GURPS Psionics The Phoenix Project

The possible interactions between psi and the mystic powers of GURPS Voodoo are explored on p. 45. A campaign where psis and Initiates work together would have a greater variety of situations and goals. It is recommended, however, that extra-high psi power and skill levels not be allowed; a roof of 15 or even 20 should be adequate, without turning the campaign into a supers game.

The sample campaign world in GURPS Psionics, the world of the Phoenix Project, can be integrated into the Shadow War fairly easily, and it would provide an excellent source of conflict and intrigue for Initiates and their newfound psi allies. In the combined world, the Lodges are behind the Psiberocracy (see p. PS121), the government inside the government that is responsible for psi research, control, and the cover-up of both. Psis are also the target of the Red Sects, the Dark Lodges and other servants of the evil entities of the Shadow War — the psychic energies provided by the corruption or sacrifice of psis are a preferred source of nourishment for those entities! Psis may end up seeking Initiate allies for survival sake.

The government agencies that deal with psionics (ESP and Psibercorps) are also charged with persecuting "non-aligned" Initiates; Voodoo organizations are a favorite target. Armed with accusations of animal sacrifices, health code violations and even charges of cannibalism, ritual murder and worse, impassive government agencies conduct raids into the sanctuaries of houn-gans and mambos.

At the same time, the psis of the Phoenix Project discover that there are powers and beings out there that fall outside the purview of psionic effects. How would a group of psi rebels react when confronting a Bird-Man, or some other In-Betweener? Precognitive dreams may warn characters of the danger of the Mayombe. A mixed party of Initiates and psis would have the best chance of facing their enemies.

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