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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

All the modules inside this ebook are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Deep Physical Relaxation

The first big hurdle faced by projectors is deep physical relaxation. This essential skill needs to be thoroughly learned. I cannot stress it strongly enough of the thousands of projection-related problems I have dealt with over the years, in person and on the Internet, one skill area stands way out in front as causing the majority of problems deep physical relaxation or rather, the lack of it. Everyone seems to rush through learning this most important of all core skills, to get on with the seemingly more interesting stuff. Many people seem to think that because they can stay awake long enough to attain some level of trance, they must therefore be physically relaxed enough. Wrong It is quite possible to achieve the trance state without having a deep-enough level of physical relaxation to create the conditions that allow conscious-exit projection. The trance state means that your physical body is asleep while your mind is still awake. But your body can still contain significant...

The Relaxation Ritual

Visualize a golden ball of beautiful, warm light surrounding your feet. If you cannot see the ball of light when you visualize it, that is okay. Just know that it is there. Truly know that if your powers of visualization were different you would be able to see it. The ball of golden warm light always brings peace and total relaxation. Wherever the ball of light goes, tension departs. Let it go, and as it goes, feel your feet filled with the warm, golden glow of peace and total relaxation. STEP THREE. Now allow this ball of light to rise up your legs and up your torso. Then allow it to go down your arms to your fingers, and finally up your neck and into your head until you are completely covered with the warm, golden glow of total peace and relaxation, and all tension is gone. If you notice tension anywhere, send the ball of light there and the tension will vanish. STEP FOUR. Stay in this state of deep relaxation for a few moments. Know that you can return to this state...

Trance and Deep Physical Relaxation

I have found that the majority of people who fail conscious-exit projection either have a problem with the trance state (too light, too deep, or too little control) or they have neglected to fully learn and practice deep physical relaxation more usually both. It is quite possible to enter the trance state without having a deep level of physical relaxation, just as it is possible to fall asleep with muscular tension still in the physical body. This, in itself, can cause enormous problems for projectors during the exit phase. Many people hurry through or skip the deep physical relaxation exercises, often believing they are physically relaxed enough simply because they can get into the trance state fairly easily. They do not understand that the trance state, plus tiredness resulting from a sleep deficit, can override deep physical relaxation as a requirement for entering the trance state. They go on with projection attempts thinking they are doing everything correctly, while actually not...

The Instant Relaxation Ritual

With your mind, 'look through your body for any tension. Be especially aware of the neck, forehead, shoulders, stomach and lower back. If there is any tension, immediately send the golden glow of the relaxation ritual to that area and the tension will fade. Caution This technique is physiological as well as psychological. The sudden change in muscle tension and its sudden release may, in a very few people, cause a muscle spasm commonly known as a charlie horse. If this occurs, stop immediately and deeply massage the area until the spasm ends. Then do the regular relaxation ritual as soon as possible. If you are a person who gets a charlie horse, do not shy away from using this technique. Once your body becomes used to the sudden change in body and muscle tension, the spasms should cease and you will have a wonderful and fast system of relaxation and stress reduction.


One of the key factors in leaving the body is relaxation. The body should be relaxed as completely as possible. If the physical body isn't completely relaxed, it may be very difficult to turn your focus away from the body. Some laboratory experiments suggest that the physical body may be even more relaxed during an OBE than it is during a normal sleep state. Learning to relax your body to such a degree (without falling asleep) can be difficult, but it has its rewards. Learning to physically relax can lower blood pressure and counteract stress. You'll feel better and live longer by practicing relaxation regularly. For this exercise, you should learn to relax your body at will, completely and quickly. You should learn to relax every fiber and tissue of your body. One common method of relaxation is to get into a comfortable position, and slowly go through every limb from the feet up, tensing and relaxing every muscle in that limb. Special care should taken to completely relax the muscles...

STEP 1 Relaxation

The next important condition for OBE induction is a completely relaxed physical body. Relaxation is important because if you aren't relaxed, you'll have too much consciousness focused in your body. Laboratory tests on astral travelers have shown (with the help of BSR and GSR skin resistance monitors) that the physical body is more relaxed during an OBE than during sleep. Ideally, your physical body should be completely relaxed in every respect during practice. I recommend practicing relaxation every day until you can completely relax your physical body in a few minutes. Relax your body from limb to limb, working from your feet up to your head, until even your face is completely relaxed. Use any technique you are comfortable with to relax completely. If you don't know any relaxation techniques, do this Systematically tighten each muscle and make it tense until there is a


In some people this inhibitory power may flower suddenly in very much the same way as occurred with Asana. Quite without any relaxation of vigilance, the mind will suddenly be stilled. There will be a marvellous feeling of peace and rest, quite different from the lethargic feeling which is produced by over-eating. It is difficult to say whether so definite a result would come to all, or even to most people. The matter is one of no very great importance. If you have acquired the power of checking the rise of thought you may proceed to the next stage.

