Terri Zimmerman

Table workers and close-up performers can use this synchronistic playing-card concept as a reputation maker.

It's particularly effective in an informal setting, where it can appear nearly impromptu in nature, such as a private party.

You'll need two volunteers and three decks of playing cards. Two of the decks may be borrowed from your host or hostess.

One of the borrowed decks is placed in front of each of the two volunteers. You instruct each to shuffle their decks, mixing the cards thoroughly.

At the same time, you remove the third deck of cards from its case, place it face up in front of you.

When the two volunteers are satisfied their cards are well mixed, you have them put their decks, face down, on the table in front of them.

Slowly, and very deliberately, you reach out and lightly touch the top card of each deck, simultaneously, with the index fingers of each hand.

For a moment, you appear to concentrate. Then, you pick up your deck, place it under the table, and explain you are going to reverse ONE card.

After doing this, you return the deck to its case, where there is no chance you might tamper with it further.

"Follow my instructions carefully," you caution each volunteer. "I want each of you to simultaneously turn over one card at a time from the top of your packs.

"Continue turning over the cards, simultaneously, until I stop you. I won't touch your cards or your decks."

You watch as the spectators turn over their cards, one by one. Suddenly, you halt them.

Although the cards have been well-mixed, you halt them when they both turn over 2184 (Cont'd on page 2186)


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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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