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The Contents Of The Tarot

THE TAROT is a pack of seventy-eight cards. There are four suits, as in modern playing cards, tvhich are derived from it. But the Court cards number four instead of three. In addition, there are twenty-two cards called Trumps , each of which is a symbolic picture with a title itself. At first sight one would suppose this arrangement to be arbitrary, but it is not. It is necessitated, as will appear later, by the structure of the universe, and in particular of the Solar System, as symbolized by the Holy Qabalah. This will be explained in due course.

The Origin Of The Tarot

The origin of this pack of cards is very obscure. Some authorities seek to put it back as far as the ancient Egyptian Mysteries others try to bring it forward as late as the fifteenth or even the sixteenth century. But the Tarot certainly existed, in what may be called the classical form, as early as the fourteenth century for packs of that date are extant, and the form has not varied in any notable respect since that time. In the Middle Ages, these cards were much used for fortune telling, especially by gypsies, so that it was customary to speak of the Tarot of the Bohemians , or Egyptians . When it was found that the gypsies, despite the etymology, were of Asiatic origin, some people tried to find its source in Indian art and literature. There is here no need to enter

The Evidence For The Initiated Tradition Of The Tarot

Although the origins of the Tarot are perfectly obscure, there is a very interesting piece of quite modern history, history well within the memory of living man, which is extremely significant, and will be found, as the thesis develops, to sustain it in a very remarkable wav. In the middle of the nineteenth century, there arose a very great Qabalist and scholar, who still annoys dull people by his habit of diverting himself at their expense by making fools of them posthumously. His name was Alphonse Louis Constant, and he was an Abbe' of the Roman Church. For his nom-de-guerre he translated his name into Hebrew-Eliphas Levi Zahed, and he is very generally known as Eliphas Levi. Eliphas Levi was a philosopher and an artist, besides being a supreme literary stylist and a practical joker of the variety called Pince sans rire and, being an artist and a profound symbolist, he was immensely attracted by the Tarot. While in England, he proposed to Kenneth Mackenzie, a famous occult scholar...

The Symbolism of the Third Tarot Card

The picture on the opposite page is the graphic representation of the Third Tarot Card. Thus not only man (i.e., the microcosm), but also the whole macrocosm is graphically represented by this picture. Furthermore, all keys are drawn in it, the fourfold key being especially dominant, since it is the key to the realization, the materialization of things. Everything that the quabbalah teaches us, i.e., its whole system, all analogies, follows clearly from this picture and its clear symbolism. The meditating quabbalist will therefore deduce all analogies from the Third Tarot Card.

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The Four Aces The Four Twos The Four Threes The Four Fours The Four Fives The Four Sixes The Four Sevens The Four Eights The Four Nines The Four Tens. The Root of the Powers of Fire Ace of Wands Dominion-Two of Wands Virtue-Three of Wands Completion-Four of Wands Strife-Five of Wands Victory-Six of Wands Valour-Seven of Wands Swiftness-Eight of Wands Strength-Nine of Wands Oppression-Ten of Wands. The Root of the Powers of Water-Ace of Cups Love-Two of Cups Abundance-Three of Cups Luxury-Four of Cups Disappointment-Five of Cups Pleasure-Six of Cups Debauch-Seven of Cups Indolence-Eight of Cups Happiness-Nine of Cups Satiety-Ten of Cups. Ace of Swords Peace-Two of Swords Sorrow-Three of Swords Truce-Four of Swords Defeat-Five of Swords Science-Six of Swords Futility-Seven of Swords Interference-Eight of Swords Cruelty-Nine of Swords Ruin-Ten of Swords. Ace of Disks Change -Two of Disks Work-Three of Disks Power-Four of Disks Worry -Five of Disks Success-Six of Disks Failure-Seven of...

Tetragrammaton Four Tarot Suits Four Worlds Four Parts of the Soul

Tarot Suits

Tetragrammaton sheds some new light on the four elements that we talked about earlier. The letters of the Tetragrammaton are representations of the four elemental weapons or suits of the tarot (see figure 8, page 48). Each of the letters ofTetragrammaton also represents a region on the Tree of Life (see figure 9, page 49).

The Root Of The Powers Of Fire Ace Of Wands

These flames are Yods, arranged in the form of the Tree of Life. (For Yod, see Atu IX supra.) Important although these small cards are sympathetic with their Sephirotic origin, they are not identical nor are they Divine Persons. These (and the Court Cards also) are primarily sub-Elements, parts of the Blind Forces under the Demiourgos, Tetragrammaton. Their rulers are the Intelligences, in the Yetziratic world, who go to form the Schemhamphorasch. Nor is even this Name, Lord of the Universe though it be, truly Divine, as are the Lords of the Atu in the Element of Spirit. Each Atu possesses its own private, personal and particular Universe, with Demiourgos (and all the rest) complete, just as every man and every woman does.

The Queen Of The Thrones Of Air Queen of Swords

A GRACEFUL woman with wavy, curling hair, like a Queen seated upon a Throne and crowned. Beneath the Throne are grey cumulus clouds. Her general attire is as that of the Queen of Wands, but she wears as a crest a winged child's head. A drawn sword in one hand, and in the other a large, bearded, newly severed head of a man.

The Queen Of The Thrones Of Earth Queen of Pentacles

A WOMAN of beautiful face with dark hair seated upon a throne, beneath which is dark sandy earth. One side of her face is light, the other dark and her symbolism is best represented in profile. Her attire is similar to that of the Queen of Wands but she bears a winged goat's head as a crest. A goat is by her side. In one hand she bears a sceptre surmounted by a cube, and in the other an orb of gold.

The Lord Of Prudence Eight of Pentacles

A WHITE Radiating Angelic Hand, issuing from a cloud, and grasping a branch of a rose tree, with four white roses thereon, which touch only the four lowermost Pentacles. No rosebuds even, but only leaves, touch the four uppermost disks. All the Pentacles are similar to that of the Ace, but without the Maltese cross and wings. They are arranged like the geomantic figure Populus. Above and below them are the symbols Sun and Virgo for the Decan.

The Behaviour Of The Tarot

It being now established, at the conclusion of the Essay, that the cards of the Tarot are living individuals, it is proper to consider the relations which obtain between them and the student. The position of the student of the Tarot is very similar. In this essay, and in these designs, is given an analysis of the general character of each card but he cannot reach any true appreciation of them without observing their behaviour over a long period he can only come to an understanding of the Tarot through experience. It will not be sufficient for him to intensify his studies of the cards as objective things he must use them he must live with them. They, too, must live with him. A card is not isolated from its fellows. The reactions of the cards, their interplay with each other, must be built into the very life of the student. The traditional technical method of divination by the Tarot here follows It is taken from The Equinox, Vol I, No.8, and its publication is authorized by Frater O. M....

The Lord Of Harmonious Change Two of Disks or Pentacles

TWO wheels, disks or pentacles, similar to that of the Ace. They are united by a green-and-gold serpent, bound about them like a figure of 8. It holds its tail in its mouth. A White Radiant Angelic Hand holds the centre of the whole. No roses enter into this card. Above and below are the symbols of Jupiter and Capricorn. It is a revolving symbol.

Diagram 2 The General Attribution Of The Tarot

Provided that Diagram I has been mastered as it should have been, this fuure will present no difficulty. The ten numbers evidently refer to the small cards of the pack, the Aces to the number I, the Deuces to the number 2 and so on. The Court cards are referred to the numbers 2, 3, 6 and 10 in their capacity as representative of the idea of Father, Mother, Son, Daughter. The twenty- two Trumps refer to the twenty-two Paths.

The Lord Of Ruin Ten of Swords

Almost a worse symbol than the Nine of Swords. Undisciplined, warring force, complete disruption and failure. Ruin of all plans and projects. Disdain, insolence and impertinence, yet mirth andjollity therewith. A marplot, loving to overthrow the happiness of others a repeater of things given to much unprofitable speech, and of many words. Yet clever, eloquent, etc., according to dignity.

