This extremely straightforward card prediction by Phil Goldstein was inspired by Dr. Nathan Stark's "Fang Shui Prediction" (MAGICK #164).

As with that routine, the European 10/11 Force is utilized for the selection of the card.

You begin by placing a prediction billet aside, in full view. Ten cards from a borrowed pack, then, are introduced, and a spectator is asked to name a number between one and ten.

The spectator counts to the card in that position. The prediction is opened, and is found to be accurate.

The forcing system is based on the fact that you miscall the number of cards in the packet. Instead of 10, you actually use 11,

In the third position from the top of the packet, place the Jack of Diamonds, and fifth from the top, put the Seven of Diamonds. They will be your force cards.

There is no need to false count the cards as ten. Simply state that there are

• Phil Goldstein ten cards, and fan them out to display the faces as being all different.

The audience will not bother to count the precise number of cards In the fan,

Now, whatever number is called out by a spectator will allow you to arrive at One or the other of the two force cards. Your request for a number BETWEEN one and ten effectively eliminates those two numbers.

For the numbers two through fIve, you merely have the spectator count from the top of the packet. For the numbers six through nine, you have him count from the face of the packet.

At the conclusion of the deal, either the final card dealt or the next card in the packet will be a force card.

You have only to verbally guide the spectator to cause him to use the correct one of the two cards, in order to insure that a force card is chosen.

Only one prediction billet Is used. It is not switched, but it allows for two different interpretations.

The prediction is written onto a piece of cigarette paper. Packets of these small papers are widely available. Their use for billets is logical, as they are not an uncommon item in the pockets of many.

The information is written (see illustration) by using a symbol to indicate the suit. The value is indicated by a loosely-formed capital "J".

It is read as such, where the Jack of Diamonds turns out to be the selected card. However, due to the thin nature of the paper, the ink will show through on the opposite side, as well.

If the paper is turned over, and held upside down, the same writing will form a "7", followed by the diamond symbol.

In this format, it will clearly stand for the Seven of Diamonds, which is the other possible force card.

Thus, depending on how the paper is opened, either of the two force cards may be revealed, and in an extremely clean manner. The deception withstands close examination, when written in black Ink.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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