Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more here...

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And Of The Alleged Commerce Of The Atlanteans With Incubi Succubi And The Demons Of Darkness

Now of these workings in the gardens strange tales are told. It is said that the inhabitants falling to repose were visited in sleep by incubi and succubi (whatever the nature of these may be, and I by no means concur in the opinion of Sinistrari), and that they welcomed such with eagerness. Nay, darker legends tell of infamous commerce and intercourse with demons foul and malicious, and pretend that the power of Atlas was devilish, and that the catastrophe was thejudgement of God. These mediaeval fables of the debased and perverted phallicism miscalled Christianity are unworthy even to be refuted, founded as they are on hypotheses contrary to common sense. Nor would they who knew themselves masters of the Earth have deigned to degrade themselves, and moreover to vitiate their whole work by commerce with inferiors. If there be any truth whatever in these stories, it will then be more easily supposable that the Atlanteans aspiring tojourney sunwards to Venus, might invoke the beings of...

Satanic Copulations Transformation of Therionick Desire

Lilith And Samael

That was before, this night Sister Claire so wished for the Devil to come unto her. Many nights Asmodeus came to them and bit her inner thighs while reciting prayers backwards, she would move her forefinger at a feverish pace over her clitoris while calling to her lover, the Devil himself and lusting for the pulsing yet cold member of the demon Asmodeus. Grandier would often join in these Sabbatic and Sexual Rites, often wearing a black hood while fucking her with a fury that would tear many girls apart. There was no rape in this Covenant, only desire and fulfillment. The Nuns knew the passion of the Cross, but also the lust and desire of the Demons summoned by Father Urbain Grandier. He taught them the keys of summoning and going unto the spirits as friends, not as the Christian tyrants whom they pretended to uphold. Sister Claire was in her cold chamber again rather in her mind was an elaborate temple of both the heights of Heaven and the depths of Hell. Urbain Grandier had taught...

Can you encounter something evil like a demon

There are only two kinds of demon The first kind is the demon we create from of our own fears. If you don't believe in evil, you cannot encounter these demons. If you understand and face your fears, you can face these demons and destroy them with an act of will. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. The second kind is the spirit of a dead person who is playing the role of a demon to make him herself appear more intimidating. But that's different from evil. Remember this They are just a spirit like you and me. They have no more power than you do, despite how they look or act. If you are a gentle soul, just visualize a white light around the spirit and send feelings of love to the poor misguided spirit. If you're ornery, tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine, and walk away. If you're playful, make yourself into a big demon and give them their own treatment. They can't harm you, and they can't possess your body unless you give them power...

Demons Within The Body

Liber HVHI4 makes reference to numerous points of demons inhabiting the body. What does this actually refer to From the lore in the Bundahishn to the Avesta, demons or Daevas, created by Ahriman and Az, inhabit parts of the spirit and body, giving it life and power. In our common existence, demons do inhabit and represent aspects of our minds and bodies. For instance, the Chakras are represented according to their attributes specific ArchDaevas of Ahriman, bringing power and wisdom to those who may work with them. Az is said to inhabit the human body as well, bringing heat within it and causing hunger and continual predatory instincts. It matters not if you believe this as literal, symbolic or a manifestation of the Adversarial power.

Conquering Your Demons

We all have sneaky little fearful demons of the mind that creep up on us and prevent us from taking various actions and experiencing life to the fullest. These demons actually have a positive intention to protect us, save us from pain or rejection, or many other intentions. However, the result of their actions in our unconscious is the inability to take action. You have already seen these demons in action whenever you have checked in with yourself while using one of the New Hermetics tools and found yourself doubting or holding back. Unchecked, these demons can prevent us from achieving our dreams, and can keep us from even accomplishing the simplest of our goals. However, these personal demons only have the negative influence that we give to them, and they can be transformed into powerful allies to assist 11s in our life's transformation. With this tool, you will be asked to look at some difficult issues, but you will do it in a relaxing and tranquil way. You have now gained the...

The Crown of Five Skulls and the Demon King

In Sanskrit referred to as Panchakapala, the Crown of Five Skulls was worn by many of the vampiric deities of the darker avenues of Buddhism. This symbol represents mastery. It was said Lhamo received hers from the cannibal demon king Dashagriva when she married him and took to eating human flesh and drinking blood. When Lhamo left the demon king she took a bag of diseases and rode his dragon-like mule from Shri Lanka, his old kingdom. Over time she dwelled in cremation grounds, her skin growing black and her hunger changing her appearance to a demoness. Lhamo became the most powerful goddess of the cremation grounds, she wield a sword of fire and destroy those whom she regarded as enemies.

Sethian Vs Satanic

Let us now consider the meaning of these two forms of wisdom. Sethian Occultism is the original pure Gnosis or Wisdom, while Satanism is the fallen and corrupted form. Satanel (The unfallen Lucifer) had the Secret Wisdom, Satan corrupted it. Abel had the secret Wisdom, Cain defiled it. Since Abel was killed, Seth was given the wisdom and he transmitted it onwards. His name Set(h) implies clearly that he held the original secret wisdom that Satanel, Set, Sht, Seth (etc.) held but lost. Hence there are two forms of occult wisdom both linked to the root form of S and T, these letters in Hebrew are Shin and Teth and represent the Divine Fire and the Serpent of Wisdom. We can therefore clearly see that the Gnosis or Wisdom is the secret teachings, the Light or Fire wisdom that in Old Testament times was symbolised by the Serpent. The Serpent was not and is not a symbol of evil but of wisdom. Biblical imagery gives us two forms of the Serpent, the divine and the fallen, the Sethianic and...

Hells Mirror

Hell's Mirror is a tall, full-length mirror, whose border are made of human bone (painted black) with a demonic goat skull mounted on the top of the mirror. This terrible relic was created by demons (or possibly even a dark god) and is capable of opening a porthole to Hell itself. When used, this has the effect of summoning a random demon through the mirror. Using the mirror is frightfully easy -- You need only touch the surface of the glass with your hand and speak the dark incantation engraved across the top of the mirror (which is oddly readable in any language). Stand back and watch as the mirror turns into a shimmering red gateway. The demon which

Hells Wishing Stone

Often called simply the Wishing Stone, because no one would be foolish enough to use a relic called Hell's Wishing Stone. The Wishing Stone is another demonic item of great power and terrible consequences. Many users are completely unaware of the Wishing Stone's dark qualities until it is far too late. Anyone touching the Wishing Stone can make one wish, stating his wish aloud. What is actually happening, however, is that he is contacting a demon (a djinn, probably) of great power who wants nothing more than to collect more souls. He is more than happy to fulfill the wish, and will do so, but any contingency related to the wish not mentioned may also come to pass For instance, wishing for eternal life may grant you eternal life as a cockroach. Wishing for your enemy to die may throw you into a parallel universe where your enemy is dead, but so is all other life on the Earth. The more contingencies you specify the better, but there is always something you will forget.

The Basics of Practice

Satanist - Calls on Satan to indulge their desires. The third question of magic is the most difficult because of all the options it presents What do you want This is by far the most difficult. At this point the magician must decide how to shape their universe. Do you want money Design a prosperity spell. Do you want power Create a node. Do you want knowledge Learn demon conjuration (or scrying for the white magician). Once you have the power, you must figure out how to use it. Wow Enjoy figuring out the intrinsics of how to use abilities on your own.

The Sword

The Magick Sword is the analytical faculty directed against any demon it attacks his complexity. Only the simple can withstand the sword. As we are below the Abyss, this weapon is then entirely destructive it divides Satan against Satan. It is only in the lower forms of Magick, the purely human forms, that the Sword has become so important a weapon. A dagger should be sufficient. The Sword, too, is that weapon with which one strikes terror into the demons and dominates them. One must keep the Ego Lord of the impressions. One must not allow the circle to be broken by the demon one must not allow any one idea to carry one away. In all dealings with demons the point of the Sword is kept downwards, and it should not be used for invocation, as is taught in certain schools of magick. It is the constant practice of Demons to attempt to terrify, to shock, to disgust, to allure. Against all this he must oppose the Steel of the Sword. If he has got rid the ego-idea this task will be...

The Effects Of Multiple Letters In A Square

This gives a total of eight possible Angels, Archangels and Demons in this square. This variety of governing forces is consistent with the presiding Egyptian goddess, Isis, who herself has many aspects and roles. However, each ruler will be influenced by Saturn and the Universe (Atu XXI).