These books were either referred to during the creation of the original rituals particularly for the Egyptian Mythology

The Ritual Magic Workbook. Aquarian, 1986. 0-85030-467-9. Cavendish, Richard. The Tarot. Chancellor Press, 1986. 1-85152-021-X. Conway, David. Magic, An Occult Primer. Mayflower, 1976. 583-12179-9. Crowley, Aleister. Magick. RKP, 1973. 0-7100-7423-9

The Tarot Contemplation Ritual

Remove the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Take from the 22 cards (which should be numbered from 0 to 21) the cards numbered 6,7,10,13,15, and 18. These will not be used at this time, so put them with the remainder of the deck. Keep the remaining cards of the Major Arcana with you while you perform the relaxation ritual. STEP TWO. Immediately after completing the relaxation ritual, take the 16 cards which remain from the Major Arcana and mix them up (shuffle them) in any manner you desire until you feel it is time to stop. STEP FOUR. Take three deep breaths and the Tarot contemplation ritual is complete. 14 Modern Magick TAROT DIVINATORY MEANINGS THE MAJOR ARCANA

The Tarot And The Tree Of Life

The Tarot, while based on these theoretical attributions, was designed as a practical instrument for Qabalistic calculations and for divination. In it is little place for abstract ideas. The subject of the book-the Tarot is called The Book of Thoth or Tahuti-is the influence of the Ten Numbers and the Twenty-two Letters on man, and his best methods of manipulating their forces. There is there fore no mention of the Three Veils of the Negative, which was dis cussed in the description of the Tree of Life. The description begins with the small cards , numbered I to 10. These are divided into four suits according to the four elements. Thus the Ace of Wands is called the Root of the Forces of Fire. It pertains to Kether, and purports to represent the first positive manifestation of the idea of Fire. This card is attributed to the first Decan of the fiery sign Aries, which is ruled by Mars this, then, gives the idea of a violent and aggressive force. The card is therefore called the Lord of...

Exploring Archetypes Tarot Trumps

This is a general tool that can be adapted to many needs. You can u specific tarot cards that you are interested in exploring, rather than let cing fate choose for you. You can choose to explore the Major Arcan or trumps, in order, from 0-22 or from 22-0. You will need to wo with all of these archetypes eventually, but you may approach it fro whichever direction you prefer initially. The purpose of this tool is to get in touch with che universal arch typai energies depicted in the trumps of the tarot deck. These card make up a fairly complete set of archetypes for your use. Bv beginnin to understand the components of these archetypes and their expect. tions of you, you will gain access to much greater understanding of you own unconscious needs and desires. When you are asking these arch types what they need from you, be sure that you really listen to the answers you receive and think about what those answers mean. I h have ihe power to transform your life instantly if you listen. You...

The Tarot And The Elements

These two interpretations must be kept in mind simultaneously. The Qabalists, devising the Tarot, then proceeded to make pictures of these extremely abstract ideas of Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, and they called them King, Queen, Prince and Princess. It is confusing, but they were also called Knight, Queen, King and The reason for this confusion is connected with the doctrine of the Fool of the Tarot, the legendary Wanderer, who wins the King's daughter, a legend which is connected with the old and exceedingly wise plan of choosing the successor to a king by his ability to win the princess from all competitors. (Frazer's Golden Bough is the authority on this subject.) Difficult as this is, at least one very desirable result has been attained to explain why the Tarot has four Court cards, not three. It also explains why there are four suits. The four suits are named as follows Wands , attributed to Fire Cups , to Water Swords , to Air and Disks ( Coins , or Pantacles ), to Earth....

The Tarot And The Formula Of Tetragrammaton

What, then, are the Court Cards This question involves another aspect of the system of development. What was the first mental process Obliged to describe Nothing, the only way to do so without destroying its integrity was to represent it as the union of a Plus Something with an equivalent Minus Something. One may call these two

The Tarot And The Holy Qabalah

This picture represents the Tree of Life, which is a map of the Universe. One must begin, as a mathematician would, with the idea of Zero, Absolute Zero, which turns out on examination to mean any quantity that one may choose, but not, as the layman In other words, to describe Reality in the form of Knowledge, one must postulate these ten successive idea s. In the Qabalah, they are called Sephiroth , which means Numbers . As will be seen later, each number has a significance of its own each corresponds with all phenomena in such a way that their arrangement in the Tree of Life, as shown in the diagrams (pp.266, 268, 270), is a map of the Universe. These ten numbers are represented in the Tarot by the forty small cards.

The Cards Of The Tarot As Living Beings

Cocaine is a different story. The adepts of the Tarot would say, quite simply, We are alive and the plant is alive, so we can make friends. If you kill the plant first, you are asking for trouble. All this is here written in defence of the system of the makers and users of the Tarot, of their methods of dealing with Nature, of making -experiments without undue attention to the wish to get things done quickly. They would expose a mixture to the rays of the sun or moon for weeks or months, thinking that everything would be spoilt if they boiled it up violently. The processes of Nature (they would say) are slow and temperate let us copy them There may have been good grounds for these views. Experience leads to that conclusion. This is by way of Introduction to a thesis most necessary to the understanding of the Tarot. Each card is, in a sense, a living being

The Lord Of Success Unfulfilled Seven of Pentacles

A WHITE Radiating Angelic Hand issuing from a cloud, and holding a white rose branch. Seven Pentacles arranged like the geomantic figure Rubeus. There are only five buds, which overhang, but do not touch the five uppermost Pentacles. Above and below are the Decan symbols, Saturn and Taurus Liber LXXVIII - A description of the cards of the Tarot

The Theory Of The Correspondences Of The Tarot

1It is supposed by some scholars that the R.O.T.A. (Rota, a wheel) consulted in the Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum--see the Manifesto Fama Fraternitatis of the Brothers of the Rosy Cross--was the Tarot. his theory was put to the test, it was confirmed. The only theory of ultimate interest about the Tarot is that it is an admirable symbolic picture of the Universe, based on the data of the Holy Qabalah. It will be proper, later in this essay, to describe the Holy Qabalah somewhat fully, and to discuss relevant details. The part of it which is here relevant is called Gematria, a science in which the numerical value of a Hebrew word, each letter being also a number, links that word with others of the same value, or a multiple thereof. For example, AChD unity (1 +8 +4) 13 and AHBH love (1+5+2+5) 13. This fact is held to indicate The nature of Unity is Love . Then IHVH Jehovah (10 +5+6+5) 26 2 X 13. Therefore Jehovah is Unity manifested in Duality. And so forth. One important interpretation...

The Tarot And Ceremonial Magick

The Tarot is, thus, intimately bound up with the purely magical Arts of Invocation and Evocation. By Invocation is meant the aspiration to the highest, the purest form of the part of oneself that one wishes to put into action. Evocation is much more objective. It does not imply perfect sympathy. One's attitude to the Being evoked may even be, at least superficially, hostile. Then, of course, the further advanced one is in initiation, the less the idea of hostility enters one's mind. Tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner. Thus, in order to understand any given card, one must identify oneself with it completely for the moment and one way of doing this is to induce or compel the Intelligence ruling the card to manifest to the senses. For, as explained above, the ancient theory of the Universe included the thesis that every object in Nature possessed a spiritual guardian. Roughly speaking, this did not apply so much to manufactured objects, though there are exceptions to this, as in the...

The Tree Of Life

This figure must be studied very carefully, for it is the basis of the whole system on which the Tarot is based. It is quite impossible to give a complete explanation of this figure, because (for one thing) it is quite universal. Therefore it cannot mean the same to any one person as to any other. A's universe is not B's universe. If A and B are sitting opposite each other at table, A sees the right side of the lobster, and B the left. If they stand side by side and look at a star, the angle is different although this difference is infinitesimal, it exists. But the Tarot is the same for all in the same way in which any scientific fact or formula is the same for all. It is most important to remember that the facts of science, though universally true in the abstract, are still not precisely true for any one observer, because even if the observation of any common object is made by two people This fact is to be emphasised, because one must not take the Tree of Life as a dead fixed...

Knight Of Wands

The Knight of Wands represents the fiery part of Fire he rules from the 21St degree of Scorpio to the 20th degree of Sagittarius. He is a warrior in complete armour. On his helmet for a crest he wears a black horse. In his hand he bears a flaming torch a flame also in his mantle and upon the flames does he ride. His steed is a black horse leaping.

