The Path Of The Initiation

1. There exist eight Initiations of Major Mysteries and nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries.

2. To reach the great Initiations of Major Mysteries is impossible without having passed through the nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries.

3. I am very deeply sorry that certain spiritualist societies do not know how to interpret the maximum sacrifice of the Martyr of Golgotha.

4. Samael Aun Weor, Master of the Venerable White Lodge is indeed very sorry that the students of certain secret societies never talk about the nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries.

5. I declare that when arriving at the degree of Aseka, or Hierophant of the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, the following seven paths are opened before the Master:

a) To continue with humanity, working for humanity.

b) To continue within the internal planes as Nirmanakaya, working for humanity.

c) To join the evolution of the Angels or Devas.

d) To form part of the government of the Logos.

e) To prepare the work of the future Etheric Age of the Earth.

f) To enter into the ineffable joy of Nirvana.

g) To perform superior works of Nirvana.

Samael Aun Weor declares that he was the first human being in the world who delivered publicly to humanity the secrets of the Initiation. If the reader of this book wants to enter right now into the path of the Initiation, then, let him study and totally live my two books entitled The Perfect Matrimony and The Revolution Of Beelzebub All of the secrets of the Initiation will be found in these two books.

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