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Dorn Spinal Therapy has been in uses in the past 40 years. The credit of this method goes to Dieter Dorn, who has made a significant impact in the medical field. DORN- Method has been used on various patients where results could get witnessed instants. Due to the impact, this method has brought in the country. It has been declared the standard practice in treating Pelvical Disorders, Spinal, and Back pain. Dieter Dorn first used this method on his family, which was a sign of confidence in a method, which later gained much attention from different people in the country and also globally. Every day Dorn was able to offer treatment to 15- 20 patients in a day. His services were purely free which attracted attention both in the local and also global. The primary treatment that DORN-Method which could be treated using this method include spine healing therapy, misalignments of the spine, resolving pelvis and joints, and also solving out significant problems which could get attributed to vertebrae.

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Spinal Column

Chakra Spine

Before proceeding to the study of Nadis and Chakras you will have to know something about the Spinal Column, as all the Chakras are connected with it. Spinal Column Spinal Column Spinal Column is known as Meru Danda. This is the axis of the body just as Mount Meru is the axis of the earth. Hence the spine is called 'Meru'. Spinal column is otherwise known as spine, axis-staff or vertebral column. Man is microcosm. (Pinda - Kshudra-Brahmanda). All things seen in the universe, mountains, rivers, Bhutas, etc., exist in the body also. All the Tattvas and Lokas (worlds) are within the body. The body may be divided into three main parts head, trunk and the limbs, and the centre of the body is between the head and the legs. The spinal column extends from the first vertebra, Atlas bone, to the end of the trunk. The spine is formed of a series of 33 bones called vertebrae according to the position these occupy, it is divided into five regions The vertebral bones are piled one upon the other...

Spinal Cord

The Spinal Cord Chakras

The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord, the cerebro-spinal centre or axis. The continuation of the Medulla oblongata or the Bulb is a connecting medium between the brain and the spinal cord. The centre in the Medulla oblongata is closely connected with the involuntary functions of breathing and swallowing. The spinal cord extends from the top of the spinal canal to the second vertebra of the coccygeal region where it tapers off into a fine silken thread, called Filum terminale. The spinal cord is a column of very soft grey and white brain-matter. The white matter is arranged on the sides of the grey matter. The white matter is of medullated nerves while the grey is of nerve-cells and fibres. This is not tightly fitted with the spinal canal, but suspended or dropped, as it were, into the spinal canal just like the brain in the cranial cavity. This is nourished by the membranes. Spinal cord and brain float in the cerebro-spinal fluid. The fluid prevents,...

Pranayama For Awakening Kundalini

When you practise the following, concentrate on the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spinal column, which is triangular in form and which is the seat of the Kundalini Shakti. Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through the left nostril till you count 3 Oms slowly. Imagine that you are drawing the Prana with the atmospheric air. Then close the left nostril with your little and ring fingers of the right hand. Then retain the breath for 12 Oms. Send the current down the spinal column straight into the triangular lotus, the Muladhara Chakra. Imagine that the nerve-current is striking against the lotus and awakening the Kundalini. Then slowly exhale through the right nostril counting 6 Oms. Repeat the process from the right nostril as stated above, using the same units, and having the same imagination and feeling. This Pranayama will awaken the Kundalini quickly. Do it 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening. Increase the number and time gradually and...

The Nervous System

The Nervous System of man is divided into two great systems, viz., the Cerebro-Spinal System and the Sympathetic System. The Cerebro-Spinal System consists of all that part of the Nervous System contained within the cranial cavity and the spinal canal, viz., the brain and the spinal cord, together with the nerves which branch off from the same. This system presides over the functions of animal life known as volition, sensation, etc. The Sympathetic System includes all that part of the Nervous System located principally in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities, and which is distributed to the internal organs. It has control over the involuntary processes, such as growth, nutrition, etc. The Cerebro-Spinal System attends to all the seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, etc. It sets things in motion it is used by the Ego to think - to manifest consciousness. It is the instrument with which the Ego communicates with the outside world. This system may be likened to a telephone...

Black Box Visualization

What in the world does this do Well, I once used this visualization to leave my body. During the visualization, I felt a sharp sensation along my spinal column, and I got the urge to physically throw myself backward, into the bed. I followed the impulse and tried to throw myself backward, but only my astral body moved, and I was out of my body. It was a very easy OBE. I don't know how or why it worked, but it did.

Summary Of The Previous Lessons

Nadis are the Sukshma (astral) channels through which Prana (vital energy) flows to different parts of the body. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are the most important of the innumerable Nadis. All Nadis start from the Kanda. Kanda is located in the space between the origin of the reproductory organ and the anus. Sushumna Nadi is situated within the Spinal Column, in the spinal canal. Within the Sushumna Nadi there is a Nadi by name Vajra. Chitra Nadi, a minute canal, which is also called Brahmanadi, is within this Vajra Nadi. Kundalini, when awakened, passes through Chitra Nadi. These are all Sukshma centres and you cannot have any laboratory tests and test-tube experiments. Without these subtle centres, the gross physical body cannot exist and function. Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara are the important Chakras. When Kundalini passes on from Chakra to Chakra, layer after layer of the mind becomes opened and the Sadhaka enters into higher states of...

The Awakening Process

(3) Alignment has both and active and a passive component. The active component involves applying the locks or performing subtle internal movements in the chakras and along the spine. The passive component happens naturally when the blocks in the body have been released. The physical and energy bodies automatically align when the resistance to the natural state and flow is gone.

The Navel Chakra and Kundalini Yoga

The navel center is the focus of many spiritual disciplines. The Taoists start and return to the navel center while practicing the microcosmic orbit. (Internal circular breath that starts at the navel, goes down the front to the base of the spine, goes up the back to the crown and back down the front to the navel.) *(1) The internal martial arts initiate moves from the navel or don tien, which is 2-3 inches below the navel.

The Four Methods Of Respiration

In the consideration of the question of respiration, we must begin by considering the mechanical arrangements whereby the respiratory movements are effected. The mechanics of respiration manifest through (1) the elastic movements of the lungs, and (2) the activities of the sides and bottom of the thoracic cavity in which the lungs are contained. The thorax is that portion of the trunk between the neck and the abdomen, the cavity of which (known as the thoracic cavity) is occupied mainly by the lungs and heart. It is bounded by the spinal column, the ribs with their cartilages, the breastbone, and below by the diaphragm. It is generally spoken of as the chest. It has been compared to a completely shut, conical box, the small end of which is turned upward, the back of the box being formed by the spinal column, the front by the breastbone and the sides by the ribs. The ribs are twenty-four in number, twelve on each side, and emerge from each side of the spinal column. The upper seven...

Concentrate thy thought of adoration in the brain

Now begin to awaken the spine in this manner. Concentrate thy thought of thyself in the base of the spine, and move it gradually up a little at a time. By this means thou wilt become conscious of the spine, feeling each vertebra as a separate entity. This must be achieved most fully and perfectly before the further practice is begun. 5. Next, identify thyself with the base of the spine as before, but figure to thyself its energy as infinite. Deem it to be the phallus of Osiris or the being of Hadit. 7. Now then, being conscious both of the brain and the spine, and unconscious of all else, do thou imagine the hunger of the one for the other the emptiness of the brain, the ache of the spine, even as the emptiness of space and the aimlessness of Matter. And if thou hast experience of the Eucharist in both kinds, it shall aid thine imagination herein. 9. Now let a current of light, deep azure flecked with scarlet, pass up and down the spine, striking as it were upon thyself that art...

