GURPS Vampire Werewolf and Mage

The dark fantasy series The World of Darkness, created by the White Wolf Game Studio and adapted to GURPS, depicts a contemporary Earth beset by supernatural forces. Superficially, there are many resemblances between that setting and the world of the Shadow War, which may lead GMs and players to try to combine the two. Before doing so, however, it would be best to decide how the underlying principles behind the two settings fit each other.

Of the themes of the World of Darkness, GURPS Vampire is the easiest one to fit in. The Lodges, the Voodoo Societies, the Palo Mayombe and the Vampire Clans could occasionally cross paths with each other. In the Shadow War cosmology, vampires would be a special type of In-Betweener, one probably created by the demiurges (see p. 98). Initiates would be the "magi" that Vampires fear, and the Tremere Clan (see GURPS Vampire, p. 128) was the result of a group of Initiates, maybe a whole Lodge, that transformed into creatures of the night. Many vampires are involved in criminal activities, and will come face to face with Initiates fighting on both sides of the War on Drugs. The In-Betweeners would be powerful foes sure to bring fear to even a Cainite's cold heart. Or perhaps the whole vampire Jyhad is not run by ancient vampires, as the vampires think, but by monstrous Devourers (see p. 102) who secretly pull the strings of their undead puppets for their own nefarious purposes. Cainities discovering this might end up forging alliances with living Initiates to battle this common threat.

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