Thoughtwaves and Thoughttransference

Just as you take physical exercises, play games such as tennis and cricket in order to maintain physical health, you will have to maintain mental health by radiating the right thought-waves, by taking Sattvic food, mental recreation of an innocent and harmless nature, change of mood, relaxation of mind by entertaining good, ennobling and sublime thoughts and by cultivating the habit of cheerfulness.

Trance descriptive or misleading

Years of careful analysis by a number of researchers were mostly fruitless in turning up any reliable physiological correlates of hypnosis that were not (1) elated to the relaxation associated with the induction (most inductions, but not all, involve physical relaxation) or (2) an obvious result of a suggestion measurements and subjective reports indicate deep relaxation accompanying some hypnosis but not all hypnosis. Hypnotic suggestibility is apparently not imited to relaxed states. n Morse, Martin, Furst, & Dubin, A physiological and subjective evaluation 3f meditation, hypnosis, and relaxation, from Journal Psychosomatic Medicine. 39(5) 304-24, 1977 Sep-Oct, a representative study of relaxation was done. Subjects were monitored for respiratory rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, skin esistance, EEG activity, and muscle activity. They were monitored during the lert state, meditation (TM or simple word type), hypnosis (relaxation and ask types), and relaxation. Ss gave a verbal...

Daily Practice How Long

This set of exercises can take from 20 to 40 minutes depending on how long you do each exercise. The deep relaxation after the set is an additional 5-10 minutes. The silent meditation is also between 3-11 or more minutes depending on the time you have. Tailor your practice times so that you do not feel rushed. The more relaxed and present you are to what you are doing and what is happening, the better the results and the more awareness you will cultivate.

Reducing Primary Center Activity

Those who believe they have succeeded at doing this will find that their actions are merely coincidental with their supposed result. The energy centers in question would have been deactivating on their own anyway. In most cases, primary centers begin deactivating the moment relaxation and trance disciplines are broken and normal levels of physical and mental activity are restored. The best way to deactivate energy centers is to leave them alone and stop using them. Break physical and mental relaxation disciplines.

Mahamudra Outline For An Advanced Exercise

Step 3 begins with relaxation and then ends with tension. Step 4 will cause relaxation. You will experience continual shifts between states of tension and relaxation as you go through these steps. This will prevent your mind from ever becoming too tense or too relaxed.

Self Repeating Thought Patterns

Stage One Clear your mind through sheer force of will, blank slate it, silencing the repetition and brutally holding it clear, while taking deep, powerful breaths, for as long as you can, gritting your mental and physical teeth if necessary. Whip and cudgel your mind into temporary obedience. Physical relaxation is not required for any of this. Put everything you have into this and be prepared to shed some honest mental sweat over it. Use breath awareness to help with this as needed. This first step is designed to highlight the problem thought pattern, as well as being a brutal but excellent thought-control exercise. If this fixes the problem, fine, but if the rogue thought pattern persists or resumes, continue with stage two.

What else is like hypnosis

Formal hypnosis, which includes relaxation and the use of suggestion, 3. Alert hypnosis (there is no relaxation component) relaxation and enjoyable stillness Guided imagery While it appears very similar, and often overlaps, hypnosis is not just guided imagery. There are additional important elements to hypnosis that are not generally found in guided imagery. We can certainly engage in guided imagery during hypnosis. But not all hypnosis involves guided imagery, and guided imagery does not necessarily result in hypnosis. More importantly, the skill for imagery is not the same as the skill for entering and using hypnosis. Vivid imagery is an important element in hypnosis, but it is not sufficient. There are other elements needed for hypnosis, including but not limited to hypnosis-relevant attitudes (Glisky, Tataryn, and Kihlstrom, 1995). There is evidence that guided imagery under hypnosis has subtly different effects on the body than guided imagery under relaxation alone. Also, there...

Natural Causes Of Lycanthropy

Parents and nurses know well that children by nature are cruel, and that humanity has to be acquired by education. A child will gloat over the sufferings of a wounded animal till his mother bids him put it out of its misery. An unsophisticated child would not dream of terminating the poor creature's agonies abruptly, any more than he would swallow whole a bon-bon till he had well sucked it. Inherent cruelty may be obscured by after impressions, or may be kept under moral restraint the person who is constitutionally a Nero, may scarcely know his own nature, till by some accident the master passion becomes dominant, and sweeps all before it. A relaxation of the moral check, a shock to the controlling intellect, an abnormal condition of body, are sufficient to allow the passion to assert itself.