The Draconian Rite of the Adversary Raising the Twin Serpents of Lilith and Samael2

As individual vessels of Cain Naamah (Cain's sister), the magician will focus on visualizing the Red and Black Coiling Serpents up the spine. Sit upon a comfortable pillow, legs crossed and begin to slow your breathing. This is done by banishing all other thoughts and concentrate on your lower spine. Slowly begin to form a great Red serpent which starts at your lower back - this is Lilith, the Red dragon which is the fiery life source which rises as the Sun itself. With each breath, you shall feel it ascend and coil around your spinal column. You should imagine fire, heat and creative force as the dragon ascends your body. When Lilith reaches your right shoulder, you should bask in the Fire of Self, this is the life bringing force of hunger and desire, the qualities of being and self-love. Be pleased that your imagination has created this mental and physical pleasure know that you by yourself are the creator of your own Gods. This is the essence of the Left Hand Path,...

More Yoga For Young People

Sit in Easy Pose, with the hands in Prayer Pose at the center of the chest. The thumbs are locked. Sit with a straight spine, the lower back is lifted and stretched slightly. Close your eyes and look at the tip of your nose through the closed eyelids. Chant along with Bhai Avtar Singh and Bhai Gurucharan Singh's tape of Jai Te Gang pulling the navel point in with each repetition of the word Jai . Continue 3 to 62 minutes.

Matsyasana 8 Paschimottanasana

Sit on the ground and stretch the legs stiff like a stick. Catch the toes with the thumb and index and middle fingers. While catching, you have to bend the trunk forwards. Fatty persons will find it rather difficult to bend. Exhale. Slowly bend without jerks till your forehead touches your knees. You can keep the face even between the knees. When you bend down, draw the belly back. This facilitates the bending forward. Bend slowly by gradual degrees. Take your own time. There is no hurry. When you bend down, bend the head between the hands. Retain it on a level with them. Young persons with elastic spine can touch the knees with the forehead even in their very first attempt. In the case of grown-up persons with rigid spinal column, it will take a fortnight or a month for complete success in the posture. Retain the breath till you take the forehead back, to its original position, till you sit straight again. Then breathe. Those who find it difficult to do the full Paschimottanasana,...

Natural Causes Of Lycanthropy

Elated to an extraordinary degree at the sight of the precious treasure, I kissed the box several times successively and uttering repeated aspirations in hopes of a prosperous flight, I stripped off my clothes as quick as possible, dipped my fingers greedily into the box, and having thence extracted a good large lump of ointment, rubbed it all over my body and limbs. When I was thoroughly anointed, I swung my arms up and down, in imitation of the movement of a bird's pinions, and continued to do so a little while, when instead of any perceptible token of feathers or wings making their appearance, my own thin skin, alas grew into a hard leathern hide, covered with bristly hair, my fingers and toes disappeared, the palms of e83 my hands and the soles of my feet became four solid hoofs, and from the end of my spine a long tail projected. My face was enormous, my mouth wide, my nostrils gaping, my lips pendulous, and I had a pair of immoderately long, rough, hairy ears. In short, when I...

Chakras Physical Wisdom And Healing

While they are associated with areas of the body, in actuality, they shift around like swirls in water. When the mind and body are healthy and vital, they tend to project through specific areas. The first chakra is near the base of the spine and anus. The second chakra is near the sex organs and the 3-4th vertebra. The third chakra is near the navel point. The fourth chakra is near the heart center and is associated with the thymus gland. The fifth chakra is near the throat and is associated with the thyroid gland. The sixth chakra is near the top of the nose, associated with the pituitary gland. The seventh chakra is near the crown of the head, associated with the pineal gland. The eighth chakra is the circumvent field that surrounds the entire body. It is like a filter and shield which encloses the other chakras. There are hundreds of other smaller chakras attached to other organs and to meridian points, but they are commanded through this central...

Secret In Order To Function Within The Superior Vehicles

The disciple will start to learn how to depart from his physical body in his astral vehicle. Later on, when he is Out of his body, he will beg his Intimate to take his inferior vehicles out from him. Then, his Intimate will take his astral, mental, causal, etc., vehicles out from the atomic doors of his spinal column.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

Bring your mental focus to the brow point. At the end, inhale deeply, raise the arms up in the air and vigorously shake the arms and fingers. You can involve the whole body and spine. Exhale. Repeat 1 or 2 more time if you desire. This is an important part of the meditation as it helps move and release the energy in the body. Relax for a few minutes before going about your day. Or relax on your back. If it is before bed time, simply go to sleep.

Nabhi Kriya Navel Power

Nabhi Kriya

This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point and build a powerful base in the lower triangle (chakras 1, 2 and 3). The full times indicated are for advanced students. To begin practice, start with 1-5 minutes on the longer exercises. (1) is for lower digestive area. (2) is for upper digestion and solar plexus. (3) eliminates gas and relaxes the heart. (4) charges the magnetic field and opens the navel center. (5) sets the hips and lower spine. (6) is for the entire spine, unleashes spinal fluid and expands the aura. Together, these exercises get the abdominal area in shape quickly To warm up the spine and ground your energy first see Lesson Six on the Flexibility of the Spine.

Sarvangasana Allmembers Pose

Kundalini Magic

It supplies a large quantity of blood to the roots of spinal nerves. It is this Asana which centralises the blood in the spinal column and nourishes it beautifully. But for this Asana there is no scope for these nerve-roots to draw sufficient blood-supply. It keeps the spine quite elastic. Elasticity of the spine means everlasting youth. It stimulates you in your work. It prevents the spine from early ossification (hardening). So you will preserve and retain your youth for a long time. It helps a lot in maintaining Brahmacharya. Like Sirshasana, it makes you an Oordhvaretas. It checks wet-dreams effectively. It rejuvenates those who have lost their potency. It acts as a powerful blood-tonic and purifier. It tones the nerves and awakens Kundalini. Spinal column is rendered very soft and elastic. This Asana prevents the early ossification of the vertebral bones. Ossification is quick degeneration of bones. Old age manifests quickly on account of early ossification. The bones become hard...

Preparational Meditation

Sit comfortably with spine erect. Keep your feet together. Keep your hands together. STEP 2. Concentrate on your spinal column. Begin at the base of your spine and feel each vertebra upward one at a time. STEP 3. Imagine your brain to be a yoni, the Womb of Isis, a receptacle of Infinite Space. Imagine your spine to be a lingam, the Phallus of Osiris, a receptacle of Infinite Energy. STEP 4 . Concentrate to the brink of Samadhi. Be conscious of both brain and spine. Imagine a hunger of one for the other. Imagine this hunger to be increasing. Continue to increase this tension as long as you can. STEP 5. Imagine a current of light about the width of a fine hair, the color of deep azure flecked with scarlet, pass up and down your spine. NOTES ON STEP 3. Use your magical imagination. See the region of your head as intensely feminine. See the region of your spine and the base of your spine as intensely masculine. Choose your own symbols here to aid your imagination. The masculine...

