The Laws Of Compatibility And Systemic Receptibility

There are two basic laws in the science of Astro-therapy or healing by use of the stellar ray; one is the Law of Compatibility, the other, the law of Systemic Receptibility. By knowledge and intelligent application of these laws the sick regain health much more rapidly than otherwise and with minimum effort on the part of the health adjuster.

At the time of conception the Moon was in the degree which ascends at birth (or its opposite); the vital body was then placed in the mother's womb as a matrix into which the chemical elements forming our dense body are built. The vital body emits a sound similar to the buzz of a bumblebee. During life these etheric sound waves attract and place the chemical elements of our food so that they are formed into organs and tissues. So long as the etheric sound waves in our vital body are in harmony with the keynote of the archetype, the chemical elements wherewith we nourish our dense body are properly disposed of and assimilated, and health prevails no matter whether we are stout or thin, of rosy complexion or sallow, or whatever the outward appearance. But the moment the sound waves in the vital body vary from the archetypal keynote, this dissonance places the chemical elements of our food in a manner incongruous with the lines of force in the archetype.

Then imperfect elimination of waste, accumulation of poison in the system, and abnormal growths and other conditions become manifest in the dense body, and disease continues until harmony has been restored to the vital body. When the invisible cause has been removed, the visible effects disappear, and health is restored. Thus we see that incipient disease manifests in the vital body before the dense body begins to show signs of disability, and recovery of the vital body also precedes convalescence.

When a healthy person meets with an accident, his vital body is unimpaired; therefore he may not feel the full extent of the injury until several days afterwards. If he survives the shock of the maximum dissonance between the vital body and the archetype, the chances are good for recovery.

The pitch of the etheric vibration in the vital body is determined by the rising sign, for the reason given. Each of the twelve signs imparts a sound different from that of all the other signs, as each of the twelve signs in the chromatic scale varies from the rest. Some notes blend harmoniously and with a pleasing effect; others are basically discordant and grate upon our sensibilities. Similarly, the harmony of their rising signs makes some people agreeable and capable of helping and healing each other when necessary, while people whose rising signs are in dissonance can neither give each other help nor receive it from each other.

The first consideration, when about to undertake a case, is to discover the basic spiritual relationship between the healer and patient. If the Law of Compatibility shows harmony, the outlook is good for a speedy recovery; but where inharmony appears, the patient should be turned over to a doctor or healer with whom he is in accord.

This is the method which the Elder Brothers use in apportioning patients among Invisible Helpers, and it is the key to the success we have had in benefiting all who have applied to Headquarters for help.

Astrologically, there are four elements: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The planets are so many foci through which the influences of the signs are projected upon the newborn babe and give tone to the body, particularly if located in the Ascendant. The success of the healer varies in proportion as his constitution agrees with that of the patient's ascending sign, whether fiery, earthy, airy, or water.

When Saturn in the horoscope of one person occupies any degree of the zodiac included in the 1st or 6th house of another, those people are mutually incompatible and incapable of conferring benefit upon each other. Mars and Uranus also have an evil effect, but their force is quickly spent; it may be compared to the snap of a terrier. But the influence of Saturn is like the locked jaws of a bulldog, a strangle hold, a death grip, from which there is no release.

The Sun is the great reservoir of LIFE, the very opposite of Saturn; we may therefore readily see that its position would mark one as particularly beneficial to a certain class and in certain diseases. This influence is determined by its position according to triplicity. Thus, those who have the Sun in one of the fiery signs have great healing power with respect to people suffering from diseases ruled by these signs; those with the Sun in airy signs have power over diseases usual to airy signs, etc. Those born under the cardinal sign of a certain triplicity are most successful in treating acute cases of disease pertaining to those three signs; one who has the Sun in a fixed sign is apt in the cure of chronic diseases of that triplicity. Those born with the Sun in common signs make the least successful healers, but have more power to soothe the sick, and often bring recovery by their quieting influence on the patient's nerves. Therefore, they make the best nurses for patients under their triplicity, especially where there is mental trouble or where physical illness is the result of mental unrest.

Thus, people born when the Sun was in one of the fiery signs, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, are particularly successful in the treatment of the head, heart, spinal cord, femoral region, fevers, etc. Those born in April, with the Sun in Aries, would be best for the treatment of acute cases of those ailments. Those born in August, with the Sun in Leo, would succeed in chronic cases where others would fail, and if these healers secure a nurse having the Sun in Sagittarius, he or she will aid them in all their cases as no one else could. The same holds good of the other triplicities.

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