Triumph Over Unimportant Thoughts

Removal of tension in the muscles of the body brings repose and calmness to the mind. By relaxation you give rest to the mind, tired nerves and the overworked muscles. You will get immense peace of mind, strength and vigour. When you practice relaxation of either body or mind, the brain should not be occupied with various sorts of loose extraneous thoughts. Anger, disappointment, failure, indisposition, misery, sorrow, quarrels cause internal mental strain. Expel them.

Projection of Energy to Charge Spaces

Peace, joy, bliss, excitement, or relaxation, you may simply imagine .1 white or blue-white light. Table 11 (opposite) recommends specific elements or planets and colors for specific magical energies. You may ol course use any color that you feel is most appropriate in any case.

Lucid Dream Projection

Lucid dream projection is particularly useful when OBE attempts continually fail on the verge of the exit. All that is required is to make a normal projection attempt. If this fails, or if you get apprehensive and do not want to go through with the full exit, simply stop what you are doing and try for a lucid dream projection instead. All the deep physical relaxation and energetic preparation for the projection attempt can be used to power a lucid dream projection.

Daily Discipline of Thoughts

Here is a beautiful daily exercise for mental relaxation. It will pour into you great inspiration and strength. Close the eyes. Think of anything that is pleasant. This will relax the mind in a wonderful manner. Think of the mighty Himalayas, the sacred Ganga, the striking scenery in Kashmir, the Taj Mahal, the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, a lovely sunset, the vast expanse of ocean or the infinite blue sky.

The Berkeley Calendar

The Druid week begins at sunset on Friday as opposed to Saturday at Carleton -ed. This makes sure of the joyful reception of the new week by the majority of the populace. Among the Hasidic and Schismatic Druids, a two day period of rest and relaxation, was called the Weekend , also began at this time, with as big a feast as could be managed. Why they started the week with a celebration called Weekend is not clear.

Devotion Completes Sadhana

We always begin our morning practice of KY and meditation by chanting ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO, which opens us up the infinite vibration within us. We attune and balance our body and mind with Kundalini yoga and meditation. We consolidate and anchor our transformed vibration with deep relaxation.

Meditation for Gurprasad

Note There is a slightly different version of the same meditation - time unlimited and the following comments Gurprasad means gift of the Guru . As you practice this meditation, feel yourself showered by all the blessings of heaven - health, wealth, happiness, your ultimate caliber and capacity. Just let it happen. Fill your heart and soul with all the bounties of nature. Simply meditate on the boundless flow of the Universal Soul, and feel a deep inflow of spirit. This is a very restful posture. The subtle pressure against the meridian points in the rib cage gives immediate relaxation.

Awareness Hands Massage

After you've been through the whole relaxation process, relax and focus on your breathing while you move your awareness hands throughout your body, searching for muscular knots, tension, or other problem areas. Note these tight areas for future reference, to save having to search for them every time. Recheck all known problem areas occasionally, during all the coming exercises, and rerelax them as needed.

The Tarot Contemplation Ritual

Remove the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Take from the 22 cards (which should be numbered from 0 to 21) the cards numbered 6,7,10,13,15, and 18. These will not be used at this time, so put them with the remainder of the deck. Keep the remaining cards of the Major Arcana with you while you perform the relaxation ritual. STEP TWO. Immediately after completing the relaxation ritual, take the 16 cards which remain from the Major Arcana and mix them up (shuffle them) in any manner you desire until you feel it is time to stop.

The potential role of hypnosis in dramatic personality change in an isolated group

Hypnosis can also be a catalyst in significant changes by providing a relief of anxiety. As our anxiety is relieved by the relaxation aspect of hypnosis, participation in consciousness altering practices is reinforced, as is dentification with the group. This is an important part of the process of becoming immersed in a new group identity.

Relaxing Muscle Groups

I have kept the deep physical relaxation exercises here as simple as possible. All that is required is to progressively tense and relax opposing groups of muscles. If you already know a full-body relaxation discipline, you can adapt it to this one, making sure all muscle groups are covered. Warning Proceed slowly and gently with these exercises when you first start using them. It is very easy to strain little-used muscles and tendons with any system using opposing muscle groups, especially neck muscles. If in any doubt about your ability to do these exercises safely, please consult with your medical doctor or physical therapist first. With all these exercises, pay particular attention to the relaxation part at the end of it. Allow your muscles to sink and droop and totally relax after tensing. In the early stages of relaxation training, I suggest that this system be practiced repeatedly, until a whole-body feeling of cozy warm heaviness is achieved. Near enough is not good enough when...

Our Inner Journey Tuning In

The practice of Kundalini yoga will automatically facilitate our alignment. However, the actual performance of the exercises or asanas is only half of our practice. The other half is the development of our awareness. We must practice focusing our mind on what we are feeling, thinking and experiencing in order to cultivate a deeper experience of reality and ourselves. It is through our mental focus that we develop our sensitivities to energies. It is through our attention that are able to participate in the process of our own alignment, healing and relaxation. It is by listening that we hear the voice of our soul, our intuition and receive the answers to our prayers.

