The Queen Of Fire

The Elemental Queen of the Juniper tree, who in past times was reincarnated in an old medieval court, has tremendous magical powers.

The Juniper plant is the vegetal from the Solar Dynasties. All of the Divine Kings from the past worked with the magic of the Juniper tree.

The Mantra or Dharani of the Juniper tree is "KEM - LEM"

The elemental of the Juniper tree looks like a beautiful innocent girl. Each Juniper tree has its own elemental soul.

All of the Elementals from the Juniper trees obey this Elemental Queen, who in the past was reincarnated, as we already said, in the Medieval ages.

The steaming decoction of the Juniper tree, which is boiling within a pot, serves in order to invoke the Angels.

It can also be used as a smoke offering. One needs to beseech to Agni, so that He can help in the invocation.

The invoker must drink during the rite one glass from this Juniper decoction. The chakras enter into activity with the rite of the Juniper tree.

The berries from the Juniper tree, when they are burned as a smoke offering, can eliminate the larvae from the Astral body.

One must ask the Father, who is in secret, to make the Queen of the Juniper tree to attend to us, in order for her to help us in this magical work.

The invoked Angel will materialize by means of the emanating steam of the Juniper tree decoction, coming from the boiling pot.

When the Angel becomes present, then ask the Angel whatever you need. It is convenient for the reader to study my book entitled Igneous Rose.

The leaves from the Juniper tree are marvelous. The tea of the leaves from this tree help the women who are in their critical age.

The tea from the Juniper tree is also good for the healing of the Prostate.

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