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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

The Origins Of The Doctrine

So we may conclude that it is possible the natural activity of this organ generated a parallel between the destiny of Archetypal Man and that of its natural representation, in the minds of the earliest thinkers of Humanity. It is also possible that this rapport was established unconsciously, without this parallel being actively envisaged and examined, by the singular fact of the important role that the sexual aspect plays in human nature. In this case, it would be the subconscious sexual activity which would be at the origin of this metaphysical conclusion , the fall of Archetypal Man, resulting in a theory of creation The fact should certainly not be rejected out of hand. When the man of flesh is completely freed from the slavery of the senses and of desire, he will no longer fight against them, and his indifference will lead to their repression. Then all physiological sexual activity will disappear,

The Circle Chant of Tracing

Male Fallen Angels

At the moment of male orgasm, anoint the sigil accordingly, when the partner has reached orgasm some of the fluid should be collected and consecrated upon the sigil as well. Both practitioners' must stay focused during and after the copulation, within the circle which is cast as the collection point of such energy, thus charging the daemon accordingly.

Sexual Magick And Transformation

The Luciferian Magick

The preparations for Sexual Magick are as systematic as any other workings, take note that discipline and self-imposed isolation is essential for initiation before working with another. While your actual work may be very loose and hermetic, the preparation should be disciplined. Firstly, know what your goal is - the very aim of the working. Will you seek orgasm or will you use the method of Karezza, being excitement to the brink of orgasm and then focusing that energy on your goal, then allowing a mental release rather than a physical orgasm. Second, when practicing the rite, allow your mind to stay focused on the goal, not the pleasure itself. If it a solitary working, keep your thoughts focused on the object or goal. Although Luciferian Witchcraft and Sorcery holds many ciphers and symbols, in the circle it is merely you and the Gods Goddesses and Daemons which you have given power to - nothing else.

Sigils Methods 2 Matos Spells And Magic

When the sigil is ready, it is activated by implanting it into the psyche. This is the most difficult part in this process, and Spare offers only very few hints on practical procedures. However, it is crucial that the sigil is internalized in a trance of sorts. This may take place in a state of euphoria (for example, by means of drugs), in ecstasy (for example, sex magically by masturbation, sexual intercourse or a ritual), or in a state of physical fatigue. For the latter example, eyes and arms may be tired by the magician folding his her arms behind the head while standing in front of a

The Magical Trance Activating the Sigils

Having finished the sigil with much effort, go to bed with it. Masturbate and, during sexual climax, concentrate on the graphic sigil. If you have a well-trained imagination, you might as well visualize the sigil, but beginners are advised to stare at the glyph with widely opened eyes. It is crucial that you place the sigil in front of your eyes during orgasm. One may argue endlessly about sexual ethics and or sexual fears, but it is an undeniable fact that sigils are best internalized in the easiest, speediest and least problematical way during sexual climax. We will get to know various other methods, too, but experience has shown that orgasm provides the most effective of magical trances. Debauchees with glittering eyes may, however, be warned that this branch of sexual magic has little or nothing to do with sexual fun. In the past, when it was still trendy to work with sacrifices of all sorts, it was common to speak of sacrificing the orgasmic lust on the altar of Transcendence,...

Preparational Meditation

If the meditation has had a degree of success to this point, this step should have definite physical and psychic results. Try to vary the width of this current of light until it fills your entire body as it passes through you. Complete success should feel like an orgasm throughout your entire body. It should not be concentrated in any specific area. The orgasmic bliss resulting from this meditation is exactly the same bliss that you will encounter in ZIP and is but a foretaste of what awaits you in ARN. It is the Amrita of the Tantras and the Ananda of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is caused by the so-called Body of Bliss, the spirit body that is behind above the causal body.

Here Follows Some Psychometaphysics

DISORDER is simply unrelated information viewed through some particular grid. But, like relation , no-relation .is a concept. Male, like female, is an idea about sex. To say that male-ne88 is absence of female-ne88 , or vice versa, is a matter of definition and metaphysically arbitrary. The artificial concept of no-relation is the ERISTIC PRINCIPLE.