Meditation to get out of Depression

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine, extend the arms straight forward, parallel to the ground. Close the right hand in a fist, wrapping fingers of the left hand around it, bases of palms touching, thumbs together and pulled up straight. Eyes are focused on the thumbs.

Magic Mental Training II

The next exercise will deal with the control of your body. It needs a great skill to sit quietly and comfortably, and therefore it is necessary to learn how to do it. Sit down on a chair, in such a way that your spine remains straight. At the beginning, you are allowed to lean back on the chair. Hold the feet together so that they form a right angle with the knees. Sit relaxed, without any stain other muscles, both your hands resting lightly on your thighs. Set an alarm clock to sound off after 5 minutes. Now close your eyes and watch your whole body. At first you will notice that the muscles are becoming restless in consequence of the nervous stimulus. Force yourself as energetically as you can to persevere to sit quietly. However easy this exercise seems

The Circulation Of The Body Of Light

Feel free to expand the energy further out to the sides, to the ends of the universe if you wish. Most commonly, it is seen as going out about three feet from the body. You might also wish to try contracting the energy so that it goes down the left side of the spine and up the right side of the spine.

An Intermediate Meditational Exercise

See the region of your head as the Watchtower of Air. See the region of your loins as the Watchtower of Fire. See your left side as the Watchtower of Water. See your right side as the Watchtower of Earth. See your spine as the Tablet of Union. STEP 6. Let the magical fire radiate outward from the Tablet of Union into all regions of the universe (let it flow from your spine into all parts of your body thereby transmuting it.

Meditation For The Fifth Chakra

Posture Sit in easy pose, with a straight spine. Position Thumb and forefinger are in gyan mudra, the other fingers are relaxed and slightly curved. The hands are on the knees. The neck is absolutely straight with the chin pulled in. This is Jalandhara Bhand or neck lock. The chin rests in the notch between the collar bones at the top of the breast bone. The head stays level without tilting forward. The spine in the neck is straight. The chin is pulled in, the chest is out and there is little weight on the buttocks. Yogi Bhajan mentioned that when the neck lock is properly applied, a stretch can be felt in the deltoid muscles.

Neurolinguistic Programming NLP

Nlp Eye Accessing Cues

Essentially, there are two ways to change your state. The first is to change your physiology. By changing your posture, the way you move, and the way that you breathe, you can rapidly change your state. If you want to become depressed, breathe shallowly, droop your head and shoulders, and move slowly and lethargically. If you want ro be in an excited state, get up, stretch, open your chest, breathe deeply, and wave your arms around enthusiastically. It can be that easy. To get into a med itative state, sit down, straighten your spine, relax your body, and close your eyes, focusing inward. You immediately start changing your state.

Meditation to Connect with the Earth

Body, to the feet and legs, and to the first chakra or base of the spine. Paying attention to the feeling of gravity and its pull on the body toward the Earth is very useful. The goal is to experience a heaviness that becomes a feeling of stability and stillness. 4. To end, unite with energy of the Earth and feel the current raising up your spine. Let go, if only for an instant. The union between Earth and Universal Spirit happens when you let go. The union cleanses stress and negativity. Practicing rootlock when you are thinking too much or afraid, helps release fear by connecting you to your physical source and by activating your own energy.

The Physiology of the Mysteries AnOverview

To fully appreciate the system that is being outlined the Gnostic needs to consider the basis of the structure. We believe that The Lord of Wisdom has not simply outlined a scheme of Solar Festivals to re-align Aryan man with the Treasury of Light but that hidden within other sections of the Bible (notably the Seven Days of Creation and the Seven Churches of Revelation) he has provided a practical means to transform our energy fields. This technology is based on a simple esoteric physiology as the Chakric System. The structure of this system is fairly simple, along the spinal column there are three para-physical canals, the centre of the Column (the Sushumna), the right is the Pingala, the Left is the Ida. Along these canals flow the psychic forces of the organism, placed across these three canals are Seven Centres of Energy. These seven Chakras span many different dimensions and operates in both the physical and astral worlds. In the physical world links can be found with the...

More Phenomena Of Yogi Psychic Breathing

Sit in an erect posture, keeping the spinal column straight, and the eyes well to the front, letting the hands rest on the upper part of the legs. Breathe rhythmically, but instead of breathing through both nostrils as in the ordinary exercises, press the left nostril closed with the thumb, and inhale through the right nostril. Then remove the thumb, and close the right nostril with the finger, and then exhale through the left nostril. Then, without changing the fingers, inhale through the left nostril, and changing fingers, exhale through the right. Then inhale through right and exhale through left, and so on, alternating nostrils as above mentioned, closing the unused nostril with the thumb or forefinger. This is one of the oldest forms of Yogi breathing, and is quite important and valuable, and is well worthy of acquirement. But it is quite amusing to the Yogis to know that to the Western world this method is often held out as being the Whole secret of Yogi Breathing. To the minds...

Meditation for Gurprasad

Sit comfortable in meditation pose and cup the hands together at heart level, palms up, upper arms pressed against rib cage, eyes 1 10 open and allowed to close. Feel that you are asking for a blessing from God. Keep making your spine straighter -(a crooked spine will make one crooked, even in prayer).

Bibliography Suggested Reading List

When I was only a youth, travelling alone in the mountains to the East, called MASSHU by the people who live there, I came upon a grey rock carved with three strange symbols. It stood as high as a man, and as wide around as a bull. It was firmly in the ground, and I could not move it. Thinking no more of the carvings, save that they might be the work of a king to mark some ancient victory over an enemy, I built a fire at its foot to protect me from the wolves that wander in those regions and went to sleep, for it was night and I was far from my village, being Bet Durrabia. Being about three hours from dawn, in the nineteenth of Shabatu, I was awakened by the howl of a dog, perhaps of a wolf, uncommonly loud and close at hand. The fire had dies to its embers, and these red, glowing coals cast a faint, dancing shadow across the stone monument with the three carvings. I began to make haste to build another fire when, at once, the gray rock began to rise slowly into the air, as though it...

Direct Preparation for Exercises

Sit upright on your chair or stool (the latter is best), with the spine, neck and head in a straight line. If you are a Westerner, such furniture is probably more appropriate for you. But for Easterners, the same asana can be performed seated on the floor, with legs crossed, as is still done in the Orient. There is no doubt that the 'lotus' position is an excellent one. But whichever you adopt, remember about the one direct line passing through your body.

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

I was not the one being directly operated on with the tuning forks, but I nevertheless experienced the vibrations in my own body. This served to remind me of the power of willed thought with K ( We all later described the experience as one of potential. It seemed as if we could go in any direction at a thought, that as soon as something was willed, it would be done. Ile intent of the art center was to provide an experience of creative freedom, and the K dose was a good confirmation of success in this intent. ) , and I began, as a kind of dharana exercise, to imagine vivid artwork on the white walls. This was quite successful, and very beautiful. I managed to cover the walls entirely with a brightly-colored jungle of hallucinatory flowers. As I was doing this, quite suddenly, I felt a surge of energy rising in my spine which I experienced as large white flowers blooming thickly up the middle pillar. I described this to my friends and one later said that my...

