Pineal Gland Activation Course

Pineal Gland Activation Course

World renowned expert on the pineal gland, Shaktipat Seer has helped thousands around the planet activate their pineal gland safely. Through pineal gland activation you can have a thorough cleansing of your aura, bringing into full effect the latent kundalini powers of your body. Over the years he has perfected his ability to give direct transmission of Spiritual Energy to the Third Eye Chakra, setting alight the glowing powers of the Philosophers Stone of the Neo Cortex region. Discover A Simple System That Anyone Can Do, Regardless Of Age Or Ability And From The Comfort Of Their Own Home. Through Pineal Gland Activation You Can Have A Cleansing Of Your Aura, Bringing Into Full Effect The Latent Kundalini Powers Of The Body Leading To. Shaktipat Seer is not trying to give you some cooky pseudo-science that many snake oil salesman push that has no real transcendental benefit. Instead he is merely presenting the natural way that this process has been effected (through transmission of Shakti to the Third Eye) in the East (India,Tibet,China etc.) for thousands and thousands of years.

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Contents: Ebook, 14 Day Course
Author: Shaktipat Seer
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Highly Recommended

The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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The Faculties Of Medicine

The pure blooded Aborigines enjoy more fine senses. If we add to them the awakening of clairvoyance, or the sixth sense located in the Epiphysis gland, then, a more penetrating sensorial perception and a pure source of objective information is attained. This is impossible for the students from the official faculties of medicine to obtain because of the lack of appropriate methods.

Effects Of Alcohol And Tobacco

Christ's first miracle changed water into wine. HE HAD RECEIVED THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT at the baptism, and had no need of artificial stimulants. He changed the water to wine to give to others less advanced. But no wine bibbers can inherit the kingdom of God. The esoteric reason is this, that while the lower ethers vibrate to the seed atoms in the solar plexus and the heart, and thus keep the physical body alive, the higher ethers vibrate to the pituitary body and pineal gland. By imbibing this false rebellious spirit that is fermented OUTSIDE the body, and is different from the spirit that is fermented INSIDE, by sugar, these organs are temporarily dazed and cannot vibrate to the higher world, and so because of age-long abuse, man has ceased to function in the higher worlds. If he takes too much of this spirit of alcohol, the organs named may be slightly awakened so that he sees the lowest realms of the desire world and all the evil things therein that happens in the disease known as...

Chakras Physical Wisdom And Healing

While they are associated with areas of the body, in actuality, they shift around like swirls in water. When the mind and body are healthy and vital, they tend to project through specific areas. The first chakra is near the base of the spine and anus. The second chakra is near the sex organs and the 3-4th vertebra. The third chakra is near the navel point. The fourth chakra is near the heart center and is associated with the thymus gland. The fifth chakra is near the throat and is associated with the thyroid gland. The sixth chakra is near the top of the nose, associated with the pituitary gland. The seventh chakra is near the crown of the head, associated with the pineal gland.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

The radiance of the psyche is dependent upon the active functioning of both the pituitary and pineal glands. The pituitary gland regulates the entire glandular system. The secretion of the pineal gland creates a pulsating radiance that activates the pituitary gland. The mind goes out of balance when the pineal gland is dormant. The imbalance makes it seem impossible to break mental and physical addictions. The mantra SA TA NA MA to a powerful tool to recreate balance in the mind. Visualize or feel each individual sound come in the crown chakra at the top of the head, down through the middle of the head and out to infinity through the third eye. This is very important and must be done with each sound. It is an essential part of the cleansing process. If this part of the meditation is not done, you may experience a headache.

