Ears Of The Messenger

Effect: The caster enchants the severed ears of an animal. Once the ritual is performed, anything said into one ear can be heard through the other, and vice versa. If the ears are moved beyond the maximum range of the enchantment — one mile, unless the mage invests additional points at the time of casting — the enchantment is broken.

Cost: 6 ritual points for the basic effect; the caster can increase this when casting the spell to give the effect a greater range (7 points for one to five miles, 8 points for six to ten, etc.).

Sympathies: This spell requires two ears from an animal, typically a pig or a sheep; this is an average connection.

Ritual: The caster slaughters an animal and severs its ears. The ears are marked with symbols for communication. The caster calls upon the spirit of the slaughtered animal to carry her words from one ear to the next.

Saving Throw: None.


the simulacrum of the creature that will bear her thoughts, while speaking to the creature and requesting its services.

Saving Throw: None


Effect: Duplicates the effects of charm person. Cost: 2 ritual points

Sympathies: Carve a heart from wax. Wrap the heart in materials belonging to the intended victim; this is a -2 weak connection.

Ritual: Heat the heart slightly while speaking the victim's name. Bind the heart with an object representing the beneficiary of the spell; unlike charm person, this ritual can be used to make the victim fall for someone other than the caster.

Saving Throw: 9 + Wisdom modifier + 1 for every additional 2 ritual points invested in the effect. This is a Will save, and if it is successful it will negate the effect.

Notes: The wax heart could also be used as a focus for mimicking emotion (friendship) or other similar spells, or for a ritual giving the caster a Charisma score bonus when dealing with the target.


Effect: The user goes into a trance, transferring her consciousness into a rat or similar creature. She is capable of controlling the actions of the beast and perceives the world through its eyes and ears. This allows her to use the creature as a spy — a more subtle form of scrying, although the creature must be able to gain access to the area the caster wishes to observe. The ritual involves creating a simulacrum of the rat. The mage can use this simulacrum to reestablish contact with the creature at a later time — so if it sneaks onto a ship, the mage does not have to get onto the ship to reestablish contact with the creature.

Cost: 9 ritual points base; if the caster is reestablishing contact with a creature that is far away, she must also pay the cost of the range modifier.

Sympathies: The ritual requires three elements: a rat or similar creature to serve as a vessel for the consciousness of the caster; a representation of the creature; and a representation of the caster's eyes and ears.

Effect: Spy on a victim from afar — mimicking the effect of the spell scrying.

Cost: 8 ritual points

Sympathies: The spell requires a representation of the target, generally either a doll or a mask. The strength of the sympathies will also affect the Scry check. It also requires a mirror or other highly reflective surface.

Ritual: Position the mirror to reflect the representation of the target. Chant an invocation requesting the mirror to reflect the target himself.

Saving Throw: None

Notes: This is a fairly bland ritual; if the caster can come up with something more imaginative, she should receive a bonus to her Scry check. Variations of this ritual could be used to mimic augury or divination; the caster asks the mirror to show some sign of the future of the target, and the answer is reflected through a visual image.

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