Awareness Hands Massage

Feel y our awareness hands massaging deep inside your neck and shoulders and up into your skull, as if someone were actually massaging them for you. Use your memory to re-create these awareness actions. Feel your hands penetrating deeply within the muscles and tendons and spine in your neck and shoulders. Feel your hands stroking deeply along your spine and up into and through your head. Feel all the tension leaving your body and feel it sinking and growing warmer and heavier and more deeply and blissfully relaxed.

Magic Mental Training V

You are sitting quietly in your familiar position with your eyes closed. Transfer your consciousness exactly into the middle of your body, into the pit of your stomach, the solar plexus. You must feel yourself as a mere dot, as an atom in the centre between the spine and the pit f the stomach. This centre is the centre of gravity of your body. Try to stay there with your consciousne ss for at least five minutes you may use an alarm clock to check the time. Regard your body from his point. The more diminutive you imagine yourself, the bigger you will perceive the circumference of your body, which will appear to you as a big universe. At this point, meditate as follows I am the centre of my body I am the determining power therein Difficulties in the beginning should not discourage the scholar. Even if he manages it for only a few seconds at first, the seconds will become minutes by constant exercise. The limit for staying in this depth-point is five minutes. Working through this step...

Potential Negative Side Effects

While raising the kundalini is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do, it can be very worrying if kundalini energy begins manifesting prematurely. The body and mind must be energetically, mentally, and physically prepared to handle this level of energetic movement. Normally it takes several years of mental, energetic, and spiritual development and purification before it can be done with reasonable safety. A small number of people will, however, occasionally feel symptoms of kundalini energy stirring when they undertake serious energetic development of the primary circuit. This can result in spikes of energy shooting up through the lower spine, often accompanied by stinging and cramping sensations. This is not to be mistaken for the normal, often breathtaking, adrenaline-type energetic rushes up through the base center and spine associated with normal levels of secondary and primary energy movement. These energetic body rushes are completely normal symptoms for that type of...

The Path of Manifestation

Telluric Path

Many yogic practices focus on the ascent of energy. In Lesson 8 we covered the Locks or the Bhandas which help facilitate raising our energy up our spine. The ascent is an important part of every spiritual path. Learning the Bhandas also helps us contain, focus and monitor our internal energy. Actually all yogic and meditation practices raise our vibrational frequency. The question is what do we do with the energy. If we are not conscious of our bodies and the The human spiritual journey involves both raising our energy to higher frequencies and integrating this higher vibration into our bodies, perceptions, thoughts and daily activities. The ascent up the chakras is the path of enlightenment. The decent from the crown chakra down to the base of the spine is the path of manifestation. Together the ascent and the descent comprise the path of liberation. The exercises below are for the first three chakras. After doing each exercise, spend an equal amount of time simply training your...

O The Flesh Sabbat and Congress

The masked initiator then began reciting the Lord's Prayer Reversed, a chant of summoning Cain. As he began reciting, the lady turned and began arousing the Lord of the Sabbat with her hand. He then spoke the Words of the Staota, summoning to go forth into the flesh of AZ-Jeh, the great Harlot before him. All the while was the Priestess arousing herself, chanting and speaking in tongues that shadow language which beget serpents. She then called forth Lilith within the Infernal Sabbat, stroking herself with a demonic frenzy. As she recited further, the Priestess took the lady by the hair and guided her face into her gaping wound. The lady licked furiously, which sent shivers up the spine of the Priestess, who while growing in ecstasy, continued the chant to invoke Lilith.

Telepathy Explained

The pineal gland is a peculiar mass of nervous substance which is embedded in the human brain, in a position near the middle of the skull almost directly above the extreme top of the spinal column. It is shaped like a small cone and is of a reddish-gray color. It lies in front of the cerebellum, and is attached to the floor of the third ventricle of the brain. It contains a small quantity of peculiar particles of gritty, sand-like substance, which are sometimes called brain-sand. It derives its scientific name from its shape, which, as I have said, resembles a pine-cone. Physiologists are at sea regarding the function of this strange organ, and generally content themselves with the statement that its functions are not understood. But occultists know that the pineal gland, with its peculiar arrangement of nerve-cell

The Tantrik Ritual Of Inner Alchemy

First, through sexual activity and breath control the main participant would reach a state before orgasm and seek to maintain that state with the help of his or her sexual helper (s). The result of this, of course, would be the physical twitches the Tantriks call Kriyas. The sensitive assistant would watch and detect the energy as it begins to move up the spine. To prevent the energy from leaving the body, the assistant would plug the anus with material dipped in wax. The assistant would watch as the energy moved up the spine. If it seemed to stop, the assistant would pinch and poke the body to make the energy continue to rise. As it approached the head, the assistant would make sure that the head's orifices, like the anus, were plugged up at the right moment so that the energy could not escape. The result would be that the energy would end up exploding out the top of the head, through what the Tantriks called the lotus of 1000 petals, and the result would be Nirvana.

The Snake And The Mirror

The igneous snake remains enclosed within a membranous bag that is situated in the coccygeal bone, which is the bone that serves as a base for the spinal column. An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there. When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas' and the Aztec Indians practice it, then this spiritual fire snake awakens and starts its ascension through the canal of the spinal column, until reaching the head. Those who are awakening their igneous snake must help themselves with electric massages from the bottom to the top, along the spinal column. Any electric massage apparatus serves for this purpose.

The Blackout on Exit and Reentry

I went deeper toward the unconscious state, but I never got there. I felt a strange electrical-type of sensation one third of the way up my spinal column. I also became alert, and at the same time I became restless. I was on my back but my back was curved around my pillow, and I felt uncomfortable with that position. I turned over so that I was on my stomach, but I felt that my body didn't move with me Only my astral body turned I didn't let this bother or excite me, because I knew that the separation process was not finished. I knew I was half in and half out of my body.

Cool The Conflagration

This spell creates a light breeze (0 to 10 mph), similar to that produced by gust of wind but much less strong and of longer duration. The wind feels cool to the touch and may cause chills to run up and down one's spine it has little or no game effect. Create draft is often used at parties or when one wants to feel cool.

Matos Spells And Magic Anger Of Hurricane

But on the night of her fullness, the moon was tawny and obscure, with a reddish vapour about her, as if she had wrapped herself in a mantle of anger and the next dawn broke grey with storm, the wind tearing its way across the mountain spine of Italy, as if some horde of demon bandits were raiding the peasantry of the plains. The Butterfly-Net was sheltered from its rage by the crest of Posilippo but it was bitter cold in the house, and Iliel bade her maidens pile the brazier with hazel and white sandalwood and birch.

The Elemental Instructor Of The Gnostic Medic

When a Gnostic requests admittance into the Temple of the Sphinx, then, the Guardians meticulously examine him in order to see if he is worthy to deserve entrance and affiliation as a disciple into the school. Speaking in practical magical terms, this signifies that his spinal column is measured. For that purpose, the student is momentarily united with his Intimate (Spirit) and he receives the command to elongate himself in order to have his spinal column measured. Thus, if the Guardian or Tyler permits him he will then enter as a disciple into the temple.

