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Michael Topper-real Tantra

Avalon, Arthur, Tantra of the Great Liberation, Dover, 1972. Douglas, Nik, Tantra Yoga, Munshiram Manoharlal, 1971. Mumford, Jonn, Ecstasy Through Tantra, Llewellyn, 1988. Saraswati, Swami Janakananda, Yoga, Tantra and Meditation, Balantine, 1975. Topper, Michael, Real Tantra and the Supreme Secret of Sex-Magick, Self-published, 1984.

The Tantras

What the quabbalah is for the Occident, the tantra-science is for the Orient, especially for India, Tibet, etc. The white man can only understand this science fully, if he entirely assumes the oriental way of thinking and behaving, but this will most seldom be the case. For the initiates of the Orient keep their secrets carefully hidden and are very taciturn people to the white race. If it is now and then possible to meet an initiate, he will usually say nothing about his secrets or he will, at the most, express himself symbolically, or every once in a while give small hints. But it very seldom happens that an Occidental is given an ankhur or even an abhisheka by an initiate of the Orient. However, it was more likely to happen, in the past, that the Yoga science was made accessible to the white man than was any knowledge of the tantras. Especially their practical use is strictly being kept a secret by initiates, since the tantra yoga is the most secret science, the manuscripts of...

Theory of Quabbalistic Mysticism

I have already pointed out several times that the interpretations of Oriental books on yoga, tantra and other spiritual fields is insufficient, and I have emphasized that nearly al writers who translated these works from an Oriental language into a language of the Occident did not consider the fact that the contents of these writings are to be understood symbolically. A true hermetic finds it easy to tell a symbolic language from an intellectual one. He will never translate Oriental writings literally and will always beable to comprehend the true sense of the teachings, especially of the

Infinite Diversity Infinite Combination

Personally, I like to use lots of different systems, and use them as seems appropriate. I tend to flip between D.I.Y, Qabalah, Tantra, Cthulhu Mythos, Shamanism, and anything else that I feel to be appropriate at any particular time. It is worth going into a system in some depth, so that you become more or less competant (and confident) with it, but magicians tend to find that once you've become competant in one system, then it's easier to get to grips with another one. If you're fairly expereienced with Enochian for example, then you shouldn't have too much diffiuclty with the Runes.

Shinje Chogyel Lord of Death

The King of Existence is also the Lord of Death, Shinje, the husband of Kali. Shinje drinks human blood as well as consumes both human and horse flesh. It is said he rests on the great flames of existence and subdues even the tortures of hell , thus Shinje is both dark and light. There is no good or evil with this God, his sign is of the consumer of life, the predator without regret. Shinje is also connected to the cult of Shiva as the Kapalabhrta and Mahakala, meaning The Great Destroyer . Some tantricks who work with Shiva utilize the human skull as a drinking vessel and smearing the body with human ashes. It is known some Aghori, a left hand path sect of India, will once in a life time at least eat flesh from a corpse in the cremation grounds. foundation. The skull essentially becomes a vessel of worship and a dwelling place of deific forces, possibly relating to the sorcerer himself. The mantra specifically associated with the skull is OM RATNA MAHAKAPALA SARVA SIDDHI PHA LA HUM...

Satanic Copulations Transformation of Therionick Desire

Lilith And Samael

Daemon but also the Succubi and Lilitu, the offspring of Lilith, the Mother of the Antinomian Path, so be well focused. Lilith is the Mother of Forbidden Desires, in Manichaean Lore she taught the Fallen Angels how to form bodies and copulate with others to beget Dragon Children . She had alone the power to awaken the Serpent - Mind of Ahriman (the Devil) from his deep slumber, in which he bestowed upon her the Kiss which caused menstruation. Tantric sects of the Left Way consider the menstruation cycle to be the most powerful for the practitioner, thus Woman is Blessed as the Daughter of the Devil itself. The deeper mysteries of Luciferian Sex Magick are found in the early Hebrew tales of Lilith and Samael original born in the Same Fire, thus they are both twins and lovers, as well as the begetters of Cain, the First Witch and Satanist. In the Great Work, the practitioner seeks to bring into union within him or herself both Samael and Lilith to beget Cain, or Wisdom. The female...

Predictions By Twitching Of Body Parts In Astrology

Shakoon Shastra means The Science of Omens. Omens may be good or bad, indicating forthcoming incidents or events. In mantra, yantra, tantra and astrology this carries a special importance but it is often neglected. In the day-to-day life, we come across many omens but many of the people ignore them or do not believe in them but later on repent. 12. A cat's navel chord is very auspicious for wealth and prosperity to its owner. The cat eats up its navel chord after delivering kittens and so the chord is scarcely available. It is used for tantric sadhanas.