The Major Magical Instruments And Weapons

The Sword symbolizes your ability to reason. The magical Sword is the analytical faculty of the mirad. As your mental faculties dissect complex iideas and theories, so the sharpness of the Sword will cutand pierce through things. When you pierce a demon with your Sword, you simultaneously strike iit with rational logical thought. The Sword thus aids to see through illusion and complexity. The nature of this weapon is destructive. It is also divisive. The blade should be steel, the metal of Mars. It is considered a crude weapon and its use is usually restricted to the Watchtowers and lower Aethyrs. Its primary use is to free you from emotional entanglements that are often encountered in the Watchtowers. Its natural force is masculine. In Enochian Magick, the Sword is the magical symbol of Air, and is especiallyused in those operations involving tthe Watchtower of Air.

The Golden Dawns Watchtower Ceremony

A triangle should be drawn outside your circle in order to attract an Enochian deity finto your macrocosm (but not your microcosm). This attraction requires an evocation. One example of an evocation is Crowley's well-known materialization of the demon KHORONZON from the tenth Aethyr, ZAX. To invite such a being into your circie could be harmful and should not be done lightly.

The Earliest Egyptian Conception Of The Other World

Magical formulae, or words of power, which, provided the deceased knew how to pronounce them, there was no great need to understand. In other words, it was not any goodness or virtue of his own which would enable him to pass through the Gates of Sekhet-Aaru, and disarm the opposition of their warders, but the knowledge of certain formula, or words of power, and magical names. We are thus taken back to a very remote period by these ideas, and to a time when the conceptions as to the abode of the blessed were of a purely magical character the addition of pictures to the formulae, or names, belongs to a later period, when it was thought right to strengthen them by illustrations. The deceased, who not only possessed the secret name of a god or demon, but also a picture of him whereby he could easily recognize him when he met him, was doubly armed against danger.

The Descent into Matter

There are many ways we can interpret the original creation myth. One Gnostic sect taught that Satanel created the physical world and that only when Yahweh saw the pitiful forms that Satanel had formed did he have pity on them and hence breath life into them. The Mandeans went much further and in their secret texts describe how the fornication of demons brought about the creation of Adam from a mixture of their polluted fluids. On a more philosophical level, we may consider the Kabbalistic belief that the divine light cast a reflection which shattered the crystal of creation and gave birth to the Qlippoth, or evil ones. While in the Greek mystery tradition suggested that a crisis occurred in the lower reaches of the divine hierarchy when Sophia attempted to create without the power of first principle. In many traditions the animosity of the creator varies, in the works of the Hermetics the Demiurge is still seen as a lesser being but is more ambiguous, in some traditions he is an...

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Enochian Magick

However, it is not enough to simply draw the pentagram or hexagram in the air. Your physical actions must always be accompanied by appropriate mental activities. One of the most effective mental methods of consecrating a circle is to imagine a powerful psycho -physical force, like a mist, emanating from your body. Let it swirl around the atmosphere of the drele. Let it gradually forro a protective spherical shell or wall around you ata distance equal to the circumference of the circle. This mental projection should accompany.your tracing of pentagrams and or hexagrams to banish all foreign elements and influences from your cirde. A method used in Tibetan Yoga, which is quite effective, is to imagine millions of tiny rays of light emanating from your subtle body outward in all directions. The length of each ray is equal to the radius of your circle. At the end of each ray you must imagine the head of a fierce demon (a 'wrathful' deity) facing outward and snarling with protective power....

Whereon She Rideth Also Concerning Transformations

We will here assume that the magician has succeeded in developing his Body of Light until it is able to go anywhere and do anything. There will, however, be a certain limitation to his work, because he has formed his magical body from the fine matter of his own element. Therefore, although he may be able to penetrate the utmost recesses of the heavens, or conduct vigorous combats with the most unpronounceable demons of the pit, it may be impossible for him to do as much as knock a vase from a mantelpiece. His magical body is composed of matter too tenuous to affect directly the gross matter of which illusions such as tables and chairs are made.

Practical and Divine Theology Meet

Clerics are currently a rare breed of magician, despite the fact that at one point in history they were the most abundant religious rank available. The art of Clerical magic has long been lost to the belief that all magics are evil devices of Satan. In truth, the practice of non-demonic magic by priests and clerics was widely supported by all people, both Churchmen and Laymen, until the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum in 1486. With that publication, written by Kramer and Sprenger (two Dominican priests), the whole magical community was turned upside down. People (mostly) ceased using the demonic magics and began investing all of their time in the natural magics. This tradition -- the use of natural and divine magics -- lives on in Clerics. Exorcism is a power that was often used by medieval Clerics, and continues to be a common function of modern Clerics. The demons which have been summoned by a Conjurer often can be dislodged from the earth sphere by the holy presence of a...

Of The Banishings And Of The Purifications

Into that cleansed and consecrated place, and there proceeds to repeat that double ceremony in the ceremony itself, which has these same two main parts. The first part of every ceremony is the banishing the second, the invoking. The same formula is repeated even in the ceremony of banishing itself, for in the banishing ritual of the pentagram we not only command the demons to depart, but invoke the Archangels and their hosts to act as guardians of the Circle during our pre-occupation with the ceremony proper. In more elaborate ceremonies it is usual to banish everything by name. Each element, each planet, and each sign, perhaps even the Sephiroth themselves all are removed, including the very one which we wished to invoke, for that forces as existing in Nature is always impure. But this process, being long and wearisome, is not altogether advisable in actual working. It is usually sufficient to perform a general banishing, and to rely upon the aid of the guardians invoked. Let the...

Green Pyramid Matos Spells And Magic

Enochian Naomi

NAMES OF ARCHANGELS, ANGELS, AND DEMONS The four squares at the top of these figures contain the Names of the Kerubic Angels. There are no demons or lesser Angels in these upper squares (i.e., they are upper in the cense that they are located aboye the horizontal Sephirothic Cross bars.) The names shown in the boxes over the tops of the squares are the Archangels. The Archangels reside over the respective files of squares induding the Kerubim. As an example, Figure 1, Appendix B, shows Air of Air. You should see that in the first square the Archangel ERZLA (Erah-zod-lah) govems the Kerubic Angel RZLA (Ra-zodIah) who in turra governs the four squares in the file or column below the first square. EZLAR (Eh-zod-lahrah) is the Archangel who governs ZLAR (Zod-lah-rah) in the second nle. The 16 lower squares are called the Lesser Squares of Air of Air. The first of these squares is governed by the Ruling Lesser Angel XKZNS (Tz-kehzoden-seh) and the Lesser Angel KZNS (Keh-zoden-seh). The...

Dominions and Principalities

The concept of Dominions and Principalities is central to the Gnostic worldview, however, it is far more pervasive that it may seem at first. Man is a Hybrid entity, many Gnostic sects believed that his physical and psychological structures were actually created by the Archons out of corrupted spiritual substances, only his spark of light was eternal. The Gnostics saw that only the light sparks could be redeemed, all social structures, families, political systems, institutions, all must in the end be destroyed. Matter, sex, nature, the world, everything was an error, a mistake, a trap into which the light had been locked. Accordingly the Dominions and Principalities exist on all manner of planes and dimensions, inside and outside us, within matter and outside it, to reduce them to autonomous demons is to place them outside, to limit their power. To do so is to the miss the point, they are part of everything that isn't the True Self. It is not what Dominions and Principalities are, but...

And the Ritual of the Walking must follow the formulae herein described

Seventh, thou must needs arrive back at the centre of the Gate, before thine altar, at which time thou must fall to the ground, looking neither to the right no to the left at what may be moving there, for these Operations attract many kinds of wandering demon and ghost to the Gates, but in the air above the altar whereupon thou wilt presently see the Gate opening for thee and the Spirit-Messenger of the Sphere greeting thee in a clear voice, and giving thee a Name, which thou must remember, for that is the Name of thy Passing the Gate, which thou must use each time thou passeth thereby. The same Spirit-messenger will meet thee and, if thou know not thy Name, he will forbid thee entrance and thou wilt fall to the Earth immediately. Thou mayest not call upon NANNA till thou hast passed the Gate of NANNA. Thou mayest not call NEBO until his Gate hast thou passed. Similarly for the rest of the Gates. When thou hast ascended to the limit of the Ladder of Lights, thou wilt have knowledge...

First Practice application

Incorporating a being's name as part of the verbal components for casting a spell may be absolutely necessary in the case of conjuring or divination spells. For example, summoning a demon might be difficult without knowing its proper titles, but controlling that demon without its true name would be impossible. If a spell targets a creature and allows a saving throw, incorporating the being's birth name increases the save DC by +2, using the secret name by +3, and the entity's true name by +4. Conversely, if the spell heals or otherwise provides a boon to a targeted creature then the spell is more powerful if the Law of Names is applied. Using the being's birth name has no effect, but using her secret name increases the effective caster level of the spell by 1. Using the subject's true name increases the caster level of the spell by 2. This also applies to spells that the practitioner casts on herself. Thus, while having a secret name or a true name might entail certain risks should...