Befriending Your Body

Between exercises, we pay attention to the effects by feeling the energy and the sensations in our bodies. We often overlook this aspect of our training. Yet it is during the relaxation when we are consciously doing nothing that we can actually listen to our body. This is the optimal time to stay present and let our bodies communicate with us. They have much to share if we would just stop long enough to pay attention, be patient enough to learn their language and be humble enough to give value to the messages.

Wish Exercises Matos Spells And Magic

What you will be doing is known as elemental pore breathing. To do this, start off by doing the Relaxation Ritual. Next, become very aware of your breath. Become aware of the slow in-and-out motion of the physical air. Notice the way the air feels as it comes in through the nose, goes down the air pipe and into the lungs. Sense or imagine the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the lungs, and feel the CO2 laden air as it goes out of the lungs, through the air pipe and out the nose and mouth.

Earth the First Chakra and Intuition

It is important to remember to integrate your awareness after every yoga and meditation session. We do all the exercises so that we can shift our awareness. Jumping up after a yoga session without a conscious deep relaxation or silent meditation is like meal without dessert or going to the beach and not going for a swim. The relaxation and silent meditation with a humble prayer play a big role in integrating and anchoring in the effects of your practice. The effects last longer and you are able to stay more consciously centered during the day. It will also be easier to recreate the experience during the day.

Wish Exercises Grey Magick Matos Spells And Magic

Once you are in a situation where it is uncomfortably hot (but not painfully or unbearably so) and your perspiration is freely flowing, do the Relaxation Ritual. This may be difficult due to the heat, but it will test you to see how well you can do this ritual. Then focus on your breathing and feel the heat-laden air going in and out of your lungs.

Trance Reflex and the appearance of stupor

Other factors have long been observed to produce 'trance' with fixation followed by defocusing) of gaze, narrowing or attenuation of externally ocused attention, general immobility, and various physiological changes which resemble the correlates of relaxation and internally directed (visual) ttention in humans. The analysis of the coherence and correlation functions showed the decreased relationship between hemispheres (especially in the frontal cortical areas) under hypnosis and its increase during relaxation (as compared to the background). A third reason is that we observe in some hypnotic phenomena that an ndividual can be hypnotized, with the help of a traditional progressive elaxation procedure for example, and then remain hypnotized (equally esponsive to suggestion) long after leaving the state of physiological relaxation and classic apparent catatonia. So, the 'trance,' though it may in fact tart with a process similar to that which commonly leads to sleep, or may start with...

Asana Or Posture

A non-conductor of electricity is prescribed as good material to spread on the ground. In olden days a dry grass mat was used, called the Kusa Asana over which a deer-skin, and a cloth, both nonconductors of electricity, were spread. The Gita prescribes that the seat should not be too high or too low. The student may fall down if the seat is very high, and if it is too low, there is the likelihood of insects and reptiles creeping into the seat. The spine, too, should be kept straight. It should be at right angles to the base. One should not be leaning against any support or be bending forward. The reason is that if the spine is straight the nerves get relaxed and no part of the body exerts influence on another part. The flow of the Prana through the nerves is smoothened. If the body is twisted, the Prana has to make effort to flow through the limbs. There is a free movement of energy in the body when the whole system is in a state of relaxation. The Asana...

Common Trance Problems

This very common problem is usually caused by a sleep deficit. Although you may feel fine, there is always a possibility you have not been getting enough sleep. (Most people don't.) If you have a sleep deficit, you normally have very little trouble entering the trance state, even if you do not attain a state of deep physical relaxation first, because you are mentally overtired. But you usually have trouble maintaining mental coherence and operating in the trance state once it is attained. Your mind will lack mental vitality and will be unable to hold itself together. You will tend to lose control very easily and will often just fall sleep for the main part of your trance meditation. relaxation and the mentally refreshed state of mind brought on by a good night's sleep. Deep physical relaxation and a clear, fresh mind are essential ingredients for successful trance work. For these same reasons, projection attempts are also usually more successful at this time of day. Some people find...

Minds Eye Visual Ability

During any meditation or training exercise requiring deep physical and mental relaxation and visualization, a few people will develop partial clairvoyance, or an awake semilucid dream type of visual ability, or both. These mind's-eye visual abilities enable these people to actually see what they are visualizing, as in the lucid dream state in which the conscious mind takes creative control of the dream environment. Clairvoyance and lucid dreaming are both very visual abilities.

