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This is a streamlined version of the ritual that may be used to banish or invoke any element. See Chapter 9 for the banishing and invoking pentagrams of the elements. .

1. Banish and consecrate.

2. Perform Qabalistic Cross (points 5 - 10 from the Lesser Pentagram Ritual, p. 24, see chapter 4.Consecration).

3. Facing East, draw Active Equilibrating Pentagram (either banishing or invoking, depending on the intent of the ritual). Vibrate the word AHIH.

4. Make sign of Portal. For Active elements (air and fire), extend the hands in front of you, palms outward, and separate them as if in the act of opening a set of curtains.

5. Draw pentagram of Air (invoking or banishing, as is consistent with your intent). Vibrate word IHVH.





Equilibrating Pentagrams

6. Make sign of Air (Shu supporting the sky): both arms upwards and outward, elbows at right angles, the hands bent back, palms upward as if supporting a weight.

7. Facing South, draw Active Equilibrating Pentagram. Vibrate AHIH.

9. Make Pentagram of Fire. Vibrate word ALHIM (elohim).

10. Make sign of Fire: Raise the arms above the head and join the hands, so that the tips of the fingers and of the thumbs meet, forming and upward-pointing triangle.

11. Facing West, draw Passive Equilibrating Pentagram. Vibrate word AGLA.

12. Make sign of Portal. For Passives (earth and water), the gesture is the reverse of the active. Bring your hands together, as if closing a set of curtains, then allow your arms to drop to your sides.

13. Draw Pentagram of Water. Vibrate word AL.

14. Make sign of Water. Bring your hands together before your chest at shoulder level, so that fingertips and thumbs meet, forming a downward pointing triangle.

15. Facing North, draw Passive Equilibrating Pentagram. Vibrate word AGLA.

17. Draw Pentagram of Earth. Vibrate word ADNI.

18. Make sign of Earth. Advance the right foot, stretch out the right hand, upwards and forwards, the left hand downward and backwards, the palms open.

19. Perform evocation of Archangels, as in Lesser Pentagram Ritual (15-21, p. 25, see chapter 4.Consecration)

20. Perform Qabalistic Cross.



This is a version of the pentagram ritual developed by Aleister Crowley to be compatible with Thelemic mythology. Most of the words are in Greek, rather than Hebrew, so if you wish to delve into the gematria of it, you will need to use Greek values. The attribution of the quarters, as well as the direction of circumambulation, is different for Thelemic rituals. This ritual is a very effective banishing. It is simple, yet unusually dense with information.

1. Face East, standing in the center of the circle. Fill the lungs to capacity. Make the Sign of Harpocrates using the right forefinger. Then, a sudden a forceful gesture, sweep the right hand out and back, using the full breath to cry APO PANTOS KAKADAIMONOS! (away evil spirits: for our purposes, anything contrary to True Will).

2. With right forefinger, touch your crown, vibrating SOI (to thee). Imagine a beam of light descending from infinity to your crown.

3. Bring forefinger down to genitals, vibrating 0 PHALLI (0 phallus- The phallus, in this context, represents the Will. This is a useful conception even to women who may wish to practice this ritual. Compare it with Liber Samekh (Appendix E of this volume), or with Chapter II of The Book of the Law. There are those, however, who believe that this is a joke of Crowley's, or who are uncomfortable praising penises; for these folk, the word THELEMA might be substituted.). Bring the beam of light down, through you, to infinity.

4. Touch the right shoulder, vibrating ISCHUROS (might art thou). Allow a beam of light to come from infinity, from the right, and touch that shoulder.

5. Touch the left shoulder, vibrating EUCHARISTOS (praise). Allow the beam of light to continue on through you, out your left shoulder, to infinity.

6. Clasp your hands over your chest, over the center of the cross of light, and vibrate IAO (pronounced EE-AAH-OOH; the meaning of this is multi-layered and may require study - see Magick in Theory and Practice, p.28).

7. Advance to the Eastern perimeter of your circle. Imagine a Pentagram, upright, on your forehead. Bring your hands up to your eyes, then fling the pentagram forth, so that it takes its place, full size, in the East. Roar the word THERION (the Beast, the archetype of physicality, the body). Then make sign of Harpocrates.

8. Go to the North. Repeat the flinging of the pentagram, but speak the word NUIT. Make sign of Harpocrates.

9. Go to West. Repeat, but whisper the word BABALON (the female counterpart of the Beast, she who rides upon the Beast, using the physical forces, the body, to achieve ecstasy). Make sign of Harpocrates.

10. Go to South. Repeat, but bellow HADIT. Make sign of Harpocrates.

11. Continue around the circle to the East, completing your circumambulation. Then return to the center, facing East.

12. While vibrating the words IO PAN, make the signs of N.O.X., as follows:

Puella: feet together, head bowed, left hand shielding the genitals, right hand shielding the breast.

Puer: feet together, head erect; right hand raised with forearm vertical at a right angle with the upper arm, which is horizontal to the floor, thumb extended at right angle to the fingers; left hand, thumb extended, fingers clenched, rests over the genitals (thumb making a sort of phallus).

Vir: feet together, hands clenched on either side of the temples, with thumbs extended like horns. Head is held forward, eyes open. (attitude of Pan).

Mulier: feet widely spread, head thrown back, arms raised to suggest a crescent (attitude of Baphomet or Isis in Welcome).

13. Extend arms in the form of a Tau (straight out from shoulders, feet together). Say PRO MOU (before me), vibrate JUNGES.

14. Say OPPISO MOU (behind me), vibrate TELETARCHAI.

15. Say EPT DEXIA (on my right), vibrate SUNOCHES.

16. Say EPARISTERA (on my left), vibrate DAIMONOS.

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