Queen Of Wands

The Queen of Wands represents the watery part of Fire, its fluidity and colour. Also, she rules in the Zodiac from the 21st degree of Pisces to the 20th degree of Aries. Her crown is topped with the winged globe and rayed with flame. Her long red golden hair flows down upon her armour of scaled mail. She is seated upon a throne of flame, ordered into geometrical light by her material power. Beneath the throne the surging flames are steady. She bears a wand in her left hand but it is topped with a cone suggestive of the mysteries of Bacchus. She is attended by a couchant leopard upon whose head she lays her hand. Her face expresses the ecstasy of one whose mind is well in-drawn to the mystery borne beneath her bosom.

Knight Of Cups

The Knight of Cups represents the fiery part of Water, the swift passionate attack of rain and springs more intimately, Water's power of solution. He rules the Heavens from the 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces. He is clothed in black armour furnished with bright wings which, together with the leaping attitude of his white charger, indicates that he represents the most active aspect of Water. In his right hand he bears a cup from which issues a crab, the cardinal sign of Water, for aggressiveness. His totem is the peacock, for one of the stigmata of water in its most active form is brilliance. There is here also some reference to the phenomena of fluorescence. In the Yi King, the fiery part of Water is represented by the 54th Hexagram, Kwei Mei. The commentary is singularly obscure, and somewhat sinister. It deals with the difficulties of rightly mating such opposites as fire and water (compare the Queen of Wands but in that case Water is the calming and modulating...

Queen Of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents the watery part of Water, its power of reception and reflection. In the Zodiac it rules from the 21St degree of Gemini to the 20th degree of Cancer Her image is of extreme purity and beauty, with infinite subtlety to see the Truth of her is hardly possible, for she reflects the nature of the observer in great perfection.

Queen Of Swords

The Queen of Swords represents the watery part of Air, the elasticity of that element, and its power of transmission. She rules from the 21St degree of Virgo to the 20th degree of Libra. She is enthroned upon the clouds. The upper part of her body is naked, but she wears a gleaming belt and a sarong. Her helmet is

Strife Five Of Wands

There is also a pair of wands of the Third, or Minor, Adept, which are daughters, so to speak, of the wands in the Three of Wands. In this card there is the mitigating influence of the Mother. One of the most difficult doctrines with regard to Geburah is that, while it represents all this tameless irrational energy and disturbance, yet it derives from the benign and gentle influence of

Ace Of Cups

This card represents the element of Water in its most secret and original form. It is the feminine complement of the Ace of Wands, and is derived from the Yoni and the Moon exactly as that is from the Lingam and the Sun. The third in the Hierarchy. This accord ingly represents the essential form of the Holy Grail. Upon the dark sea of Binah, the Great Mother, are Lotuses, two in one, which fill the cup with the Life-fluid, symbolically represented either as Water, as Blood, or as Wine, according to the selected purpose of the symbolism. This being a primordial card, the liquid is shown as water it can be transformed into Wine or Blood as may be required.

Ace Of Swords

The Ace of Swords is the primordial Energy of Air, the Essence of the Vau of Tetragrammaton, the integration of the Ruach. Air is the result of the conjunction of Fire and Water thus it lacks the purity of its superiors in the male hierarchy, Fire, Sol and the Phallus. But for this same reason it is the first card directly to be apprehended by the normal consciousness of Mankind. The errors of such cards as the 7 and 10 of Cups are yet of an Order altogether higher than the apparently much milder 4 of Swords. The study of the subtle and gradual degradation of the planes is excessively difficult.

King of Cups

A WINGED Kingly Figure with winged crown seated in a chariot drawn by an eagle. On the wheel is the symbol of a scorpion. The eagle is borne as a crest on his crown, cuirass and buskins. General attire like King of Wands. Beneath his chariot is the calm and stagnant water of a lake. His armour resembles feathers more than scales. He holds in one hand a lotus, and in the other a cup, charged with the sigil of his scale. A serpent issues from the cup, and has its head tending down to the waters of the lake. He is subtle, violent, crafty and artistic a fierce nature with calm exterior. Powerful for good or evil but more attracted by the evil if allied with apparent Power or Wisdom.

Knight of Swords

A WINGED Warrior with crowned Winged Helmet, mounted upon a brown steed. His general equipment is as that of the Knight of Wands, but he wears as a crest a winged six-pointed star, similar to those represented on the heads of Castor and Pollux the Dioscuri, the twins Gemini (a part of which constellation is included in his rule). He holds a drawn sword with the sigil of his scale upon its pommel. Beneath his horse's feet are dark-driving stratus clouds.

King of Swords

A WINGED King with Winged Crown, seated in a chariot drawn by Arch Fays, represented as winged youths very slightly dressed, with butterfly wings heads encircled by a fillet with a pentagram thereon and holding wands surmounted by pentagrams, the same butterfly wings on their feet and fillets. General equipment as the King of Wands but he bears as a crest a winged angelic head with a pentagram on the brows. Beneath the chariot are grey nimbus clouds. His hair long and waving in serpentine whirls, and whorl figures compose the scales of his armour. A drawn sword in one hand a sickle in the other. With the sword he rules, with the sickle he slays. Full of ideas and thoughts and designs, distrustful, suspicious, firm in friendship and enmity careful, observant, slow, over-cautious, symbolizes GR Alpha and GR Omega he slays as fast as he creates.

Knave of Pentacles

A STRONG and beautiful Amazon figure with rich brown hair, standing on grass or flowers. A grove of trees near her. Her form suggests Hebe, Ceres, and Proserpine. She bears a winged ram's head as a crest and wears a mantle of sheepskin. In one hand she carries a sceptre with a circular disk in the other a Pentacle similar to that of the Ace of Pentacles. Princess and Empress of the Gnomes. Throne of the Ace of Pentacles. HEREIN ARE RESUMED THE ESPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FOUR COURT CARDS OF THE SUITS The planets govern respectively Decans with the following Titles --Saturn 1. Leo Strife 5 of Wands. 2. Libra Sorrow 3 Swords. 3. Sagittarius Oppression 10 Wands. 4. Pisces Abundant Success 8 Cups. 5. Taurus Success Unfulfilled 7 Pentacles. Or in Taurus Leo Libra Sagittarius Pisces two wands 1 each of the other suits. Jupiter 1. Leo Victory 6 of Wands. 2. Libra Rest from Strife 4 Swords. 3. Capricorn Harmonious Change 2 Pentacles. 4. Pisces Material Happiness 9 Cups. 5. Gemini...

Ten of Pentacles

AN Angelic Hand, holding by the lower extremity a branch whose roses touch all the Pentacles. No buds, however, are shewn. The symbols of Mercury and Virgo are above and below. The Pentacles are thus arranged * * * * * * * * * *. Completion of material gain and fortune but nothing beyond as it were, at the very pinnacle of success. Old age, slothfulness great wealth, yet sometimes loss in part heaviness dullness of mind, yet clever and prosperous in money transactions.

The Tarot And Magick

The science of the Tarot is entirely based upon this older system. The calculatious involved are very precise but they never lose sight These considerations apply to the cards taken from the Tarot. What is the meaning of the Five of Wands This card is subject to the Lord of Fire, because it is a Wand, and to the Sephira Geburah because it is a Five. It is also subject to the sign Leo, and to the planet Saturn, because this planet and sign determine the nature of the card. This is no more than saying that a Dry Martini has got some juniper in it, and some alcohol, and some white wine and herbs, and a bit of lemon peel, and some ice. It is a harmonious composition of various elements once mixed, it forms a single compound from which it would be very difficult to separate the ingredients yet each element is necessary to the composition. The Five of Wands is therefore a personality the nature of this is summed up in the Tarot by calling it Strife . This means that, if used passively in...