Asana Or Posture

It should be steady and not cause discomfort of any kind. It should not make the student conscious of the body through tightness, tension, etc. It should be a normal posture in which he can sit for a long time. The Yoga prescribes certain minimum requirements in Asana, though a long rope is given when it is merely said that it is the firm and comfortable. Within the limits of the rule, one may have freedom in Asana. What are the limits The extremities of the body should be locked, and the head, neck and spine should be in a straight line. These extremities are the fingers and the toes. If they are left exposed, the electric current generated in meditation may leak into space. Also, one should not sit on the bare ground, because the earth is a conductor of electricity and the energy may thereby leak again. A non-conductor of electricity is prescribed as good material to spread on the ground. In olden days a dry grass mat was used, called the Kusa...

Concentration On The Internal Chakras

A Hatha Yogi fixes his mind on the Sushumna Nadi, the middle path in the spinal canal and on a specified centre, viz., the Muladhara or the Manipura or the Ajna Chakra. Some Yogis ignore the lower Chakras and fix their mind on the Ajna Chakra only. Their theory is that by controlling the Ajna Chakra, all the lower Chakras can be automatically controlled. When you concentrate on a Chakra, a thread-like connection is formed in the beginning between the mind and the Chakra (centre of spiritual energy). Then the Yogi ascends along the Sushumna from Chakra to Chakra. The ascent is made gradually by patient efforts. Even a mere shaking of the

Samadhi Through Hatha Yoga

Prana and Apana that move in the chest and anus respectively are united by the Yogic processes of Jalandhara, Mula and Uddiyana Bandhas and the united Prana-Apana is driven into the SushumnaNadi of the spinal canal. The Pranas, when thus driven, draw up the mind also along the Sushumna Nadi which is otherwise known as Brahma Nadi. During the ascent in the Sushumna Nadi, the three Granthis or knots, viz., Brahma-Granthi at Muladhara-Chakra, Vishnu-Granthi at Manipura-Chakra and Rudra-Granthi at Ajna-Chakra should be cut asunder by strenuous efforts. These knots prevent the ascent of Kundalini. Bhastrika Pranayama breaks down these knots. When Kula-Kundalini Sakti that lies dormant in the Muladhara-Chakra in the form of a coiled serpent with 3X curves or turns, with the face downwards is awakened by spiritual Sadhana, it ascends upwards towards Sahasrara Chakra or the thousand-petalled lotus in the crown of the head and takes along with it the mind and Prana also. When the mind is in...

When to Apply the Locks

Rootlock or mulbhand closes the lower three chakras so that the energy cannot be lost or leaked out through the base of the spine. As a consequence the energy stays in the body and can flow up the spine. As with all the locks, rootlock is done either while holding the breath in or holding the breath out. The complete rootlock is done by slightly contracting the muscles of the rectum or anal sphincter, and the sex organ and pulling the navel center in toward the spine. To identify and work with the muscles of each of the chakras, practice working with them separately. When the mulbhand is applied while retaining the breath, the two major energy flows, prana and apana are united. This generates psychic heat which triggers the release of Kundalini energy. Diaphragm lock works with the solar plexus and the heart chakra. It is actually easier to apply this lock while holding the breath out. The diaphragm muscles are pulled in and up. Start by sucking in the solar plexus, pull the muscles...

Osculum Infame the Obscene Kiss

This very act of Infernal Sex Magick, that the one performing the actual Kiss moves their tongue in the symbolic direction first of Widdernshins, counter clockwise and slowly lick and kiss the anus of the male or female. With each tongue movement, envision a great serpent rising from your spine and a power overcoming you. Each thrust of the tongue is a serpent seeking the blackened pits of darkness, that which shall lift you up into the Light of Lucifer in the Dreaming Celestrial Sabbat. The practitioners may copulate after the Obscene Kiss and sexual fluids be anointed on the Candle to represent and offering. It is suggested to pour the fluids in an offering to darkness, poured into a fetish or hole in which the sun does not touch.

Sirshasana Topsy Turvy Pose

This is very useful in keeping up Brahmacharya. It makes you Oordhvaretas. The seminal energy is transmuted into spiritual energy, Ojas-Shakti. This is also called sex-sublimation. You will not have wet-dreams, Spermatorrhea. In an Oordhvareto-Yogi the seminal energy flows upwards into the brain for being stored up as spiritual force which is used for contemplative purposes (Dhyana). When you do this Asana, imagine that the seminal energy is being converted into Ojas and is passing along the spinal column into the brain for storage.

An Interlude

Here we are on higher ground at once. The clock symbolizes the spinal column, or, if you prefer it, Time, chosen as one of the conditions of normal consciousness. The mouse is the Ego Mus, a mouse, being only Sum, I am, spelt Qabalistically backwards. This Ego or Prana or Kundalini force being driven up the spine, the clock strikes one, that is, the duality of consciousness is abolished. And the force again subsides to its original level.

The Ductless Glands

No one can really and truly observe the physiological functions of any organ under such conditions as exist in the laboratory, on the operating table, or in the dissection or vivisection chamber. To arrive at an adequate understanding one must necessarily see these organs exercising their physiological functions IN THE LIVING BODY, and that can only be done by means of spiritual sight. There are a number of organs which are either atrophying or developing the former show the path we have already traveled during our past evolution, the latter are finger posts, indicating our future development. But there is still another class of organs which are neither degenerating nor evolving they are simply dormant (spiritually) at the present time. Physiologists believe that the pituitary body and the pineal gland are atrophying because they find these organs more developed in some of the lower classes of life, such as worms, but as a matter of fact they are wrong in their ideas. Some have also...

New Magical Talents

Magical Empathy works similar to Aspectual Empathy, but for magic. In a magical place (an enchanted forest, a wizard's tower, etc.) or in the proximity of a magic user, magical item or creature, he will feel the force of magic prickling energetically on his neck, down his spine, or some such indication.

May 171992

To stretch the spine and keep you youthful and healthy Sit in easy pose with the arms stretched over your head with the palms touching. Stretch, pulling the spine, rib cage, and armpits upward. Fight gravity with your own will and keep stretching up for 3 minutes. Don't let the palms separate. (This exercise may be increased up to a total of 5 minutes, but no longer unless you have a full hour to relax afterward.) 4. To loosen up your spine and to balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain

October 9 1985

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine and put your fingertips on your shoulders. Your elbows point to each side and are at shoulder level. Close your eyes and breathing through the nose, inhale in eight strokes and exhale in eight strokes. Keep your spine straight. 5 1 2 Minutes.

Full Body Circuits

The energy-raising action used in the full-body circuit can be fairly wide it does not have to be narrowed to just the spine. Allow it to spread out as energy is raised up through your back and down over your front, narrowing it just before it flows into your sub-navel. During the above full-body circuit, as your upward-moving awareness passes your hands, draw energy through the hands and up arms as well. Raise arm energy in line with the rest of your energy from this point onward, in one fluid upward sweep. Feel your arm energy joining into the spinal energy flowing through the back of your neck. Smoothly continue this awareness action up into the crown center. Continue with the full-body circuit as given above. The only change is the addition of hand and arm energy into the flow with each upward sweep on the IN breath. Everything else stays the same.