What is Hypnosis Icredits by Todd I Stark

Hypnosis refers to just about any situation where we respond to verbal suggestions in a particular special way. This involves a mentally very flexible condition where our imagination and fantasy are more free and more vivid. A series of instructions, called an induction, is the most common way to do this. Just about any situation where we relax and allow ourselves to become bsorbed in something can lead to the appropriate conditions for hypnosis. These conditions also sometimes occur without relaxation, such as immediately following confusion or distraction. Most hypnotic inductions nvolve a highly cooperative process, rather than hypnosis being something that is done to someone.

Primary Center Stimulation Process

This process can be done while sitting or lying down, but I recommend that the sitting position be used while learning it. Try both positions and use what works best for you. Run through the relaxation exercises once, then clear your mind with the breath awareness technique (see chapter 15) until you are well settled. You do not need to be in the trance state. Alternatively, close your eyes and settle yourself while taking ten long, slow breaths before beginning.

Projectable Body Loosening

Projectable body loosening involves temporarily shifting body awareness outside the bounds of the physical body with simple awareness exercises. The following exercises are all designed to loosen up the projectable double. They also get the projector used to exterior body-awareness actions during a deeply relaxed and or tranced state. While deep physical relaxation and trance are recommended for these exercises, they can also be done from a lightly relaxed state only and still make for good practice. The exercises are very easy to do and are capable of triggering an OBE on their own, so be prepared. If this does happen, or a partial projection is achieved, use the exercise that caused this as the basis for your main projection technique, or adapt and combine this with a similar method. With projection, if you do something that works, stick to it and build on it, as what works works Put yourself in the required state for projection with a deeply relaxed body and mind. Ideally, use the...

Different Levels of Trance

With this level of trance comes a mild, whole-body feeling of warm comfortable fuzziness and a slight dissociation from the physical body and the surrounding environment. Time appears to slow down a little and sounds appear to be slightly louder and from further away than they really are. Once light trance stabilizes it is easily held for long periods of time. Great internal mental clarity can be attained with it, as long as tiredness is not a problem. This is the trance state most usually attained during early-light meditations and led-group meditations. If this level of trance is accompanied by a deep-enough state of physical relaxation, conscious-exit projection becomes possible.

States Of Consciousness

Awareness, meditation), beta -- 13 to 28 hz (tension, 'normal' consciousness). As you can see, some form of physical relaxation is implied in the alpha, theta, and delta consciousness. These states are in fact reached through deep breathing, hypnosis, and other relaxation techniques. OOBE occurs during these states, and delta is probably the most important for it. The problem is really, as we have said, one of maintaining mental awareness and alertness while experienceing these altered states. Experimental subjects hooked to an EEG do not show a discrete change from drowsy to sleep it is very gradual.

The Period Of Hallucinations

The inexperienced and those to who ego control is important may find this passivity impossible. If you cannot remain inactive and subdue your will, then the one certain activity which can reduce panic and pull you out of hallucinatory mind-games is physical contact with another person. Go to the guide or to another participant and put your head on his lap or chest put your face next to his and concentrate on the movement and sound of his inspiration. Breathe deeply and feel the air rush in and the sighing release. This is the oldest form of living communication the brotherhood of breath. The guide's hand on your forehead may add to the relaxation.

The Famous Vibrations

Many people find themselves stuck to a part of their physical body during the exit. They also often experience pain and discomfort in these stuck areas if they continue trying to force themselves out of their body regardless. I would suggest here that a lack of whole-body deep physical relaxation is the major contributing factor to this common problem.

The Dark Side Of The Moon

Surrounded had aided to make it easy for her. It flattered her vanity that she was the keystone of so great an arch, destined to span earth and heaven. Her new conditions, the relaxation of the tension, threw down her exaltation. The experiment was over well, then, it ought to be over -- and she had months of boredom before her which must be endured with no stimulus but that of normal human duty. She was one of those people who will make any sacrifice at the moment, beggar themselves to help a friend, but who are quite incapable of drawing a weekly cheque for a trifling sum for no matter how important a purpose. 251

Health Fitness and Projection

While physical fitness is most definitely not a necessary precursor for conscious-exit projection, it can be a big help. A reasonable level of fitness makes it easier to attain and hold a deep level of physical relaxation and the trance state. A healthy physical body will generally have less discomfort caused by coughing, cramps, and circulation problems. Problems like sleep apnea can also be caused or made worse by a poor level of fitness, and anything like this can have a negative influence on projection ability. Poor health and fitness do not prohibit conscious-exit projection. Some illnesses may even make projection easier. Projection techniques may need to be modified, especially the resting position used, to compensate for an illness. For example, if coughing is a problem, a more upright projection position will help ease the trouble. If poor circulation is a problem, more attention will have to be paid to bed or chair padding. For muscular or spinal cramps, the position and...