Transcript of Lecture by Yogi Bhajan

In the next twelve to fourteen years you will be needed by the world. It does not matter who one is today, or to whom one belongs people's minds are going to go empty. In the Piscean Age, which is going to end, the main need was for knowledge, for creative legacy. That's why in the Piscean Age sex was taboo it was monitored, matured, glorified. Sex and sensuality were considered the primary attractions. Beauty was physical and people pursued each other. Sexual intercourse was the orientation of relationship and it reached the point of obnoxious duality perversion became very prominent. Who had sex with who Who wants who Who chased who Who is nude Who is more nude You understand There's a competition going on. You see all our magazines it's a human joke. And when a race of humans starts making mockery of themselves openly and

Lesson Ten How the Hoodoo Can Have Lifelong Success as a Reader and Advisor

It is not nccessary to have large temples for the working of this divine faith, for in most instances, we make a little ternple in our homes and this is where the spirits come and dwell and share with us the daily life that we have come to love, including the routines of getting up and going out to work. After a while you will find that you are growing deeper and deeper into the faith of Lucky Hoodoo, for the spirits are teaching you more and more things. They will teach you new ways to heal the ill, to make the poor more successful, and they will teach you how to attract and help others in their love and sex life. In all of this, they the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo are your masters and adept-teachers. When they wish to give you new knowledge, they really will. When they wish to teach you more and more, they will, they will always know when you are ready.

Satanic Copulations Transformation of Therionick Desire

Lilith And Samael

Within this grimoire text you will find fictional, inspirational and practical elements of exploring sexual sorcery. The utmost importance of any working however is safe sex. You should communicate and discuss workings with your partner, do not leave any subject untouched within sexual magick and ensure that both partners are completely clear of their direction, needs wants and focus. Do not explore sex magick without the responsibility of practicing Safe Sex.

Chap xliv The Composition of some fumes appropriated to the Planets

Vertue is sent, and Communicated from the trunk to the twig graffed grafted into it, by way of contact and alligation so in the female Palme tree, when she comes neer to the male, her boughs bend to the male, and are bowed which the gardeners seeing, bind ropes from the male to the female, which becomes straight again, as if it had by this continuation of the rope received the vertue of the male. In like manner we see, that the cramp-fish being touched afar off with a long pole, doth presently stupify stupefy the hand of him that toucheth it. And if any shall touch the sea Hare with his hand or stick, doth presently run out of his wits. Also if the fish called Stella starfish , as they say, being fastned fastened with the blood of a Fox and a brass nail to a gate, evill medicines can do no hurt. Also it is said, that if a woman take a needle, and beray it with dung, and then wrap it up in earth, in which the carkass carcass of a man was buryed buried , and shall carry it about her in...

Aleister Crowley Magick Without Tears

The use of sexual techniques to aid in invocations, evocations or traveling in the Spirit Vision is, in the last analysis, an option that you will have to decide for yourself. Similarly the decision to practice Magick alone or with one or more partners is a personal one which you must make for yourself. Sexual techniques for magical operations are not essential nor should they always be preferred over other methods. Sex is a magical weapon that is inherent in your magical arsenal. If you choose to use it or ignore it, then so be it. Either choice has its karmic consequences as well as its dangers and benefits.

Sex Magick Ritual For A Couple

Let both participants be aware that a magickal act, a spiritual act, is about to be performed, not just a common act of sexual intercourse. STEP SEVEN. When both people are ready, begin actual sexual intercourse (penis in vagina). As you continue caressing, for a few moments there should be no thrusting motions on the part of either participant. post copies of your sigil all over the room. No matter where you look, no matter what position you are in, you must be able to see a copy of the sigil. Place as much concentration as possible on the symbols. Continue to orgasm. If the couple has been together for a while and both know each other's sexual responses, it would be best if both could orgasm at about the same time, although the so-called mutual orgasm is not necessary. 1. The length of time of actual penis-in-vagina intercourse is not critical, but there must be enough time allowed to build up the energy which is released with the symbolic thought at the moment of the active...

Suggested use in Ritual Magick

With a female who is able to achieve orgasm the male or dominant in the circle should begin licking the female until aroused, at this moment he or she should work one finger inside while licking the clitoris with rhythmic movements, gently rocking the female. The male will more than likely be able to move one more finger within the female, slowly reaching deep to the hilt this allows a strong rhythmic pattern. With each thrust the dominant and passive participants will be able to focus on the goal of the working. The female will no doubt reach the orgasm first, or reach to the brink so that the male (if present) will be able to engage in intercourse. Both should focus on reaching orgasm together during the working, so both states of ecstasy may be focused on the goal of the working.