Kali White And Black Magick Powers

Kali in a Tantric aspect is the blackness which crystallizes within the magician, the fire which exists in the void which is a symbol of her fiery nature. Lilith is the Black Serpent representing fleshly desire and Will to Flesh. Kali is the embodiment of the dragon of chaos, Azhdeha, and Tiamat. She is the manifestation of primal darkness made flesh, the enfleshed Daemonic Feminine. It is significant to understand that in forms of Left Hand Tantric Paths, the Graveyard and cremation ground is a gateway unto Her. The fanged goddess, who drips blood and holds the beheading blade calls to your dreams, your deepest desires. Go forth unto her and face that which is either your doom or your becoming. Kali cares not for the weak and the ones who cannot face their inner darkness Her children are of the Dragon, the serpent which contains the inner Fire of Her very essence.

Suggested use in Ritual Magick

Within the sacred circle of Az, or the Triangle as you have drawn it, the daemon within may ascend above you as Azothoz, the Angel-Dragon who is born of shadow. In the rites of Sexual Magick, the practitioner has become essentially a self-created separate being, one which stands outside the bliss of nirvana. The Luciferian shall seek the ecstasy of self-love, but also that which focuses future self-creation and progression. Concentration is essential in such workings, as it is between lovers the daemonic ecstasy of self-invoked power. It is not rare during such tantric practice that the practitioners feel a type of shadow or force surrounding them this is the gathering of the Sabbat in one of many of its forms. It is the widdershins circle-dance of beast and daemon, or servitor and lilitu. Your desire empowers their drive, their activity and movement. Use these created and attracted forces well they shall be servitors of your very lust and desire.

Lion Teeth For Money Spell

DAMIANA Lust, love magick and attracting love. Useful for any love or sex spells. Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities. It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quarts crystal. Highly used in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quest. (Note Internal use of this herb can be toxic to the liver.)

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

Prolonged sexual experiences are very good activators. Delaying orgasm for periods of an hour or more can produce a very intense altered state. This combined with yoga techniques, in the context of a congruent ritual can be very powerful. Practice this with all the care and respect that you would the other activators. ( I've kept this brief because there are several fine books now in print dealing with just this subject. Omar Garrison's Tantra the Yoga of Sex is quite good. Robert Anton Wilson's Sex and Drugs provides some good, entertaining general information.)

Acknowledgment Of Yoga

The technology of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric Yoga was brought to the West from India by the grace of the Siri Singh Sahib, Harbhajan Singh KhalsaYogiji (Yogi Bhajan).The teachings in this manual are entirely his gift. We wish to gratefully acknowledge his gift and inspiration to serve our highest human potential. Any errors or omissions in this manual are entirely the fault of the Editors and the Illustrator and by no means reflect upon the perfection and comprehensiveness of the teachings.

Initiation Into Brotherhood Of Sarturn

In addition, the FS freely innovated from what can be gleaned from Rosicrucian, tantric, goetic, and Gnostic practices and rituals. Three substances are used a sedative, a stimulant, and a substance that corresponds to the Moon. 22 The eucharist of four elements consists of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth symbolized by flame, wine, incense (or roses) and bread and or salt. A eucharist of five elements is provided by the tantric Five-Ms ritual fully outlined on p. 109. The eucharist of six elements is a pseudo-Christian one consisting of the trinity and breath, water, and blood. Finally, the eucharist of 7) Priest mixes the bread and wine to effect an epopteia. (This is done either symbolically, or it can be done according to tantric practice involving the completion of an act of ritual coitus with the priestess.)

Explanation of the Second Bardo

The student with a particular interest in Tibetan or Tantric Buddhism should steep himself in the text of the Chonyid Bardo. He should obtain colored plates of the fourteen dramas of the Bardo, and he should arrange to have the guide lead him through the prescribed sequence during the drug session. This will provide an unforgettable series of liberations and will permit the devotee to emerge from the experience reincarnated in the lamaist tradition.

The Mantras

Many readers will certainly be interested in the question whether by mantra-mysticism some kind of oriental quabbalistic science is meant. Even those readers who have already occupied themselves with yoga and who have already studied some yoga systems have no clear picture of the mantras and the tantras and of oriental quabbalistic science. It would, however, be too comprehensive to publish a complete treatise on the mantras and therefore I must confine myself to enlighten the anxious reader accordingly on the mantras merely from the hermetic point of view. In some books dealing with mantras, bidju-mantras or bindu-mantras also are discussed. These mantras do not express any divine idea in the intellectual language, but are letters composed in accordance with the universal laws and formed to a word expressing, cosmologically, an idea in analogy to the laws. Hence a bidju-mantra is of tantristic origin and quabbalistic from the hermetic point of view. The correct pronunciation of a...