Lesson One1

Getting Started Dreams and the Dream Diary The Ritual Diary Tarot Decks The Relaxation Ritual Definitions of Magick White, Grey and Black The Story of Robin the Satanist The Tarot Contemplation Ritual Divinatory Meanings of the Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot Mythic and Factual Histories of the Tarot Modern Tarot Evolution Fortunetelling vs. Divination The Split Hexagram Tarot Divination Spread A Sample Tarot Reading Reasons for Regularly Performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) Attitudes in Preparation for Ritual Magickal Tools Location, The Altar, Candles, The Weapons, The Bell, The Robe Drawing the Banishing Earth Pentagram in the Air Appropriate Visualizations Review Bibliography.

Lesson Five183

The Instant Relaxation Ritual On Elemental Water Exercises to Master Elemental Water Construction of the Water Chalice The Rose Cross Ritual, Including How it Differs from the LBRP The Rite of Self-Dedication Reincarnation Past Lives Reincarnation and Tee-Koon (Kabalistic Karma) Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram The Soul, the Ego, Why We Have Trouble Remembering Past Lives and the Four Worlds Signs of Physical Fitness and Health Vitality, Appetite, Deep and Sound Sleep, Good Memory of the Past, Present and Future, Humor Infinite Giving Clear Thinking and Precise Action Realization of Oneness The Five Rites of Rejuvenation Review Bibliography.

Part Three

In the following pages I will be discussing the history and some of the basic theories of the Kabalah. One complaint I frequently hear from many people is that the Kabalah is confusing or boring. In fact, it is neither. But it may take several readings of the following material to get a feeling for the intricacies of Kabalistic thought. Just go through the following pages at your leisure while you practice the daily ritual which is composed of the Relaxation Ritual, LBRP and Tarot Contemplation Ritual. Also work with the Four Adorations, and the technique for defeating real or imagined psychic attack. Although I have explained the Kabalah and its history hundreds of times in my classes, there are usually one or two people who do not immediately quite catch onto the ideas presented. So take a week or two practicing the rituals and perhaps making your robe and go over the following pages as many times as necessary.

Instructional Notes

The NEW system does not require a deep level of relaxation, nor even a great deal of preparation. Once these techniques are learned, it is possible to raise energy at any time, even while traveling, walking, talking, working, or watching TV, etc. For the following training exercises, use light relaxation only, except where you encounter problems learning these techniques and getting energy moving during early exercises. While deep physical relaxation is not necessary for the NEW system, if you encounter difficulties, some preliminary deep physical relaxation and trance work will usually help.

Stimulation Notes

For training purposes, you will not need a deep level of relaxation or the trance state. But a slightly deeper level of relaxation than that used for secondary work is recommended. Primary-center work is more effective when done during the trance state, as the energy body is naturally more active then. If you have trouble stimulating primary centers, use the full relaxation and trance techniques before each session of primary-center work.

Defining Hypnosis

Without attempting a formal definition of hypnosis, the field appears to be well enough specified by the increased suggestibility of subjects following induction procedures stressing relaxation, free play of imagination, and the withdrawal of reality supports through closed eyes, narrowing of attention, and concentration on the hypnotist. That some of the same phenomena will occur outside of hypnosis is expected, and this fact does not invalidate hypnosis as a research topic.

Technique Variations

This chapter offers solutions to some common projection-related problems. It also offers rope technique modifications and alternative projection techniques that may suit some people better. I also find it helps new projectors if they try several different projection techniques during each projection attempt. This not only provides a much-needed variety of exercise for awareness hands actions, but helps prevent boredom. Using the same projection technique for long periods of time can become a trifle monotonous and may cause some projectors to lose interest or fall asleep. Also, the relaxation, trance, and energy work exercises can be done separately from an actual projection attempt.

Penetration Punch

In this section I have covered only a few of the easier punching techniques from t'ai chi. There are others of course but they should be taught personally. I have covered more than enough punches to cover any situation. Practice on a bag by yourself at first to understand about timing and don't go too hard at first. Learn about relaxation and centrifugal force. Then ask someone to throw a few different attacks so that you are able to try them out in a more realistic situation. Keep in mind though, that nothing will prepare you for a real fight. So just because a few of your techniques start to work don't become over-confident.

Saliva Problems

If excessive saliva tends to build up, try not to think about it. Thinking about it causes you to become more aware of your mouth and tongue, which, in itself, can cause an increase in saliva flow. Avoid sweet drinks, tea, or coffee, and anything that leaves a flavor residue in your mouth that may cause saliva to flow. Brushing your teeth and using a saltwater mouthwash, then rinsing with fresh water, helps rid the mouth of unwanted tastes. Prop yourself up slightly higher if lying flat this will help slow the tendency for saliva buildup at the back of the throat. Keep your mind off of it swallow normally whenever you have to, in a relaxed and dreamy way. Swallowing, or moving the body to ease it, must be done at times, even during trance work and projection attempts. Minor movements like this can be done without breaking relaxation and trance disciplines, as long as they are done slowly and in a dreamy and relaxed way.

