a good deal of time reading up on the beliefs associated with the system, learning its do's and don'ts, committing to memory lists of symbols and correspondences, how to talk to your fellow magi, and in

Elohim Hethegods

In his Paganism of the Hebrews Before the Babylonian Captivity, E. Ferriere showed us that the concept of monotheism saw light of day in Israel under the influence of Babylonian philosophy. This is the summary the author gives. 10. E. Ferriere, in his Paganism of the Hebrews before the Captivity, tells us that in the XIIth Century, the tradition of the true pronunciation of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton was still alive, as was attested by two Greek passages, one by the minor historian Zonaras, Secretary of State under the Comnenes, the other the poet grammarian Tzetes, born in Constantinople

Yatukih Sorcery

Akha Avestan Pahlavi - Avestan, meaning evil. In the context of Liber HVHI and Luciferian Witchcraft, it is a term signifying the antinomian path. Anghuya Avestan - Chi or Lifeforce, the vital essence of the spirit which is the source of all life. In Luciferian Witchcraft, the Yatus grows strong in ritual workings drinking of Anghuya of both the spirit of others and that of his or her own evoked subconscious energy. In this sense, Lilith Hebrew - The Goddess of Witchcraft, Magick and Sorcery. Lilith was the first wife of Adam who refused to be submission and joined with the shadows and demonic spirits in the deserts. Lilith was also said to be the spiritual mother of Cain by her mate, Samael (Shaitan) the Dragon. Lilith appeared in Sumerian times as a Goddess of the Beasts of the Wild, as well as Sorcery and Night-fornication. Lilith was said to have many forms, from beautiful women to half human and the bottom half animal, to half woman and half flame. Lilith is also the mother of...


Manicheism was one of the most important attempts to found a universal religion and to reconcile the Christian, Buddhist, and Mazdean with the Greek philosophy. It presented the same syncretic ideas found later among Moslem Druzes and among Sikhs. It failed in the first place because Islam presented a much simpler system in the East, and because in the West Christianity was already developing, in the time of Manes, a religion which aimed at reconciling the Paganism of Italy and Gaul with the ethics of Christ, this presenting a simpler and more familiar faith. But the one achievement of Manes was the creation of the Devil which led to an afterwards unremovable taint throughout religion. Manes was a notable philosopher and religious teacher born about the year A. D. 216, and he was crucified and flayed alive by the Persian 1. C. W. Olliver, An Analysis of Magic and Witchcraft, p. 102. 3. M. Summers, History of Witchcraft and Demonology, p. 17.

Lesson Seven287

Our Direct Link to the Astral Plane Positive Affirmations Creative Visualization, The Kabalistic System of Mental Magick including the Treasure Map The Kabalistic Secret of Mental Magick The Nature of High and Low (Ceremonial and Natural) Magick A Time Line of Important Dates in the History of Witchcraft Definition of a Talisman The Difference Between Talismans and Amulets The Story of Student Q Magickal vs. Natural Elements Symbolism of the Magickal Elements Designing Low Magick Talismans Karma The Best Times to Perform Low Magick Rituals A Pagan Ritual for Charging Talismans How to Describe the Purpose of Rituals Magickal Guardians The Ideal Kabalistic Talisman Types of Traditional Kabalistic Talismans Talismanic Purpose Chart Designing High Magick Talismans from Scratch, Including Pythagorean Numerology, Kabalistic Numerology, The System of Austin Osman Spare and His Alphabet of Desire, and Using The Hermetic Rose Cross. Supplement with Sigils from the Arbatel of Magick, Planetary...


Formal ritual usually involves the invocation (ritually calling up) of a god or goddess, spirit, or other entity. In this sense, magick is somewhat similar to pagan religion and witchcraft. However, we consider magick ritual a technique, not a religion. Worship need not be involved. Sometimes the invocation of an entity creates an artificial elemental.


As Bhairava carried the skull of the fifth and most powerful head of the creator god Brahma, he was known as the Kapalin. His spiritual form represented his nature. He grew the teeth of a tiger, the predator, his eyes were afire as were his head of red hair, he carried cruel swords or often a noose made from human entrails, a Trident, a known symbol in modern western influenced Luciferian sects as presented in Luciferian Witchcraft, he had predatory dogs at his feet, waiting to drink the blood he spills.

Ugly Ecstasies

Take for instance, the concept of the Alphabet of Desire. It is merely, a language of the subconscious, a book of dead names. By naming those 22 zones of the subconscious, which is called the Qlippoth in the Luciferian Path of Liber HVHI, Luciferian Witchcraft and Book of the Witch Moon, one may accomplish many internal aspects of unleashing power. Spare drew and focused on the Alphabet of Desire as a kind of sacred letter which would preserve belief from the Ego itself, allowing belief to return to the subconscious mind over and over again. It becomes lost to the conscious mind from intelligence, but is understood completely in the form of emotion to the subconscious.

Shaman Witch

Buddhist holy men, and Gypsy sorcerers. Wiccan witches, although loosely associated with the Lodges through the Servants of Hecate (see p. 28), can also be considered independent. All these Initiates can take sides in the conflict or stay neutral. More information on those magical traditions will be provided in future supplements or articles, but GMs and players can base those Initiates on the information given here. Skills Ritual Magic (Shamanism or Witchcraft) and several Paths and rituals are common (see Chapter 3). Occultism and Theology are common, as are Bard, Dancing and Performance.

The Higher Orders

The names of the Higher Order were taken predominantly from Gaulish Paleo-Paganism, plus two Welsh names and one Irish. All are from Celtic cultures, but with vast differences between them I, myself, think it would have been interesting if they had made an Order of the Buddha. Further details on the deities can be found in most dictionaries of Celtic Folklore and encyclopedias of mythology and god desses. It is generally up to the individual member to determine whether the names of the Higher Order are full-fledged Gods and Goddesses or whether they are Jungian archetypes. Or they may be something else entirely. If a Druid is interacting with Wiccans, one should be careful that one's Druidic ribbons or robes of office do not impinge with the system being used by the Wiccans.

Energy Fields

This sort of nonsense has gone on for years between groups, too. Various groups calling themselves Rosicrucian all insist that only they are the real Rosicrucians and all of the other groups are frauds. Various Witchcraft and Wiccan groups involve themselves in this same sort of foolishness. One famous magickal group currently has about five or six people claiming to be the true leader of the organization and that the others are all fakes. This disagreement has led to outrageous name-calling and to court cases What can a person who wants to work with a group of others with similar interests do

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