For Creativity

Forward, palms together on the ground in front of you. This position is known as Guru Pranam (bowing to the Teacher in all things). Inhale and mentally pull the breath energy to the base of the spine. Hold the breath and let the colors of the rainbow spread up your spine, starting with red at the base, then orange, yellow, green, blue, blue-violet and going to violet at the crown of the head. Exhale and let the colors dissolve. Inhale and begin again. Continue up to five minutes. 3. After a short relaxation, sit up in easy pose, spine straight, fingers inter arm behind your back so the back of the left hand is pressed on the spine opposite the right palm. Feel the charging polarity thus set up, and begin breath of fire, breathing rapidly and vigorously through the nostrils, using the navel point as a pump. After 2 minutes, inhale deeply and hold as long as is comfortable and exhale. Meditate quietly for a few minutes with your spine straight and your hands in your lap, feeling Divine.

Locks or Bhandas

Locks or Bhandas create a posture that is maintained while the breath is held out or in. The slight movements in the muscles align the body so the energy in the spine can flow upward, not downward. Lock refers to the action performed by the locks before a dam, which prevent water, or in this case energy, from being released in a backward or downward direction. The term locks should not be interpreted as a forceful constriction. The idea is not to block the energy but to open up the spine so that the energy can flow easier and be released upward. A more gentle way to relate to the locks is to view them as ways to open up the flowers or the pedals of the lotuses along the spine.


In some forms of Taoist meditation, people are taught to visualize a stream of energy flowing in a circle that starts near the navel, travels down to the groin, up the spine, over the head, down the chest and back to the navel. Kundalini yoga teaches a similar thing, but the energy doesn't flow in a circle, it flows out through the top of the head. I don't recommend the latter method because some Taoists claim that it's dangerous to push the energy out your head.

The Act of Creation

Now form a figure, giving it the shape you want the elementary to have, such as a human form. With a large nail or other pointed object, sink a wide opening while the doll is still warm and soft. Begin with the head and move down along the spine to the feet, producing a large hollow inside the figure. Now fill this space up to the opening with a fluid condenser, and stop the opening while the figure is still soft to prevent the condenser from leaking out. Another way is to pour the condenser into the figure after it has cooled down and hardened, stopping the opening with liquid wax or with a candle. As to the treatment of magic condensers, I shall enlarge on this subject in a special chapter. If the magician intends to create the elementary for his own purposes only, he has to stop the opening of the figure with a cotton wool plug containing a few drops of his own organic prima material. This is the Alpha and Omega therefore take a few drops of your own blood or sperm. In our case,...


Moving your wand down to touch the base of the spine, allow the beam of energy to follow down along your spine. Allow (or imagine) it to continue on down to infinity. While touching base, vibrate MALKUTH (the kingdom). 21. And in the column shines the six-rayed star. (Imagine a sixpointed star centered in your spine at the level of your heart)

January 22 23 1991

Posture Sit in a comfortable position such as easy pose, making sure that your spine is straight. Meditation From the starting position, with a straight spine and eyes focused at the tip of the nose, the hands are brought together at the center of the body (similar to clapping) in two distinct and strong moves. The first move brings the hands half-way in as you chant Hummee Hum with the recessed tongue. The hands stop briefly and begin to move again as you chant Brahm Hum bringing the hands together in front of the body. When the hands move, you squeeze the anus and maintain that contraction until the hands touch and then you relax the anus, return your hands to the starting position and begin again.

Of The Race Of Atlas

Beside this voluntary death only one danger existed. As the use of Zro guaranteed life and health and youth --- a centenarian High Priest was no better than a kitten --- so did its abuse spell instant corruption of those qualities. As mentioned above, now and then the Zro itself was at fault, and caused epidemics but from time to time there were deaths in a particularly loathsome form caused by what they called misunderstanding the Zro. 15 Such mistakes were particularly common in the early days of its discovery, and before its use had become well nigh a worship. The first symptom was a crack in the skin of the temple, or sometimes of the bridge of the nose, more rarely of an eyelid or cheek. Within a few minutes this crack became one open sore, of horrid foetor, and within twenty-four hours, the patient was completely rotted away, bone and marrow. A circumstance of singular atrocity was that death never occurred until the spinal column collapsed. No treatment could be found even to...

May 211986

Begin twisting left and right from the base of your spine. Continue breath of fire. 5 1 2 Minutes. 5. Leave the apple at your navel. Lift your legs and spread them wide. Grab onto your toes and balance on your spine. Tighten your belly and press your navel up against the apple. If the posture is correct the apple will sit, if it's wrong, the apple will slip. Go to sleep in this posture. 9 Minutes. Yogi Bhajan played the gong during this meditative nap.

True Religion

Palmer, thumb out, first and middle fingers upright and two remaining fingers to palm. MICROPROSOPUS is written horizontally above the arch, Gnosis to the left and Atziluth Jezirah BRIAH Sulphur to the right in rows. Following the arch outside to the left is EIS THS . Following the arch outside to the right is GR alpha-iota-omega-nu-alpha-sigma Alpha-mu-eta-nu --- Greek is difficult to tell from Latin letters here, and the first part looks very much like aiwvas , almost Crowley's Aiwass and very possibly a subconscious inspiration for it. There is a suggestion of a nimbus about the head. The section next down is contained largely within a cloud. To the left, outside Psyche . To the right outside in rows Aziah JEZIRAH Mercury . In the center is a book held open by a right hand flat against the left page and open, palm to book, fingers extending to base of right page. At the top of this portion, just below the chin of the upper section head is the word GR eta delta-omicron-xi-alpha (the...

Being too Mental

When we walk, our heart should lead. The problem is that we have become talking and walking heads. Our body ends up being a source of transportation for our thoughts about what we think we should be doing. What happens is that our physical head actually leads when we walk and protrudes over our body even when we are eating, talking or sitting working at our computer. When our head is not evenly balanced over our spine, our posture gets out of alignment. Our body has to compensate for the weight of the head sticking out in front of the body.

Ardha Matsyendrasana


Paschimottanasana and Halasana bend the spine forwards. Dhanur, Bhujanga and Salabha Asanas are counter-poses to bend the spine backwards. This is not sufficient. It must be twisted and bent from side to side also (lateral movements). Then only perfect elasticity of the spinal column can be ensured. The Matsyendrasana serves this purpose well in giving a lateral twist to the spinal column. Place the left heel near the anus and below the scrotum. It can touch the perennial space. Do not allow the heel to move from this space. Bend the knee and place the right ankle at the root of the left thigh and rest the right foot well on the ground close to the left hip-joint. Place the left axilla or arm-pit over the top of the vertically bent right knee. Push the knee now a little to the back so that it touches the back part of the axilla. Catch hold of the left foot with left palm. Then applying pressure at the left shoulder-joint slowly twist the spine and turn to the extreme right. Turn the...


In classical occult terms I am describing a thought-form, a monster bred from the darker reccesses of mind, fed by psychic energy, clothed in imagination and nurtured by umbilical cords which twist through years of growth. we all have our personal Tunnels of Set set in our ways through habit and patterns piling on top of each other. The thought-form rides us like a monkey it's tail wrapped firmly about the spine of a self lost to us years ago an earlier version threshing blindly in a moment of fear, pain, or desire.