Tarot Cards

Imperial Age western occultists embrace the Tarot as one of the foundations of magickal study and practice. The average deck in use at the time consists of 78 cards, with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is broken down into four suits (wands, cups, swords, and coins or pentacles) of ten cards each ranging from Ace to Ten and an addition four court cards (page, knight, queen, and king) for each suit. Each card is highly symbolic, containing practitioners from mythology and folklore as well as Hebrew letters and Astrological signs. These decks come in great variety, with many occultists making their own decks. Creating a tarot deck is a long and labour-intensive process. A Knowledge (arcane lore) check (DC 15) can be used to prepare to make one suit of the Minor Arcana, followed by a DC 20 Craft (visual arts) check to make the suit. Each Major Arcana, however, requires its own DC 20 Knowledge (arcane lore) check and a DC 20 Craft (visual arts) check. Practitioners...

Qabaia and Tarot

Many have called the Qabala the yoga of the West. Qabala is the ancient mystical tradition of Israel. Alongside the Jewish tradition there developed an Hermetic Qabala that combined the rich Hermetic symbology with the Hebrew philosophy and the all-important glyph of the Qabala, the Tree of l.ife. Over the past few centuries, tarot cards have become a visible and pictorial portrait of many of the most important I lermetic and Qabalistic concepts.8 It is with the tarot-related aspect of the Qabala. with its rich archetypal imagery and spiritual truth, that the New Hermetics is most concerned. In the tarot, the numbered cards of the Minor Arcana represent the ten sephiroth or divine emanations. The four suits represent the four Qabalistic worlds and the four elements. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet or paths are represented by the twenty-two Major Arcana, or trump cards. The court cards King, Queen, Prince, and For the New Hermetics, the Qabala is the paradigm on which the...

Enochian Tarot

Then there are the Elemental Tablets of Sir Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee. From these you can extract a square to perform almost any conceivable operation, if you understand the virtue of the various symbols which they manifest. They are actually an expansion of the Tarot. The thirty Aethyrs and the Qabalistic Tree of Life are both maps of the same subtle regions. Although they vary in details, they constitute a structuring of the subtle planes and subplanes that exist between spirit and matter. Because the Tree of Life and the Aethyrs have such striking correspondences, it is not surprising that the Aethyrs can also be used in a divinatory role. Enochian Tarot is therefore a valid and viable divinatory technique and can be used in the same way as the standard Tarot. The thirty Aethyrs can be used to make a deck of thirty cards, one for each Aethyr an Enochian Tarot. As a deck of cards, it is similar to the major arcana of the standard Tarot and can be used for either divination or...

The Tarot

The system of the Tarot is a set of archetypal representations of fields of life experience. It has a link with the zodiac and its energies. Each card represents a specific energy of a higher order. It would go too far to give you here an introduction in the tarot and into astrology. I recommend that you purchase the appropriate books and learn these systems. Practice 32 Tune into the energies of Tarot cards using a Welz Generator or projecting life energy into the cards. Practice 34 Do the same with cards of the Tarot. In each case it will be useful if you keep record of the radionic rates (the settings) so that you can use them in the future.

Invocation And Mnemonics 218220 Appendix A 249260

The Behaviour of the Tarot The Significator First Operation Second Operation-Development of the Question Third Operation-Further Development of the Question Fourth Operation--Penultimate Aspects of the Question Fifth Operation-Final Result. General Characters of the Trumps as they appear in Use. Correspondences The Key Scale The General Attributions of the Tarot The Chinese Cosmos The Caduceus The Numbers of the Planets The Elements and their Symbols The Sphinx Tables of Correspond ence The Four Scales of Colour Attributions of the Court Cards Attributions of the Small Cards The Essential Dignities of the Planets The Triple Trinity of the Planets The Triplicities of the Zodiac The Vital Triads. pages 265-287

Chapter Four Kether The Crown of Coherent Light

LK, a word meaning to you and hence can be seen as the mystical return up the Tree of Life from Malkuth to Kether as the you is the Self, or God one is moving towards. Malkuth on the Tree. The symbolism of the Hand is varied, but in this context can be seen as representing the transmission of divine grace between Kether and Malkuth. Also see notes later referring to Kaph and the Wheel Tarot card as attributed to Kether. Figure 3 illustrates the attribution of the letters to the Trinity, and a further breakdown is utilised by spelling the letters again in full. The Tarot cards to which these letters are assigned offer valuable descriptions of the nature of this creative Trinity of Forces. Kaph, as previously described, is the hand of God transmitting the vital spark to Man, and the hand of Man receiving the divine influx (as painted on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel by Michelangelo, for example). Its Tarot glyph is that of the Wheel, which is the prime symbol of Synchronicity,...

The Formula Of Tetragrammaton

It is explained in this essay (see 16, 34, et al.) that the whole of the Tarot is based upon the Tree of Life, and that the Tree of Life is always cognate with Tetragrammaton. One may sum up the whole doctrine very briefly as follows It is necessary, in order to understand the Tarot, to go back in history to the This point about the crocodile is very important, because many of the traditional forms of The Fool of the Tarot show the crocodile definitely. In the commonplace interpretation of the card, the Scholiasts say that the picture is that of a gay, careless youth, with a sack full of follies and illusions, dancing along the edge of a pre cipice, unaware that the tiger and crocodile shown in the card are about to attack him. It is the view of the Little Bethel. But, to initiates, this crocodile helps to determine the spiritual meaning of the card as the return to the original Qabalistic zero it is the He' final process in the magical formula of Tetragrammaton. By a flick of the...

Chapter Six Binah The Angel of the Tides

Binah interacts with Chockmah through the fourteenth path, to which is attributed the Tarot card of the Empress. The number of the card is 3, which is also the number of Binah, and the first of the numbers to enclose a space The Tarot cards to which the letters of Binah are attributed are the Magician, Hermit, Death and the Emperor. These show the action of the process of Binah thus

Chapter Eight Geburah The Folding of the Robe

Geburah is connected with the punishment of God, rigour, severity, and justice. An alternative title of this Sephirah is Pachad, meaning fear . Its most negative aspect is said to be blind fanaticism, which is often the result of a fear of that which is considered different to one's own beliefs. When the seven sins are allocated to the Tree, the sin of Geburah is said to be that of anger. It is also connected, in a more positive sense, with discipline and energy. Obviously, these aspects are counterbalanced by those of Chesed, loving kindness or mercy , on the opposite side of the Tree, across the path marked by the Strength card of the Tarot. Indeed, that card can be taken to depict the harmonised relationship between Geburah, symbolised by the Red Lion, and Chesed, symbolised by the Peaceful Lady, whose own demeanour in sufficient to placate the beast. It should be noted that Geburah is passive to Chesed, and that as Dion Fortune states, many of the social and psychological problems...

Chapter Twelve Yesod The Hall of Mirrors

The connection of Peh, the mouth , to Yesod is interesting in that upon Jacob's Ladder, Yesod of one Tree overlaps the Da'ath of the next, and thus the Yesod of Yetzirah, the ego , overlaps the Da'ath of Assiah, the throat , from which we communicate our persona through our words. Hence our mouth is the gate to our ego in the way that our eyes are said to be the gates to our soul. The letters of Yesod (YSVD) relate to the Tarot cards of the Hermit, Temperance, the Lovers and the Empress. These cards express some of the key features of this Sephirah Temperance The Tarot key attributed to the path leading from Yesod to Tiphareth in the initiatory progression up the Tree. As Sallie Nichols describes, The action of the Angel Temperance

Chapter Ten Netzach The Rose in the Lamplight

Further, the Rose (taken as a symbol of Tiphareth) and the Lamp (a symbol of Kether and the Ain Soph Aur) are both attributed to Netzach, which may reflect its sevenfold nature of completion. The seven-petalled rose alludes to the sevenfold pattern, and was used by Bosch as emblem DCCXXIII of the Ars Symbolica, and by Fludd in the Summum Bonum. It is to this Rose of Completion that the Golden Dawn aim in their Elemental Initiations, as a preshadowing of the Rose Cross of Tiphareth and the Rose of Light in Kether. Charles Harness uses this symbology in his magnificent short story, The Rose , where the next stage of human progression is embedded in the ballet of the Nightingale and the Rose . In the original story of Oscar Wilde's from which this fictional ballet is based, the Nightingale sacrifices itself on a white rose in order to make it red. This could be read as the sacrifice of Netzach, where sensual passion is tranfused into mystical passion through the path of Death, the Tarot...

