Cataclysms And Earthquakes

Everything, says a familiar proverb, comes to those who wait, even the vindication, at the hands of exoteric science, of information acqu'red from the great teachers of occultism, however widely this may seem, at first sight, at variance with conventional views. Within the last few years, something fresh has come out about earthquakes which has an important bearing on the physical history of tins world, as interpreted by esoteric teach:ng and investigation. Almost everything that stands written in encyclopaedias and popular textbooks concerning earthquakes is now out of date, and under the highest scientific auspices we are introduced to a view of this subject that begins to be in harmony with Nature's records in reference to the great geographical catastrophes that from time to time have altered the face of the globe.

The modern world is indebted to Japan for having done most up to the present time in the direction of elucidating the mystery of earthquakes. Certainly Japan has been better qualified than any other country to take a leading part in this investigation. It is favoured, if that phrase be admissible, with opportunities for studying earthquakes which 110 other country enjoys. On an average Japan endures three a day, not always on the scale of that which, in 1891, destroyed 10,000 lives, and involved the Government in an expenditure of 30 million dollars 011 repairs, but at all events of one kind or another. Perhaps for scientific purposes the little earthquakes

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