Haiti and The Shadow

Haiti is an unlikely but very powerful focal point of the Shadow War, for mystical reasons. The island is the poorest and least educated land of the Western Hemisphere, a stark legacy of slavery and colonialism. Yet as the most powerful center of Voodoo, the island's influence is totally disproportionate to its size and population. Some of the most powerful Initiates in the world dwell on isolated hills, living in primitive conditions as they work rituals that can affect whole continents. As a symbol for African-Americans, Haiti is both an example and a terrible warning.

Many Voodoo Initiates have heard a legend that explains Haiti's sorrows, a legend that no historian or anthropologist has ever heard, because it is jealously guarded. According to the tale, Haiti fell under the sway of a powerful Corruptor, a being of such might that its name remains unknown, perhaps forever unknowable.

In 1791, a houngan called Boukman led a massive slave uprising against the northern settlements. Thousands of white slave owners were killed, and the area's most important city, Cape Francois, was besieged by a huge army of slaves and Maroons. The Lodge Initiates in the city were mostly members of the French Royalist Lodge, who had come to Haiti to escape the debacle of the French Revolution. They did their best to stop the attackers, but their spirit servants were destroyed or put to flight by the veritable army of loas that Boukman and his houngans had raised. As the loas steadily wore down the mystic wards placed around the city, the desperate Europeans used forbidden rituals that included the sacrifice of 13 men, women and children, all slaves. The ritual made contact with a Mayombe spirit of incredible power. Many of the lower-level Initiates in the ritual circle died on the spot, or were driven mad by the sight of the entity. The rest appealed to the being for help. The entity agreed, on the condition that the Initiates grant it the right to dwell within the island. Faced with the threat of thousands of rebel slaves crying for their blood, the surviving Initiates agreed.

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