Nongame Ecstasy

Another typical and most rewarding phase of the First Bardo involves ecstatic energy movement felt in the spine. The base of the backbone seems to be melting or seems on fire. If the person can maintain quiet concentration the energy will be sensed as flowing upwards. Tantric adepts devote decades of concentrated meditation to the release of these ecstatic energies which they call Kundalini, the Serpent Power. One allows the energies to travel upwards through several ganglionic centers (chakras) to the brain, where they are sensed as a burning sensation in the top of the cranium. These sensations are not unpleasant to the prepared person, but, on the contrary, are accompanied by the most intense feelings of joy and illumination. Ill-prepared subjects may interpret the experience in pathological terms and attempt to control it, usually with unpleasant results. Professor R. C. Zaehner, who as an Oriental scholar and expert on mysticism should have know better, has published an account...

Kundalini Yoga

Pranayama for Awakening Kundalini When you practice the following, concentrate on the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the spinal column which is triangular in form and which is the seat of the Kundalini Sakti. Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through the left nostril till you count 3 Oms slowly. Imagine that you are drawing the Prana with the atmospheric air. Then close the left nostril with your little and ring fingers of the right hand. Then retain the breath for 12 Oms. Send the current down the spinal column straight into the triangular lotus, the Muladhara Chakra. Imagine that the nerve-current is striking against the Lotus and awakening the Kundalini. Then slowly exhale through the right nostril counting 6 Oms. Repeat the process from the right nostril as stated above using the same units and having the same imagination and feeling. This Pranayama will awaken the Kundalini quickly. Do it 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening. Increase the number...

Part Five

The study of Kundalini has gone on for thousands of years in India, so they have a much better knowledge of it than does Western science. In a base and chaotic form it is said to lie sleeping in the area of the coccyx, the tip of the tailbone. On the surface of the body this appears at the perineum, the space between the sexual organs and the anus. Through imagination, special breathing and visualization methods, special sounds or through sexual activity, this energy can be roused and sent up the spine, charging the psychic centers, the chakras, as it rises.


Asanas keep the muscles supple, the spine elastic, develop mental faculties, lung capacity, strengthen the internal organs and bestow longevity. Sarvangasana develops the thyroid gland, strengthens the lungs and the heart, and makes the spine elastic. Rolling from side to side in Dhanurasana gives very good abdominal massage. Matsyasana is good for the development of the lungs, the brain and the eyes it also strengthens the upper part of the spine. Savasana relaxes the body and the mind and gives perfect poise and rest.


Hadit is the infinitely small and omnipresent point. It is single-minded consciousness itself, the serpent kundalini coiled, latent, at the base of the spine. Hadit is complementary to Nuit, the male to her female, existence to fill her nothingness. In the sphere I am everywhere, the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star 'Come unto me' is a foolish word for it is I that go. The element that Hadit represents in ritual use is fire, and he is symbolized as a winged disk. In this Thelemic system, when Hadit aspires upward, through the spine, to Nuit, above the head, they meet and interact as Ra Hoor Khuit in the heart center. This is, according to these rituals, the place where the True Will can become manifest. 3. Touch the base of your spine with your thumb (held as above), and imagine your consciousness withdrawing to a single point at that spot. If you can, be in that spot. Vibrate the word...


Now we come to the next question, a rather serious one, in fact, that of posture. In all meditation, it is important that the spine remain erect, or at least in a reasonably straight line, not curved more than the normal, natural curve of the spine. This is essential for the energy flow in the body. But other than that, the position that you choose is of little importance other that the obvious requirements that it be comfortable and not allow you to fall asleep, which is why lying on your back is not a very good idea. Exercise 18. Think of something you would like to own. It could be a simple object, or it could be an extensive piece of property. Take a picture of it and concentrate on that picture until you can hold the image of the thing clearly in your mind for a long period of time. Once you have that clear image, intone the word Mine. Feel the sound of the word moving along your spine and filling your entire body. Keep this up for about ten minutes minimum a day.

Muladhara Chakra

Ajna Immagine Vettoriale

Muladhara Chakra is located at the base of the spinal column. It lies between the origin of the reproductory organ and the anus. It is just below the Kanda and the junction where Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis meet. Two fingers above the anus and about two fingers below the genitals, four fingers in width is the space where the Muladhara Chakra is situated. This is the Adhara Chakra (support) as the other Chakras are above this. Kundalini, which gives power and energy to all the Chakras, lies at this Chakra. Hence this, which is the support of all is called Muladhara or Adhara Chakra.

Sushumna Nadi

When we study the construction, location and function of the Spinal Cord and the Sushumna Nadi, we can readily say that the Spinal Cord was called Sushumna Nadi by the Yogins of yore. The Western Anatomy deals with the gross form and functions of the Spinal Cord, while the Yogins of ancient times dealt with all about the subtle (Sukshma) nature. Now in Kundalini Yoga, you should have a thorough knowledge of this Nadi. Sushumna extends from the Muladhara Chakra (second vertebra of coccygeal region) to Brahmarandhra. The Western Anatomy admits that there is a central canal in the Spinal Cord, called Canalis Centralis and that the cord is made up of grey and white brain-matter. Spinal Cord is dropped or suspended in the hollow of the spinal column. In the same way, Sushumna is dropped within the spinal canal and has subtle sections. It is of red colour like Agni (fire). In a general sense the Sushumna Nadi itself (gross Spinal Cord) is called Brahma Nadi because, Brahma Nadi is within...

Mind And Kundalini

Kundalini, the serpent-like coiled power that lies dormant with 3K coils with the face downwards in the Muladhara Chakra, the basal lotus at the end of the spinal column, is connected with Prana and Prana is connected with the mind. Kundalini Sakti can only be aroused when the mind is actually free from passions and desires. Sakti-Chalana or Asvani Mudra, Tadana, Pracharana all help in awakening the Kundalini. Mahabheda helps in taking the Kundalini higher up. When the Kundalini Sakti is awakened, the mind enters, along with Prana and Jiva, the Sushumna and all perceptions are in the mental space (Chidakasa). After Kundalini is awakened, Prana passes upwards through Sushumna or Brahma Nadi within the spinal cord, along with mind and Agni. The Yogin is freed from physical consciousness. You are shut out from the external objective world. As soon as Kundalini is awakened for the first time, a Yogin gets these six kinds of experiences which last for a short time, viz., Ananda (spiritual...

The Serpent

The Shakti is the red serpent, the feminine creative force which dwells at the base of the spine. She is given life by the power of the black substance, of ashen and blackened matter. Darkness is Ahriman and this is the black serpent, this is the material desire or body itself. In Ahrimanic Yoga, the Shakti joins with the Black Serpent and coils up the spine, illuminating the Chakras and the faculties of the ArchDaevas.

Other Methods

The male arouses the female by firstly caressing her spine and shoulders with the tips of his fingers, then arouses her fire with his tongue (locis muliebribus) before the union itself begins. At the height of the union, the female visualizes the desire in the manner chosen. If a phrase has been chosen to describe the desire the female may chant this rhythmically as the union proceeds to its climax, or this may be silently voiced by her in the same way.

How to Tune In

Sit with a straight spine, either in a comfortable cross-legged position on the floor or in a chair with both feet on the ground. A pillow under buttocks prevents slumping and helps keep the spine straight. Sit on natural fabric. The CHIN is slightly down and pulled back, which straightens the spine, expands the chest and opens the heart center. This is called NECK LOCK.


