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Figure 23

ion"), but these symbols might equally stand for SEX for the same reasons. This leads us a bit further into the area of philosophical and psychological cognition and evaluation. If, for example, you consider LOVE as an all-embracing principle (which need not necessarily be endorsed by everybody!), you could perhaps choose this sigil: (co) . HATE could then—for you—be its negation (for example: ) or its dissolution: .

For you, JOY might be the bundling of energies into ecstasy:

, or else it could be the blowing up or

overcoming of fetters:«

You will note that the construction of your own Alphabet of Desire demands not only a lot of thinking and intuition but great effort and hard work as well.

Let us now discuss the advantages and the possible applications of this sigil language before we tackle the second construction method of such an alphabet.

First of all, dealing with the Alphabet of Desire trains symbolic thinking and perception. This is of special importance for ceremonial magic, but it also enhances any work with omens and symbolism in general. As is well known, the ceremonial magician operates with a great variety of symbols, glyphs and images (pentagram, hexagram, elemental weapons, figures of archangels, etc.), even if s/he may generally prefer sigils like the ones here described. Moreover, symbol-logical thinking is of importance in any magician's work, regardless which system s/he uses.12 By working with images instead of intellectual concepts (even if our glyphs might stand for these concepts), we activate our unconscious and the source of our personal Magis.

But the real value of the Alphabet of Desire lies in two different qualities of energy that exist while we are using it. Both can be explained only to a point in everyday language, which is why I must beg you to accept the following remarks as nothing more than a tentative approach towards something essentially ineffable.

To start with, we should keep in mind that repetition of certain techniques rarely fails to impress the unconscious, vide the effects of positive thinking, autosuggestion, autohypnosis and Mantra usage. Our mantric sigils work on the same principle. By the Alphabet of Desire, we create an arsenal of reusable sigils which are implanted anew and additionally with each operation. Spare, for example, developed the sigil for the introduction of will ("1 desire" =

), which he then combined with other parts of his sentences of desire. This may suffice as an example of reusable sigils. Since we cannot deal with the whole of Spare's magical philosophy here, I don't want to go further into his numerous abstract sigils, which can only be understood in connection with his rather complex system (e.g., sigils for the "empirical Ego" or the "possessive Being"). However, it must be men tioned that there is far more to a symbolic language than a purely mechanical collation of nouns mounted in images. You will also need verbs like "doing," "healing," "destroying," etc., and conjunctions like "and," "therefore," "but," etc., will prove themselves very useful in practical work. As to these latter glyphs, Spare employed sigils (or, rather, more accurately, parts of sigils) such as

(for plural forms), etc. Let us assume that you want to perform a sigil operation with the following sentence of desire:


Let us further assume that for the particles of the sentence "This my wish," "Health," "Strength" and "to obtain" you have already developed finished sigils such as the following:



All that remains now is an individual sigil for your patient B., which you might develop by employing the word method. Let us assume you have obtained the following glyph: QQ •

Now we have the whole image or glyphical text:

You may put a frame around it:

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