Dedication Of Adam Ptah Daoud To The Master Teachers Of Earth

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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"This book is dedicated to the Adamic MASTER TEACHERS incarnating through the co-Adamic race upon Earth, that they may from age to age remember their oath to God that they shall from time to time return upon Earth together with their co-Adamic & Gentile bretheren, keeping alive the flame of the True Divine Knowledge and teaching the customs and laws laid down by the Father King Initiate, Adam Ptah El Daoud.

"The Latter Days," are come, the days of the co-Adamics and Gentile divine sparks when they must choose between light & darkness, GOD & ANTI-GOD. For a season more the SONS OF GOD shall tarry upon the earth, hear ye, them when they speak wisdom of the Spirit else will they be taken from you in the days of chaos & confusion that will come."


HERE IS THE STORY OF ATLANTIS AS IT WAS DICTATED TO ME BY THE VOICE: "In the Great Days of Atlantis, before the coming of the great flood, which was the final punishment meted out to those evil ones, ALL MEN LIVED AT PEACE WITH EACH OTHER [QUICK SUNSTAR NOTE: That's not what Genesis 6 says!]. The continent was divided into 3 sections. The divine men and women lived & mixed with the sons & daughters of Yevah and they were as teachers to their less evolved brothers of Earth. (Divine Sparks incarnated in mortal bodies by Yevah & Eranus in America].

"My father chose (Ptah) from among the divine RAY-CHILDREN, 24 son-daughters who were to help him in his plans for the evolving divine sparks. Temples were built & places of worship had their visible sign THE DISC OF THE LIVING SUN of whom THE LORD IS HORUS-ATANU, he acting as the mediator between the men of Earth and the Father-Mother-Son-God.

"The actual disintegration of the great continent of Sarkon was accomplished as the outcome of a series of volcanic disturbances which gradually undermined the substrata comprising the foundations of that continent. The disaster was brought about on account of the SATANAKUIC domination exercised by Eranus & his followers (Called SATANAKU after the first fall of Lemuria & known to later generations as THE DEVIL).

"Black Magic was rife and the chances of those who still remained steadfast to the cause of divine evolution were almost hopeless. (Electro-Magnetic waves of evil first caused chaotic weather conditions & caused terrestrial upheavals that destroyed SARKON.)"

During the last years of Sarkon, the continent of Atlantis was being prepared to receive the life of the world & the crown of Atlantis was in THE CATHEDRAL OF THE SACRED HEIGHTS. It was inaccessible to those who didn't know the POWER OF LEVITATION. It was surrounded by seven great peaks, representing the 7 pillars of the universe and in the centre nestled a GREAT HOUSE OF INITIATION, the only visible sign being the head and front paws of a gigantic SPHINX which guarded the EASTERN ENTRANCE.

"Between the paws of the Sphinx was an immense iron door, through which, when opened, force would be directed downward upon the tablelands where the uninitiated population was ordered to gather for worship. The structure itself was build of white stone. The ceiling was slightly dome-shaped. Upon the very centre of this dome was the disc of the living sun of HORUS-ATANU and it was depicted as having SEVEN HEADS reaching out towards THE SOLAR UNIVERSE. This symbol represented THE SUN RADIATING VITAL FORCE from the fountain head of the Cosmos which dwells IN THE CIRCLE of the conscious universe.

"In the center of the floor which was of marble, was a gigantic pattern of THE SUN'S DISC WITH THE SEVEN HEADS reaching out and in the very centre of this SUN was the head of Ptah El-Daoud-El Daouda and they were represented in the form of the Sphinx. The Altar, or Table of Initiation was placed against the last wall of this 24-sided chamber of cedar wood.

"The SYMBOLS upon it were as follows: The front had engraven upon it the SYMBOL OF THE WORLD CALLED EARTH, which was enclosed within a heart. Upon the top of this world was a cup-shaped flower, out of the centre of which watched THE ALL-SEEING EYE OF THE INNER CIRCLE OF THE COSMIC MYSTERIES and from out of the very top of the symbol were four great strands of rays of vitality emanating from the eye, and symbolizing the flow of vitality emanating from the eye, and symbolizing the flow of vitality, knowledge and love to the conscious universe. The whole symbol represented the Trinity of the cosmic force."

THE VOICE narrates to H.C. Randall-Stevens who is performing "automatic writing":

"My father Ptah was chief of this TEMPLE, although he did not wear the mortal garment of flesh as did the various ray-children in authority under him. He still retained the divine body of heaven, THE SKIN COAT (a spiritual form of the present mortal body).

"At this point I would speak to you of my father's viceroys for Atlantis and also of the RAY-CHILDREN chosen to be the mortal heads of that continent.. .My twin Eternal ISIS was incarnate with me and did bring into the mortal flesh the child HORUS who was Chief of the Cathedral of the tablelands of Atlantis. The evolving population was peaceful and loving to one another.

"The RAY-CHILDREN were able to collect and store the energy given off by the sun and so solve the problems of heat and light. The spiritual government of Atlantis was administered by 24 Initiates, all ray-children to govern the 24 clans of Atlantis. The Cathedral of the Sacred Heights was administered by me who am OSIRIS and I was incarnate in the mortal flesh, as was also my spouse Eternal ISIS.

"The CATHEDRAL OF THE TABLELANDS and LOWLANDS (which were together under ONE CHIEF INITIATE, my beloved son, was administered by El-Potipheru, and he was the same that I have mentioned in my BOOK OF TRUTH. His spouse eternal was incarnate with him - El Potipherua.

"So you will see that the twenty-four Initiates were divided into two groups of twelve, one group being administered by me, OSIRIS, and the other by THE THIRTEENTH Initiate, El Potipheru (Thus the term, "PHAROAH?' & thus the 13 LEVELS ON THE DOLLAR BILL PYRAMID?).

"Alas! It was in the lower lands toward the sea-board of the continent tht the evil of ERANUS (SATANAKU) first manifested itself.

"In Atlantis there was a dwelling in the lowlands and the first usurper, ITHEBOLETH was "one dominated by ambition & self-will. He was a priest of the outer court of the 24th Temple of the lowlands and his Master was one Nisseau " TO BE CONTINUED. Get the book or go online. THIS IS A

MASONIC TEXT and you will find the Egyptian symbolism attached all throughout the SCOTTISH RITE TEMPLE IN D.C. AS LABELLED IN CHAPTER 1.


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