Matos Spells And Magic 30 Seconds Ritual

This does not mean that you should have sex with a person other than your regular partner using sex magick as an excuse In fact, I would suggest that you do not do so unless you have told your partner about it and have your partner's approval. And this approval should not come through teeth biting lips due to anger and jealousy. Remember, honesty is vital to a magician. This means that if you do not have a partner or if you have your partner's willing permission, it is allowable to work with another person when doing sex magick. Please note that what I am saying here is not a license to have sex with anybody because you are doing magick while having sex. Rather, I am saying that certain forms of magickal ritual, including sex magick rituals, can be done with a partner other than one you are involved with in a love relationship. One of the traditional secrets of alchemy is that the process of taking your basic material and heating it must be very slow and take days or even weeks to...

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Appendix To Chapter Iv

Medical students will find a more explicit interpretation of the diagrams considered in the earlier part of the chapter, especially Plates XI, XVI, XVII, XVIII, in medical works which describe the sexual act. The publications of the Jew, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, founder of the notorious sexual institute in Berlin and later in Paris and London, give a full description. 4 Fit excitatio sexualis suprema Orgasmus. Orgasmus H, Inferior He Asiah Material With the aid of five elaborate diagrams in colour, Hirschfeld explains the ten steps or paths in the sexual act from the reception through the senses of the erotic impression to the completion of the act. In Plate XIX, we reproduce in simplified form the chief features of Hirschfeld's figure op. cit. p. 17). The Latin equivalents of Hirschfeld's terms to which the numbers in Plate XIX refer are given below, together with the corresponding kabbalistic names.

Passionflower In Spells

PERIWINKLE Love within marriage, mental powers, and money. Carry to obtain grace, attract money, and protect against snakes and poison. Use in magickal workings to restore lost memory. Burn with love incense before having sex with your wife or with husband. (Note Can be poisonous, so please use with caution.)

Who Practice Grey Magick Spells In India

This is a method of controlling sexual energy via the mind during sexual excitation and orgasm. This may not sound difficult, but it actually requires you to concentrate on something while you are in a state of consciousness where directed thinking is very difficult. This will be explained later, including how to overcome the problem. Today's marriage manuals are nothing more than sex books giving various positions for sexual intercourse and other sexual activity. In ancient China these were known as Pillow Books. But marriage manuals were not always such. Many hardly even mentioned sex, limiting discussions to philosophy and simple psychology. This was primarily due to the cultures wherein these books were written and to the censorship rules of that society. The Holy Letter also mentions that aspect of sex magick which I term Thought Control. This type of sex magick maybe the most palatable for people from Western cultures. The Holy Letter states, According to the...

The Controversial Chapter Activation Techniques

Prolonged sexual experiences are very good activators. Delaying orgasm for periods of an hour or more can produce a very intense altered state. This combined with yoga techniques, in the context of a congruent ritual can be very powerful. Practice this with all the care and respect that you would the other activators. ( I've kept this brief because there are several fine books now in print dealing with just this subject. Omar Garrison's Tantra the Yoga of Sex is quite good. Robert Anton Wilson's Sex and Drugs provides some good, entertaining general information.)

Deliberate Creation of Elementals

Here we have to deal with a phantom of eroticism the birth of such a phantom - if one may use the expression of birth at all - takes place in the face, the beautiful body of a living person, sometimes only a photo, a pornographic illustration or something similar with the purpose of provoking the lust, the sexual instinct, regardless of the person belonging to the female or male sex. Provided anyone being in love, having no opportunity at all of satisfying his personal longing, the stronger and more vehement this yearning will grow, and at the same time the phantom's insinuations will become stronger, because it is thriving entirely on thoughts of yearning. The more the concerned person tries to resist this unsatisfied love, the more obtrusive the phantom will become. At first it will turn up in dreams and allow is victim to revel in the most delightful transport of love. A little later it will provoke the sexual instinct and allow sexual intercourse in the victim's dreams. The...

Dream Power And Shadow Stuff

Many persons wish to control others for purposes of love and sex. I wish to say that these are the easiest ways in which to get the cooperation of the Hoodoo spirits, for they favor the release of much sexual energy on the surface of our planet, because when this happens mankind is happier and more peaceful. In Hoodoo the spirits teach that mankind's problems are due to a lack of love, especially sexual love. If there was more sexual love, they say, there would be no more wars, crimes, or other hostile actions. It is because man stores up in himself so much sexual energy that he wishes to commit crimes and cause wars, but actually he only needs to make love and then he is very much at peace with everything and everyone. If you wish to control the mind of another person in order to get a better job or money, then you must be prepared to have sex with that person, for the spirits of the control-work family are also the spirits of sexual love. If any person wishes to control another...