The Book Amtuat And The Book Of Gates

AM-TUAT, or SHAT AM-TUAT, i.e., the Book of what is in the Tuat, is the name given by the Egyptians to the large funeral book in which the priests of Amen describe the Other World according to the views of their order, and the passage of their god Amen-Ra, through the mysterious country which he traversed during the hours of the night. Its object, in the first place, was to impress the followers of Amen and others with the idea of the absolute supremacy of that god in the realms of the dead, and to show that all the gods of the dead in every place of departed spirits throughout Egypt rendered to him homage in one form or another, and in return received benefits from him. And in the second place, the book, being an actual guide to the Underworld, with pictures of its various divisions and of the gods and demons of every kind that were to be met with in them, was invaluable for the faithful, who were able to learn from it, whilst they were living upon earth, how to find their way from...

Second and Third Practice Application

Magickal beings always do. For each hit die (HD) the being has, it has one syllable of a true name. These syllables are words or parts of words in the creature's native language, and these words are generally descriptive of the being. A simple dryad in Hyde Park might have as her True name Soft Long Leaf in the fey tongue, be called Jane Willow if encountered by humans but be known to the other dryads as Willow by Water's Edge. A typical breathsnatcher demon would have a fiendish true name that was six syllables long, but one that had risen in the hierarchy of hell might have one that was ten or twelve syllables long. Humans who have the blood of supernatural beings, such as aasimar or changeling may also have true names. These names are usually shorter than their inhuman kin's, having one syllable of true name for every 4 HD for a thin bloodline or a syllable for every 2 HD where the lineage is stronger.

Voices510 or 15 points

The voices can be either the result of mental problems, or a limited form of possession. In the second case, no amount of psychotherapy will find the causes of the voices, let alone cure them. Electroshock therapy might drive the evil spirits away (much as beating possessed people in medieval times was supposed to drive the demons off), although that particular treatment might also do as much harm as good. If an exorcism or similar ritual (Mastery and Turn the Spirit, for example) is performed successfully (the GM determines how hard the spirits are to dislodge), you are cured and have to buy off the disadvantage.

Solomons Secret 6 It is our duty to master and redirect the lower forces to constructive ends

Spiritual evolution does not occur in a vacuum. Our consciousness is raised because vibratory room has been made above to accommodate it. (We are promoted to boss when our boss is promoted to a bigger boss.) As above, so below. With authority comes responsibility. Once awakened to our true spiritual status we realize that we are actually in charge of a roughneck crew of demons (aspects of our lower consciousness). Unless we immediately demonstrate

Chapter Two Reality and Non Reality

That is to say, while claiming to be monotheistic, it is in fact polytheistic, with the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, Mary and Satan (Allah and Shaitan, in Islam) as the major deities, with a host of lesser deities called Saints, Demons and Angels all of whom are divided into two grand armies the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. 8. Now while Western theology claims that Satan Shaitan is weaker than Jehovah Allah, nevertheless, in their day-to-day statements, most Western theologians ascribe to the Bad God all the miraculous powers usually ascribed to the Good God (or his representatives, such as Jesus or Mohammed) in order to be able to explain the counterfeit miracles performed by the members of other faiths.

Publication in Class A

Let him sit and conjure let him draw himself together in that forcefulness let him rise next swollen and straining let him dash back the hood from his head and fix his basilisk eye upon the sigil of the demon. Then let him sway the force of him to and fro like a satyr in silence, until the Word burst from his throat.

Sexual Magick And Transformation

The Luciferian Magick

One who seeks to explore the primal hungers and spiritual evolution of the path of the sexual demon, control is demanded in the highest degree of practice. You will wish to meditate and learn control of your body and your thoughts. This can be a daunting process but through the Willed focus of Magick shall this come to be.

Quo Stet Olympus Where the Gods and Angels Live

We settled what Gods, angels, demons, element is were some little while ago we also wrote o how they live, so now, insatiable Seeker, you ask where. In India the earth was supported by an elephant who stood on a tortoise who No floor above. Nothing but empty space with swarming galaxies no room for heaven. Simpler to call Olympus or Meru the home of the Gods-believe it or not don't ask questions Yet all the time the difficulty is of our own silly making. The most elementary consideration of the nature of Gods, angels, demons and the rest, as shown by their peculiar faculties, stamps them all instantly as Beings pertaining to more than three dimensions Just as no number of lines is enough to produce the smallest plane, as a cube is capable of containing an infinite number of squares, so, far from there being no room for heaven, there is absolutely nothing but room

The Exorcism Of The Crown Of

I have put the Starry Crown of Heaven, the potent Disk of ANU on my head That a kindly Spirit and a kindly Watcher Like the God that hath made me May stand at my head always To life me to favour with the Elder Gods UDUGGHUL ALLACHUL MALLACHUL MASQIMCHUL DINGIRCHUL No Evil Spirit No Evil Demon No Evil God No Evil Fiend No Hag Demon No Filth-Eating Demon No Thieving Demon No Shadow of the Night No Shell of the Night No Mistress of the Demon No Offspring of the Demon No Evil Spell No Enchantment No Sorcery NO EVIL IN THE WORLD OR UNDER IT OVER THE WORLD OR INSIDE THE WORLD MAY SEIZE ME HERE BARRA ANTE MALDA BARRA ANGE GE YENE ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA GAGGAMANNU

How They Gathered The Silk For The Weaving Of The Butterflynet

But the defence of which the magicians were thinking was of a different order the problem was to convert the whole place as it stood into an impregnable magical circle. For years, of course, the place had been defended, but not as against its present dangers. It had been hitherto sufficient to exclude evil and ignorant beings, things of the same class as Douglas' watcher but now a far more formidable problem was in view, how to dissuade a Soul, a being armed with the imperial right to enter, from approaching. Demons and elementals and intelligences were only fractions of true Entities, according to the theory they were illusions, things merely three-dimensional, with no core of substance in themselves. In yet another figure, they were adjectives, and not nouns. But a human soul is a complete reality. Every man and every woman is a star.

Byur Sri Causer of misfortunes

These demons were said to exist since the beginning of the earth. Their armies were made from their own being, their homes are made in the chthonic dwellings of the earth. Their companions are said to be the Malachud. Such spirits were said to move throughout the world and causes wars, strife and various chaotic actions in the world. There are very close to the Daevas of the Yatukih cultus, if not the same. The ancient Persians were a bit more detailed on specific daevas and their actions, while the Tibetans excelled as visually describing the interior aspects of the spirits themselves.

Archons as World Powers

A theory that a conspiracy has been working consciously for many centuries is not very plausible unless one attributes to them a religious unity. That is tantamount to regarding them as Satanists engaged in the worship and service of supernatural evil, the directors of the conspiracy must see or otherwise directly perceive manifestations which convince them of the existence and power of Lucifer (Satan). And since subtle conspirators must be very shrewd men, not likely to be deceived by auto-suggestion, hypnosis,or drugs, we should have to conclude that they probably are in contact with a force of pure evil.

Chapter Fourteen The Klippoth

Therefore, he who watches his soul should keep far from these things. Unfortunately, the rise of practical occultism in recent times has repeated the aforementioned error, and has taken the concept of the Klippoth into the realms of personified beings. Once this has been done, it is easy to see how practitioners may attempt to work with the Klippoth, and yet in reality be themselves worked by them In the glossary of his Magnum Opus, Magick in Theory and Practice, Aleister Crowley defines Klippoth as shells or demons, the excrement of ideas, and it is this definition that has permeated the workings of such groups as the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis with respect to the Klippoth. Indeed, in recent publications by the Head of that Order, Kenneth Grant, the Klippoth are associated with the shades of the dead whose names appear in the books of Dyzan, or Thoth, of the Necronomicon and other such fictional works. The organisation of these entities into hierarchies is post-Zoharic, and found...

The Manifesting Of Simplicity

Even Kwaw felt tired, and applied himself to sake-and-soda. Refreshed, he continued The men who are willing by this means to become the saviours of their country shall be called the Synagogue of Satan, so as to keep themselves from the friendship of the fools who mistake names for things. There shall be masters of the Synagogue, but they shall never seek to dominate. They shall most carefully abstain from inducing any man to seek the Tao by any other way than that of equilibrium. They shall develop individual genius without considering whether in their opinion its fruition will tend to the good or evil of their country or of the world for who are they to interfere with a soul whose balance has been crowned by the most holy Tao

Things To Be Believed

The Synagogue of Satan gasped the outraged Daimio. And you are everywhere hailed as the Godfather of your country The Way of Heaven OR THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN (Liber XLI, Class C) Originally published in Konx Om Pax, 1907 e.v. Assigned to the Adeptus Major Grade of the A A . 52. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the third veil, and the shapes of hell shall be turned again to loveliness. 53. For thy sake shall I stride through the flames of Hell, though my tongue be bitten through. 56. Yea, we shall conquer death and Hell together.

