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Many consider Annemann's "Pseudo Psy-chometry" to be among the two or three most powerful effects in modern mental ism.

Apparently guided only by psychic vibrations, you remove and return to their owners personal objects that have been secretly sealed in identical envelopes by spectators,

You further enhance the impact when you apparently use the vibrations of each object as the basis of an accurate, personalized reading.

Indeed, the impact of this presentation is so strong that its only possible weakness lies in trying to build It to a suitable climax.

Mentalist Terry Tyson has solved that problem for himself by using this ending.

As in the Annemann version, the envelopes are secretly marked to enable you to determine which object belongs to which spectator. Five or six envelopes, handed out in some easy-to-recall sequence, are sufficient.

With the first four envelopes, the objects are removed, used to apparently provide information for a brief reading, and returned to their owners.

But, instead of finishing by repeating the procedure with the fifth item, you lift the envelope without opening it,

"The vibrations, here, are particularly strong," you announce. "I get the impression of two different people.

"Yet, I sense a closeness, a ONENESS, about the two. One is fair, The other is dark.

"In age, they are not too far apart, I get the impression of a photograph. A snapshot in time. A happy moment. There is laughter. And love.

"But this envelope is surrounded by sadness, too. I sense sorrow. A recent loss. The dark-haired one. The envelope 1268 (Cont'd on page 1270)

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