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This would be the finished sigil or, more accurately, the sigil sentence. Activation/internalizing follows the usual method. Theoretically, the several parts of the sigil may be merged and simplified even more, but this effort would hardly be justified. A simple sigil developed with the word or pictorial method would work quite as easily without all this bother. The demand for the preferably most simple end sigil finds its limitations here.

Last, but not least, the Alphabet of Desire may be applied like all the other types of sigils discussed here, a point which pleases many a magician (dependent on temperament). Its possibilities are not exhausted in the slightest by this. In general, it can be said that the Alphabet of Desire should not so much serve concrete success magic but enhance experience (and creation) of oneself, of the internal universe and of its structure in images. Since the Alphabet of Desire will most likely consist of philosophical terms like "truth," "cognition," "karma," etc., with which the unconscious is less familiar because of their abstract quality, a repeated or multiple usage of the sigils of the alphabet will, as experience has shown, assure success more surely than when used with the more uncomplicated sigils discussed before.

Spare himself has made a point in his Book of Pleasure (p. 50, comment 3) that different methods of constructing sigils will activate different levels of the psyche. Unfortunately, he failed to enlarge on this any further. In practice, you will see that this is certainly the case in that different methods of constructing and charging sigils have a dissimilar feel to them, which means that they have different energy qualities. In my opinion, it is as yet too early to develop hierarchical structure and graded models for the theory of sigils at this stage of exploration as long as there is not enough empirical material available covering, as it should, the experiences of a large variety of sigil magicians. Most likely, as with the structuring principles explained in this chapter, a far more personal, individual schema will be called for in this area. But only time will tell.

Let us now take a look at the association technique for constructing the Alphabet of Desire and its function as a mirror of the psyche.

The Alphabet of Desire as a Mirror of the Psyche

The technique of association is basically a mixture of automatic writing, pictorial method and meditation/intuition. From the very beginning we can do without a scheme of order like the one we have seen in the last section. Instead, we will proceed according to situation, meaning that we will develop our sigil alphabet as we go along, combining the process with a bare minimum of conscious construction. Of course, we will employ some rationale in places, but generally we will proceed "chaotically" (one could even say "organically") rather than utilizing ratiocination, let alone deliberation. Let us look at two examples.

1st Example

You want to succeed on an academic examination by magical means. Your sentence of desire could be formulated like this: "THIS MY WISH TO PASS

MY EXAMINATION WELL." Because you are fond of experimenting, you decide to use the Alphabet of Desire and develop it with the association technique. You get into a state of active meditation where you "implant" your questions. Which questions? There will be several because you will need a series of different sigils; one for the segment "THIS MY WISH," another one for "EXAMINATION," one for "TO PASS," and one for "WELL." (In a symbolic language like this, usually you may abandon "MY" with impunity. Keep in mind that the language should always be kept as simple as possible anyway so as to enhance its symbolism and be nearer to its symbol-logic rationale.)

Now concentrate on the question of which sigil you should use in the future for the words "THIS MY WISH." Keep your pen on the paper and close your eyes. (If you prefer, you may write the words in capital letters at the top of the paper.) Empty your mind, thus creating a state of non-thinking. (If you want to proceed precisely and carefully, you might as well construct a mantrical sigil for your question and take it into your state of heightened awareness, achieving the latter by prolonged chanting.) After a while, the pen in your hand will start moving, seemingly by itself. When the movement stops, return from your meditation trance and open your eyes. You may find nothing but a scribble since your unconscious has yet to get acquainted with this method of communication. Here again, the completion of the Alphabet of Desire requires a great deal of patience and effort. Repeat this procedure until you are satisfied with the result. You don't have to scribble on the paper for hours; a few minutes will do. You may also cut around parts of the "scribbling" and form a sigil as in Figure 24:


Figure 24

Admittedly, this sigil might not seem very simple, but you are free to experiment until you come across a more satisfying form. But do not, I repeat, do not try to control the process consciously!

Repeat this procedure with the other segments of the sentence. Let us assume that eventually you obtain the results of Figure 25.


You probably have noticed that these examples bear a certain resemblance to signatures and glyphs known from medieval books of spells. Perhaps, then as today, people were fond of employing the technique of automatic writing for their construction.

You should keep the sigils obtained by this method in a special "dictionary" for later use.

2nd Example

Suppose that some time later you wish to get a proper job (perhaps for the time after your examination, which you have, of course, passed). However, you don't want to specify the precise type and location (company, department, etc.) of your job in order to retain a certain element of choice. Thus, you may formulate:


The words "A" and "TO GET" are not really needed. Your experience with the Alphabet of Desire is beginning to pay off, for now you will need only two additional sigils, one for "JOB" and another for "PROPER," the others having been construed already in your previous working.

By the same method as before, you may obtain the following sigil for "JOB": Nf . (Since "well" and "proper" can mean the same thing, basically, you may again use the sigil from the last example: .)

The material available for the construction of your sigil is shown in Figure 26.



Figure 26

In time, you will spend less and less effort on constructing (or "receiving") single sigils because your arsenal or sigil dictionary will grow larger and larger. This is one of the main advantages of this method, which also provides for regular and direct communication between consciousness and the unconscious. Unlike the structuring method explained earlier, you can do without schemes of order and can obtain sigils on an ad hoc basis, providing yourself with the possibility of using the list of your sigils as a mirror of the psyche even more effectively than the most carefully kept Magical Diary. Once you have marked several dozens or hundreds of sigils along with their respective meanings in your "dictionary," you have also acquired a complete overview of your magical work to date. This might sound a bit trivial, but if you take a look at your list after three or four years of practice, working it through systematically, you will be surprised how much inside information it actually contains. This will beat many a meditation session!

You should also meditate frequently upon the following: do most of your sigils really correspond to what you want from life and magic? (Have a look at the frequency with which you use them by keeping a tally.) Do you notice any imbalance? Which terms/ aims appear least frequently? What should, according to your personal philosophy, be emphasized, at least theoretically? What is missing? Which emotions have you avoided and why? Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone by combining pragmatic-empirical practice with individual ethics.

The Alphabet of Desire is at its best when it comes to usefulness and variety of applications, and not only, as already mentioned, in the areas of self-recognition, growing knowledge and self-analysis but also in working with what Spare tagged "Atavistic nostalgia." The next chapter will be dedicated to this most fascinating aspect of sigil magic.

Chapter 7

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