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The Cosmic Transcendence Technique

This product will get you to achieve a state of consciousness that you have never heard of. It is a cosmic transcendence technique that will elevate your clarity and intelligence through a deep relaxation that will allow you to experience a different reality in another dimension outside of your body. It will allow you to connect with the universal entity and get you to experience realities that your mind can alter. The product is made into three phase of videos and audio tracks, the first one includes an introduction to your experience and cosmic self, the second and the third will get to you to apply these mind states in a reality that you can create. It also can get you to transform your life forever by training your brain to do things in other cosmic entities which will enhance your mental capabilities in real life and transcend your state into a higher one. Moreover, it will get you to create relationships with other cosmic beings win the other greater dimensions. However, this product is not suitable for people who are under psychological treatment or medication. It is also not suitable for people under the age of eighteen and people who are under mind-altering drugs. Continue reading...

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The Earth versus the

The best way to understand these two world-views is to contemplate the two possible approaches to nature. The ascending perspective is based traditionally on iconography related to the sky and stars, it represents (in religious terminology) the transcending of earth and the return to a world beyond the physical. In early traditions, its gods were those of the sky and earth gods are seen as subservient to the sky deities. A classic example of a sky cult is found in Ancient Egypt with its emphasis on going beyond death and returning to the stars. This is also illustrated in the focus early religions had on astronomy and astrology, this is well illustrated in such landmarks as Stonehenge, the Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids and other sites too numerous to list. While the seasons may have been celebrated, they were seen as representing the cycles that had to be overcome and the earth was traditionally seen in a negative or at least, ambivalent role. In general, reproduction was seen...

Quodosch The Third Degree

If one should desire to bring soul transcendence to the woman partner, one cannot imagine anything more potent than to feed some of the transmuted quintessence to her We have the rule to practice often. Well then, consider the fact that much can be accomplished to this end in the Second Degree congrex. Consider well the idea of interspersing the Second Degree rite with the Third Degree rite. This is of great value because the partners do not become tired by frequent repetition. There are few people who can perform frequent repetitions in the Third Degree alone, without diminishing both the energized enthusiasm and the magickal imagination. Discretion and selectivity should be the watchwords.

The Magical Trance Activating the Sigils

One may argue endlessly about sexual ethics and or sexual fears, but it is an undeniable fact that sigils are best internalized in the easiest, speediest and least problematical way during sexual climax. We will get to know various other methods, too, but experience has shown that orgasm provides the most effective of magical trances. Debauchees with glittering eyes may, however, be warned that this branch of sexual magic has little or nothing to do with sexual fun. In the past, when it was still trendy to work with sacrifices of all sorts, it was common to speak of sacrificing the orgasmic lust on the altar of Transcendence, etc. Obviously, this has a lot to do with Tan-tric and Taoist ideas, which state that the male should at all costs avoid the explosive orgasm (i.e., ejaculation) during sacred sexual intercourse because, ac

Chapter Eight Geburah The Folding of the Robe

High Priestess This path connects Tiphareth to Kether and is the path of transcendence from self-identification to universal-identification. It functions as the impact of our true state into our self-aware state (when operating as awakened consciousness by various practices), and hence the High Priestess shows Tiphareth as a measure of our reflection of Truth, which hence flows into the Lower Sephiroth.

Black Magick And Vampirism In Bon Po

A Yatus Sorcerer who embraces the chaos-aspect of cultural transcendence would simply utilize this method in their current work, focusing the Sri or Si demons to be a link of draining energy from the chosen victim by the way of dreams. The shades are bound to the paper by the sigils and anyone other than the sorcerer touching it would become a source of energy of which the Si may drink from.