Yogakundalini Upanishad Introduction

The causes of the diseases in the body are seven. 1. Sleeping during the daytime. 2. Late vigils overnight. 3. Excess of sexual intercourse. 4. Moving amidst crowds. 5. The effect of unwholesome food. 6. Checking of the discharge of urine and faeces. 7. Laborious mental operations with the Prana.

Folklore From The Sierra Nevada

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw it without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). Whosoever renounces fornication and practices this secret daily, living a holy life, will also be converted into a God of Nature and into a Medic-Magician.

O The Flesh Sabbat and Congress

The lady was suddenly thrown into a state of complete desire, lust and demonic sexual fury. She began pounding back on the rock hard member of the Devil, who grew in his excitement. His chants grew louder as he rose to a climax. The Priestess who was the Mask of Az-Lilith moved her mask ever so slightly to tongue the teeth of the skull, when the orgasm hit her. She felt the atmosphere explode and with her great shuddering she imagined a serpents' tongue slithering out of her swollen hole and lick the tongue of the lady which brought her to orgasm. As the serpents tongue danced with her blood came out with it, the envisioned result of the Staota invoking the gift of Az, the lady opened her eyes, near Cumming herself while she spat this elixir which was coppery and old into the skull bowl. She nearly choked as she tried hard to gather as much of this fluid in her mouth as she could. At this moment the Devil of the Sabbat pulled out and stood up, the lady turned her blood filled mouth...

Thou art my husband till it be light

Throughout this course I have stressed the idea that a magician takes responsibility for his or her actions. Therefore, if you decide that you wish to have more than one sexual partner, you must accept the responsibility for that action. If you choose to share bodily fluids with your partners, you must also accept the responsibility for that action.

The Tantrik Ritual Of Inner Alchemy

Continue in the same manner. Use the toys you have brought. If either of you nears orgasm, slow down STEP NINE. If the woman achieves one or more orgasms, fine. If the man approaches orgasm, let him use the control techniques given earlier in this lesson. STEP ELEVEN. You may then have regular intercourse or engage in other sexual activity. The alchemical Elixir produced will be very strong for a period of 15 minutes, and although it is not necessary for this ritual, you are urged not to waste it. For most people, orgasms tend to be a brief climax which only resolves the immediate buildup of sexual energy. Only rarely is it a true, total release. The MahaTantra experience is that ultimate, desired super-orgasm wherein your entire body seems to release the pent-up tension of years. Generally it lasts for only 20 seconds to two minutes, but it may seem like it lasts for hours. It is feelings of joy, power, release, excitement, contentment, unity with all of being one with the...

The Snake And The Mirror

The Indians are accustomed to always wear bracelets made with the skins of snake. The Arhuaco 'Mamas' from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta remain entire hours sexually connected with their wives and they withdraw in the moment when they feel the approaching of the spasm, in order to avoid the spilling of the semen. In other words, they do not terminate the sexual act, because they suppress the orgasm. This is how they awake their 'igneous snake'. On the rocky patios of the Aztec Temples, young people from both sexes (couples) remained naked, caressing themselves and connecting sexually. This was done during the period of entire months without never consummating the sexual act (without reaching the orgasm). This is the way they were transforming themselves into Medic-Magicians, by awakening the power of their igneous snake. An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there. When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas'...

The Chamber of the Serpent

The male in question was dressed in a tight fitting latex body suit and masked with a hangman's hood. He was able to speak and to see, yet he was unable to have intercourse or even arouse himself with the restraint of the latex. He was bound by two wrist cuffs made of a sturdy Velcro, while the ankles were let loose with no restraints. A spiked collar was tightly around the male participants neck, with a silver utility chain fastened to it. One female witch held the chain upon attaching it to the male, while the other looked on with her riding crop in hand. None had spoke at all once the chamber was entered, as silence was the law of the Working. They sought to invoke the aspect of Lilith in each of them, that Az would manifest in the dominance of both females and the male would seek this inferno by not being able to have sex, merely experiencing pain and lust by both females. The second every thrust and the witch felt as though she was controlling every breath which entered her...

The Church of Thyatira

The Counsel and Warning is against false teachers, fornication and meat offered to idols. These warnings can be understood in two distinct ways. Firstly, they are a warning against contact with the World of the Archons. False teachers, Fornication (not sex per see but sex with those of the Fallen world) and meat offered to idols (Fallen Gods) - all images or facets of the fallen system. In a more esoteric manner, these images can be related to fallen aspects of ourselves. The False teachers are forces within the Psyche which would draw the Gnostic back into the World of the Archons. Fornication is the internal desire for union with worldly things and food offered to idols represents false Gods or idols we may have within our own psyche. How many Gnostics are still beguiled by internal demands for fame, money, achievement, material gain etc.