The Exorcism Against The Possessing Spirit

The wicked God The wicked Demon The Demon of the Desert The Demon of the Mountain The Demon of the Sea The Demon of the Marsh The wicked Genius The Enormous Larvae The wicked Winds The Demon that seizeth the body The Demon that rendeth the body SPIRIT OF THE SKY, REMEMBER SPIRIT OF THE EARTH, REMEMBER The Demon that seizeth man The Demon that seizeth man The GIGIM who worketh Evil The Spawn of the wicked Demon SPIRIT OF THE SKY, REMEMBER SPIRIT OF THE EARTH, REMEMBER NINNKIGAL, Spouse of NINNAZU May she cause him to turn his face toward the Place where she is May the wicked Demons depart May they seize one another May they feed on one another's bones SPIRIT OF THE SKY, REMEMBER SPIRIT OF THE EARTH, REMEMBER

Black Magick And Vampirism In Bon Po

A Yatus Sorcerer who embraces the chaos-aspect of cultural transcendence would simply utilize this method in their current work, focusing the Sri or Si demons to be a link of draining energy from the chosen victim by the way of dreams. The shades are bound to the paper by the sigils and anyone other than the sorcerer touching it would become a source of energy of which the Si may drink from.

The Book Of Antichrist

And one heavily robed and veiled showed me the sign, and told me to look, and hehold, I saw flash below me four past lives wherein I had failed in my object. And I beheld the life of Simon Magus, preaching the Whore Helena as the Sophia, and I saw that my failure was in Hubris, the pride of the spirit. And I saw my life as Giles de Retz, wherein I attempted to raise Jehanne Darc to be Queen of the Witchcraft, and failed through her stupidity, and again my pride. And I saw myself in Francis Hepburne, Earl Both- well, manipulating Gellis Duncan, that was an unworthy instru- ment. And again as Count Cagliostro, failing because I failed to comprehend the nature of women in my Seraphina. And I was shown myself as a boy of 13 in this life, invoking Satan and showing cowardice when He appeared. And I was asked Will you fail again and I replied I will not fail. (For I had given all my blood to BABALON, and it was not I that spoke.)

Do you actually expect me to believe this kind of magic works

King Solomon Conjuring Spell

But beware The same letters that spell Santa also spell Satan. This spirit also has a dark and evil side. When not properly understood, evoked, and controlled he can be a cynical and destructive demon who during his icy season routinely brings gifts of family strife, suffocating debt, regret, depression, and suicide. Instead of thinking of the spirits as portions of physical brain tissue, however, it might be more accurate (andjust as practical) to view them as portions of the subconscious mind. As the pioneers of quantum physics are suggesting and demonstrating, the influence of the mind transcends the tiny confines of the human cranium and operates on multiple dimensions unencumbered by the limits of time and space. Tinkering with the subconscious mind is in a very real way tinkering with cosmos, and since prehistoric times the people who've tinkered with their subconscious minds the most have been called magicians. In the first section of this book you spent a lot of time...

The Exodus From Egypt From Corporeality to Spirituality

There is no way that a person can go down to Egypt, to his worst desires, of his own free will. Man is confused from above, he is placed under spiritual and physical famine, and other goals are suddenly exalted in his eyes, so that he will clearly understand how much spirituality is better than corporeality. He is given Spiritual delights in corporeal pleasures. Our sages said about that that after the ruin of the temple, the pleasure of intercourse remained for the servants of the Lord alone. The real taste of corporeal pleasure remained only for those who are wise. Wise is one who wishes to be one, for it is them who must face the greatest pleasures. Why after the ruin Because it is then that the desires are under the control of the Other Side (Satan, Heb Sitra Achara).

Conjuration Of The Four

Iit is necessary to seat the possessed one on a chair and to draw a circle around him on the floor with a piece of charcoal. Also, the Tetragrammaton, which is a sign in front of which all the columns of demons flee terrorized, must be drawn on the floor with charcoal at the threshold of the room (inside the room at its entrance).

Ensorcelment of the Daemon

The arte of sexual sorcery between two partners should be focused on the ensorcelment3 of the primal ophidian power. This is the Black and Red Snake in union, between both participants. Let both the fluids of male and female be brought in union for the consecration of talismans and sigils, thus a demon born under the Will of the practitioners.

Matos Spells And Magic Lightning Golden Or White

The demons and spirits of the Babylonians importance of this civilization in the diffusion of magic arts. The much-neglected rites of the Accadians, founders of Babylonian occultism. Assur-bani-Pal's library tablets of incantations. Roots of magical arts known in the West. Process for the healing of a sick man. Description of the Rite Against the Eclipse. Victory over enemies and their gods. Scope of the Mesopotamian magic arts. The gods and goddesses their links with demons and adoption by other peoples. Rites of exorcism. The power words. Conjuration from the Accadian tablets. The link with the Finns. the Brethren of Purity and the Mahdist warriors. Origins of the cult beliefs of the Sufis the mission of the Fakir. 'Man is destined to live a social life'. Origin of the term 'Fakir'. The halo of invulnerability, infallibility and supernatural manifestations. Miracles and powers reported of the saintship of the orders Shahab-el-Din and his conjuration of fruits, etc. the Night Journey...

Spiritual Practice for Elimination of Evil Thoughts

This is also a sign of your spiritual upheaval. You will not repeat now the same actions. Your mind will tremble. Your body will quiver whenever a wrong thought of some evil action urges you to do the same act through force of habit. Continue your meditation with full vigour and earnestness. All memories of evil actions, all evil thoughts, all evil promptings of Satan, will die by themselves. You will be established in perfect purity and peace.

Reactions Against The Occult Philosophy The Witch Craze

Like Giorgi, Agrippa rises through the three worlds, the elemental world, the celestial world, the supercelestial world. Like Giorgi, Agrippa concentrates on number, on proportion in man and the universe using the Vitruvian figures. Like Giorgi, Agrippa rises to the supercelestial world where he is in contact with angels, where the Trinity is proved, whence influences from the angels pour down through the planets, where the Hebrew Names of God are listed, though the Name of Jesus is now the most powerful of all Names. All planetary influences are good since the influences of the celestial hierarchies descend through them. The operator, who is operating a completely white magic, free from demons, is a pious and good Christian Cabalist. There was published in Paris in 1580, that is two years after the Giorgi Pico volume, a work which is a devastating and dangerous attack on Pico della Mirandola's use of Cabala. This was the De la demonomanie des sorciers by Jean Bodin, a book which has...

Kundalini Spirit Jeh Az Kali

Darkness Hyle or Matter, material world Hands Feet Demons. Akatasha, Niyaz, Arashk, Anzakih INITIATORY FOCUS Ahrimanic Yoga, awakening the Archdaevas in the path of Kundalini. This is the very driving force of life-loving predatory spirituality. You are the only God that is, your path is made by your own choices and the interaction with the physical world will determine your tomorrow. As one seeking to mastery the path of sorcery, yatuk-dinoih, know that you must be insightful to the five senses and magick itself. This is the world of Satan, understand it well. Az went forth to the Daevas or Demons in the darkness of hell, she began teaching the art of sexual copulation and how to give birth to dragons and serpents. She taught the demons of the east, the arch-daevas, beasts possessed by druj and other female demonesses the art of fucking and using the sexual fluids and spiritual energy give birth to other forms. It was Az who soon watched many demons give birth to other children, from...

Chapter the Seventeenth Interrelated Religions

In the centuries before Christ, Judaism was influenced by both Hellenism and the dualist ideas of Zoroastrianism, another salvation cult outgrowth of Indo-European paganism. 5. These influences can be seen in both the messianic idea and the increased emphasis on Satan as a worldly power. 8. During its early years of development, Christianity absorbed yet more Greek influence, along with Egyptian ideas which were themselves heavily Hellenized by this time.

Austin Osman Spare And Sethian Magick

Image Set Typhon

Austin Spare utilized the conceptual picture of desire as it was based in sex and workings derived from congress. In order for a desire to become flesh, with such as Goetic sorcery, one must adopt a form of faith which is controlled and willed belief. From this the sigil would be constructed by a series of letters from which interlace and become something not entirely recognizable in form. The meaning itself would be lost to the conscious mind, yet in fruitful ground in the subconscious, would reemerge at the right moment by a consciously willed atavistic resurgence. It is in this manner that one would summon and control demons', angels' and other spirits which would appear and produce results in magickal workings. Zos vel Thanatos (the Witch Cult name of Spare) suggested that if the magician pressed to hard to achieve a goal then the force of his own Will may a deterrent to the accomplishment. Therefore, it was suggested that at the moment of evocation the desire should be focused...

