Prostitutes of both sexes are a permanent fixture in low-income neighborhoods throughout the world. Many prostitutes are teenage runaways who have fallen prey to pimps who enslave and abuse them. Their lives are short and brutal, frequently ending in drug overdoses, illness or violence. In the Shadow War setting, prostitutes also have to contend with predatory In-Betweener monsters and evil cultists looking for human sacrifices. The authorities seldom work very hard to solve the murder of a prostitute, and disappearances are rarely reported, let alone investigated.

Besides being ideal victims, however, the exposure to horror and violence can push these young men and women into spontaneous Initiation (see p. 58). Some of the new Voodoo societies and rebel Lodges are trying to protect and recruit prostitutes, denying victims to the servants of the Corruptors. Former prostitutes can be cynical, bitter people trying to forget their pasts, or they may have become stronger people from their ordeals.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Appearance can range from average to Beautiful or Very Beautiful (good looks don't last long in the Life, however). A pimp can be a minor Patron, but usually he is simply someone the hookers owe a Duty to. Many streetwalkers have one or more Addictions, often forced upon them by their "employers." Independents who refuse to work for a pimp may find themselves with a nasty Enemy. A Social Stigma (second-class citizen) may also be appropriate.

Skills: Erotic Art, Sex Appeal and Streetwise. Street-smart pros may also have a Weapons skill or two (usually Pistol and Knife), Running, Survival (Urban) and Shadowing.

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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