Consciousness And Transformation

Pushu - the first level of initation, where one is overcome with desire and lust. Here Adamu should be a guide towards the foundations of practice. Utilize the tool of the Daemonic Feminine, Lilith, as understanding the deeper desires of your mind and body. Lilith is the mother which leads you to isolation but fills your spirit with self-reliance and strength from within. The mystery is revealed that Lilith is within, the very Red matter of ash formed to divinity. Ahriman is the Beast of the Masculine, that which creates and expands it's will, Sexual Magick should be a tool of discovering these aspects and grasping them to manifest your will and become that which you seek. In this level of initation, the initiate should restrict sexual activity for a self-

Promiscuous Spell Magic

As a magician, I believe that everbody is entitled to have sex any way he or she desires, as long as it does not involve the coercion of anyone else. If you are straight, gay, celibate or promiscuous if you are into B&D, S&M or just about anything else, that's fine with me as long as you do not coerce someone into something they do not wish to do. Freedom, responsibility and honesty should be a magician's guide. For that matter, these ideas should guide any person's actions. Unfortunately, various organizations of dubious worth coerce people into various sexual situations. One organization I am familiar with has the leader determine sexual partners. This includes having to be in an adjacent room while your mate has intercourse with another person. This allows you to hear every sound. Another organization I know of preaches strict celibacy. Married members are only allowed to have sex once a month, and that only for the purpose of procreation. However, I know that many members of The...

Instructions For Sexual Visions

O (name), At this time you may see visions of mating couples. You are convinced that an orgy is about to take place. Desire and anticipation seize you, You wonder what sexual performance is expected of you. When these visions occur, Remember to withhold yourself from action or attachment. Humbly exercise your faith. Float with the stream. Trust the process with great fervency. Meditation and trust in the unity of life are the keys. If you attempt to enter into your old personality because you are attracted or repulsed, If you try to join the orgy you are hallucinating, You will be reborn on an animal level. You will experience possessive desire and jealousy, You will suffer stupidity and misery. If you wish to avoid these miseries Listen and recognize. Reject the feelings of attraction or repulsion. Remember the downward pull opposing enlightenment is strong in you. Meditate upon unity with your fellow voyagers. Abandon jealousy, Be

Publication in Class A Imprimatur N Fra A A

WEH NOTE The manner of sacrifice is veiled. This is a ritual of sexual sacrifice, not murder. There are suggestions that the sexual act involved both homosexual and heterosexual acts illegal in England at the time of the writing, hence it is characterized under a metaphor of child sacrifice . See also the Paris Working and Vision and Voice.


My mom used to take me to the public library and let me wander around while she picked out books. Of course, I'd go straight for the science books there too. But in the public library, children's books were mostly story books. So I would wander around the adult section and look for science books. I remember one day when I stumbled into the anatomy section of the adult books. I wonder what my parents would have said if they found out I knew all about sex and the reproductive system at the age of six I remember arguing with other six-year-olds about where babies came from. They insisted on storks and cabbage-patches, and I just couldn't talk any sense into them.

The Choanes

Now, beloved reader, do you want to know the formula in order to convert yourself into a God This is the formula Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is the clue in order for you to convert yourself into a God. Yet, to become a perfect saint is an indispensable requirement for you.


Regarding abortion in non-life threatening and non-rape cases, the critic argues that when a woman voluntarily has sex, and accidentally gets pregnant, she is partially responsible and this partial responsibility gives the fetus a right to her body. Thomson replies that if reasonable contraception precautions are taken, then the woman does not give the fetus a right to her body. Thus, abortion will be wrong only in those cases where pregnancy is intentional.

Gnostic Prayer

Let us put ourselves aside from the Spiritists and let us advance upon the theme. What is important is for a man to learn to love, to adore the woman, to delight in the joy of sex without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). Man was made for the woman, and vice versa, the woman for the man. Male and female sexually unite with the divine difference of not ejaculating the semen (without reaching the orgasm), by learning how to withdraw in time, by separating themselves from the brutish ones.


The dog ate the cat. 1. there is something called a cat. 2. there is something called a dog. 3. the dog is capable of eating. 4. the cat is capable of being eaten. 5. the writer of the sentence believes that s he has enough sensory evidence to make the statement. 6. it took place in the past. Dangerous Hallucinations that the dog was bigger than the cat. That the dog gained nutrition from the cat. That the speaker, for instance, was not using American slang to describe an interspecies sex act.