Ritual Outline For A Journey To Square B Of Oyvb In Water Of

The demon in this square is ABO (Ah-boh) whose number is 41, the number for the words TOL (all) and EFAFAFE (vessels). ABO is male and is highly creative. His demonic nature is such that he is not definitive but instead seeks to create all manner of bodies. His impetuous desire to create new forms coupled with the power of solidilication given by Isis causes the chaotic and ceaseless creation of forms in this square.

Minor and Spurious Rituals of Black Magic

The sixteenth century there were no Jesuits the Society originated with St. Ignatius, who died in 1556, being two years after the confirmation of the Society by Pope Paul III. The Conjurations are excessively curious. The first is addressed to a spirit whose name is not indicated, but he is, supposed to have been obedient to Abraham and Isaac, and is directed to bring the magician, out of the depths of the sea, so many millions--the number is not specified and depends upon the cupidity of the operator--of the best Spanish gold otherwise, says the Conjuration, I will condemn thy body (sic) and thy soul. In the second. formula, the spirit is cited by the knowledge and exorcising power of Agrippa, 1 which again puts a definite limit to the antiquity of the collection, were it otherwise necessary. The third Invocation is addressed to the spirit Zayariel, who is conjured by Agla Scheffert and the great Jehova Podashocheia. The remainder, to the number of seven in all, are nearly identical...

Sex Magick And The Watchers

Magick Power Initiation

Samael, the ancient serpent, took a pleasing shape along with his other fallen angels and went forth to man. These dark spirits which brought light to mankind were known as the leaders, the first being Tabaet the Serpent, there was Jeqon who led astray the sons of Zurvan or the one called God, Asbeel who gave the council on joining the bodies of these angels with women, the daughters of Cain. There was Gadreel who taught men the blows of death, taught how to make weapons and assisted in leading Eve astray, the enemy of Lilith. There was also Kasdeja who is the angel teaching the purpose of other demons and spirits and the art of abortions for those who would not have children, as well as the Noon-tide Sun Daemon who was the son of the Serpent, Tabaet. These were called Watchers and the Hebrews knew of their names Artaqifa, Samjaza, Armaros, Azazel, Penemue, Baraqel, Neqael, Danjal, Batarjal, Azazel, Hananel, Turel, Simapesiel, Jetrel, Kasbeel, Tumael, Turel, Rumjal, Turael, Kokabel,...

The Four Attributes of the Churches

The four attributes of each Church helps us to understand the unique nature of each of the energy centres. These centres are central to the process of transforming the electromagnetic field of the Gnostic from the Dialectic to the Static. The Kundalini or Serpent power based in the lowest centre is energised in such a way that the Serpent Seed of Satan (the Taint of original Sin) is replaced by the Serpent of Wisdom (the Messiah). It is interesting to find that this transition is reflect in the Old testament tale of Moses holding up the Serpent to heal the people of Israel. The serpent mentioned is numerically coded as 358 which is also the number of the Messiah. The four attributes of each Church as given in the Book of Revelation are Characteristics of the Church and City, Commendation of the Church, Counsel and Warning and Promises to Overcomers. To understand these centres let us examine the esoteric meanings of the attributes of each Church. (Fig 22)

Intermediate Healing Ritual Healing Yourself

OPMNIR (Oh-pem-nee-ar) LLPIZ (Eel-pee-zod) NIAOM (Nee-ah-oh-meh) IAOM (Eeah-oh-meh) AIZXP (Ahee-zodtz-peh) AZXPI (Ah-zod-tz-pee) AXPIZ (Ah-tz-pee-zod) APIZX (Ah-pee-zod-tz) IZXP (Eezodtz-peh) ZXPI (Zod-tz-pee) XPIZ (Tz-pee-zod) PIZX (Pee-zod-tz) STEP 3. The Banishment of Demons. While you slowly vibrate the Names of Power listed in Step 2, see your body as whole, healthy, and complete.Realize the very thought or suggestion of illness discord to be a Demon and then exorcise it with your Will. After you are deansed, say, In the name of the Angel IZXP (Ee-zodtz-peh), I banish the Demon AIZ (Ah-ee-zod). See pain leaving your physical body in the form of a cold black mist. In the name of the Angel ZXPI (Zod-tz-pee), I banish the Demon AZX (Ah-zod-tz). In the name of the Angel XPIZ (Tz-pee-zod), I banish the Demon AXP (Ahtz-peh). In the name of the Angel PIZX (Pee-zodtz), I banish the Demon API (Ah-pee).

The Book of the Dead Chapter Cxlvii the sixth Arit

Presiding deities of the square. lf this is a lesser square these will include an Egyptian deity and sphinx. Carefully notice every detall of your surroundings. Use your magical weapons and or Words of Power and rnagicalformulas to thwart the Demon of the square and hold him in check.

Formulas Of Magical Incantationvulgar Magic

They are also written, as well as read, in a manner similar to that we have just described, in order to hide from the profane their real meaning. We pass them over, however, and turn our attention to the external manifestations, exorcisms, and cases of demoniacal possession which are so frequent in India. The Agrouchada also discusses the subject of incubi. These demons in India, says Dubois, are much worse and more diabolical, than those spoken of by Delrio the Jesuit, in his 'Disquisitiones Magicae.' By their violent and long-continued embraces they so weary the women whom they visit in the form of a dog, a tiger, or some other animal, that the poor creatures often die of fatigue and exhaustion. In the next rank come the boutams, or demons from p. 141 It sometimes happens that one of the combatants is overthrown by the power of his adversary's mentrams. In that case he rolls on the ground as though he were possessed by a demon, and remains there motionless for some time, appearing...

That we may by some certain matters of the world stir up the Gods of the world and their ministring spirits

No man is ignorant that evill spirits, by evill, and prophane profane Arts may be raised up as Psellus saith Sorcerers are wont to do, whom most detestable and abominable filthiness did follow, and accompany, such as were in times past in the sacrifices of Priapus, and in the worship of the Idoll which was called Panor, to whom they did sacrifice with their privy members genitals uncovered. Neither to these is that unlike (if it be true, and not a fable) which is read concerning the detestable heresy of old Churchmen, and like to these are manifest in Witches and mischeivous mischievous women, which wickednesses the foolish dotage of women is subject to fall into. By these, and such as these evill spirits are raised. As a wicked spirit spake once to Iohn John of one Cynops a Sorcerer all the power, saith he, of Satan dwells there, and he is entred into a confederacy with all the principalities together, and likewise we, with him, and Cynops obeys us, and we again obey him. Again, on...

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Had the matter rested there, it had been ill enough with her. But the mind of man is a strange instrument. Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do is a rattling good piece of psychology. Iliel had nothing to occupy her mind, because she had never trained herself to concentrate the current of her thoughts on one thing, and off all others. A passion for crochet-work has saved many a woman from the

The Vibra Tory Waves Of External Unity

O nobly born, listen well You are now in the magic theatre of heroes and demons. Mythical superhuman figures. Demons, goddesses, celestial warriors, giants, Angels, Bodhisattvas, dwarfs, crusaders, Elves, devils, saints, and sorcerers, Infernal spirits, goblins, knights and emperors. The Lotus Lord of Dance. The Wise Old Man. The Divine Child. The Trickster, The Shapeshifter. The tamer of monsters. The mother of gods, the witch. The moon king. The wanderer. The whole divine theatre of figures representing the highest reaches of human knowledge. Do not be afraid of them. They are within you. Your own creative intellect is the master magician of them all. Recognize the figures as aspects of your self. The whole fantastic comedy takes place within you. Do not become attached to the figures. Remember the teachings. You may still attain liberation.

Magical Figures

IT has been said above that the name or the emblem or the picture of a god or demon could become an amulet with power to protect him that wore it, and that such power lasted as long as the substance of which it was made lasted, if the name, or emblem, or picture was not erased from it. But the Egyptians went a step further than this, and they believed that it was possible to transmit to the figure of any man, or woman, or animal, or living creature, the soul of the being which it represented, and its qualities and attributes. The statue of a god in a temple contained the spirit of the god which it represented, and from time immemorial the people of Egypt believed that every statue and every figure possessed an indwelling spirit. When the Christianized Egyptians made their attacks on the idols of the heathen they proved that they possessed this belief, for they always endeavoured to throw down the statues of the gods of

The Twelveinch Rule And The Common Gavel

The pavement, alternately black and white, symbolizes, whether so intended or not, the Good and Evil Principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael and Satan, of the Gods and Titans, of Balder and Lok between light and shadow, which is darkness Day and Night Freedom and Despotism Religious Liberty and the Arbitrary Dogmas of a Church that thinks for its votaries, and whose Pontiff claims to be infallible, and the decretals of its Councils to constitute a gospel.