Chapter Thirteen Malkuth The Kingdom of the Shells

Malkuth, in Hebrew MLKVTh (Mem, Lamed, Kaph, Vau, Tau), translates as Kingdom and reign , and is the name of the tenth Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. An examination of the letters that compose this word may shed light upon the nature of the kingdom itself. This can be done in three ways first, numerically second, by analysis of the translation of the letters and third, by an examination of the Tarot cards to which those letters are attributed in the Golden Dawn system. The numerical analysis reveals the following insights MLKVTh 40+30+20+6+400 496 One common method of numerology totals the integers repeatedly until a single digit is acquired. In the case of Malkuth, this results in 4+3+2+6+4 19 1+9 10, the number of Malkuth on the Tree. Also, this further reduces to 1+0 1, the number of Kether, thus reminding us that Malkuth is in Kether, and Kether is in Malkuth, but after a different manner.

Chapter Fifteen Gematria

10 Value of Yod DAH (To fly, soar) BDD (To be secluded) AT (Soothsayer) ADH (To steam, rise skyward) Grade Password of Chesed 1+2+3+4 Number of Malkuth Number of Wheel Tarot card 11 ChG (To make a circle) (Festival, feast) GCh (To break through) ChBA (To hide oneself) Crowley's number of Magick, energy tending to change Number of Justice tarot card 12 GDH (Goddess of Fortune) AVH (Desire, longing) VV (The letter Vau, meaning pin, hook, fastening) HVA (He himself) Number of Hanged Man tarot card 13 BHV (Emptiness, chaos) ABDH (Destruction, abyss) DVG (Fisher) VHB (Pool) AChD (One, unity) AHBH (Love) 9+3+1 111 base 3 Number of Death Tarot card

Chapter Five Chockmah The Quarry of Devotion

Chockmah, meaning wisdom , is the second Sephirah in the lightning flash descent of the Tree of Life, and takes its place at the top of the positive pillar. It is negative only in respect of Kether, from whom it receives its influence (Mezla), and positive in respect of Binah ( Understanding ), the third Sephirah. It connects to Kether, Binah, Tiphareth and Chesed, and the linking paths have the following Tarot cards attributed to them Fool, Empress, Emperor, and Hierophant. The distributive aspect of Chockmah is in its reception and transmission of the light of Kether. Indeed, Chockmah is that process in itself, and thus recurs at all levels of the Tree. The double letter Kaph also directly mirrors the nature of Chockmah in its attribution of Force , and indicates that the nature of that force is circular (in its attribution to the Wheel Atu of the Tarot). Mem, subtitled Death in this scheme indicates that Chockmah is the first and last Sephiroth that can be known, due to Kether...

Chapter Seven Chesed The Unicorn at the Waystation

Chesed is also called GDVLH, (Gedulah), meaning Greatness or magnificance, and is referred to under this aspect in the line of the Lord's Prayer which states Thou art the Power and the Glory (veh Gedulah, veh Geburah). The section of the Lord's Prayer which states Thou art the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory is related to the Tree of Life as Chesed is the grand driving force of the Universe, and is often received as love, grace or mercy in mystical experience. The experience of rapture (from the Latin, rapere, meaning to 'carry away') is appropriate to Chesed, and is again denoted by the solitary Hermit Tarot card which connects Chesed to the Tiphareth (awareness) of the contemplative. Thus the myths of rape by the Gods, for example Leda and Zeus as a Swan (the bird of Kether) depict the various ways in which our awareness is taken away from us when we truly contact the divine, transcendent level of the Universe. The mystical passion, the height of all human devotion, is also...

Chapter Seventeen The Psyche A Curtain of Souls

For example, the Khu is referred to by Perkins in his Egyptian Life and the Tree of Life , and rendered as intelligence of divinity attributed to Kether. However, Khu is actually the now discredited reading of the word Akh , and is one of the spirit forms released at death, with the root meaning of to be bright (the Akhu are the spirits of the dead). Thus it is not applicable to divinity or Kether in the way Perkins sees it, as it would rather be allocated to Yesod in terms of the Sephiroth or the Nefesh in terms of the divisions of the Soul. Diagram two gives various schemes of allocating the parts of the whole to the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, but I feel that a more suitable system might involve Jacob's Ladder and the four worlds, rather than a single Tree scheme. Other models for the Psyche include Gurdjieffs Octaves scheme, and two other eight-fold systems, being the Psychosynthesis construct of Roberto Assagioli, M.D. and the Circuit Grid model developed by Dr Timothy Leary...

Chapter Two The Sephiroth and the Four Worlds

In addition to this type of description, two other versions describe how each Sephirah exists as a vector (from the Latin, meaning a bearer or carrier ) of the Light. The first details how light is reflected from each Sephirah back to the preceding Sephirah, as well as the light flowing downwards, as an object reflects light back to a torch, for example. The second uses the premise of channels (zinnor) that form between each Sephirah, apart from the emanative process, in that they model reciprocal influence between the Sephiroth, and not the lightning flash itself. This doctrine is obviously more in accord with the standard Occult map of the paths of the Tree of Life. The number four has a symbolic connection to the concepts of space, classification, and the physical world. It is the number of order and relativity. It is the Cube or Altar upon which the Emperor (card IV of the Tarot) is seated, dispensing order and form to the manifest world. The Ain, or naught is embodied in the...

Diagram I The Key Scale

This diagram illustrates the conventional theory of the structure of the Universe adopted as convenient for the purposes of calculation in the Book called The Tarot. The ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola, show the three Veils of the Negative the ten circles refer to the ten numbers of the decimal scale and their general spiritual and moral significance is given on the rims. The necessity and propriety of this system is set forth in the Naples Arrangement, and it is discussed quite fully in the text of the Prefatory Note. The lines joining these circles represent the twenty-two numbers of the Hebrew alphabet with the actual meanings of their names and their numerical value. This also is fully discussed in the text of the Essay. This diagram should be studied so deeply and so constantly that it becomes automatic for the mind to accept it as the basis of all thinking on the subject of The Tarot, exactly as the letters of the alphabet and their arbitrary order is accepted as the basis of...

Diagram 5 The Numbers Of The Planets

This diagram illustrates the Solar system on the Tree of Life. Saturn is in the position of the non-existent Sephira, Daath, but it resumes the character istics of the three Sephiroth above the Abyss. The doctrinal point is that as this does not exist on the Tree in nature it is the problem of the seeker after truth to penetrate the obscurity of Saturn, and to discover therein the Supernal Triad in a form linked to his own mind by its position in the Solar system. It only makes things worse if one wishes that there were no Ten of Swords in the pack, or that the Five of Wands did not follow and upset the Four.

Diagram 7 The Elemental Weapons

This diagram shows the attribution of the four Suits of the pack to the four Elements. The fifth Element of Spirit is represented by a lamp, and this in the Tarot refers to the Twenty-two Trumps. The interplay of the symbols should be noticed, for the whole of the plantary, zodiacal, and elemental symbols are themselves all contained in the rays of the Lamp. Note that this and the following diagrams represent new discoveries by the Master Therion com pletion of the Tradition.

Chapter Nineteen The Rituals of the Sapphire Temple

Yod is the letter attributed to the Hermit Tarot card, and symbolises the guiding principle of light, to which nature aspires, as a seed becomes a plant which turns to the light. These points together form the basis of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, which is now performed. The Hebrew word, Beth Vau Resh, BVR, means 'to be empty, uncultivated', and hence indicates the nature of the Temple after a successful banishing. The Tarot cards which relate to these letters are the Magician, the Hierophant and the Sun, which show that the banishing is

Chapter Sixteen The Twenty Two Paths

The Interaction Region inside the circles of an S-matrix or the Tree of Life is blurred and unspecified as one scientist puts it. The Sepher Yetzirah says this of the Sephiroth The lower Path on the Pillar is that called the Stable Intelligence , and is the cause of consistency in all the numerations . This quality comes from the interaction of Geburah, with its defining nature and Hod, with its aspect of reverberation. The stability referred to is depicted in the Tarot card attributed to this Path, which is that of the Hanged Man, which shows both judgement, in the gallows, and reverberation, in the hanging or pendulum symbol. The lower path, path 32, is seen in its cosmological aspect as governing the operation of the seven planets . The Tarot Card attributed to this path is that of the Universe , and its meaning is synthesis , indeed some cards show the planets as part of the symbology of the card. In terms of the ascending process, the Path connects the world of events around us...