Physical Preparation

Music is wonderful for relaxation and calming the mind. It's okay to listen to relaxing music during your OBE practice, but this can also work against you Listening to external sounds can distract you from focusing inward. Also, if you listen to music before bedtime, you may be too relaxed and sleepy to practice the next morning.

The Warrior

THERE is an indifference which overleaps satisfaction there is a surrender which overthrows victory, there is a resignation which shatters the fetters of anxiety, a relaxation which casts to the winds the manacles of despair. This is the hour of the second birth, when from the womb of the excess of misery is born the child of the nothingness of joy. Solve For all must be melted in the crucible of affliction, all must be refined in the furnace of woe, and then on the anvil of strength must it be beaten out into a blade of gleamingjoy. Coagula


I took a 94B bus home from work today. On the bus ride to downtown Minneapolis, I thought about many things, but the main thought that kept nagging me the whole way home was I'd better relax more, in case we get in an accident. I would feel the need for relaxation, then I would realize I was tense, then I would relax again. When I'd tense up again, I'd tell myself to relax again, and so on. The thoughts kept nagging me until I decided to pursue them. I thought about the prospect of my bus getting in an accident. I kept reassuring myself, No way could it happen. But the thought nagged. I looked around me to see how cushioned I'd be if I were to get in an accident. I was sitting sideways, next to another man who would cushion me in an accident. I looked to see how everyone else was cushioned. There was only one person better-cushioned than I. I thought about having an accident for about five to ten minutes. Then I relaxed a final time, and I stayed relaxed for the rest of the bus ride....

The Fourfold Breath

The main purpose of pranayama is to relax the body and mind. There are many kinds of pranayama, but a simple one called the 'four-fold breath' will suffice. This consists of four short quick inhallations, then four short quick exhallations then repeat, continuing until the allotted time is used up. It will take about 1 1 2 seconds for the four inhallations, and about 1 1 2 seconds for the four exhallations or about 3 seconds for the complete in-out cycle ('rep' for repetition). There should be no strain of any kind during your pranayama. You will probably notice a slight dizziness, particularly at first, since the effect of pranayama is to hyperventilate. Try sitting back in a chair with your eyes closed when you do your pranayama. Begin a minute a day for the first week and gradually increase up to about five minutes a day. If you do the pranayama befor your magical activity, it will help you to get 'into the mood'. It is also an excellent aid to relaxation and tension release....


At this point, once you have chosen your posture and figured out how to heat the room so you do not start to shiver, many teachers will instruct you in relaxation. I am not going to do this for a very simple reason. Once you begin to meditate in earnest, the relaxation comes naturally. I can assure that I felt anything but relaxed when I started.

Sexual Arousal

Many people have asked whether having sex before a projection attempt will interfere with it or not. Some worry that sex may drain the energy body and make projection more difficult until it has replenished itself. In my opinion, sex before a projection attempt has more positive than negative aspects to it. Sexual fulfillment greatly eases physical and mental tension by promoting energetic balance and deeper physical and mental relaxation. It causes a lingering warm energetic glow and a state of well-being, which can be a great help with projection, especially with early attempts, as energetic balance and deep physical and mental relaxation are essential ingredients for successful projection.

Torso Energy Surge

It is much like the surge of emotional energy and excitement you'd get if you suddenly won a million dollars. But it can be very distracting. Just as the projection reflex begins to kick in, a strong falling sensation combined with an energetic body rush surges upward through the stomach and chest area. The strong energy-movement sensations caused by the torso surge appear to come mainly from the lower primary energy centers. My theory is that the moment the projection reflex is triggered, some primary energy centers strobe powerfully, temporarily creating a delicate network of new energetic connections throughout the physical etheric body. This new network creates the energetic conditions that allow projection to occur. Energy flares throughout this new network as the projection mechanism internally generates the projectable double, before its expulsion out of the physical etheric body. The torso surge is not to be confused with the racing-heart...

The Altered State

Early all of the tools of the New Hermetics are practiced in an altered tc of consciousness. This is a state of deep relaxation combined with focused concentration. This state has been called the hypnagogic state, editation, self-hypnosis, the magical trance, and many other names. It is a natural state that we all enter into quite regularly when we focus in .1 pleasant manner on anything. We often slip into trance when driving, erasing, reading, or doing any other activity in which we limit our ention. Regular practice of the following exercise will help you to be ore relaxed in life, reduce tension, and give you an abundance of energy d tranquility. This practice forms the foundation for many of the prac-jccs you will find in Part II. 7. Mentally say to yourself that yon are about to count down from 20 to 1, and that, when you reach I, you will be in a deep state of relaxation and focus.

