The voodoo cults

Several different types of Voodoo cults have developed during the centuries. In some areas of the Caribbean, the traditions of one African tribe or people tended to become dominant. Also, the culture of each colonial country (England, France, Portugal and Spain) influenced the slaves, often in unexpected ways. Although the rituals and ceremonies of all the different traditions work in the same manner, there are cultural differences between them, from which gods or saints they worship to the language they speak.

Furthermore, there are rivalries between the different cults that often preclude alliances. For example, a Voudoun mambo, or priestess, might not consider a Santeria babalawo, or high priest, to be her equal, and might treat him with distrust or even overt hostility. There are elements of racism involved as well: many Hispanic santeros are white, and thus suspect in the eyes of the predominantly black and mulatto Voudoun and Obeah practitioners. Voodoo cults tend to stay close to their communities, and distrust strangers, especially strangers who speak a different language and worship different loas.

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