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Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit Lite Package is a “lite” version of the original Simple Spell Casting System which provides knowledge anyone can use in casting simple love, money, protection and luck spells that can bring results in a few days even if the individual has never cast a successful spell in their entire life. It was developed by Rose Ariadne who has been studying ancient forms of witchcraft for over 27 years and has helped all of her 2537 students (and counting) located in over 25 countries to attract wealth, love, protection and good luck into their lives using the Magick energy every person was born with.

What is included in the product

Simple Spell Casting System E-Kit Lite Package is loaded with the tools and information needed to enable anyone cast a successful spell. This package enables the user to learn from an experienced witch, so you can cast simple 3-minute spells that actually work effectively without having to use any hard to find ingredient and tools. This package also helps the user discover the secret method for using 3 clovers to get a job, it also includes the Quad Crystal job promotion spell, it includes ways to make a mystic love book, the scissors breakup spell and the magick tea to repair relationships. Spells that bring money, health sachets to prevent illness and much more are contained in this books. It is a downloadable spell casting course for the “new age market” and is packaged in an e-book format that is accessible on any PDF enabled device

How does the program work

  1. Ensuring the user believes the spell would bring results from deep down his heart, the author shows the user how to do this using a series of simple steps that intensifies the users’ belief in himself/herself and also in the power of magick without much effort on the part of the user
  2. The author teaches how to use the power of your emotions and intentions to create a “Steering wheel” to control the outcome of the spell and also shows how to embed them into each spell that is casted by the user
  3. The author teaches how to charge your spells with energy from outside nature, these energies are needed to give your spells that powerful boost which combines with your belief, focused intent and emotion to bring the desired results.
  4. The author teaches how to use natural ingredients like herbs, woods and other plants to create effective spells and also teaches how to use a very simple secret in achieving the potency of the spells, the secrets is simple: you must acknowledge and thank the earth for the energy you have borrowed

Who is the program intended for

The product is intended for individuals who desperately want to believe in magick but deep down are not quite sure if it will really work even though the individual still hopes with all his/her heart that they could tap into the power of magick to bring incredible miracles into their life, it is also recommended for individuals who have at one point or the other in their life cast a spell that didn’t bring any result at all.

Benefit of the program

  1. The Simple Spell Casting System e-kit Lite is an easy to read and understand e-book that is guaranteed to grant you the ability to cast spells that will grant you an upper hand in life
  2. It will enable you prove to anyone (yourself included) that you can cast quick and effective 5-minutes spell without hours of study and without having to use expensive and hard-to-find ingredients
  3. It helps users never to worry about their financial abilities ever again by simply casting money spells such as planting magickal money seeds at key positions in the city to attract large sums of wealth in weeks, how to shake money into your life by using the specially formulated “3 coin money bottle spell” and 3 ingredients that contain powerful money-drawing magickal properties
  4. The program also helps the users get the job of their dreams by simply casting job attractions spells that are included in this book such as a secret method for using 3 clovers to land a job during any interview, a simple cinnamon twist spell that is capable of quickly landing the individual a good paying job as well as the Quad Crystal Job Promotion spell that gives your boss an irresistible desire to grant you instant promotion and pay rise
  5. The creator also provides spells in her book that allows the user fill his/her life to the brim with breathtaking and Hollywood style love, passionate romance and a lifetime of true and loyal friends
  6. The author also includes how to quickly rid the heart of sadness, loneliness and depression using different spells such as how to create a mystic love box that actually absorbs the pain of a broken heart and enables it heal quickly, a scissor breakup spell that can ease the pain of a breakup for a couple that wasn’t meant to be and a simple 5-minutes ritual that can quickly flush away the pain of a broken heart using a picture, 2 candles and a small butter knife
  7. The product also includes spells to take your relationship to a higher level of love
  8. The product contains some spells to enable you talk to a loved one who has passed away
  9. The product helps you create a powerful magick wall to protect you and you loved ones from hexes, curses and all harm
  10. It also contains spells to heal you and your loved ones from illnesses and diseases.

Does the product work

Different users of the product have all given positive testimonies about the product with many admitting to have created effective magical spells they never imagined they could do within a short period of using the product. Judging by various testimonials including my own personal experience with using the product, it is sufficient to say this program is recommended for anyone who wishes to cast effective spells

Bonuses attached to using this product

  1. E-book of Shadows: Volume 1: this is another work by the author packaged in a software that includes over 100 unique and powerful spells
  2. Simple 3-steps Spells Anyone Can Cast Using Items Found in Every Home; this kit contains a 2 ½ hour interview with a world famous kitchen witch of over 20 years in which she details simple, unique and effective spells you can cast with items found in every kitchen
  3. A simple spell casting system checklist
Magick Really Exists
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