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Malkuth The Kingdom

This shows clearly the TRINITY of TRIADS with MALKUTH pendant to them, manifesting their Influence in the Material Universe.

Now there is another manner in which the formulation of the Ten Sephiroth emanating from the One Light may be expressed, and this, without unduly confusing the reader, I desire to show, since it illustrates in an able way the DUAL NATURE of each Sephira. This is called by the Qabalists "THE LIGHTNING FLASH" and it connects the Ten Sephiroth as shown in the following diagram.

It is also known as THE FLAMING SWORD, which is united with the idea ofTHE SERPENT ofWISDOM as will be more fully explained later on.

This idea is useful as showing how each Sephira receives a certain Influence from the preceding one and in turn transmits its nature to the one following. Thus, CHOKMAH (2) may be considered as RECEPTIVE or Feminine in its relation to KETHER from which it receives a Divine Breath which becomes formulated (in Chokmah) as THE WORD or Logos, but as POSITIVE or Masculine in regard to Binah to which it transmits the WORD or WISDOM. This is in turn UNDERSTOOD, or received, by Binah from whence it is projected into Chesed, and so on, - the process apparently becoming completed in Malkuth. This is only apparent, however, since there is a certain "Method of Return" whereby the seemingly "fallen" Kingdom is once more "Raised" to the Supernal and absorbed into The Crown.

The Plan of what we have termed our " Filing Cabinet" is not, however, as yet complete. In the same way that we found a triple aspect in UNITY and that every DUALITY found its completion in a Third idea which represents its True Being, so each Sephira partakes of the nature of a TRINITY; for while we have said that each receives the influence from its predecessor in the scale of Numbers and transmits its influence to its successor, yet each is Unique in Itself and retains a certain Individuality of its own.

Minutum Mundum With Flaming Sword
Fig. 5

"MEZLA" is the name given by the Qabalists to this Influence which links together the Sephiroth and it operates not only along the course of "The Flaming Sword" but in other directions.

The following diagram will make this matter clear. It represents, as far as its structure is concerned, the COMPLETE PLAN of the TREE of LIFE, the details of which we shall enlarge upon as we proceed. It is sometimes called THE MINUTUM MUNDUM or "Little Universe of Colour" and I shall next tell you something of the way in which its COLOURS are derived, as by this means you will obtain a clearer conception of the interplay of "Mezla" between the Sephiroth.

Minutum Mundum

Firstly, KETHER being the Concentration of the Pure Brilliance of the Divine Light of AIN-SUPH-AUR is portrayed as WHITE.

Secondly, CHOKMAH, as the Middle Number of the first Trinity is called GREY, which is a mixture of White & Black representing all colours.

Thirdly, BINAH the last of this primary scale is BLACK or that which absorbs all colours.

The Supernal Triad is then represented as WHITE - GREY - BLACK and these form the Roots of the Colours which follow.

The SECOND TRIAD manifests the THREE PRIMARY COLOURS Blue, Red and Yellow which are attributed to CHESED, GEBURAH and TIPHERETH in that order. These, as it were, draw their nature from the "King Scale" concealed in those above, as will be explained later on, viz.: Chesed blue from Chokmah, Geburah red from Binah and Tiphereth gold from Kether.

The Second Triad transmits its colour to the THIRD, its complement, by means of a mixture or blending of its rays. Thus the BLUE of CHESED combined with the YELLOW ofTIPHERETH produces EMERALD GREEN in NETZACH.

The RED of GEBURAH combining with the YELLOW of TIPHERETH produces the ORANGE ofHOD.

Finally the BLUE and RED of CHESED and GEBURAH produce the PURPLE of YESOD.

The Third triad in turn transmits its colours to MALKUTH in a certain Fourfold manner.

HOD and NETZACH reflect into the upper portion of Malkuth and the mixture of their colours produces a CITRINE tinge. NETZACH and YESOD produce the OLIVE GREEN portion of the Sphere. HOD and YESOD produce the RUSSET BROWN while the SYNTHESIS of all colours forms the BLACK of the lower quarter.

Thus we perceive the whole Tree vibrates between the Light and the Darkness and is composed of the Colours which naturally arise between these extremes.

It should further be noticed that the INFLUENCE or MEZLA operates so as to connect all the Sephiroth by means of TWENTY-TWO "Paths," which added to our original TEN gives in all a Thirty-Two fold classification. The SEPHER YETZIRAH, an early Qabalistic Treatise, calls the whole scheme the THIRTY-TWO PATHS of WISDOM, and when SO considered the Sephiroth are numbered from 1 to 10 as in our plan and the other connecting links follow from 11 to 32 as shown in the diagram. Should one read, for instance, of "The Thirty-first Path" it would mean that which connects Hod with Malkuth. This is important as it will prevent confusion later on.

It will also be apparent that the Sephiroth, in addition to receiving Influence from their immediate predecessors, as explained in diagram of the Lightning Flash, derive to some extent from each other. Thus Binah, in addition to receiving a Ray from Chokmah, receives a direct Ray from Kether, and so on. (See diagram *.) This difference is only apparent, however, for the influence is really inherent in the Ray received from Chokmah. On first consideration this may not be clear and the distinction is of minor importance, except as in establishing that all the qualities were inherent in the Sephiroth if considered as the result of the Lightning flash instead of under the form of the Triad. It will be seen also-for example-in the case of TIPHERETH that it receives a direct Ray from the Five preceding Sephiroth and itself HARMONIZES all of them. The same is true of Malkuth as manifesting the whole Tree.

These "Paths" or Influences, operative between the Sephiroth, are very important as a development of our Plan or "Filing Cabinet" and will be dealt with fully in the following chapters. Before completing the present section, however, it is necessary to speak of the Nature of the Ten Spheres from another aspect.

It will be remembered in regard to KETHER, The Crown that we called it The SPHERE of the PRIMUM MOBILE for therein began the Whirling Forces which became, in turn, the cause of the System ofRevolving Orbs, or Star Universe.

CHOKMAH is therefore known as THE SPHERE OF THE ZODIAC or Home of the Fixed Stars.

We next arrive at the outermost of the (then known) PLANETS, SATURN, this is attributed to BINAH which is called THE SPHERE OF SATURN.

Next we find JUPITER corresponding to CHESED, while MARS is attributed to GEBURAH.

In the centre of the System is TIPHERETH which is called the SPHERE of SOL, the Sun.

NETZACH and HOD correspond to VENUS and MERCURY and LUNA the Moon is attributed to YESOD.

Finally MALKUTH is called THE SPHERE of THE ELEMENTS (Fire, Water, Air and Earth), playing upon which are the influences of all the foregoing Celestial Orbs.

The results of our study so far may be summarized as follows: 1 Kether The Crown Frimum Mobile White

7 Netzaeh "Victory S. of Venus 9 Em. Green

These Correspondences should be memorized with care by all students, and they should familiarize themselves with the Plan of The Tree of Life so that their minds are quite clearly impressed with its formation and parts, before proceeding with the further study of this work.

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