Chapter One The Tree of Sapphires

The Kabbalah and its teachings passed across into the magical philosophy primarily by transition through medieval Christian thinkers who saw in Kabbalah a model and validation for their own tradition. From the late fifteenth century Jewish converts to Christianity brought Kabbalistic views to the attention of other theologians. A Platonic Academy in Florence, founded by Giovanni Mirandola (1463-94) furthered research and discussion of Kabbalah amongst the philosophers of the time. The later publication of the Shaarey Orah, Gates of Light in Latin (1516) brought further interest in the teachings of the Bahir and the fundamental plan of the Tree of Life. Another stream stemming from Rosenroth's work came through Eliphas Levi (1810-75), who became familiar with Cabalistic Martinism through Hoene Wronski (1778-1853), and had read both Boehme and Rosenroth amongst many others. He also became a student of Tarot through the writings of Court de Gebelin (1725-84), who ascribed to the Tarot an...

Theories Of The Ancients

This theory does not enter directly into the Tarot, but it must be mentioned to help to clear up a certain confusion which is about to complicate the question. 6. The ancient scheme of the Elements, Planets and Zodiacal Signs, was summarised by the Qabalists in their Tree of Life. This identity between the two systems was masked, until quite recently , by the fact that the Chinese continued with their doubling-up system, and so turned their eight trigrams into sixty-four hexagrams, while the scholars of Western Asia joined together their ten numbers on the Tree of Life by twenty-two Paths.

Chapter Eleven Hod The Crystal Watercourse

In terms of the Creative Process of the Tree of Life, Hod represents the first formations of the influx of energies from Netzach. Utilising the matrix of Binah, and the discriminatory processes of Geburah, the Sephirah of Hod crystallises these energies into definitions and shapes. The internal model of Yesod then recognises these definitions and presents them to the perceptions, as best it can to its own limits. It is thus important that the Initiate refines both his definitions and his internal model, to reflect the Higher Sephiroth more accordingly, and become a lightning rod or watercourse for the divine energies to run through without obstruction. Hod is spelt in Hebrew HVD, Heh-Vau-Daleth, and totals to 15 by Gematria. This is also the Mystic Number of Geburah, being the summation of 1+2+3+4+5, and points to a close relationship between the two. The letters of Hod are symbolised by the Tarot Atus of the Emperor, the Hierophant, and the Empress. One could see in this the marriage...


II Ace of Swords 146 XI COURT CARDS---Wands Knight Queen Prince Princess 231 XII COURT CARDS---Cups Knight Queen Prince Princess 232 XIII COURT CARDS-Swords Knight Queen Prince Princess 233 XIV COURT CARDs-Disks Knight Queen Prince Princess 234 XV SMALL CARDS-Wands Ace of Wands Dominion Virtue Completion 235 XVII SMALL CARDS-Wands Strength Oppression. Cups Ace of Cups Love 237 XX SMALL CARDS-Swords Ace of Swords Peace Sorrow Truce 240

The Fool

But His nature is by no means that negative and passive silence which the word commonly connotes for He is the All-Wandering Spirit, the Pure and Perfect Knight-Errant, who answers all Enigmas, and opens the closed Portal of the King's Daughter. But Silence in the vulgar sense is not the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx it is that which is created by that answer. For Silence is the Equilibrium of Perfection so that Harpocrates is the omniform, the universal Key to every Mystery soever. The Sphinx is the Puzzel or Pucelle , the Feminine Idea to which there is only one complement, always different in form, and always identical in essence. This is the significa tion of the Picture of the God it is shown more clearly in His adult form as the Fool of the Tarot and as

General Remarks

One may say briefly that any of these cards is a picture of the person whose Sun, or whose rising Sign at his nativity, falls within the Zodiacal attribution of the card. Thus, a person born on 12th October might possess many of the qualities of the Queen of Swords while, if he were born shortly before midnight, he would add many of the character istics of the Prince of Wands.

The Four Aces

On the other hand, Spirit represents Kether. Perhaps it was never in the mind of the Exempt Adept or Adepts who invented the Tarot to go so far into this matter. The point to remember is that, both in their appearance and in their meaning, the Aces are not the elements themselves, but the seeds of those elements.

The Four Twos

The Two of Wands is called the Lord of Dominion, and repre sents the energy of fire fire in its best and highest form. The Two of Cups is the Lord of Love, which performs a similar office for water. The Two of Swords was formerly called the Lord of Peace Restored but this word restored is incorrect, because there has been no disturbance. The Lord of Peace is therefore a better title The Two of Pentacles was of old time called the Lord of Har monious Change. Now, more simply, Change and here the doctrine must be stated a little more clearly. This suit being of Earth, there is a connection with the Princesses, and therefore with the final H of Tetragrammaton. Earth is the throne of Spirit having got to the bottom, one immediately comes out again at the top. Hence, the card manifests the symbolism of the serpent of the endless band.

The Four Threes

The Three of Wands is accordingly the Lord of Virtue. The idea of will and dominion has become interpreted in Character. The Three of Cups is called the Lord of Abundance. The idea of love has come to fruition but this is now sufficiently far down the Tree to introduce a very definite differentiation between the suits, which was not previously possible. The idea of division, of mutabjlity, the idea of the airy quality of things, manifests itself in the Three of Swords, the Lord of Sorrow. Here one is reminded of the darkness of Binah, of the mourning of Isis but this is not any vulgar sorrow dependent upon any individual disappointment or discontent. It is Weltschmerz, the universal sorrow it is the quality of melancholy. The Three of Pentacles, in a similar manner, exhibits the result of the idea of Earth, of the crystallization of forces and so the Three of Pentacles is called the Lord of Work. Something has definitely been done.

The Four Fours

The masculine nature of fire permits the Four of Wands to appear as a very p6sitive and clear-cut conception. The weakness in the element of water threatens its purity it is not quite strong enough to control itself properly so the Lord of Pleasure is a little un stable. Purity has somehow been lost in the process of satisfaction.

The Four Fives

This must not be regarded as something evil . The natural feeling about it is really a little more than the reluctance of people to get up from lunch and go back to the job. In the Buddhist doctrine of Sorrow this idea is implicit, that inertia and insensitiveness must characterize peace. The climate of India is perhaps partly responsible for this notion. The Adepts of the White School, of which the Tarot is the sacred book, cannot agree to such a simplification of existence. Every phenomenon is a sacrament. For all that, a disturbance is a disturbance the five of Wands is called Strife. On the other hand, the Five of Cups is called Disappointment, as is only natural, because Fire delights in superabundant energy, whereas the water of Pleasure is naturally placid, and any disturb ance of ease can only be regarded as misfortune. The Five of Swords is similarly troublesome the card is called Defeat. There has been insufficient power to maintain the armed peace of the Four. The quarrel...

The Four Sixes

The outburst of energy in the Five of Wands, which was so sudden and violent that it even gave the idea of strife, has now completely won success. The rule, or lordship, in the suit of Wands is not quite as stable as it might have been if there had been less energy displayed. So, from this point, as soon as the curient leaves the middle pillar, the inherent weakness in the element of Fire (which is this that, for all its purity, it is not completely balanced) leads to very undesirable develo ments. The Six of Cups is called Pleasure. This pleasure is a kind of pleasure which is completely harmonized. The zodiacal sign governing

The Four Sevens

Energy feels itself at its last gasp it struggles desperately, and may be overcome. This card brings out the defect inherent in the idea of Mars. Patriotism, so to speak, is not enough. The Seven of Cups is called Debauch. This is one of the worst ideas that one can have its mode is poison, its goal madness. It represents the delusion of Delirium Tremens and drug addiction it represents the sinking into the mire of false pleasure. There is something almost suicidal in this card. It is particularly bad because there is nothing whatever to balance it-no strong planet to hold The Seven of Swords is called Futility. This is a yet weaker card than the Seven of Wands. It has a passive sign instead of an active one, a passive planet instead of an active one. It is like a rheumatic boxer trying to come back after being out of the ring for years. Its ruler is the Moon. The little energy that it possesses is no more than dream-work it is quite incapable of...

