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Asson: Voodoo calabash rattle, filled with snake bones, used in ceremonies.

Anima: A spirit servant of the Lodges.

Babalawo: High priest of Santeria.

Bokkor: Evil Voodoo sorcerer.

Bizongue: A Voodoo secret society.

Corruptor: Any evil spirit that draws energy from human suffering.

Daemon: In Greek mythology, a minor spirit. Also, a spirit entity that serves Lodge magicians.

Devourer: A giant In-Betweener monster that controls smaller versions of itself, called Sendings.

Demiurge: In Gnostic mythology, the evil creator of the material world. This name is also applied to Corruptor spirits.

Genius: In Roman mythology, the protecting spirit of each family line. In the Lodges, a guardian spirit.

Gnosticism: An ancient Christian heresy that claims that salvation is only possible by the mystical discovery of Gnosis (esoteric knowledge), and that the material world is the creation of an evil entity.

Hounfor: Voodoo temple. Also, a group of Voodoo practitioners.

Houngan: Voodoo priest or magician.

In-Betweener: Creature of both material and spiritual components, often able to shift forms, with inhuman abilities and lusts.

Initiate: A human who can see, communicate and control supernatural forces.

Loa: Voodoo spirit. Also, a god of Voodoo cosmology.

Lodges: Name given to a number of European secret societies that practice sorcery and mysticism. The Lodges have kept magic a secret from Western Civilization to preserve their power.

Mambo: Voodoo priestess or magician.

Maroon: Escaped slave who lives in the wilderness.

Mayombe: Voodoo name for the Corruptor spirits (see above).

Nkisi: An evil African spirit.

Orisha: Voodoo spirit; the Santeria term for loa (above).

Petro: The more violent and bloodthirsty aspect of Voodoo loas (see Rada).

Rada: The traditional Voodoo rite. Also, the more sedate and benevolent aspect of the Voodoo loas.

Santeria: Form of Voodoo practiced in the Spanish-speaking regions of America.

Santero/santera: Practitioner of Santeria, the equivalent of a houngan or mambo.

Vever: Mystical drawing used to invoke Voodoo loas.

Voodoo: A mystical religion that combines African and European elements, developed among the slave population of America.

Voudoun: The version of Voodoo practiced in the French-speaking Americas, particularly in Haiti.

Voudounista: Practitioner of Voodoo.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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