Special Dawns Matos Spells And Magic

Aleister Crowley's work with the Enochian magick generally follows the Golden Dawn system. He is known primarily for his explorations of the 30 Aethyrs, published in The Vision and the Voice. This work established the idea that the Aethyrs might represent a means of initiation, and set a standard for methodical exploration that few have equaled. It also fixed Crowley's peculiar perspective on the process of transcendence in the minds of many students of the occult. Under this conception, the Aethyr ZAX, whose Parts have names formed from the Cross of Union, is the highest of the three attributed to Chesed. It is thus the last Aethyr one encounters before moving into the Supernal Triad and achieving transcendence. Crowley envisioned this movement as the crossing of an Abyss or gap, during which the magician encounters an Enochian devil named Choronzon dwelling therein.

Tribute To Carl G Jung

. . . the instruction given in the Bardo Thodol serves to recall to the dead man the experience of his initiation and the teachings of his guru, for the instruction is, at bottom, nothing less than an initiation of the dead into the Bardo life, just as the initiation of the living was a preparation for the Beyond. Such was the case, at least, with all the mystery cults in ancient civilizations from the time of the Egyptian and Eleusinian mysteries. In the initiation of the living, however, this Beyond is not a world beyond death, but a reversal of the mind's intentions and outlook, a psychological Beyond or, in Christian terms, a redemption from the trammels of the world and of sin. Redemption is a separation and deliverance from an earlier condition of darkness and unconsciousness, and leads to a condition of illumination and releasedness, to victory and transcendence over everything given.

Chapter One The Tree of Sapphires

Following from this core idea, the human being is then seen as a fragmented reflection of this Source, to which it can attain by contemplation and transcendence of the less real. As Plotinus and Aristotle both perceived it, this contemplation of its own virtue formed a self-similar image which could then, albeit being imperfect, draw vitality from the real and generate more accurate reflections of that Source.

Second Bardo Preliminary Instructions

O friend, You may experience ego-transcendence, Departure from your old self. But you are not the only one. It comes to all at some time. You are fortunate to have this gratuitously given rebirth experience. Do not cling in fondness and weakness to your old self. Even though you cling to your mind, you have lost the power to keep it. You can gain nothing by struggling in this hallucinatory world. Be not attached. Be not weak. Whatever fear or terror may come to you Forget not these words. Take their meaning into your heart. Go forward. Herein lies the vital secret of recognition.

Communion with Darkness A Ritual of Seething

In the Sabbat Path does your transcendence begin to take place. With thy vessel poured and bathed in the Elixir of Adamu can you offer thy dedication to Her, and by Sabbat Fire and Dream Way shall she entreat thee in the ecstasy of union. Be as Cain, who walks the path alone yet consumed with the Blackened Fire of Self-Divinity

The Dialectic

Reproduction in some way epitomises the 'creation is good' worldview, so does goddess worship and extreme environmentalism. While certainly we should protect the environment from destruction and exploitation, to do so in a way detrimental to our spiritual selves is in the end self defeating and only sustains the Demiurgic system. The same 'dominions' that manipulate the corporations who control the earth, manipulate those who defend it. This is the dialectic of the fallen world, control all options, plays right against left. In the end transcendence and synthesis is the only path. In the Gnostic Rosicrucian tradition the fallen world is known as the Dialectic plane, while the Treasury of Light is the Static. The constant ebb and flow, the thesis and antithesis of the lower world is how the Demiurge sustains control. By revolution and counter-revolution, the right and left are imaged as enemies and yet actually sustain the same 'status quo'.

The Universe

The letter Tau means the Sign of the Cross, that is, of extension and this extension is symbolized as four-fold because of the con venience of constructing the revolving symbol of Tetragrammaton. In the case of the number 2, the only issue is the return to the unity or to the negative. No continuous process can be conveniently sym bolized but the number 4 lends itself, not only to this rigid extension, the hard facts of nature, but also to the transcendence of space and time by a continuously self-compensating change.

Reentry Visions

One can recognize and examine the signs as they appear and learn a great deal about oneself in a very short time. Although it is unwise to struggle against or flee the visions that come in this period, the INSTRUCTIONS FOR RE-ENTRY VISIONS are designed to help the voyager regain First Bardo transcendence. In this way, if the person finds himself about to return to a personality or ego which he finds inappropriate to his new knowledge about himself, he can, by following the instructions, prevent this and make a fresh re-entry.