Other Methods

Willed concentration involves gradually building up the appropriate emotion while standing still through the use of breathing exercises and the alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles. Deep breaths are taken and the muscles of the arms, legs and back contracted imagine with the inward breath that energy (of the appropriate type - The working is concluded in the usual formalized way by relaxation and a simple phrase such as 'It is completed.'

Basic Techniques

2) Progressive muscular relaxation -- This is one of the basic methods used in hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Physical relaxation can assist one in attaining the requisite trance state. These techniques involve beginning at the toes and tensing, then relaxing the muscles, progressively up the entire body. 3) Yoga and breath -- Yoga, mantra, and breathing exercises similarly aim at physical relaxation. The practice of kundalini yoga is particularly relevant, since it is concerned with altered consciousness. In fact the arousal

Immune Response

t has long been supposed (and in recent years demonstrated experimentally) hat emotions and psychological state somehow have an effect on human mmune response, but even though detailed mechanisms and the limits of this ffect have not been well understood in modern medical science. A recent article in Science News, Sept. 4,1993, pp. 153, describes 'the first solid vidence that hypnosis can modify the immune system far more than relaxation alone. n this research, the psychologists recruited 33 college students who achieved a hypnotic trance easily and 32 students who had great difficulty doing so. Volunteers viewed a brief video describing the immune system and then were ssigned to one of three groups hypnosis, in which they listened to a hypnotic nduction asking them to imagine their white blood cells attacking germ ells in their body and then performed this exercise through self-hypnosis twice daily for one week relaxation, in which they floated effortlessly in a arge tank of warm...

Posture and Comfort

Before you begin using the deep physical relaxation system (coming up soon), please make sure you are not overtired. A sleep deficit can be a real problem, interfering with your ability to stay awake during the coming exercises especially if you do them lying down, which I do not advise. The value of these exercises will be greatly reduced if natural tiredness is allowed to interfere with the deliberate relaxation process. I suggest that these exercises be done when you are wide awake and well rested. I also suggest that you do not practice these exercises immediately after a heavy meal, as this will tend to promote sleep rather than deep physical relaxation. If simple relaxation is a problem, bathing before starting these exercises can be a great help, especially in a hot, mineralsalts bath. Good posture helps a great deal with deep physical relaxation. Do not allow yourself to slump in the chair. If you start with good posture, your body will stay well balanced. If your posture is...

Projection Sequence

The time spent on each part of this sequence should be varied to suit ability, experience, and circumstances. Do not spend too long on each part if falling asleep is a potential problem. At least several minutes, however, should be spent on the deep physical relaxation part at the start longer for beginners. I cannot overemphasize the importance of deep physical relaxation to the projection process. If you have never had a conscious-exit projection before, but have made several unsuccessful attempts, I recommend spending thirty minutes or more on deep physical relaxation. Do the full deep physical relaxation exercise ten minutes minimum. Prestimulate hands and feet and use the full-body circuit for a few minutes. Clear your surface mind and induce a light- to full-trance state. Raise energy and stimulate each primary energy center (don't overdo this). Return to raising energy with primary and secondary circuits as needed during the attempt. Loosen the projectable double with an...

Trance Requirements

Entering the trance state requires three things deep physical relaxation, a clear surface mind, and a mental technique. Deep Physical Relaxation Do the full deep physical relaxation exercise (see chapter 15) until you are as physically relaxed as possible. Some preliminary physical exercise to get the kinks out of tense muscles, followed by a hot bath or shower, is advised for all beginners. Clear Surface Mind Allow your thoughts to wind down and settle while doing the relaxation exercises, then clear your mind by focusing on breath awareness. You may find this easier to achieve if you deal with any pressing thoughts your mind may throw up at this time. Simply consider and deal with these for a few moments each and then let them go. This will greatly ease their clamoring thought pressure. You do not need to overdo the imagined details of scenarios used with mental falling exercises. The rock wall in the elevator shaft below, for example, only needs to be an indistinct blur moving...

Perpetual Youth

Yogi Bhajan taught the following as a way to come out of this deep relaxation and he recommended it as the way to wake your body before you get up in the morning. Getting up too abruptly shocks your system and you can't compensate for that during the day. There is no set time for each movement,


You don't need to formally consent to hypnosis for it to happen, but you do need to cooperate at some level. Cooperation is one of the essential lements of hypnosis. It is even more important than relaxation or vivid magery. If you do not cooperate, there can be no hypnosis. You don't need to xplicitly recognize that you are cooperating, you just have to have enough rust to relax and focus on the voice of the hypnotist, allowing their words to apture your imagination.

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