Lower Subplane Wildlife

Astral wildlife can manifest in an enormous variety of illusory and changeable forms. Regular favorites are ugly grinning monkeys, gargoyles, and harpy forms. Some seem to prefer a more traditional horned-demon look, while others go for a more contemporary appearance. These latter

Raw Power and Dark Energies

Sorcerers that make heavy use of conjuring are far from rare. This tends to become a Sorcerer's mainstay power due to its definitive simplicity, sheer power, and (relative) predictability. All but the most powerful spirits are accessible to a Sorcerer, leaving a large choice of lesser demons, Knights, Counts, Earls, Presidents, Marquises, and select Prelates for service. Some Dukes Prelates, and all of the Kings of the Demonic Hierarchies are inaccessible to the Sorcerer, due to a lack of preparation. Even if the Sorcerer could, somehow, prepare themselves in the appropriate manner, it would mean giving up Sorcery a Sorcerer, according to many of these demons, are defiled, being tainted with other magics. Because of using other magics, the higher demons will not respond or, worse yet, will take vengeance on unworthy Conjurers. These higher demons, however, usually have abilities that are still accessible through the use of a number of lesser demons that still are within the power...

Elder Gods Tecnique Magic Spells

The Great Lion, the Mad-God, and the Scorpion-Man. Mighty rabid Demons, Feathered-Serpents, the Horse-Man, Bearing weapons that spare no Fearless in Battle, Charmed with the spells of ancient sorcery, . . . withal Eleven of this kind she brought forth With KINGU as Leader of the Minions.

Constructing Sigils With Planetary Cameas

Hagiel Sigill Square

Magical squares, or cameas, are often used as a basis for the construction of individual sigils. In fact, the traditional sigils for planetary spirits and demons have been cabbalistically construed with the help of these cameas. Since this technique belongs to yet another important branch of sigil magic and is relatively unknown, it shall be covered here. Depending on the appropriate magical camea, sometimes it is necessary to reduce a numerical value so that the pertinent number in the camea can be touched when drawing the sigil. For example, look at the demon Bartzabel of the Mars sphere, following Regardie (p. 15). In Hebrew this name is written (from right to left) You will note that the numbers 200,90 and 30 do not appear in the magical square deleting the zeros in our demon's name gives us 2,9 and 3. Thus, we get the following order of numbers (again from right to left) 3 1 2 9 2 2. To complete the picture, the following pages consist of the magical cameas of the planets...

Till old experience do attain To something like prophetic strain

Puritanism the Renaissance traditions. It is this combination which would have made Milton so attractive to members of Italian academies whom he met on his visit to Italy. He was an Englishman who boldly resisted the tyranny of Antichrist, yet was vitally linked to the Renaissance culture, cultivated in the Academies, though frowned on by the seventeenth-century rulers of Italy. Milton's demons might have brought him into trouble in some circles yet they belong naturally to the outlook of the writer of a great Renaissance poem, concerned with the angelic and demonic forces of the cosmos. Such a poem could be written in Puritan England, but not in seventeenth-century Italy.

The Complete Simon Necronomicon

For weeks and months to come satanic rituals, black masses, animal sacrifice, and even human sacrifice, were reported - or blatantly lied about. For although many of the stories were simply not true or fanciful exaggeration, one thing was certain Aleister Crowley was a Magician, and one of the First Order. Lovecraft depicted a kind of Christian Myth of the struggle between opposing forces of Light and Darkness, between God and Satan, in the Cthulhu Mythos. Some critics may complain that this smacks more of the Manichaen heresy than it does of genuine Christian dogma yet, as a priest and former monk, I believe it is fair to say that this dogma is unfortunately very far removed from the majority of the Faithful to be of much consequence. The idea of a War against Satan, and of the entities of Good and Evil having roughly equivalent Powers, is perhaps best illustrated by the belief, common among the Orthodox churches of the East, in a personal devil as well as a personal angel. This...

Agrippas Work 2 De Occulta Philosophia32

Keep his magic 'natural', concerned only with elemental substances in their relations to the stars and avoiding the 'star demons', the spirits connected with the stars. It was really not possible to teach astral magic whilst avoiding the star demons, as Agrippa saw and boldly accepted the challenge. Agrippa's second book is on celestial magic, dealing with the stars, not only through their influences on the elements, but ascending to the 'middle' celestial world to grapple with them. This involves number and the celestial magic becomes a mathematical magic. He states the necessity of mathematical disciplines for mathematical magic. The magical statues of the Asclepius depended, he says, on number. Miraculous effects can be obtained with geometry and optics. Pythagoras taught the prime importance of number, and physics has a mathematical basis. Ficino had not discussed mathematical magic (he would have avoided it because of his avoidance of star demons), but for Agrippa 'mathematical...

Matos Spells And Magic Lightning Spiral

Daggers of peachwood and the two-edged kien are considered among the most valuable of demon-destroying weapons. A sword once owned by a famous warrior or general is also thought to be most effective. Failing this, the iron or peachwood blade is consecrated in the name of the renowned sword which it is supposed to represent. Frequendy red cloth is wrapped round the hilt. When not in use, it is carefully preserved, with appropriate ceremony, in silken cloth. A small model of a sword, cut from willow wood, is often worn as a badge-amulet recalling the Arab use of a model of the marvellous Sword of Ali, worn by the Sayeds (descendants of Mohamed) in Yemen. When willow is used, it must be cut in the fifth day of the fifth month, when the sun is at its apogee. Trees which have been struck by lightning are especially favoured for all magical purposes. The coins (preferably all of the same reign) are fixed on an iron rod, ending in a conventional handle and guard. These twenty to twenty-five...

Bibliography Suggested Reading List

Let all who read this book be warned thereby that the habitation of men are seen and surveyed by that Ancient Race of gods and demons from a time before time, and that they seek revenge for that forgotten battle that took place somewhere in the Cosmos and rent the Worlds in the days before the creation of Man, when the Elder Gods walked the Spaces, the race of MARDUK, as he is known to the Chaldeans, and of ENKI our MASTER, the Lord of Magicians. I have seen the Unknown Lands, that no map has ever charted. I have lived in the deserts and the wastelands, and spoken with demons and the souls of slaughtered men, and of women who have dies in childbirth, victims of the she-fiend LAMMASHTA. I have raised demons, and the dead. I wandered as a beggar, being fed from town to town as the local people saw fit, often being stoned instead and threatened with imprisonment. On occasion, I was able to convince some learned man that I was a sincere scholar, and was thereby permitted to read the...

Another Magical Theorem

The practice of Enochian Magick will demonstrate the truth of this theorem. The deities and demons encountered in the Watchtowers and Aethyrs will appear to be independent, of you, the magician. However, in the same way that dream images appear autonomous but are actually dependent, so are the deities of Enochian Magick. It is only after you become conscious of these esoteric correspondences that you can hope to control the Watchtower deities. There is a mystical relationship between the subjective self of the magician and the objective world in which the magician finds himself herself at any point in time and space. They are two sides of a duality.

To Influence A King Or Ruler

' I call upon you, ye demons, who are appointed to coerce humankind, whose names are SHANSHIMON, etc., and I further call upon you, 0 BEELZEBUB, ZRON, etc., and all your set appointed for this purpose. I call upon you and adjure you, I decree and ordain upon you by these Names of God, formed of the 72 (letters), in which Names are the 216 letters being the sum total of the three verses (Exod. xiv. 19, 20, 21) beginning with the words And he journeyed, And he came, And he stretched . . that you go this very night to A, son of B, that you stand over him, and intimidate him, and overwhelm him, and show him my likeness, and tell him to beware of his life and do all my will, which is so and so that should he not perform it, he will in that week die a sudden death. . . Should he be unwilling to swear, you smite him, and stand over him, and frighten him In these brief extracts, the readers have been able to observe the kabbalistic terms, especially the divine names. The evocator conjures...

Magick White And Black

Systems may take on the qualities of good and evil. There is so-called white magick or good magick, black magick or evil magick, and gray magick between them. When many people refer to white magick they mean magick for unselfish purposes, also healing and mental influence with specific permission. By black magick they refer to magick for self-interest and healing *without* specific permission. Using magick to forcefully control another's will is, in a sense, black magick too. There are also some people on the occult fringe who claim to be, possibly even think they are, 'Satanists', devil worshipers, or black magicians. These people are most likely charlatans, hoaxters, dablers, or merely misinformed. They may be attracted by the 'art' of black magick, or even by the 'glamor' of doing something against the 'rules'. But a real black magician is very dangerous. Because he has dedicated his life to evil. We usually think of 'white magick' as having *unselfish intent*, and (in the extreme...