Your heart (right on top of left) and press them tightly against your chest. Bend forward and touch your forehead to the ground and come sitting up straight and hit your back and spine against your partner's spine. Continue at a steady pace and be careful not to hit heads with your partner. This exercise adjusts the spine. 4. Sit in easy pose, facing your partner. Put your hands around each other's neck with your arms straight and begin grinding your spine in a circular motion together with your partner. This exercise corrects menstrual problems and balances the sex glands. It also helps to prevent breast cancer. Then raise arms overhead, join them with the palms together with the Jupiter (index) finger extended and the other fingers locked over each other (as in beginner's Sat Kriya). Sit quietly and meditate on the music of the tape. Keep the spine pulled up and the arms straight. After 1 minute begin to chant loudly from the navel point. Continue chanting for 3 minutes. This kriya...


When the Kundalini awakens, it ascends along the medullar canal of the spinal column. The Kundalini opens the seven Churches of the Apocalypse of Saint John. The seven Churches are situated on the spinal column. The Sacred Fire of the Kundalini opens the seven Churches in a successive order, as it slowly ascends along the spinal canal. When they make contact in the Tribeni, near the coccyx at the base of the spinal column, the Solar and lunar Forces of the Sexual Energy have the power of awakening the Sacred Serpent in order for it to ascend along the spinal canal. The Sacred Fire, ascending along the Spinal Column, has the form of a serpent.

Ritual Intensifiers

Physical warm-up The mind is generally more at ease after a little light exercise. The exertion and increased heart rate breathing tend to oxygenate the blood, relax muscles, etc. I often use a routine of hathayoga asanas before beginning my magickal practice. My experience has been that the looser the spine, and the more relaxed the musculature, the more freely the magickal energy tends to flow.

Arm Energy Raising

Split awareness (optional) and draw energy through both hands, through the whole of both arms to the shoulders, and on up through to the back of the neck. This is where it will join with the energy stream being raised through the spine, as part of a full-body energy-raising circuit (see below).

Focus and Attention

Focus and attention are important tools to achieve optimal results. While you are doing these exercises, put your attention on the part of the spine that is moving or being activated. The energy originates in the spine and flows out through the body and into the energy field. The spine is where you will feel the flow of energy. Notice which parts of the spine feel warm or even hot and where there are no feelings or numbness. This information will indicate where your energy is flowing and where it is not. For the Kundalini to flow, the whole spine must be open. Kundalini is our vital, creative energy that flows through us all the time. The amount that flows through us determines our aliveness and awareness. The goal of practicing Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is to GRADUALLY increase the flow of energy. Many people who practice Kundalini yoga do not experience huge rushes of uncontrollable energy. Rather they experience a gradual expansion of consciousness and increase in...

The Kundalini

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is what is called sexual magic and it is mandatory for the Gnostic Medic to practice sexual magic daily, in order to transmute his semen into divine energy. Thus, the fire of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini awakes with this prescription, because this fire rips the membranous pouch in which it is enclosed. Then, it ascends upwards through a canal which is situated within the spinal medulla. This canal is called Shushumna in the east. Such a canal remains closed in the common and current people. However, the seminal vapors open it and expose it, so that the Kundalini can enter through its inferior orifice, in order to ascend upwards through a thread which is situated in the center of such a canal. In Gnosticism, we call the spinal vertebrae cannons or pyramids. Each cannon is related with determined occult powers. There exist 33 spinal cannons. When the...


(A) The base of the spine is the traditional center assigned to the Sun in Scorpio, however, in this system, we will assign it to the Moon in Scorpio, as representing the most primitive element in our pattern of experiment, or the beginning. We locate this center between the base of the spine and the anus. The magickal name of this center means Dew-blest adawning, because this is the magickal dawn of all sexual initiation.


The pressed juice of the Tobacco leaves (the leaves must be green), mixed with some fat and placed under the sun or over a gentle fire, can then be applied warm for colds, for the pubis, for pain in the side, on wounds and on tetanus, for whooping cough, on the abdomen, the spine and sacro-lumbar area for chronic diarrhea, and also on the navel of children for parasites.

Some Useful Hints

In meditation, do not strain the eyes. Do not strain the brain. Do not struggle or wrestle with the mind. It is a serious mistake. Many neophytes commit this grave error. That is the reason why they get easily tired soon. They get headache and they have to get up very often to pass urine during the course of meditation owing to the irritation set up in the micturition centre in the spinal cord. Those who meditate for four or five hours at one stretch can have two Asanas, either Padma and Vajra or Siddha and Vajra, in the beginning. Sometimes, the blood accumulates in one part of the legs or thighs and gives a little trouble. After two hours, change the Asana from Padma or Siddha Asana to Vajrasana or stretch the legs at full length. Lean against a wall or a pillow. Keep the spine erect. This is the most comfortable Asana. Join two chairs. Sit on one chair and stretch the legs on another chair. This is another contrivance.


In a sense this is true, because any posture becomes uncomfortable sooner or later. The steadiness and easiness mark a definite attainment, as will be explained later on. Hindu books, such as the Shiva Sanhita, give countless postures many, perhaps most of them, impossible for the average adult European. Others insist that the head, neck, and spine should be kept vertical and straight, for reasons connected with the subject of Prana, which will be dealt with in its proper place. The positions illustrated in Liber E (Equinox I and VII) form the best guide. footnote Here are four

Perpetual Youth

Circle your midsection (grind your digestive area) counter-clockwise and circle your hands and arms in the opposite direction. Move strongly. 4 Minutes. This is good for stomach and elimination, adjusts the spine, and balances your energy. ground, clap them together and return them to the ground. Use the strength of your spine to keep your upper body in position when your hands are off the ground. 2 Minutes.

Brainwave Meditation

Sit in easy pose or posture with a straight spine. Bring arms comfortably to the sides of the body with the elbows bent. Hands in fists with the thumb over the last three fingers, facing forward. Forefinger or Jupiter finger up straight. Hold the Jupiter finger very straight, tight and stable, without tensing the rest of the arms and body. The forearms should be perpendicular to the ground. During the meditation check the position and move the elbows forward as needed to maintain the position. Chant in a monotone, enunciating clearly and moving the mouth in a very pronounced way. (exaggerate the lip movements) Pump the navel point with each part of the mantra. (Pull the navel point toward the spine.) Once I have perfected the above I like to add a slight root lock with the pumping of the navel center, which further stimulates the fire in my spine. Pull the navel point toward the spine and release with each part of mantra. I use meditations like this to play with the energy in my...


The magical fire that transmutes the physical body is known in Tantricisrn as Kundalini and in Tibet as Fohat. It is the natural force of the evolution of man that lies latent in the Body of Light at a point that corresponds to the base of the spine in the physical body. In time, this force will cause man to blossom and grow from the human being to a divine Son of the Sun. Enochian Magick, like Kundalini Yoga, teaches that this evolutionary

Third Method

(3) Lie flat on the back with the feet under a heavy piece of furniture. Keeping the spine straight and the arms in a line with the body, rise slowly to a sitting posture, by means of the force residing in the Ajna (i.e. try to prevent the mind dwelling one any other exertion or sensation.) (6) Fix the mind on the base of the spine and then gradually move the thoughts upwards to the Ajna.