The Crowley Society

Despite (some say because off) this attitude, many Society members are powerful Initiates. A favorite ritual practice of theirs is to share control over their bodies with a spirit in partial or total possession (see p. 85) while intricate sexual acts are performed. The spirits are able to enjoy these pleasures, and many of them become quite loyal (some would say addicted) to their material partners. The members are devoted to such spirits as Dionysus, Pan, and others wild entities. It is rumored that the followers also consort with In-Betweeners such as the Cat People (see p. 100).

Interlude A Goattale

Anyway, this guy and his wife had sex about once a month. They got it over with quickly and got a good night's sleep so that they could wake up bright and early to go to their 'upwardly mobile' jobs. He was some kind of executive. His job consisted, as far as I could tell, of creating a favorable image for himself, to impress others with. And, of course, being the exemplary kind of guy that he was, it came to him easily. This excellent image had served him well all his life. It got him through school, it got him his lovely, long-legged wife, it got him the good jobs that he wanted. He was so good at this job that it even fooled him. So many other people thought that he was exemplary, whatever that meant, and told him so, that he began to believe it himself. In fact, I wonder if there was ever a time when he doubted it. That is, until the time when he was denied a promotion. He really thought that he would get it it had seemed that he was the only qualified person for the job. And,...

Of The Invocation

It is impossible to lay down rules for the obtaining of this special stimulus. To one the mystery of the whole ceremony may appeal another may be moved by the strangeness of the words, even by the fact that the barbarous names are unintelligible to him. Some times in the course of a ceremony the true meaning of some barbarous name that has hitherto baffled his analysis may flash upon him, luminous and splendid, so that he is caught up unto 129 orgasm. The smell of a particular incense may excite him effectively, or perhaps the physical ecstasy of the magick dance.

The Fool

Quality which engages our attention is doubtless His innocence. Not without deep wisdom is He called Twin of Horns and this is the Aeon of Horus it is He who sent forth Aiwass His minister to proclaim its advent. The Fourth Power of the Sphinx is Silence to us, then, who aspire to this power as the crown of our Work, it will be of utmost value to attain His innocence in all its fulness. We must understand, first of all, that the root of Moral Responsibility, on which man stupidly prides himself as distinguishing him from the other animals, is Restriction, which is the Word of Sin. Indeed, there is truth in the Hebrew fable, that the knowledge of Good and Evil brings forth Death. To regain Innocence is to regain Eden. We must learn to live without the murderous consciousness that every breath we draw swells the sails which bear our frail vessels to the Port of the Grave. We must cast out Fear by Love seeing that every Act is an Orgasm, their total issue cannot be but Birth. Also, Love...

Sexual Visions

Sexual visions are extremely frequent during the Third Bardo. You may see or imagine males and females copulating. According to Jung. ( Psychological Commentary to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Evans-Wentz edition, p. xiii), Freud's theory is the first attempt made in the West to investigate, as if from below, from the animal sphere of instinct the psychic territory that corresponds in Tantric Lamaism to the Sidpa Bardo. The vision described here, in which the person sees mother and father in sexual intercourse, corresponds to the primal scene in psychoanalysis. At this level, then, we begin to see a remarkable convergence of Eastern and Western psychology. Note also the exact correspondence to the psychoanalytic theory of the Oedipus Complex. This vision may be internal or it may involve the people around you. You may hallucinate multi-person orgies and experience both desire and shame, attraction and disgust. You may wonder what sexual performance is expected of you and have doubts...

Lesson Ten421

Sexuality Cults and Preventing Sexual Manipulation Sex Magick Techniques Including Thought Control, Inner Alchemy and Outer Alchemy The Holy Letter, Wilhelm Reich The Potent Orgasm, the Subconscious and Symbols A Sex Magick Ritual for a Couple The Place of Comfort Notes on the Ritual Sex Magick Divinatory Techniques The Yoni Mudra Eroto-comatose Lucidity The Position Known as The Crow Separating Love and Sex Alchemy and Sex Magick Karezza Male Ejaculation Control and Multiple Orgasm The Masters and Johnson Squeeze Technique Conception Vessel One The Magickal Elixir The Powers of the Moon The Mass of the Holy Ghost Truths About Tantra and Kundalini Yoga The Hahm-Sah Mantra Kiiya Yoga Sex Magick Using Inner Alchemy The Tantrik Ritual of Inner Alchemy MahaTantra God Eating A Taoist Alchemical Ritual KalaKakra A Group Sex Magick Ritual Personal Responsibility, STDs and AIDS Review Bibliography.


