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The setting of GURPS Voodoo is a horror setting, but it can be spiced up with more things that go bump in the night. Vampires, were-creatures and other monsters (see GURPS Creatures of the Night for a wide selection of scary critters) might swell the ranks of In-Betweeners (see p. 98). The Mayombe and the Devourers could be Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know, or be opposed by them for their own dark purposes. More interestingly, the Cabal (see p. H32) could be the Lodges' preeminent rival. It wouldn't be very hard to make the Cabal an Initiated organization that also recruits psi and In-Betweener members into its ranks. Whether the Cabal serves the Dark Gods, the Mayombe or are what they claim they are — a self-protection society — is for the GM to know and the PCs to find out. Initiated PCs could be members of the Cabal, or its enemies. Unlike typical horror PCs, Initiates may survive an encounter with this organization, although their lives are sure to become more interesting afterward.

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In the context of this book, many of the conflicts that shook the Caribbean in its 500-year history were part and parcel of the Shadow War. With the Lodges, the Mayombe and the Voudounistas pulling the strings of world leaders everywhere, few events in the world of politics, finance and crime take place without being influenced by some or all of the competing factions.

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