Of The So Called Magic Of The Atlanteans

The lesser mysteries of the High House were concerned almost entirely with the creation of life, and the bridging of the gulf between Earth and Venus. These were connected intimately the theory was that if Atlantean brains could exist in bodies sufficiently subtle to traverse aether, the task was done. Some of the experiments were crude enough, and, to our minds, horrible. They attempted to breed a new race by crossing with snakes, swans, horses and other animals. 20 The Greek legends of such monsters as Chimaera, Medusa, Lamia, Minotaur, the Centaurs, the Satyrs and the like are mere filtrations of the Atlantean tradition. The only theory behind such experiments was that they were contrary to the natural order, and so worth trying. Men of more scientific mind more plausibly passed Zro vapour through sea-water but they only created serpents of vast size, which they cast into the sea about the High House as guardians. The sea-serpent, whether legend or fact, is derived from this...

Radionic Tools Toys And Transmission

Radionic Dial Machine Boxes

Exercise 14 Now that we have more or less thoroughly covered the methods used in receiving data, it is time to work with transmitting it. So if you have not already done so, build the pyramid crystal amplifying board. And, while you are at it, you might as well make the pyramid gun and the third eye headband. Exercise 19 For this exercise, you will need the third eye headband and your neighbor's car. Be certain that it is a neighbor that you do not particularly like.

Experience the Infinite

The main purpose of raising the Kundalini and moving our energy from the lower to the higher chakras is to give us an experience of the infinite. The goal is to expand our awareness so that we have a conscious experience of what is, was and always will be, often referred to as God. This awareness is awakened in the upper chakras by activating the pituitary and the pineal glands. The possibility of experiencing the infinite is always there in each one of us. It never goes away. We can resist this experience by being preoccupied with and attached to the thoughts in our minds. 3. LIGHT If we concentrate at the third eye, we see a light that can even fill head, whole space and being.

Dedicated To An Advanced Understanding Of The Paraphysical Manifestations Of Everyday Chaos

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A LOPSIDED PINEAL GLAND Well, probably you do have one, and it's unfortunate because lopsided Pineal Glands have perverted the Free Spirit of Man, and subverted Life into a frustrating, unhappy and hopeless mess. ERIS, THE GODDESS OF CONFUSION. It will advise you how to balance your Pineal Gland and reach spiritual Illumination. And it will teach you how to turn your miserable mess into a beautiful, joyful, and splendid one.

The Path of Manifestation

Telluric Path

Spiritual practices have traditionally focused on raising energy from lower to higher frequencies and from the lower to the higher chakras. Many spiritual disciplines concentrate only on the upper chakras and totally ignore (or try to ignore) the lower chakras. Some spiritual paths still condemn the body and the lower chakras, which they consider as bad. I knew one woman who would practice only third eye meditations. She even refused to do yoga or any practice that got her in touch with her body. She also lost her husband (He lost interest in her.)

Telepathy Explained

When we come to consider the apparatus by which is received the vibrations arising from what may be called purely mental operations of the brain, such as intellectual thought, constructive imagination, etc., we find a more specialized arrangement, as might be expected. There are several minor receiving points of mental vibrations, regarding which I do not consider it worth while to go into detail, because of the technical features involved. The principal apparatus for receiving thought vibrations of this kind is that which is known as the pineal gland, which I shall now describe. The pineal gland is a peculiar mass of nervous substance which is embedded in the human brain, in a position near the middle of the skull almost directly above the extreme top of the spinal column. It is shaped like a small cone and is of a reddish-gray color. It lies in front of the cerebellum, and is attached to the floor of the third ventricle of the brain. It contains a small quantity of peculiar...

Earth the First Chakra and Intuition

We often associate intuition with the third eye and the mind. The mind is the masculine aspect of intuition. The feminine aspect of intuition works through the instinctual self and the senses of the body. This exercise set, which involves using the breath while applying *rootlock, facilitates instinctual awareness. After the exercise, sit or lie very still and simply be aware of the sensations in your body. Over time you will realize that these sensations are a powerful and accurate information system. They are the physical and emotional aspects of your intuitive awareness.

