The Theurgy Of The Elus Cohens 1 The Order

We would note first of all that even the name of the theurgic Order founded by Martinez de Pasqually is subject to an esoteric interpretation. In fact, anagrammatically, and according to Kabbalistic usage, the Elus Cohen are also the Elus d'Henoc, not worrying about how one writes the name, under any one of three forms: Enoch, Henoc or Henoch.

Who was Enoch, the personage who Martinez de Pasqually particularly emphasized in his "Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings"? In our opinion, this is the key to the enigma.

To begin with, the first appearance of the name is as the elder son of Cain (Genesis IV, 17). It was he who was the builder of the first city: Enochia24.

Later, this name is carried by the seventh patriarch from Adam, the son of Jared (Genesis V, 23, 24). This is what the bible tells us about this subject:

"And all the days that Enoch lived on earth were 365 years. He walked with God, and appeared no more, for God raised him up." (Genesis V, 23, 24).

"Enoch pleased God. He has been transferred to Paradise, to bring in the future Nations into repentance". (Ecclesiastes: XLIV, 16).

Besides, he is the only man, reintegrated into the Realm of Eden (or Paradise) while living, who was chosen by God to announce judgment to the fallen Angels and to keep them captive, according to the Ethiopian apocrypha known as the "Book of Enoch". Thus it is he who is the master of the divine "Realm", and the jailer of the "watchers of the Heavens", fallen because of their incubic union with the daughters of Men. Now, it is precisely that role which Martinez de Pasqually originally assigns to Adam Kadmon, in his "Treatise on the Reintegration". For in Hebrew, without taking account of the masoretic vowel-points, Enoch signifies - just like Adam - Man...

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Fundamentals of Magick

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