The Ritual Vestments

The undergarments consist of:

- a tunic of linen, falling to the thighs, and split at the neck in the manner of coats of mail, with the sleeves ending at the forearms,

- Pants (trousers) of linen, from the hips to the thighs, held by a string about the loins.

The over-garment consists of a single robe.

In the prescriptions of Martinez de Pasqually, it is of white flax, falling to the ground, with a fiery red border at the bottom and around the sleeves, with a waist-band of the same color.

In those of the ritual of Avignon, it is made of crimson silk, covered in an alb of white lace which falls to the knees. There is no waist-band.

In the ritual of Abramelin, the Robe is limited to a crimson and gold jacket, which falls to the knees. The waist-band is of the same color.

In the ritual of the Elus-Cohen, the Operator is bare-headed.

In the ritual of Avignon, he wears a "low" gilded miter.

In the ritual of Abramelin, the Operator wears a band about the forehead, a hand's width wide, in crimson and gold silk.

The Operator who follows the prescriptions of Dom Pernetty (Ritual of the "Illuminated of Avignon") also carries upon his low miter, a triangular golden plaque (or, at a pinch, silver) on which is engraved in Hebrew characters the word "KAES" (Kaph, Aleph, Heh, Shin)92.

It would be a good idea to have a clean white housecoat, of linen or flax, which one wears to enter the Oratory and is reserved for this use. It could be kept in the armoire when one dons the ritual clothing described above.

These costumes are completed by a pair of Sandals, of cord esparto or coarse linen. The Cohen ritual insists that the soles must be of cork.

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