Say this to Men

Say this to men is a product created by Marni Kinrys, she is not only a relationship expert but also the best-selling author of the book; ‘That’s not How men work and the wing girl method’.

She has over the years been working with men and has first-hand information and experience on what exactly to do when it comes to talking to men. Being a relationship expert for long and with much experience, her work is no doubt to be trusted and used for the better.

What is the product about?

The Say this to men covers the secrets to a simple and effective communication in a relationship that will get your man or any man to listen to you and treat you and appreciate you in a way you have never imagined before.

You will be to bridge a big communication gap most the women in relationships.

What does the product entail?

The book entails some information on how you can maintain and better your relationship using the secrets of the male species. Some of these include tips on how;

  • To ask a guy out with confidence or get him to ask you out on a date or a picnic,
  • You can get things to progress to the next level with your partner,
  • To effectively communicate your needs to your partner, and get him to fulfill them,
  • To tell your man how you feel about him, without freaking him out in anyway,
  • To bring up a sticky topic with your partner without offending him in any way,
  • To inform him exactly what he needs to hear, to feel wanted and needed by you in your relationship without coming across as a needy
  • To carefully get your man to open up and tell you how he feels about certain things,
  • To make him feel like you are the only one woman he has waited a lifetime for,
  • To bring back that spark of love, passion, and special connection in your relationship, so that he never wants to leave your side or go for another one,
  • The most important thing that men need to hear from you above all else
  • How to continuously stop rejecting a man, this is a common phenomenon by many women who do this without even realizing it,

And much more tips to use.

What will it help you solve?

Among other things, Say this to men contains information that you will be able to use to resolve some of the issues that have been bothering you, these include the following;

  • You will be able to have a more exciting dating life with a guy because now you will be more comfortable to initiate engaging in a conversation with any man you meet,
  • You will feel more appreciated and admired by your man or by any man you meet, this will be due to the incredibly sexy way that you can now express yourself to him in his love language, and still retain your femininity at the same time,
  • You will then develop a closer emotional bond with your man because now he will feel that you really understand him and he feels safe and comfortable opening up to you,
  • You will be able to bring up a happier home life, as you will feel you are on the same page with everything, and when an issue arises you work through it together,
  • You will be in a position to enjoy an explosive sex life; an off the charts sex life for you and him!

And if you keep on reading, you will find out more, that you can get from applying the said secrets of the alpha.

What is the format of this product?

The Say this to men is in the form of a kindle book or e-book that is downloadable online in form of PDF. The product is also presented in an audiovisual compact disk. This way you will not have to wait for long to have it and begin your journey of a lifetime that will change your love life forever

That is not all!

Getting this book, provides you with another unique and good bonuses along with it. These include;

  1. How men really think,
  2. And the secret texting guide.

Each section of the book shows you what to say and what not say to your partner so as to foster a good and successful relationship

If you wish to be in a relationship, this book will teach you the secret code to use to get to the heart of even the most unemotional men. The results will be seen as you apply these techniques overnight, and your relationships with men will change.

Or, if you are in a relationship, the secrets in this book will change the way you are being treated to more than the way you’d ever think of.

Whether you are single or in a relationship these tips will get you what you really desire in a man and how to get it.

Important to note!

Before you begin, there are several key things you need to understand. These form the basis of a strong foundation.

There is one truth, the one thing that determines the strength of your relationship and if it will be a long-term one, the one thing that can transform a burning chemistry into lasting love, and the one thing that, if done in the right way, can make a man lower his guard and fall helplessly in love with you:

Is actually how well you speak your man’s language. Communication is very key. And just how important is it?

In a marriage;

For a lack of effective communication is the number one cause of divorce

A survey depicts that therapists counselors list that communication problem is the biggest underlying reason for divorce.

The most vital aspect of your relationship is effective communication especially if you wish for it to last.

Emotional dissatisfaction- this will lead to men cheating. Your partner fantasizing about another woman is a real problem and it could get worse and he sleeps with her behind your back. The sex you have also played a major role in cheating men. When he is sexually dissatisfied, he will turn to another.

When a man is not feeling that certain level of appreciation, that is when he can end up falling for someone else.

Men ratings of communication more important than a woman’s body

You know that physical attraction is the very first thing that makes you look at a guy, this is even more true for men, who are without a doubt exceptionally visual creature. However, when it comes to getting serious and forming a long-term relationship, it turns out that guys want a lot more than what they see on the surface, and more of what comes out.

And that is the reason why, when a man is asked what makes him want to stay with a woman is the communication skill.

That is just as much as you do, a man would want a partner who they can talk about their problems with, spend time with, laugh with, feel appreciated, listened to, loved by, and experience that feeling of being understood.

When a man finally finds this kind of woman in you, this is what makes him think the possibility of a potential future wife in you.

Get to have the level of connection with the guy you love in the most beautiful way and enjoy each other’s company.

Learn his love language as it were.

Just think about it!

You can become confident, in that you always know the right thing to say and what to not to say for you to get that special man to switch off from everything else, and focus completely his attention, love, and desire on you alone.

If it so happens you are single, do not fret at all, you will find that meeting and attracting men will be become so much easier.

And if you are already in a relationship, your partner will be privately jumping up and down, because now it feels like you really understand him like no woman ever has before with him.

And the best part of all this is that when you give your man what he wants, you pave way for him to also reciprocate and give you what you want. A win-win for both of you.

At the end of this book, and after applying the secret code of the alpha, you will find that;

  • He now listens to you with love and understanding in his eyes every time you talk with him, rather than getting distracted and looking around or interrupting you from time to time,
  • He notices and appreciates all of the little things you do for him and will even go out of his way to satisfy every need you desire, just to show you the extent he loves you for it,
  • All the problems that were once fought about are now lovingly talked through and resolved amicably,
  • And, men are now falling all over themselves to date you, because when they are with you, the conversation is one of a kind that they feel so understood and respected, this will definitely make them not to stay away.

This is straight to the point guide that will get you the relationship you desire and have only hoped for all your love life.

Who is this product intended for?

The product is for the women who wish to change their relationship with men for the greater good. It does not matter whether you are a single lady or you are already in a relationship with your partner, this Say this to men will change your love life forever.

You will not get your relationship to where you want it to be and be given what you desire most if you just stay, you have to take the initiative today and find out the love language for men. Get yours in check and all focused on you.

My recommendation?

Your love will not be sweet and enjoyable if do not know what your man wants, get a copy of this Say this to men bring your relationship to the level you can speak the love language with men, this way you will be able to get what you want, but, you will also be in a position to be given what you want.

The moment you will unlock the code of the guy you love, your love life will change forever, you will experience sweeter feelings and happiness all your life. And everyone prefers everything sweet and happy every now and then. this does not get to happen to everyone, given the chance, you should experience a taste of how it feels like to have sweet love and happiness with your man.

Say this to Men
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