Nice Guys With An Edge Review

Nice Guys With An Edge

Nice Guys with an Edge was created by an author who had previous bad experiences getting girls to fall in love with him. He was the girl’s friend when he thought they were in a relationship, until one day when she told him he is just a friend.

It was this experience that led to the author to come up with a solution for not only him but to other guys out there battling with the same problem.

Nice guys with an Edge is a completed digital audio guide that will help you get out of the friend zone and be the guy she can’t stop thinking about.

This program will help you not to undergo the horror of being the “nice guy” in a relationship when you are just starting.

The audios are designed to help you using different approaches. It starts by showing you how to stop doing things that will make her think you as a friend. It will help you stop the following behaviors:

  • Trying so hard with a girl that you come off as needy.
  • Always needing to be the hero.
  • Being like a doormat for people.
  • Stop that corrosive behavior of validation seeking.
  • Getting rid of some of that emotion and centering you.
  • Neediness and greediness (wanting more of her time than she wants to give).
  • Approval seeking.

After discovering things that are hindering your efforts of stepping out of the friend zone, the course will then show you step by step how to:

  • Dissect the mindset of the so-called "nice guy" and teach you how to balance yourself when unproductive and annoying thought patterns that affect you.
  • Breakdown the so-called "nice guy syndrome" behavior habits such as approval seeking, trying too hard to be liked, being a doorman, and more.
  • Develop the proper conversational mindset on how to speak to women and people.
  • Bring out the edge in nice guys with a unique proven mindful system.
  • The main purpose – Being comfortable in your own skin in order to improve yourself with women, relationships with people, and getting past the friend zone.

Nice Guys With An Edge Bonus

This program is tested and proven, so when you buy it, you can be sure to get that girl you have been drooling on for weeks but never had the courage to approach her, or you have been friends for months but couldn't find a way out of the friend zone.

The product even comes with free valuable bonuses including:

  • The Approach to Anxiety Cure

This is a special gift form the author to help you on your way. It is a special system that will increase your chances of a successful approach when talking to women in public.

In this bonus, the author will share a simple structured model created by him. He designed three different levels of approach anxiety:

  • High Anxiety – this is when you have so much anxiety in the extent that you can’t even ask a stranger for directions or the time.
  • Medium anxiety – in this case, you can approach strangers or women, but still, have anxiety and cannot hold a conversation.
  • Comfortable anxiety – this is the minimal anxiety that you want to feel when you are approached with the ability to hold a conversation.

If you can’t tell what level of anxiety you are experiencing, you can use the Edge System. It will also help you identify what level of anxiety you will be at when approaching women or strangers. By applying the techniques, you will be able to get the anxiety down to the level of comfortable anxiety, which is where you want to be.

  • Sexual Personality Attraction

This bonus is packed with techniques that will help you build a solid personality. It will guide you on ways of digging up the foundations and cement a good strong base. And from there, everything will be easy.

This bonus highlights the four basic pillars of the sexually attractive male, which are:

  • Warmth
  • Affection
  • Dominance
  • Sexual energy

Where to Buy Nice Guys With An Edge

This product can be purchased from its official website CLICKBANK. The product comes in the form of an audio disk.

Who Can Use The Product

If you are always anxious while talking to women, then you should give this product a go. It will help you manage your anxiety levels so you can be comfortable around women and strangers.

It is also suitable for anyone who wants to climb out of the friend zone or is looking for ways of building a strong personality.

Nice Guys With An Edge
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