Use of This Manual

Secondly, this guidebook may be used to avoid paranoid traps or to regain the First Bardo transcendence if it has been lost. If the experience starts with light, peace, mystic unity, understanding, and if it continues along this path, then there is no need to remember this manual of have this manual re-read to you. Like a road map, we consult it only when lost, or when we wish to change course. Usually, however, the ego clings to its old games. There may be momentary discomfort or confusion. If this happens, the others present should not be sympathetic or show alarm. They should be prepared to stay calm and restrain their helping games. In particular, the doctor role should be avoided. Passages suitable for reading during the session are given in Part IV below. Each major descriptive section of the Tibetan Book has an appropriate instruction text. One may want to pre-record selected passages and simply flick on the recorder when desired. The aim of these instruction texts is always to...

Ens Espirituale

A laboratory of Alchemy of high transcendence exists within the temple of Alden, where the great Masters of Medicine dwell, such as, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Galenus, Hermes and others. This temple is in the Astral plane, within the living innermost parts of great Nature.

Planning a Session

(4) For transcendence, liberation from ego and space-time limits attainment of mystical union. The mode of communication with the other participants should also be agreed on beforehand. You may agree on certain signals, silently indicating companionship. You may arrange for physical contact - clasping hands, embracing. These means of communication should be pre-arranged to avoid game-misinterpretations that may develop during the heightened sensitivity of ego-transcendence.

Dianism Elaborated

(2) Whatever success results in attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Soul Daemon automatically brings other magickal powers that serve directly or indirectly to attaining self-transcendence. The Climax The big joke is that when the magician practices often and in aspiration to self-transcendence, then it is not necessary to invoke magickal powers. All magickal powers that are consonant with one's unique nature in relation to the Guardian Angel are automatically given those powers that are of most value for the attainment of the Great Work. After one successful trance operation, one man was able to arrive at the state of subjective reality of the magickal imagination in one-half the time that he had previously needed. He thereby soon attained to the sphere of Tiphareth, which in the language of the citadels of Western Sex Magick, implies that he had accomplished the brilliant realization of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Guardian Angel. This prepared him for the next...

Nongame Ecstasy

These physical reactions should be recognized as signs heralding transcendence. Avoid treating them as symptoms of illness, accept them, merge with them, enjoy them. It may be helpful to describe in more detail some of the phenomena which often accompany the moment of ego-loss. One of these might be called wave energy flow. The individual becomes aware that he is part of and surrounded by a charged field of energy, which seems almost electrical. In order to maintain the ego-loss state as long as possible, the prepared person will relax and allow the forces to flow through him. There are two dangers to avoid the attempt to control or to rationalize this energy flow. Either of these reactions is indicative of ego-activity and the First Bardo transcendence is lost. While on this secondary level, an interesting dialogue occurs between pure transcendence and the awareness that this ecstatic vision is happening to oneself. The first radiance knows no self, no concepts. The secondary...


It is to those who will be inspired to follow out the practices that I fondly address this work. It is sufficient that they aspire to self-transcendence. They need no seven year itch of the intellect to stimulate the mind, to discover why and how Sex Magick works. It is the result of sincere and regular practice that counts.

General Introduction

A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness. The scope and content of the experience is limitless, but its characteristic features are the transcendence of verbal concepts, of spacetime dimensions, and of the ego or identity. Such experiences of enlarged consciousness can occur in a variety of ways sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, religious or aesthetic ecstasies, or spontaneously. Most recently they have become available to anyone through the ingestion of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, etc. This is the statement of an ideal, not an actual situation, in 1964. The psychedelic drugs are in the United States classified as experimental drugs. That is, they are not available on a prescription basis, but only to qualified investigators. The Federal Food and Drug Administration has defined qualified investigators to mean psychiatrists working in a mental hospital setting, whose research is sponsored by either...

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