The Four Eights

The four Eights are attributed to Hod. Being in the same plane as the Sevens on the Tree of Life, but on the other side, the same inherent defects as are found The Eight of Wands is called Swiftness, as one might expect from its attribution to Mercury and Sagittarius. This is an ethereal ization of the idea of fire all gross elements have disappeared.

The Four Nines

The Nine of Wands is called Strength. It is ruled by the Moon and Yesod. In The Vision and the Voice , the eleventh Aethyr gives a classical account of the resolution of this antinomy of Change and Stability. The student should also consult the works of any of the better mathematical physicists. Of all important doctrines concerning equilibrium, this is the easiest to understand, that change is stability that stability is guaranteed by change that if anything

Ten Of Wands

The eight Wands are still crossed, showing the enormous power of the completed energies of Fire but they have lost their patents of nobility. Their ends seem more like claws they lack the authority and intelligence shown in the earlier cards and in front are the two formidable Dorjes of the Two of Wands, but lengthened to bars.

Chapter Three

Light a candle in a darkened room, and stand or sit back from it. Imagine that the Tree of Life is the candle itself, and the flame is Kether. Try to visualise as strongly as possible the darkness of the room contracting itself to create the point of light, turning inside-out your first perception that the light is radiating into the darkness. This simple meditation may assist an experiential awareness of what is essentially the highest knowable aspect of the Tree of Life. 2. You will need a Tarot pack for this exercise. The Rider-Waite deck, or any modern pack based on those designs is a standard choice, or the more adventurous may select the Thoth deck by Crowley, or any of the hundreds of variants available. It is obviously preferable that the pack was designed with the Kabbalah in mind. An Arthurian or Aztec pack might yield some surprising insights, but these will be easier to gain from a more standard design Take the cards which have the letters of AIN attributed to them

Ace Of Disks

The Ace of Disks pictures the entry of that type of Energy which is called Earth. It is here proper to insist a little strongly upon one of the essential theoretical theses which have inflamed the constitution of this present pack of Tarot cards for this feature is significant, and distinguishes it from the numerous crude efforts of uninitiates to put themselves forward as adepts. The grotesque barber Alliette, the obscurely perverse Wirth, the poseur-fumiste P adan, down to the verbose ignorance of such Autolycus-quacks as Raffalovitch and Ouspensky none of these or their kin have done more than play the sedulous ape to the conventional Medlaeval designs. (Their luck was out the Tarot is a razor ) Eliphaz Levi was a master-scholar, and knew the true attributions but his grade in the Great White Brotherhood was only 6o 5o (Adeptus Major) and he had no instructed foresight of the New Aeon. He did indeed hope to find a Messiah in Napoleon III but of the complete spiritual upheaval which...

Part Two Exercises

Make a list of apparent opposites, such as Day and Night, Hot and Cold, Black and White, and so forth. Try in each case to find the merging point between them, and observe that all dualities are in fact points along a sliding scale. Note how the Two of Pentacles in the Tarot demonstrates this fact. 3. Study the works of Jung with reference to synchronicity and archetypes. How are these processes taken into account in terms of the Tree of Life 1. Take a picture, a favourite painting or photograph, or a tarot card, and make a list of as many separate objects, colours and images on it as you can. This illustrates the process of discernment, and definition, which is the process of separation. Think of appropriate 1. Take any science, such as Maths, Economics, Physics, or some other methodology of studying the world around us, such as Sociology or Psychology, and examine its stucture in terms of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. 1. Take five Paths, and in turn look at the Sephiroth they...

List Of Diagrams

The Tree of Life, with the attributionof the Sephiroth and paths. 2. The Tarot on the Tree of Life. 3. The Yi King on the Tree of Life. This diagram illustrates the Tree of Life, the Cosmos as the Wand or creative force of Mercury, that is of the balanced energy which has created the illusion of existence. It will be noted that the shape of the symbol shows the three Mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Shin, Aleph and Mem, in its three sections. The importance of this symbol is mainly that the Tarot is primarily the Book of Thoth or Tahuti, the Egyptian Mercury. For the understanding of this

The Hierophant

This card is consequently one of the most fundamental cards in the Tarot. It is the first card in which more than one figure appears. The Ape of Thoth in Atu I is only a shadow. In its original form, it was the story of Creation. And this blood was the blood of his brother. This is a mystery of the sixth key of the Tarot, which ought not to be called The Lovers, but The Brothers. In the middle of the card stands Cain in his right hand is the Hammer of Thor with which he hath slain his brother, and it is all wet with his blood. And his left hand he holdeth open as a sign of innocence. On his right hand is his mother Eve, around whom the serpent is entwined with his hood spread behind her head and on his left hand is a figure somewhat like the Hindoo Kali, but much more seductive. Yet I know it to be Lilith. And above him is the Great Sigil of the Arrow, downward, but it is struck through the heart of the child. This child also is Abel. And the meaning of this part of the card is...

Seven Of Disks

The number Seven, Netzach, has its customary enfeebling e ect, and this is made worse by the influence of Saturn in Taurus. The disks are arranged in the shape of the geomantic figure Rubeus, the most ugly and menacing of the Sixteen. (See Five of Cups.) The atmosphere of the card is that of Blight. On the background, which represents vegetation and cultivation, everything is spoiled. The four colours of Netzach appear, but they are blotched with angry indigo and reddish orange. The disks themselves are the leaden disks of Saturn. They suggest bad money.

Practice Preconditions

If someone wanted to study the quabbalistic science only by his intellect, he would never be able to get the right idea of the same, so much less would he be able to make practical use of it. The future quabbalist must learn to speak almost like a little child by acquiring, little by little, the quadripolar use of a quabbalistic letter, and later of a quabbalistic word, sentence, a.s.o. To occupy oneself with quabbalah without having undergone a magic training would naturally require a gradual development of the quadripolar ability of spirit and soul necessary for the genuine utterance of the quabbalah. However, this would mean losing a lot of time and exerting oneself extremely, as any reasonable man will admit. Therefore, nobody should start the practice of quabbalistic mysticism unless he has gone through my compendium of the first Tarot card, my Initiation Into Hermetics, practically. Someone who masters the steps described in my first book in practice will soon be pleased about...

The Magical Theory Of The Universe

It is not possible to give a full account ofthe twenty-two paths in this condensed sketch. They should be studied in view of all their attributes in 777, but more especially that in which they are attributed to the planets, elements and signs, as also to the Tarot Trumps, while their position on the Tree itself and their position as links between the particular Sephiroth which they join is the final key to their understanding. It will be noticed that each chapter ofthis book is attributed to one of them. This was not intentional. The book was originally but a collection of haphazard dialogues between Fra. P. and Soror A. but on arranging the MSS, they fell naturally and of necessity into this division. Conversely, my knowledge of the Schema pointed out to me numerous gaps in my original exposition thanks to this, I have been able to make it a complete and systematic treatise. That is, when my laziness had been jogged by the criticisms and suggestions of various colleagues to whom I...

Infinite Diversity Infinite Combination

In other words, create your own system, like Austin Osman Spare did. Creating your own, operationally valid magical systems is good practice, and whether or not you can get someone else to work that system is up to you entirely. On the other hand, new systems of magick are occasionally commercially valid. One book on a system some good ideas, then of course you write a sequel developing the original stuff, and then you might as well go for the accompanying tarot deck, videos, cassettes, lego expansion kits, etc. Coming up with your own, (mostly) original stuff is better (at least from the Chaos viewpoint) than doing other people's rituals and continually following other people's ideas. Doing something innovative (especially if you don't know anyone else who's tried it) is very good for building your confidence. I remember, years ago, doing a ritual and thinking Hey, I drew all the pentagrams wrongly for that one, and like, nothing noticed - There is a great tendency nowadays for...

