Minor Manifestation

Move/Dodge: 7/8 Fatigue: 40 Moderate Manifestation ST: 30 IQ: 16

Move/Dodge: 8/9 Fatigue: 80 Major Manifestation ST: 50 IQ: 20

Move/Dodge: 9/10 Fatigue: 120

This Gnostic spirit is a powerful guide and a favorite of mystics studying and meditating to gain higher Levels of Initiation. Sometimes the god's manifestations engage in metaphysical challenges with Initiates in the dream world. Abraxas is most often

Will: 18 Alertness: 17

Will: 21 Alertness: 20

invoked in protection and divination rituals, and his symbols appear in protective amulets and mystic symbols. The seven Greek letters that form the word Abraxas have a numerical value of 365; thus, this god is associated with the days of the year.

There are many forms to this entity, including a humanoid made out of solid light and a multi-limbed snake. In the latter form, Abraxas has been associated with the snake of the garden of Eden, worshipped by the Ophite Gnostics (see p. 31) and sometimes associated with the Voodoo loa Damballa (see p. 87). It may be possible that Damballa and Abraxas are the same entity; if so, this link might help bridge differences between the Lodges and the Voudounistas.

The similarities may mean nothing, however. Abraxas, unlike Damballa, never possesses humans, nor grants them any Spirit Warrior powers. Also, Abraxas is rarely concerned with events that occur in the material world; the spirit seems to be above everything pertaining to matter. Some Schismatics claim that Abraxas is a hidden Corruptor, hiding its true agenda behind a curtain of mysticism.

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