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And the sinister emblems of a regime without a heart and without pity only served to veil the incomprehension of the barbarian chiefs before this incomprehensible defeat. Neither the swastika turned to the left, nor the silver skulls and bones of the special sections, nor the bovine horns ornamenting the German regimental emblems prevailed against the ancient Pantacles from the beginning of time! Neither Odin nor Thor, Irmensul nor Wotan, none of these ancient gods rose up, and left the of purple winding-sheet where sleep the dead, as did the gods of Greece, to fight at the head of its legions.

And if it is true that the man of Bertschegaden attempted to enlist the Occult Powers in his desires of domination; if it is true that National Socialist German turned towards the gods of another age, then it is no less certain that they did not give him victory.

"All is full of souls and daimons.." said Aristotle; and Léon Daudet, citing the ancient philosopher, added in "A Day Of Thunder"; ".and we live in the middle of a perpetual combat of great wings, white and black."

In a Spiritualist way, the National Socialist German succeeded in obtaining Occult Protectors, and, thanks to them, conquered people who had voluntarily disowned their own Protectors. Will the free peoples know how to understand this signal, and, consciously breaking with childish and obsolete atheism and clericalism, rediscover the eternal springs, the living waters of true Spirituality?

As this work was being completed, Mr. Jean Chaboseau, son of the Grand Master of the Martinist Order, Augustin Chaboseau, forwarded the following Notice on the Order, founded by Papus. Here it is in its entirety.

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