The Church of Philadelphia

The Church of Philadelphia is the Third Eye or Ajna (Brow) Chakra. It is given the title of Brotherly Love because of the awesome power of its nature. The insight and force of this centre can only be understood when experienced through Agape of Divine Love. Only by truly desiring to return to the Treasury of Light and having

Shabad Kriya Bedtime Meditation

The eyes focused at the tip of the nose causes the optic nerves to cross at the third eye. Thus it is easier to bring your mental focus to the third eye while the eyes are directed at the tip of the nose. Both the pineal and the pituitary glands and the area between them are stimulated by this eye posture, which has the effect of breaking old habits and creating new ones.


In the Lemurian Epoch, when the Earth had somewhat cooled and islands of crust had begun to form amid boiling seas, then also man's body had somewhat solidified and had become more like the body we see today. It was apelike, a short trunk with enormous arms and limbs, the heels projecting backward, and almost no head--at least the upper part of the head was nearly entirely wanting. Man lived in the atmosphere of steam which occultists called fire-fog, and had no lungs, but breathed by means of tubes. He had the gill-like apparatus still present in the human embryo while passing through the stage of antenatal life corresponding to that epoch. He had no warm, red blood, for at that stage there was no individual Spirit. He had a bladder-like organ inside, which he inflated with heated air to help him leap enormous chasms when volcanic eruptions destroyed the land upon which he was living. From the back of his head there projected an organ which has now drawn into the head and is called...

Yogi Bhajan

Our intuition is our security. If we seek the satisfaction of our ego, our third eye (seat of our intuition) will not open up. If we give up our ego, the vacuum is filled with our intuition and we are uplifted_.It is easy to access our intuition when our chakras are open.

The Ductless Glands

They have a great and particular interest for occultists, and they may be termed in a certain sense the seven roses upon the Cross of the body, for they are intimately connected with the occult development of humanity. Four of them, the thymus gland, the spleen, and the two adrenals are connected with the personality. The pituitary body and the pineal gland are particularly correlated with the spiritual side of our nature and the thyroid gland forms the link between. The astrological rulership is as follows responsible for the spiritual phases of growth which aid awakened man in his efforts to penetrate the veil into the invisible worlds. In this work it is, however, associated with Neptune, the ruler of the pineal gland, and it will therefore be necessary, in order to properly elucidate, that we study the functions of the thyroid gland, ruled by Mercury, and of the pineal gland which is under the domination of his higher octave, Neptune,...

The Party

I was living at home, while attending classes at the University and working part-time. That day, my mom had a friendly, nonalcoholic birthday party, and JP and I started talking about OBEs. He asked me to try a quick experiment he held up his right index finger about an inch away from the space between my eyes, and he asked me if I felt anything. I felt a strange sensation there, as if part of my astral body was being pulled out of my forehead. I tried to explain what I felt, and asked him what it was. He said he didn't know for sure, but the space between his eyes worked the same for him. I hadn't read anything about the third eye yet, so I didn't pursue the matter.

Yoyo Visualization

The exercise is this lay down, relax completely and put yourself into a receptive mood. Next, imagine that there is a yoyo in front of you at eye level. Imagine the yoyo string is attached to the area between your eyes. The yoyo is weightless, so it doesn't fall with gravity. A real yoyo needs a pushing and pulling action from your hand, but this imaginary yoyo needs pushing and pulling from your third eye. With your imagination, push the yoyo down to the end of its string then pull it back to your third eye. As you work with the yoyo, try to work your way into a single- minded, focused state of mind.

Lost Horizon

This bird's crest, together with its dark green plumage shot with glittering metallic specks gave rise to the meanings 'to shine', 'to be resplendent', 'to irradiate', of the root akh in the hieroglyphic writing.13 Akh expresses all concepts of light. It is also used to designate the 'third eye', the uraeus, the fire-spitting serpent.14

Keep It Simple

Stop after each exercise and listen, look or sense inward. Turn your attention to the sensations in your body. Continue until you can hear the infinite sound, see and be in your inner space, see a light at your third eye or in any other way perceive a sound, sight or sensation that is always there when you turn your attention to it. Keep doing this. Over time you will have a place to go to that feels secure, comfortable and peaceful. Ideally we want to always be conscious of this place, feeling or sound.