Magic Formulas

In this book, magic spells are also dealt with in the following short treatise. I am doing this because, firstly, they have a certain relation to the quabbalah and, secondly, because I want the true quabbalist to know what a magic formula really is and how it differs from tantric, mantric and other formulas. There are tantric spells which are based on the universal laws, but which are primarily used for selfish purposes on the material plane. The tantric spells are compiled strictly in accordance with the universal laws and each letter contains its adequate legal basis regarding cause and effect. Also the sorcerer must use the formula confided to him quadripolarly if he wants to bring about the desired effect. Furthermore, there are magic formulas which have been confided to the sorcerer by certain beings, but which have nothing to do with true tantra formulas. Such formulas are not necessarily analogous to the universal laws since the sorcerer got them from a being. Usually, when the...

Akasa Principle

Astral The mastery of the H oscillation makes the quabbalist attain the faculty of influencing each fate at will, and furthermore also the faculty of fully comprehending, understanding and applying all the quabbalistic systems, all the mantra and tantra practices in their truest forms. He who is able to evoke this letter oscillation also in the astral body, which is very difficult to master, may confidently believe that he becomes a perfect quabbalist.

Sexual Visions

Sexual visions are extremely frequent during the Third Bardo. You may see or imagine males and females copulating. According to Jung. ( Psychological Commentary to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Evans-Wentz edition, p. xiii), Freud's theory is the first attempt made in the West to investigate, as if from below, from the animal sphere of instinct the psychic territory that corresponds in Tantric Lamaism to the Sidpa Bardo. The vision described here, in which the person sees mother and father in sexual intercourse, corresponds to the primal scene in psychoanalysis. At this level, then, we begin to see a remarkable convergence of Eastern and Western psychology. Note also the exact correspondence to the psychoanalytic theory of the Oedipus Complex. This vision may be internal or it may involve the people around you. You may hallucinate multi-person orgies and experience both desire and shame, attraction and disgust. You may wonder what sexual performance is expected of you and have doubts...

Lesson Ten421

Sexuality Cults and Preventing Sexual Manipulation Sex Magick Techniques Including Thought Control, Inner Alchemy and Outer Alchemy The Holy Letter, Wilhelm Reich The Potent Orgasm, the Subconscious and Symbols A Sex Magick Ritual for a Couple The Place of Comfort Notes on the Ritual Sex Magick Divinatory Techniques The Yoni Mudra Eroto-comatose Lucidity The Position Known as The Crow Separating Love and Sex Alchemy and Sex Magick Karezza Male Ejaculation Control and Multiple Orgasm The Masters and Johnson Squeeze Technique Conception Vessel One The Magickal Elixir The Powers of the Moon The Mass of the Holy Ghost Truths About Tantra and Kundalini Yoga The Hahm-Sah Mantra Kiiya Yoga Sex Magick Using Inner Alchemy The Tantrik Ritual of Inner Alchemy MahaTantra God Eating A Taoist Alchemical Ritual KalaKakra A Group Sex Magick Ritual Personal Responsibility, STDs and AIDS Review Bibliography.

Wisdom from India

To give an example from Hinduism of the Amoral Path. We find in traditional Hindu (Aryan-Vedic) Tantra there are two distinct traditions, The Right and Left Hand Path. These have nothing to do with White and Black magic as the ignorant suggest but are two distinct methodologies of redemption. The Right hand Path is symbolic and the images regarding sexuality are applied symbolically with strict moral codes enforced. The Left Hand Path is literal and uses the very things that the Right Hand Path condemns to achieve liberation. These two paths have many similarities to the Terrestrial and Celestial traditions. For more information we can turn to Julius Evola's excellent text The Yoga of Power for details of the different traditions within the Buddhist Tantra's There is a significant difference between the two Tantric paths, that of the Right hand and that of the Left hand. In the former the adept always experiences someone above him even at the highest level of realisation. In the...

Nongame Ecstasy

Another typical and most rewarding phase of the First Bardo involves ecstatic energy movement felt in the spine. The base of the backbone seems to be melting or seems on fire. If the person can maintain quiet concentration the energy will be sensed as flowing upwards. Tantric adepts devote decades of concentrated meditation to the release of these ecstatic energies which they call Kundalini, the Serpent Power. One allows the energies to travel upwards through several ganglionic centers (chakras) to the brain, where they are sensed as a burning sensation in the top of the cranium. These sensations are not unpleasant to the prepared person, but, on the contrary, are accompanied by the most intense feelings of joy and illumination. Ill-prepared subjects may interpret the experience in pathological terms and attempt to control it, usually with unpleasant results. Professor R. C. Zaehner, who as an Oriental scholar and expert on mysticism should have know better, has published an account...


