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The word 'cult' is used in its French sense, to denote any religious practice, which has none of the negativity which has accrued to the English sense - PV.

incorporated into the Material World (that is, the centre of elementary matter) to set to work in the Terrestrial Circle, acting on his own free will.

Yet the counsel of the Major Spirit is not enough. The operative assistance of an Elect Minor is also required. The assistance which he brings to his "reconciliation" is twofold. He directly transmits the Creator's instructions about the theurgic cult which must be offered; he also communicates the gifts which he himself has received to the "men of desire" to whom he is sent, in marking them with the character, the mystic "seal" without which no Minor can be reconciled.

This mysterious ordination is the essential condition for his "reintegration", since without it, no matter what his personal merit might be, a Minor will remain "in privation", that is to say without communication with God.

We will now set down some details on the Pneumatology of Martinez. We are also preparing a special study on his Doctrine and his Works.

Divine World

Celestial World a) The Spiritual Beings are the ^ons of Gnosis, the Mother-Thoughts at the breast of Divinity;

b) The Superior Spirits - also called Denary Spirits or Divine Spirits -are the Sephirotic entities of the Kabbalah, the God-Numbers;

a) The Major Spirits ensure the communication of Man with God, set bounds to the inferior domain, composed of the celestial and terrestrial worlds. As Agents of the Laws of the Universe, they are set over the conservation of "Time", that is to say the Vital Energy in the Material World, but they have no power to produce material essences.

b) The Inferior Spirits also secure the existence of matter. These are, for example, Powers of the Elements, Beings of the Superior Astral Region, Genii of the Planets, Stars, etc.

Terrestrial World

The Minor Spirits, or Spiritual Minors, which assure the edification of the Material World; these are notably the Human Souls.

This last class is subdivided into four sets:

a) Elect Minors - These are the ten great guides of Humanity: Able, Enoch, Noah, Melchizedek, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Zerubbabel, Jesus16.

b) Regenerated Minors - These are the Adepts, the masters of spiritual doctrine. This group is that to which the Reaux-Croix have attained.

c) Reconciled Minors - These are the Initiates of the Order in the lower grades.

d) Minors in Privation - These are the Profanes.

To escape the cycles of successive reincarnations in this infernal world (in-ferno: low-places), Individual Man must detach himself from all which attracts him towards Matter, and thus remove himself from the slavery of material sensations. He must also elevate himself morally. The fallen Entities will battle without cease against this movement towards Perfection, tempting him in a thousand ways, in order to lure him back into the bosom of the visible World, and to retain their occult hold over him.

Individual Man must battle against them by unmasking them and by throwing them out of his domain. He will succeed in this, partly through Initiation...which links him to those elements of the Archetype which are already reunited and constitute in exoteric terms the "Communion of Saints"; and partly through liberating Wisdom, which teaches him, through his personal work, the means to hasten true deliverance for the rest of blind Humanity.

This last one includes entering into the great equinoctial Operations which work to purify the terrestrial Aura by means of exorcisms and conjurations, subject to the rites of High Magic, and which the Elus Cohen named the "Works" or the "Cult".

Only out of this definitive and individual liberation can the great collective liberation finally come, which allows the reconstitution of the Archetype, and then his reintegration into the Divine which emanated him of old. Abandoned to itself by its animator, the World of matter will dissolve, no longer vivified,

16 This list is symbolic! It takes into account the spirit of the times.One might nowadays include such "heretics" as the Buddha, Pythagoras or Zoroaster!

harmonized, directed by the Archetype. Under the naturally anarchic impetus of the fallen Spirits, this disaggregation of the parts of the Whole will accelerate: this will be the "end of the World" proclaimed by universal tradition.

"As a pound that is rolled, Heaven and Earth shall pass away17."! The Divine Essence will then gradually reoccupy the "regions" of its essence from which it had previously retracted. The momentary illusions, christened as creatures, beings, worlds, will disappear for God is all, and all is in God, although All is not God! The Absolute drew nothing out of an illusory Nothingness, which didn't know how to exist outside of Him, without being Himself.

Only this retraction of divine essence allowed the Creation of the angelic, material and other Worlds.And it was also this retraction of this same essence which allowed the emanation of the spiritual Beings.

And so the symbolic "victory" of Good over Evil, of Light over Darkness, will be achieved, by a simple return of things into the Divine, by a reassimilation of beings, purified and regenerated.

Such is the esoteric unfolding of the Universal Great Work.

A practical paper on the Doctrine of the Master is in preparation.

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