Summer 1992

Sit in easy pose, with your eyes closed, focusing at the third eye point. Bring the hands into prayer pose at the center of the chest. Slide the left hand upward until it is higher than the right, with the left palm facing to the right side. The right palm faces left and touches the left arm just below the wrist. Breathe as long and slowly as you can. 3-11 minutes. Sit in easy pose with the eyes closed, focusing at the third eye point. Your thumbs are hooked into the hollows on either side of the bridge of your nose. Slowly close the palms into prayer pose, closing from the bottom of the side of the palms upward, touching the sides of the fingers last. Hold this position. Breathe as long and slowly as you can. 3-11 minutes. Sit in easy pose with the eyes closed, focusing at the third eye point. Breathe as long and slowly as you can. Place your right hand over your left at your heart center and press as hard as you can, maintaining the pressure throughout the meditation. 3-11 minutes.

The Last Word

The foregoing document was revealed to Mal-2 by the Goddess Herself through many consultations with Her within his Pineal Gland. It is guaranteed to be the Word of Goddess. However, it is only fair to state that Goddess doesn't always say the same thing to each listener, and that other Episkoposes are sometimes told quite different things in their Revelations3 which are also the Word of Goddess. Consequently, if you prefer a Discordian Sect other than POEE, then none of these Truths are binding, and it is a rotten shame that you have read all . the way down to the very last .e-rOTE-

Mind Over Matter

The highly psychic nature of a Mage lends itself well to being developed into a finely tuned art. To control living beings, a Mage must learn to impose his her will. Usually, what a Mage does, is to begin with becoming one with the environment. This will be discussed at length later on, so I will leave the detailed explanation until then. After a Mage has become one with their environment, a Psychic Thread is opened between the Mage and the Target. This is often seen, with the vision of a Magician, as a yellow-blue thread of light which extends from the Third Eye of the Mage, to the equivalent of their target. The opening of a psychic thread allows the Mage to listen to thoughts, see past thoughts and to insert thoughts of their own directly into the mind of their target. The pure energy of a psychic link is a phenominal experience, and not one that is soon forgotten. At first, it may be hard to link with another sentient being, and it may feel as though only the surface of the...

Position Mudra

Your eyes are focused at the tip of your nose and the eyelids are nine-tenths closed. The focus at the tip of the nose, creates the pressure to cross the optic nerves at the third eye. You should be able to feel an awareness at the third eye and be able to hold your attention there.

The Brain

Cerebrum It is the anterior, oval-shaped larger part of the brain. It is situated in the upper portion of the cranial cavity. This contains the important centres of hearing, speech, sight, etc. The pineal gland which is regarded as the seat of the soul and which plays a prominent part in Samadhi and psychic phenomena is situated here.


There is a small organ in the brain, the pineal gland, the function of which is unknown to Western physiologists, and with which Western psychologists do not concern themselves. It is a rudimentary organ in most people, but it is evolving, not retrograding, and it is possible to quicken its evolution into a condition in which it can perform its proper function, the function that, in the future, it will discharge in all. It is the organ for thought transference, as much as the eye is the organ of vision or the ear of hearing. If anyone thinks very intently on a single idea, with concentration and sustained attention, he will become conscious of a slight quiver or creeping feeling - it has been compared to the creeping of an ant - in the pineal gland. The quiver takes place in the ether which permeates the gland, and causes a slight magnetic current which gives rise to the creeping feeling in the dense molecules of the gland. If the thought be strong enough to cause the current, then...


Telepathy is communication of mind with mind. The pineal gland which is considered by occultists as the seat of the soul plays an important part in telepathy. It is this pineal gland that actually receives messages. It is a small piece of nervous matter that is imbedded in the brain or hind-brain in the floor of the mind ventricle. It is an endocrine gland that is ductless. It has got an internal secretion which is directly poured into the blood.