Of the Sleep of ISHTAR

Release against her the Sixty Demons Against her eyes, the demons of the eyes Against her sides, the demons of the sides Against her heart, the demons of the heart Against her feet, the demons of the feet Against her head, the demons of the head Against her entire body, the demons the KUR And the demons tore at her, from every side. And hung her like a corpse from a stake The sixty demons tearing her limbs from her sides Her eyes from her head Her ears from her skull. The demons of all the Abyss lay there And the Demons rose And the Spirits of the Dead And went with her out of the Gates Looking neither right nor left Walking in front and behind Leaps forth the Evil Demon

Let them curse it that curse the day who are skilful to rouse Leviathan JOB

This monster is well known to cult worship all over the world. In China, however, there is an interesting twist. Far from being considered a completely hostile creature, dedicated to the erasure of mankind from the page of existence, the Dragon is given a place of preeminence and one does not hear of a Chinese angel or saint striving to slay the dragon, but rather to cultivate it. The Chinese system of geomancy, feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the science of understanding the dragon currents which exist beneath the earth, these same telluric energies that are distilled in such places as Chartres Cathedral in France, Glastonbury Tor in England, and the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia. In both the European and Chinese cultures, the Dragon or Serpent is said to reside somewhere below the earth it is a powerful force, a magickal force, which is identified with mastery over the created world it is also a power that can be summoned by the few and not the many. However, in China, there did not...

Of The Zonei And Their Attributes

The Goddess of Venus is the most excellent Queen INANNA, called of the Babylonians ISHTAR. She is the Goddess of Passion, both of Love and of War, depending upon her sign and the time of her appearance in the heavens. She appears as a most beautiful Lady, in the company of lions, and partakes of a subtle astral nature with the Moon God NANNA. When they are in agreement, that is, when their two plants are auspiciously arranged in the heavens, it is as two offering-cups split freely in the heavens, to rain the sweet wine of the Gods upon the earth. And then there is great happiness and rejoicing. She sometimes appears in armour, and is thereby a most excellent guardian against the machinations of her sister, the dread Queen ERESHKIGAL of KUR. With the Name and Number of INANNA, no Priest need fear to walk into the very depths of the Underworld for being armed, in Her armour, he is similar to the Goddess. It was thus that I descended into the foul pits that lie gaping beneath the crust...

Matos Spells And Magic Angels Lightb

There is the story of the American in the train who saw another American carrying a basket of unusual shape. His curiosity mastered him, and he leant across and said Say, stranger, what you got in that bag The other, lantern-jawed and taciturn, replied mongoose. The first man was rather baffled, as he had never heard of a mongoose. After a pause he pursued, at the risk of a rebuff But say, what is a Mongoose Mongoose eats snakes, replied the other. This was another poser, but he pursued What in hell do you want a Mongoose for Well, you see, said the second man (in a confidential whisper) my brother sees snakes. The first man was more puzzled than ever but after a long think, he continued rather pathetically But say, them ain't real snakes. Sure, said the man with the basket, but this Mongoose ain't real either. The emotional type of religionist also suffers in this way. Devotion projects the fine body, which is seized and vampirized by the demon masquerading as Christ or Mary, or...

Examples Op Kabbalistic Necromancy

' I adjure you, O Lucifer, and all thy associates, by the Living God, by the Angels above and below, etc. . . I further adjure you by Belzebuk, your Lord I moreover adjure you by Satan, in whose hands are the Keys of Gehinnom. I adjure you by Lucifer, your King I adjure you by the mighty deep I adjure you by the Law of the Lord, that you shall have no power to stand in the air, etc. . . but that thou shalt come forthwith unto this place, thou, O Lucifer, with thy associates . . . that I shall inquire of them in the name of AGLA AGLAII and in the name of ALPHA, VO, HE, JUD, HE, ELOKIM ZEBAOTH, ELYON, etc.'

Anything That Exists Can Be Known

Pyramid Radionic

If an evocation is to be performed, which is the calling up of a demon, you would place the altar and chair in a circle. Now in normal magick, this circle must be drawn upon the ground but in psionic magick all that is necessary is a long piece of wire that is clipped to the output jack of an amplifier circling the floor around the Prime Operator and any assistants he may require. The circle may be made even more elaborate, as you desire and your space and treasure allow. It is possible, for example, to make a circle of a large neon tube that is turned on at the beginning of a ritual or in some cases an amplifying pattern is laid out on the floor around the Console area.

Saffron Spells For Money

Use in protection magick to exorcise spirits and ward off negative influences and demons. Keep on alter to promote success in all rituals. Sprinkle an infusion of the root to drive away evil. Burn to banish spirits and demons. Used in divination for the care of crystals. (Note Can be poisonous, so handle with care).

In the Emerald Circle of Azalucel

Cain And Baphomet

The witch stood within the center of the circle, seeking to bring into herself her initiatic guide, within a state of self-fascination and the fire of the Aethyric and celestial plane. This was the rite which no man may sate, which no lover save her Angelick Host may initiate further. The witch understood that Azal'ucel, the Angel - Watcher who is revealed by the hidden name as Lucifer and Azazel, transforms within the initiate by bringing a distinct and unique 'fire' to the self in a sense a continual transformation from the Hidden Fire (Black Light) of Cain to the Higher Faculties of Azal'ucel, the Risen God within. She has copulated with the demons and serpents of the void, held intercourse and sodomy with the shades of the dead under the initiatic guidance of Hecate, but here she would seek the Light of the Sun in the Dawn by intercourse with her Angelick Guide, Azal'ucel. Aoth, Sabaoth, Atheleberseth, Abraoth she rolled from her tongue in an enthusiastic conjuration. She...

The Book Of Fifty Names

Elder Gods Line Drawings

Made the Waters aright. Commander of Legions of Wind Demons who fought the Ancient TIAMAT alongside MARDUK KURIOS. The Word used at his Calling is BANUTUKKU. This is his The Watcher of the IGIGI and the ANNUNAKI, Sub-Commander of the Wind Demons. He will put to flight any maskim who haunt thee, and is the foe of the rabisu. None may pass into the World Above or the World Below without his knowledge. His Word is BANRABISHU. His Seal is thus This is the Power that laid capture to the Commander of the forces of the Ancient Ones, KINGU Mighty Demon, that MARDUK might lay hold of him and, with its blood, create the Race of Men and seal the This Spirit possesses the knowledge of the length of Life of any man, even unto the plants and the demons and the gods. He measureth all things, and knoweth the Space thereof. His Word is NENIGEGAI and his Seal is

Union With God Magician

Since the remotest times, Mankind has always believed in something beyond human understanding, something transcendental that he idolized no matter whether there was question of personified or unpersonified conceptions of God. Anything man was unable to understand or to comprehend was imputed to the powers above such as his intuitive virtue admitted them. In this way, all the deities of mankind, good and evil ones (demons) have been born. As time went on, gods, angels, demiurges, demons and ghosts have been worshiped irrespective of their ever having been alive in reality or their having existed only in fancy. With the development of mankind, the idea of God was shrinking especially at the time when, with the aid of the sciences, phenomena were explained that previously were ascribed to the gods. A lot of books would have to be written if one wished to enter into details of the various ideas of God in the history of the nations.

The Amulet Of The Ladder

The use of amulets was common in Egypt from the earliest times to the Roman Period, and when the Egyptians embraced Christianity, they, in common with the Gnostics and semi-Christian sects, imported into their new faith many of the views and beliefs which their so-called heathen ancestors had held, and with them the use of the names of ancient Egyptian gods, and goddesses, and demons, and formula, which they employed in much the same way as they were employed in the days of old.

The Evolution of Dominions and Principal ities

For the early Gnostics, the state and authorities were hostile. The powers that existed outside of their communities were considered compromised, destructive and malefic. If we consider the example of the Essenes, they saw themselves at the forefront of a cosmic war between the forces of light (themselves) and the fallen dominions that include physical forces such as Rome and the Jews, and the spiritual denizens of the astral worlds. The Essenes were well aware of the spiritual realities but also saw that these realities were superimposed on the physical, indeed, they used Biblical terms as codewords for many of the physical enemies. Babylon, for example, represented spiritual debauchery and apostasy, while Rome was considered as Satan incarnate member saw the State as the enemy So slowly and surely the Christian establishment watered down the doctrine of Dominions and Principalities. At first they disavowed the Archons and Dominions and Principalities and replaced them with demons....

