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My Ultimate Abundance Attract More Love Wealth & Success Review

Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I decided to buy a copy myself to find out what all the excitement was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Theory of Quabbalistic Mysticism

It is not my intention to criticize Kerning's system. Everybody should act according to his personal conviction and stick to the system he has chosen, if nothing better is accessible to him. A genuine hermetic will not want to combine letter-mysticism with the washing of the disciples' feet by Jesus, for this has quite a different meaning from the hermetic point of view it indicates that each individual has to begin his personal development from the lowest sphere or plane, that of the earth.

The Magic Quabbalistic Word Tetragrammaton

I refrain from quoting any further analogous relations of number four and point out once more that the quabbalist adhering to my teachings and explanations may apply the key word four in all cases where the realization or the expression of legality is concerned. There is no doubt that in the quabbalah number four is also indicating the material plane. Not only the hermetic science of the West uses number four as a basis the same also finds expression in the wisdom of the East. For instance in Kundalini yoga, the Muladhara Chakra, the roughest center of human resuscitation, is symbolized by a square, in one corner of which an elephant is symbolized as the greatest and strongest animal in the world. By this it is pointed out, in a veiled way, that number four is the idea which serves as the starting point for a yogi's personal development. I devoted a special chapter to the Muladhara Chakra in my book Initiation Into Hermetics. This I mention again only to make the quabbalist remember...

The Search for the Creator

An individual, so chosen, begins to experience great difficulties in the realm of self-improvement. The desire to study, which was so strong in the past, suddenly wanes. The body becomes heavy when faced with actions it must take. The struggle with the body (the intellect, our I ) focuses on the body's desire to understand who the Creator is, where the body should go and why, and whether the body will benefit from each of the efforts.

The Twelveinch Rule And The Common Gavel

The rough Ashlar is said to be a stone, as taken from the quarry, in its rude and natural state. The perfect Ashlar is said to be a stone made ready by the hands of the workmen, to be adjusted by the working-tools of the Fellow-Craft. We shall not repeat the explanations of these symbols given by the York Rite. You may read them in its printed monitors. They are declared to allude to the self-improvement of the individual craftsman,-- a continuation of the same superficial interpretation.

Matos Spells And Magic Butterfly Technique

Many Dale Carnegie type positive thinking self-improvement graduates believe if you just be yourself and be totally honest, you will get the results you want Are you getting the results you want. Where is the line between being honest and deceptive, secretive ana withholding information, exaggerating ,and embellishing, or lying Inside your mind, you know where those lines are. You can use this material within your parameters of integrity. I will never suggest you lie, deceive, or compromise your integrity. Revealing specific information in a specific sequence using specific language is called smart Being a babbling idiot is called unaware. Which category would you like to be a part

The Symbols The Planets

Desire for Self-improvement. The Center. Social Prestige. Public Relations. Display Advertising. Costume for Display. Gold. Judges. Health. Fame. Powerful Friends. Rich Relations. Superiors. Employers. High Offices. Power and Success. Money. Growth of all Kinds. Illumination. Imagination. Mental Power. Health. Man.

Theory The Quabbalah

Just like the magician who, after his initiation and personal development towards perfection, has realized the connection with his Deity within him can now act accordingly, the quabbalist can do so, too, with the only difference that the quabbalist is making use of the Word Divine when expressing his divine spirit externally. Every true magician having command of the universal laws can become a quabbalist by appropriating to himself the knowledge of the practical quabbalah. The structures of the quabbalah cited in numerous books do certainly suit the theorist who wants to get an idea of the principles, but they are thoroughly insufficient for the practice which promises the correct application of the powers of the word.

Spiritual Progress

Only one who already perceives the Creator and His Divine Providence over all creations can correctly determine one's spiritual condition. Based on the above, it is easy to understand that the farther we advance along the path of self-improvement in an effort to correct our egoism, and the more effort we make to improve ourselves and to study, the more we grow to understand our own characteristics.

Magical Models

Whilst some magicians tend to stick to one favourite model, it is useful to shift between them as the situation befits, as some models have a stronger 'explaining' power for accounting for some aspects of magick than others. The Spirit model, being by far the oldest, can account for just about any aspect of magick. The Psychological model, whilst being useful for looking at magical as a process for personal development, has difficulty with aspects such as tribal shamans cursing Westerners who (a) don't believe in magick (b) didn't see the shaman squinting at them yet (c) still break out in hives or boils anyway. If you narrow yourself down to only using one magical model, then sooner or later the Universe will present you with something that won't fit your parameters. When you are spending more time defending your models, rather than modifying them, then you know it's time for another spot of deconditioning report to Room 101.

Correcting Egoism

If an individual feels that through self-improvement he will be able to correct himself, he should examine his attitude towards the belief in the omnipotence and the Oneness of the Creator, because only through the Creator, through prayer for change, is it possible to alter something in oneself.

Not for Ones Self

However, if at the same time we do not receive pleasure from our altruistic actions, then such actions will be considered as pure giving. For instance, observing the commandments only for the sake of the Creator will not accord us the Light of the Creator (the pleasure) that corresponds to each commandment. This is because the process of self-improvement is not yet complete.

Kabbalistic Quotes

T he most important aspect of the process of self-improvement is the cultivation of one's sense of humility before the Creator. This, however, should not be an artificial undertaking, but a goal of one's efforts. If, as a result of working on the self, an individual gradually starts to develop this quality, then it means that he is proceeding in the right direction. (Talmud, Avodah Zarah)

Tausmanic Magick

Fostering friendship. Obtaining love. Insuring pleasure. Art. Music. Parties. Luxury. Jewels. Aphrodisiacs. Scents. Perfumes. Partnerships. Women. HODE (Mercury) Business and commercial success. Success in exams. Divination of the future. Influencing others. Theatrical success. Authors. Short trips. Writing. Bargain hunting. Schools. Basic medicine. Praxis (putting theory into action). Statistics. Teaching. Predictions. Self-improvement. Celibacy. The mind. Communications. Learning.

Man as Quabbalist

I do not want to deal here with such human beings who consciously decorate themselves with an aureola, in order to be respected, adored, worshipped, etc. Unfortunately, there exist a great number of such people in this world. A true saint retires to solitude, whereas a hypocrite will show off with his halo. But he who follows the course to perfection will never seek solitude he will abide by the place which Divine Providence has allocated to him and will continue working at his personal development without attracting the attention of his environment. He will not do the least to show his state of maturity to the external world. On the contrary, he may even try to disguise it to be unmolested by curious and immature people. This

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