Historical Sourcebooks

GURPS has books on a number of historical periods and places. Many of these sourcebooks can be used to set up a Shadow War campaign in another historical period.


Adventurous GMs could replace the shamanistic magic system in the Ice Age supplement with a version based on the system in this book. Peopled with a rich totemistic spirit pantheon, the adventures of cavemen and women would have greater mystical overtones.

GURPS Imperial Rome

The Lodges came into being during the Late Imperial period (third century A.D. or so). A Lodge campaign can be set in the decadent Empire, with Initiates trying to save (or control) Rome. For those who want to inject the Voodoo elements of the Shadow War, characters from Africa with Voodoo-like abilities can also be introduced.

GURPS Middle Ages

In the Shadow War, the Crusades were caused, among other things, by rivalries between the Lodges controlling the Muslim kingdoms, Byzantium and the European realms. Initiate PCs can participate in the conflict, battling their rivals with sword and rituals. The Knights Templar were controlled by a powerful Lodge, until, some say, it turned to the Dark Gods. Many Lodge members, however, believe that the Templars were destroyed for political reasons. Which version is true? The GM can set a campaign around the last days of the Order of the Temple. Of course, maybe the Templars were not destroyed, and simply went underground...

GURPS Swashbucklers

Voodoo was born in the Caribbean. Voodoo Initiates can crew pirate ships, using their powers to supplement broadsides and sabers on the Spanish Main. An interesting campaign casts the PCs as slaves being transported in a ship; using their Initiate powers, they engineer a mutiny and take over the vessel. Where do they go from here? Do they attempt to return to Africa? Do they reach the mainland and try the Maroon life? Or do they decide to give the Europeans a small taste of terror?

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