As mentioned, the God of the Moon was called NANNA by the Sumerians. By the later Sumerians and Assyrians, he was called SIN. In both cases, he was the Father of the Gods (of the planetary realm, the zonei), and was depicted as wearing horns, a symbol familiar to the Witches as representative of their God. The horn shaped crown is illustrative of the crescent phases of the Moon, and were symbolic of divinity in many cultures around the world, and were also thought to represent certain animals who were horned, and worshipped for their particular qualities, such as the goat and bull. They also represent sexual power.

First Lecture

The Yod and the He combine, the Father and Mother unite, to produce a son, Vau. This son is the exalted state of mind produced by the union of the subject and the object. This state of mind is called samadhi in the Hindu terminology. It has many varieties, of constantly increasing sublimity but it is the generic term which implies this union which is the subject of Yoga. At this point we ought to remember poor little He final, who represents the ecstasy -- shall I say the orgasm -- and the absorption thereof the compensation which cancels it. I find it excessively difficult to express myself. It is one of these ideas which is very deeply seated in my mind as a result of constant meditation, and I feel that I am being entirely feeble when I say that the best translation of the letter He final would be 'ecstasy rising into Silence'. Moral meditate yourselves, and work it out Finally, there is no other way.

Vajroli Mudra

The object of Vajroli Mudra is to be perfectly established in Brahmacharya. When aspirants practise this Mudra, they unconsciously divert their mind to sexual centres and thereby they cannot get any success. When you see the description of this Mudra, you will clearly understand that strict Brahmacharya is absolutely necessary. For practising this there is no necessity at all for a woman or for any sexual intercourse. Since the Grihasthas have their wives and because they think that Vajroli Mudra is a device for birth-control, they have a keen desire to practise this Mudra. It is all mere

Bestial Atavisms

Know that within the path of sexual magick, it is essential to overcome elements of repulsion by confronting these acts. This does not mean an anti-moralistic view, rather something as simple as copulating with a woman or mate you consider ugly , a practice both Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare did frequently. One may have sex with a partner outside, perhaps at night near a garbage dump to attune the senses to rotting meat, so on and so on.


When correctly drawn, this card shows one jug dipping water from the ocean and the other pouring water that has been so dipped onto the ground where it trickles back to its- source, the ocean. There is an expression in Crowley's Gnostic Mass Without diminution of substances or loss of effulgence . In Quodosch, there is no feeling of loss after the orgasm. The star overhead is the Seven Pointed Star of Babalon the Great Mother of Sex Magick and the feminine aspect of Pan.

Overcome Them

Seven are the causes of the diseases in the body. Sleeping during the daytime is the first, late vigils overnight is the second, excess of sexual intercourse the third, moving amidst crowds the fourth. The fifth cause is the effect of unwholesome food. The sixth is the checking of the discharge of urine and faeces. The seventh is the laborious mental operation with Prana.

Part Five

Writings on psychology Freud indicated that he believed that there was an actual, physical energy, a psycho-sexual energy, which he called libido. Freud believed that this energy came from all parts of the body and would move to a single part of the body. He called this process cathexis. He believed that all psychological problems could be traced to blockages of this psycho-sexual libido energy. Freud realized that if he was correct, the way to solve psychological problems would be to unblock this sexual energy. This meant, of course, that he would have to encourage people to have sexual relations. Freud knew that in an age still rife with the repressive Victorian morality, when tubes of cloth were placed over piano legs because they vaguely resembled women's legs, this would never be accepted. This was especially true since many of the people Freud worked with were unmarried. As a side note, while talking to Israel Regardie I mentioned that Reich's book, The Function of the Orgasm,...

Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal is a less common problem that is related to energetic activity in the lower primary centers, specifically the genital primary center. This can be very distracting, for obvious reasons. The solution is to spend more time raising and working with energy, separate from projection attempts, so the energy body can develop to the point where an increased energy flow from or through the genital center will not cause arousal. If a sex partner is available, having sex before a projection attempt can help alleviate this problem. If a sex partner is not available, imagination can be used to serve this purpose. Many people have asked whether having sex before a projection attempt will interfere with it or not. Some worry that sex may drain the energy body and make projection more difficult until it has replenished itself. In my opinion, sex before a projection attempt has more positive than negative aspects to it. Sexual fulfillment greatly eases physical and mental tension by...