In fact, one traditional definition of white magick is the skill and ability to transform what might seem to be a problem into an asset. This comes through careful attention to all factors which are available at any given moment. As Pan showed the narrator of the last chapter, what he thought were problems, distractions from his meditation, were in fact powerful tools to be used to gain exactly what he had been seeking. Tantric yogis, as well as the Gnostics and many other groups of magickians down through the ages, have taught that the way of spiritual transformation comes through our use of the body and the environment. Even the most ascetic monk must use hir body, mind and environment for even abstinence and deprivation are methods of sensory stimulation, techniques that definitely work through some action upon the physical body (for instance, a certain type of fasting - don't try this at home, there are easier ways - can cause visions and hallucinations. There are those who...

Basic Exercises

When you have been experimenting with belief-shifting for a while, try contemplating two which appear to be mutually exclusive such as Christianity and Tantra, Islam and Radical Feminism, New Age Celtic Revivals and Marxism. If I may use the analogy of beliefs as buildings (the city of Selfs) , around the walls of which howls the wind of Kia, then the continual process of Deconditioning may be likened to chipping away at the towers, with the occasional 'nuke' provided by recourse to a powerful form of gnosis such as sexual ecstasy, pain overload, or Albert Hoffman's elixir. Deconditioning is a continual process - even as you discard one set of limitations (in Tantra, this is known as Klesha-smash-ing), you may find that you acquire new ones, usually unconsciously. Often, belief-structures are 'nested' within each other, and may have their roots in a powerful formative experience. Timothy Leary calls this process 'Imprint Susceptibility', where Some excellent pointers towards the...

Yatukih Sorcery

Asana Tantric Buddhist - Meaning seat and posture, used in the form of meditation. Indriyas Tantra - Senses, in Tantra there are considered 10 senses. The senses in Tantra are often considered unreliable, yet defined such by the often narrow minded and closed right hand path Buddhist sects. The Luciferian recognizes the balance of the spiritual and physical with regard to the senses, seeks to use them according to their function.

Phenomena of Nature

With the help of the elements and the electromagnetic fluid, the magician can produce the phenomena of nature on a large or small scale. He will, however, need more space in order to be able to project and condense the necessary powers. By the projection of the air element he can influence the movement of the air, the wind, or by projecting the water element he can make rain. He can conjure thunderstorms with the electromagnetic fluid by projecting electric and magnetic volts in the air, which when they clash will cause lightning. By concentration of the magnetic fluid, he can draw the water element from the greatest distance, automatically making rain in this way. Obviously he is also able to achieve the opposite effect of stopping unwelcome rain or by scattering the clouds. Hailstorms may be brought about or directed elsewhere, for any influence whatsoever can be exerted on nature through the elements or the electromagnetic fluid. This sort of weather-making is practiced often by...

Ritual Intensifiers

Activation A general rule in invocation is that anything that exalts the mind and the senses can be of use to the ritual. A great number of different techniques can be used to jog the mind from its day-to-day consciousness. As long as these techniques are used with ritual intent, and do not become daily habits without meaning, they can be quite useful in providing states in which the usual cultural conditioning is disengaged. Some of the techniques already discussed (particulary music, dance and meditation) can be used, as well as such brain-changers as drugs, tantric ( I do not recommend the use of drugs without prior mastery of ritual art, the science of set and setting. As for hathayoga, it will not produce a very remarkable altered state unless you have practiced it assiduously for some

Ego And Magic Spells

The concept of the Ego, having arisen from the psychoanalytic cults, and firmly embedded into the total field of experience, serves to maintain the mind-body seperation which is so fixed in our experience. Much of New Age so-called thinking appears to be concerned with removing or transcending the ego - behind which, it is implied, is a Higher Self. The fiction of Higher-Lower Self maintains the divide between 'spirituality' and everyday experience. Personally, I prefer the idea that we are each a multiplicity of selves, or, as Tantra has it, a squirming ball of Shaktis (desire-comlexes) interacting (but not all at once) with Shiva (or Kia), the divine spark of consciousness. Another useful concept is that of, rather than 'overcoming' the Ego, shifting from a condition of Ego-centredness, to that of Exo-centredness. In the former, the self is maintained by rejecting all that it is not, of being seperate to others. For the

Mantra for Tuning In

By the way, if you ever dream of Yogi Bhajan, it is not a mere dream. You have tuned into him and his subtle body is coming to assist you in some way. Years ago at a Winter Solstice White Tantric course, a student was very ill from food poisoning. He desperately needed help and

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