The Ritual Objects

The Wand - The Wand should be made of almond, of a single straight length, about an arm in length. It is to be cut by the Operator, as the sun rises on a Sunday, facing the East. The Moon should be crescent, close to being full. If the Ear of the Virgin, Fomalhaut90, is rising or culminating, so much the better.

The Lamp - The Lamp should be a sanctuary lamp, with ruby red glass for Christians, green of Moslems. It should be filled with pure olive oil. The edge should be gilded.

The Censer - The Censer should be of the usual type of the Operative's religion. For the Elu-Cohen, a church censer, in gilded bronze or copper, about the same size as the Lamp so that they are in harmony. No chains are needed.

The Fire Pot - Destined to contain the burning coals which are carried into the Oratory each day, they should not remain there. The rest of the unconsumed coals should be buried in the soil.

The Water Vase - Destined for ritual ablutions, before each orison; it contains lustral water, and is placed to the right of the entrance.

The Holy Oil - The oil destined for the Lamp or unction is prepared as follows. Take a certain quantity of pure olive oil, which was measured in advance for the six lunar cycles. At least half the amounts should be consecrated through appropriate prayers. Make the following mixture:

Oil of Unction - This is composed thus:

1 part Myrrh, in tears,

2 parts finely powdered Cinnamon,

% part Calanga from the Indies (roots), 2 parts of pure Olive Oil.

Perfume - The incense destined for censing is composed thus:

1 part Frankincense, in tears, % part Styrax ( ?)91, % part Sandalwood, % part pure Salt.

90 Fomalhaut is the 17th brightest star in the sky. The "Ear of the Virgin" is a star in the constellation "La Vierge". - PV.

91 Stoléas du Levant - unable to find an acurate translation - PV.

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