Evocation Of Taliahad

Golden Pentacle

The Characters of the various Spirits, Intelligences, Olympic Spirits and Demons associated with this planet. These are variously used according to the exact nature of the operation in hand. Obviously the sigil of the Demon of the planet would be almost never used in talismanic magic.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the

Yet, there are many terrors on the Way to the Self, and an Abyss to cross before victory can be declared. Demons, vampires, psychic leeches, ghastly forms accost the aspiring magician from every angle, from every quarter around the circumference of the magick circle, and they must be destroyed lest they devour the magician himself. When Crowley professed to have passed the obstacles, and crossed the Abyss of Knowledge, and found his true Self, he found it was identical with the Beast of the Book of Revelation, 666, whom Christianity considers to represent the Devil. Indeed, Crowley had nothing but admiration for the Shaitan (Satan) of the so-called devil-worshipping cult of the Yezidis of Mesopotamia, knowledge of which led him to declare the lines that open this Introduction. For he saw that the Yezidis possess a Great Secret and a Great Tradition that extends far back into time, beyond the origin of the Sun cults of Osiris, Mithra and Christ even before the formation of the Judaic...

The Left Handed Path

The essence of the genuine LHP - and this includes the Dark (or sinister) Tradition and traditional Satanism - is the use of magickal energies to enhance the evolution of the individual. Such evolution cannot exist outside the LHP as a willed act. Evolution is willed, as a magickal act, via experience by revealing the acausal, by confronting it (usually via symbols) and finally by integrating it. There is no other way. In exoteric terms, the symbols by which we as individuals sense these two types are those dependant on the five senses color, incense etc. (thus the 'scales of color', incenses etc. associated with each sphere) as well as the 'mythological' symbols where the various attributes are combined to make a numinous image which to a greater or lesser extent represents the energies (the 'gods goddesses demons' etc.). These mythological symbols may themselves be represented in a linear way - that is, involve action, as in a specific myth or story. Adept to Immortal. For , it is...

Preface To The Second Edition

Barnes, on the other hand, has had no rest whatever from the signals and messages from the extraterrestrial intelligences that were the overseers and the guardians of the book's publication. He has been plagued by an unremitting chain of numerological events which he cannot ignore. The predominance of the numbers 13,333,555,666 and others too arcane to bear mentioning have been made his life a demonstration (read, demon-stration) of Jungian synchronicity patterns. Also, his printing of the beautiful, full-colour Denderah Zodiac on the first anniversary of the NECRONOMICON's publication in 1978 precipitated a rash of UFO sightings in Australia and New Zealand - in which one pilot has disappeared. Since the publication of this book in December, 1977, the ancient forces of erstwhile victory have been banging and clamouring at the Gates. December 1977 was the middle of the killing spree of the calibre killer, known to the press as the Son of Sam, who was motivated - according to...

The Scourge The Dagger And The Chain

The Christian idea that sin was worth while because salvation was so much more worth while, that redemption is so splendid that innocence was well lost, is more satisfactory. St. Paul says Where sin abounded, there did grace much more abound. Then shall we do evil that good may come God forbid. But (clearly ) it is exactly what God Himself did, or why did He create Satan with the germ of his fall in him

O The Flesh Sabbat and Congress

The Two were led by the Master of the Circle into a chamber, red walls and a black ceiling. The center of the room was a large comfortable chair, crimson with golden Chinese dragons embroidered in the fabric, a great pillow colored red at the foot of the chair. The master of the circle wore the mask of Shaitan, the Djinn of the Burning Noon Tide Desert Sun, horned and inscribed with sigils of the Dragon upon it. Adorned in black leather pants with his chest and arms blackened he sat one women in the center of the pillow. The Priestess who embodied Lilith - AZ, the Whore who rode the Dragon, the center of the Eye of Tiamat enfleshed sat in this chair, legs spread, a tight fitting leather corset gripping tightly to her pale flesh. Her mask was designed as a mask of Lilith, black and white with streaks of menstrual blood across it. She was a member of the Coven for sometime, and desired the Working which is rarely spoken of Before her was the lady who would in carnal desire know both the...

Chapter Twelve Initiation

The third and most important factor in the formula of initiation is the act of consciously inserting ourselves into the divine circuitry of the cosmos. One can rightly argue that we are all, at all times, whether we recognize it or not, an inextricable part of the universal and supreme stream of consciousness existence. But it is not until we wake up and recognize our position in this circuitry can we begin the Great Work - the work of invoking the forces of nature above us so that we may master own demons and redirect their chaotic energy to build the Temple of our own evolving soul. This profoundly mature and uncomplicated request is instantly granted, as if Deity had no choice but to acquiesce. A unique51 spiritual hierarchy is created with Solomon enthroned midway between heaven and hell - poised to work in cosmic harmony with the divine consciousness above him - poised to compel the infernal spirits to do the same.

Matos Spells And Magic Wishes Circle Patterns Thoughtforms

Nevertheless, it is at least possible that both these Platonic and Aristotelian concepts were ultimately derived from Hellenistic folk-memories of the primitive beliefs of the Aryan-speaking peoples who gave their culture to both Greeks and Hindus. There was an ambivalence in the attitude of the Church towards astral projection. When indulged in by the orthodox it was called bilocation and regarded as evidence of possible sanctity. When, on the other hand, it was practised by those who might reasonably be suspected of heresy or witchcraft it was looked upon as proof of co-operation with Satan, or of deliberate attendance at the Witches' Sabbath, or even of dangerous (and possibly diabolical) delusion. Thus Sprenger, the co-author of that notorious inquisitors' manual The Hammer of the Witches (1484), reported the case of a woman who voluntarily approached some Dominican friars and related that she attended the Witches' Sabbath every night. In spite of the...

Instructions For The Wrathful Visions

O nobly born, listen carefully You were unable to maintain the perfect Clear Light of the First Bardo. Or the serene peaceful visions of the Second. You are now entering Second Bardo nightmares. Recognize them. They are your own thought-forms made visible and audible. They are products of your own mind with its back to the wall. They indicate that you are close to liberation. Do not fear them. No harm can come to you from these hallucinations. They are your own thoughts in frightening aspect. They are old friends. Welcome them. Merge with them. Join them. Lose yourself in them. They are yours. Whatever you see, no matter how strange and terrifying, Remember above all that it comes from within you. Hold onto that knowledge. As soon as you recognize that, you will obtain liberation. If you do not recognize them, Torture and punishment will ensue. But these too are but the radiances of your own intellect. They are immaterial. Voidness cannot injure voidness. None of the peaceful or...

Thought Form or Nonphysical Life Form

Entertaining this possibility seems to foster belief-system confusion, discomfort, and insecurity in many people. This also generates a feeling of helplessness when confronted by something they actively wish to discount and disbelieve in. The majority of people, I have found, do not like to believe in or talk about the existence of devils and demons, demonic realms, and other nasties that might go bump in the night.

Matos Spells And Magic Green Pool

Thus, in low grades of initiation, dogmatic quarrels are inflamed by astral experience as when Saint John distinguishes between the Whore BABALON and the Woman clothed with the Sun, between the Lamb that was slain and the Beast 666 whose deadly wound was healed nor understands that Satan, the Old Serpent, in the Abyss, the Lake of Fire and Sulphur, is the Sun-Father, the vibration of Life, Lord of Infinite Space that flames with His Consuming Energy, and is also that throned Light whose Spirit is suffused throughout the City of Jewels. Therion, they are only too likely to do so and if one's respect for Him induces one to accept such visions as authentic, one is being false to one's soul the visions themselves will avenge it. The true Guide being gone, the seer will stray into a wilderness of terror where he is tricked and tortured he will invoke his idol the Master Therion, and fashion in His image a frightful phantasm who will mock him in his misery, until his mind stagger and fall...

Special Dawns Matos Spells And Magic

The Church of Satan and the Temple of Set One advisor had suggested the discontinuation of the whole project. His motive was that a California group sensationally engaged in the practice of Satanism had appropriated and published the Enochian rituals or Calls in a so-called Satanic Bible. Because of this, it was felt that there were now undesirable contacts associated with the rituals that could only lead to chaos and confusion. The author of this debased volume had made enough changes in the various Calls to rule out any likelihood of confusion with those presented here in their original form. Wherever the word God is used, the author had substituted the name of Satan or one of the equivalent terms in its stead. The same holds true for several other pieces of similar stupidity. The Church of Satan's schismatic offshoot, the Temple of Set, has abandoned the CoS versions of the Calls. Rather than rewrite the angelic language of the Calls, Michael Aquino (founder of the Temple of Set)...

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