The Magic Quabbalistic Word Tetragrammaton

The Schem-Ham-Phoras, however, is not only of Hebrew origin it is also mentioned in Egyptian and Indian records. This is verified in the book Toth, the book of old Egyptian wisdom which is veiled in the Tarot. Also Hermes Trismegistos, being one of the oldest sages and best initiated human beings of Old Egypt, clearly shows this in his Hermes-plates and in the Book of Laws. Likewise, the Christian hierarchy had respect for the quabbalistic at the point of its foundation and brought Christian religion with all its representations into analogous connection with the universal laws. Thus number 4, i.e., the Jod-He-Vau-He, is symbolized by the 4 evangelists, the 12 disciples and the signs of the Zodiac, by which number 3 is expressed at the same time, for 3 x 4 12. Furthermore, the 72 disciples of Christ are related to the Schem-Ham-Phoras and have a secret connection to the highest number of primeval divine emanation 9 (7 + 2 9). It would be too comprehensive if I mentioned all the...

Key To Front Cover Symbolism

Below the Astrological symbols are numbered squares which represent the Minor Tarot Cards as an ordinary deck of cards, designated by their suits as shown to the right, with the Major Arcana card symbol, followed by the Elemental Force Symbol. Cards A and 2 are before form and the 10 cards embrace ALL below.

Twentyiwo Letters and Paths

Between the spheres or sephiroth of the Tree of Life are twenty-two paths, corresponding with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the twenty-two tarot trumps. These paths represent the subjective experiences that you undergo as you travel between the sephiroth in Tarot Card Table 7. The twenty-two paths of the Tree of Life. your evolutionary development toward enlightenment. They are also representative of further archetypal energies that make up our unconscious minds. Each path is attributed to a planet, a zodiacal sign, or an element. Table 7 (above) gives the basic scheme, along with a very brief description of its practical significance within the construct of the New Hermctics. The New Hermctics skills are in order from more to less advanced. You may find it valuable to look at the associated tarot cards to get a clearer picture.

Ritual Outline For A Journey To Square A Of Pali In Fire Of Fire

The astrological force working here is Gemini and the Tarot influence is the Lovers. This illustrates the dualistic tug-of-war between. Fire and Air in this region. This square is extremely active being the region wherein complex thoughts are broken up into their essential and more simplified ideas.

Ritual Outline For A Journey To Square L Of Rnil In Fire Of Water

The astrological force working in this square is Leo, the solar creative power. The Tarot influence is Strength Lust which manifests here as a very strong desire to create. The presence of the feminine current of Sothis and the masculine current of Leo will produce a blissful feeling in anyone who sees these currents in union here. The sexual nature of this square is similar in content to that encountered in the 16 th Aethyr, LEA.

Physical clairvoyance

Take a pack of (78) Tarot playing cards. Shuffle cut. Draw one card. Without looking at it, try to name it. Write down the card you name, and the actual card. Repeat, and tabulate results. 2. This experiment is probably easier with an old genuine pack of Tarot cards, preferably a pack used for divination by some one who really understood the matter. Thus it would not be a bad error to call the five of Swords ( The Lord of Defeat ) instead of the ten of Swords ( The Lord of Ruin ). But to call the Lord of Love (2 Cups) for the Lord of Strife (5 Wands) would show that you were getting nothing right.

Relationship to rest of Cycle

Hebrew Letter Path on Tree of Life Zodiacal Sign Egyptian Deity Key Ritual Implements Keywords The ritual we will be performing as the sun moves into the sign of Taurus chiefly focuses on the consecration of the tasks initiated previously at the sign of Aries. Consecration here being the dedicating of oneself to the project(s) one is working on, and this being ritually signified so that it links the mundanian (exoteric) work one is performing with the magical (esoteric) work. As the Egyptian bull-god APIS (in his function as oracle and herald for Ptah, the creator-god) is appropriate to Taurus and the Hierophant Tarot card, we have thought it meaningful to include in this rite an oracle. This will take the form of an I-Ching consultation to be cast by a computer located in the Temple, and will be taken to refer both to the cycle of Zodiacal Rituals we are working together, and our individual or group projects. Please note that one participant will be chosen randomly to carry out a...

The Symbolism of Mount Abiegnus

2 Triple Circumambulation Three circuits of the Temple effect the ascent and descent. Some alchemical documents say seven circuits are required, but this refers to the alchemical process itself, rather than the less intense and more symbolic process of preparation for Ceremonial work. It can be seen as an ascent from Assiah through Yetzirah and Briah to Atziluth, but three is one of the numbers which symbolise the attainment of a definite stage (e.g., the threes in Tarot) or the establishment of a definitive state (e.g., what I say three times is true ).

Monday to Tuesday October 7th and 8th

Note Three grades. (Since making this note, I have had an opportunity of looking at the Equinox for a moment, and discovered that in Vol. 7, Comment. The Tarot Keys of the three Grades add to 31, which I consider a further proof. I may remark that I have been placed where I have no books but the V.S.L. for reference, and am therefore writing all these notes entirely from memory of my experience, which seems to make certain things clearer from day to day, as I apply my attention to different aspects of the work.) Friday, 11th October 1918 E.V. I spent last evening with Therion during our conversation, he said that he thought Nuit and Hadit were best expressed as Matter and Motion. He also said that all things must be considered as Zero or Two, as if One were arrived at there was no getting away from it. I pointed out that there must be some formula combining Zero and One, or the Tree of Life could never have been conceived of and formulated. He admitted this but said that...

Vision of Luck Defaults to Path of Luck5

This divination ritual shows whether good or bad luck awaits the subject in the future. Results are usually vague, and describe what may happen if the subject picks a course of action. Most of these rituals use aids such as Tarot cards, conch shells, animal entrails, etc. On a successful roll, the caster will get an answer to a question pertaining to the consequences of an action. The answer will tend to be simple, preferably limited to one or two words or a short answer. For example, if the question were Should I return to Haiti some possible answers could be No, It's dangerous, Yes, but great danger awaits, and so on.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

To understand the spiritual hierarchy we must first give you some background on one of the major strands within the Gnostic tradition, the Kabbalah. It is said that the Lord of Wisdom first communicated the Kabbalah to Moses and transmitted to him the mysteries of the the Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. However, since Israel rejected these ten words, Moses made a covenant with the Archon Yahweh and he gave them a fallen, physical version in the form of the Ten Commandments. The Kabbalah is a western ideological structure that outlines the nature of the Universe, God and man. It was originally taught in Ancient Sumeria, Canaan and Israel and was passed in oral form down through the ages. The actual term Kabbalah means, ear to lips and refers to the oral tradition of Gnosticism. It was only at a later date that we find written records of the Kabbalistic teachings. The original Kabbalah is a very important part of the Gnostic Arcanum, however, we must take care to distance these...

Realm Of Spiritual And Elemental Comprehension

Nephilim call this group the realm of understanding, or the realm of spiritual and elemental comprehension. Through interaction with these creatures the Nephilim can reach a better level of understanding of the surrounding world and achieve passage to the Pentacles Circle. These creatures are said to be good servants and have high autonomy.

What Is Bloodroot Good For In Voodoo Curses

Devil Shoestring Hoodoo

BENZOIN Purification, prosperity, soothing tension, dispelling anger, diminishing irritability, relieving stress and anxiety, and overcoming depression. Promotes generosity and concentration. Good to burn while using the Tarot or for success in intellectual matters. Smoulder for BIRCH Protection, exorcism and purification. A birch planted close to the home is said to protect against lightning, infertility, and the evil eye. Also called White Birch, Canoe Birch, Paper Birch, Tree of Life, Lady of the Woods.

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The pathology of the poet says that the undevout astronomer is mad the pathology of the very plain man says that the genius is mad and between these extremes, which stand for ten thousand analogous excesses, the sovereign reason takes the part of a moderator and does what it can. I do not think that there is a pathology of the occult dedications, but about their extravagances no one can question, and it is not less difficult than thankless to act as a moderator regarding them.

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