Chapter Four

He was pretty sure the subterfuge wasn't about sex, at least not on her part. The looks she'd cast at the twins were more those of a mother reminding her kids that they should be seen and not heard. The one she called Igor, however, had cast himself in a role other than that of a mere employee. The dagger-drawn glares he'd cast at Ty had been those of a lover warning another male away.

Other Methods

Hermetic sexual magick - that is, the technique of using the sexual act for magical purposes - is quite simple, depending only on the acquisition of a suitable partner and the sexual orientation of the person wishing to use the technique. Techniques for both heterosexual and gay individuals will be given. The most suitable partners are those with whom the operator feels an empathy and ideally partners for sexual magick should be interested in magick, be aware of the nature of the working and desire its success. It is worth going to some trouble to find a suitable partner and develop with them a genuine partnership. Workings undertaken with someone who is unaware that the sexual act is being for magickal purposes are possible and effective (although not as much as those undertaken by a genuine partnership) and the techniques described below should be adjusted accordingly.

Third Lecture

If you concentrate your attention upon one portion of the body with the idea of investigating it, that is, I suppose, allowing the mind to move within very small limits, the whole of your consciousness becomes concentrated in that small part. I used to practise this a good deal in my retirement by Lake Pasquaney. I would usually take a finger or a toe, and identify my whole consciousness with the small movements which I allowed it to make. It would be futile to go into much detail about this experience. I can only say that until you acquire the power you have no idea of the sheer wonder and delight of that endlessly quivering orgasm.


When the human being spills the semen (reaches the orgasm), he loses millions of solar atoms which then are replaced by millions of demonic atoms from the very infernos of the human being. This produces a tenebrous obscurity within the Astral body. When the human being accomplishes with the following formula, which is to introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, and to withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm), then, the solar atoms multiply in an extraordinary way and return into the Astral body. Hence, they fill the Astral body with light and solar fire. Only in such a way can the Buddha, the christie consciousness, express itself through the Astral body. Finally, the soul and the Intimate become united forever, thus bringing the final liberation. The formula in order to awake the Kundalini lies exclusively in the sexual act To introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the...

Chapter Eight

The flying sensation during sexual intercourse is an indication of the conjoining of complementary mates. Her unique scent and the small taste he'd taken had him harder than ever. He wanted more. He wanted to finger her to orgasm and hear her breathy moans, but if he didn't stop now, he'd wreck the car. The combination of his mouth and fingers plus the entire evening of prolonged foreplay took its toll. She panted and groaned as she climbed the steep mountain of pleasure. As she reached the pinnacle and fell over the edge, she screamed words she'd never spoken aloud before. Earthy words of sex, lust, passion and love. As she rode the orgasm, her generous and skilled lover worked to prolong it. A firm pressure here. A nip of the clit there. A stroke of a finger from top to bottom, then back again. Husky-toned, earthy words of praise and encouragement. He had no time to ponder on that feeling, because just as soon as he thought it, Brenna cried out in orgasm, Ty Hold me I'm flying....


Since this so-called Order tells its devotees when to get up, when to go to sleep, what to read, what to think, when to bathe, what to wear, when to have sex, when to eat, etc., it seemed to me that this organization would be perfect for this person who was so used to taking orders anyway. However, he insisted on claiming to teach people the methods of the organization to which I had introduced him. From what I have seen, he had been subtly twisting the teachings and using


There is also the question of its magical freedom. Sexual intercourse creates a link between its exponents, and therefore a responsibility. WEH ADDENDA When Crowley speaks of sacrificing a male child, his diaries and other writings indicate that he thereby obfuscates the actual practice. Crowley did this by diversion of the act of sexual intercourse and other sexual actions. He considered contraception as human sacrifice. There is no indication in any of his writings that he ever performed infanticide. In fact, Crowley was even against abortion.

The Kundalini

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is what is called sexual magic and it is mandatory for the Gnostic Medic to practice sexual magic daily, in order to transmute his semen into divine energy. Thus, the fire of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini awakes with this prescription, because this fire rips the membranous pouch in which it is enclosed. Then, it ascends upwards through a canal which is situated within the spinal medulla. This canal is called Shushumna in the east. Such a canal remains closed in the common and current people. However, the seminal vapors open it and expose it, so that the Kundalini can enter through its inferior orifice, in order to ascend upwards through a thread which is situated in the center of such a canal. The opening of the orifice of this canal of Shushumna is performed under the direction of an angelic atom, which is situated in the semen. This fine thread through...

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