GURPS Vampire Werewolf and Mage Continued

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse is slightly more problematic — the Garou have their own version of the spirit world and mystical powers, a version that is different, and not wholly compatible with the Initiates' magic. Still, with some adjustments, the two cosmologies can be mixed together. Werewolves would be a unique form of In-Betweener (or a special race altogether), serving the spirit force of Gaia (an entity recognized by both the Voodoo and Lodge pantheons). Their enemy, the Wyrm, would be identified as some sort of evil demiurge, perhaps even the master demiurge itself. Initiates could be the Garou's allies — or their lethal enemies. Some advantages from GURPS Werewolf and maybe even some Gifts, could be purchased by Initiates. The GM should decide which spirit system he wants to use to describe all spirit entities in the game; a mixture of the two is unlikely to work well.

The third book of the series, GURPS Mage, deals with a magic system that is wholly unlike both standard GURPS Magic and the system described in GURPS Voodoo. Not only that, but the world of GURPS Mage, where four different groups fight for control over reality itself, is very hard to combine with the Manicheistic perspective of GURPS Voodoo.

To make the combination work, both game worlds would have to be altered a great deal. Initiates would be a separate type of magician, one who channels the power of the spirit world indirectly, unlike the Mages, who alter reality itself by force of will. The Mages' great enemy, the Technomancy, has tried to suppress both mages and Initiates; the Lodges in Europe and the Voodoo cults have battled each other, the Technomancy and the Mage Traditions over the centuries. The Mayombe can be identified with the Nephandi (evil mages and demons) found in GURPS Mage. Initiates would have close ties with the Dreamspeakers, a Mage Tradition deeply linked with the spirit world.

As in GURPS Werewolf, the GM will have to decide what elements of both worlds exist in the combination, and which rules to use. Combining the two magic systems would be tricky but not impossible; it is recommended that the Initates' control over probability (see p. 12) be allowed to neutralize GURPS Mage's Coincidental Magick powers, thus giving the two kinds of practitioners a more nearly equal footing.

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away with murder. GMs have to be careful or combat monsters may overrun the campaign — although that may not be a terrible thing as long as everyone is having fun. Of course, the GM can always kill particularly abusive characters — in the Shadow War, there will always be someone, or something, more powerful than anything that can be created with character points, and the setting can be as lethal as the GM wants it to be.

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