Medical Clinics

"The one who can cure sicknesses is a Physician. Neither the emperors, nor the popes, nor the colleges, not even the superior schools can create Physicians. They can grant privileges and make a person who is not a Physician appear as if he is a Physician. They can grant unto this person permission to kill, but, they cannot give him the power to heal. They cannot make of that person a true Physician, unless such a person has already been ordained by God." (Paracelsus)

In order to be a true Physician it is necessary to have wisdom. The word wisdom is derived from vid, videre (to see) and from don; (judgment). Thus, wisdom alludes to that which one can see with the senses of the soul and of the Intimate; to the wise judgments which must be based on the ultra-sensorial perceptions and not simply on dogmatic intellectualism or vain professional sufficiency, which are already in declination and decrepitude. Therefore, how can a person who has yet to develop his clairvoyance reach wisdom? How can a person who is not a Physician to himself be a Physician to others? How can a person who is not sane in his heart heal others?

Fifty per cent of medical clinics (no sin of exaggeration) are simulated brothels. If not, then let the other fifty per cent of innocent physicians attest to this.

The aristocratic lady and the humble peasant girl adulterate within the medical clinics. The blushing of young wives or of bashful virgins cannot prevail in order to stop the outrage of those physicians who see and touch what is secret and prohibited. Indeed, they do this because their repressed or insatiable libido, which Freud called "sexual appetite", never before had an opportunity to devour women's chastity and to sacrifice their integrity!

An authentic Physician must be absolutely chaste and righteous, or at least tender in his heart. Therefore, is it wisdom to work in that manner, against the moral laws? Is this culture? Is it civilization? What could this behavior be called?

When human beings endowed with superior intelligence appeared upon the earth, they allowed this supreme power (the Intimate) to work without resistance in them. Thus, they learned their first lessons from Him. All that they had to do was to imitate Him, but in order to reproduce the same effects by an effort of individual will, they found themselves obliged to develop in their human constitution a creative power (the Kundalini) named Kriyashakti in occult terminology.

In order to be a Physician, the fire of the Holy Spirit is necessary. This fire is the outcome of the transmutations of our sexual secretions by means of the snake.

How can one whose soul is stained because of love for profit and because of an insatiable thirst for fornication serve as a vehicle of expression for the Intimate?

The Intimate in ourselves is our Internal Master, our God, our real Being, our Spirit, our superior Self, our Father who is in secret. The Intimate is an ineffable flame of the great bonfire. He is a fragment of the Absolute in our heart. En accordance with Moses, the Intimate within ourselves is the Ruach Elohim, who was sowing the waters in the beginning of the world. The Intimate is the Monad of Carpocrates, the Daimon of Socrates, the Seity of Tibetans, the Silent Gandarva or Celestial Musician of the Hindus. The Intimate is our Father within ourselves, the Soul is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the sexual fbrce, which is named Kundalini and is symbolized by the snake.

The human being becomes an authentic Physician anointed by God when he develops within his human constitution the power of the fire. Through this way, the divine Intimate expresses Himself through the anointed one. Then, he can perform astonishing healings.

A human being could have theoretically studied the human organism and its sicknesses. However, this does not signify that he has the power of healing, since no one can receive this power from men, but only from God.

In the sunny country of Khem, there in those foregone times of ancient Egypt, sick people were not taken into medical clinics. They were taken into the august and sacred temples where the hieratic wisdom was cultivated.

Hence, sick people were coming out sane and sound from the temples. A lethargy of eternities weigh upon the ancient Mysteries. The delectable verb of ancient Sages, who engraved their wisdom in strange embossments upon unconquered walls, seems to be perceived there in that remote distance, within the profound night of the ages. Streets had millenary sphinxes that silently contemplated thousands of pilgrims, who came from distinct lands in search of health and light. Faces were tawny due to the ardent sun of happy Arabia. People came from Chaldea, Judaic merchants came from Cyclope or from Tyre, old Yogis came from the sacred land of the Vedas... Medicine was always sacred. Medicine was always the blessed patrimony of the Magi.

Sick people in those forgone times of ancient Egypt were covering themselves with aromas within the temples, and the ineffable verb of the holy Masters was filling them with life. When all of this was happening, the Great Whore (humanity) still had not begotten the Antichrist or the false science. As well, the pontiff of all abominations of the earth had not yet seated himself upon his seven hills.

In those fully developed ages, and under those sacred colonnades, the Priest of Sais exclaimed:

"Alas, Solon, Solon, my son! The day in which the men will laugh at our sacred hieroglyphics will come. Thus, they will say that we, the ancient people were worshipping idols."

Medical clinics will be abolished in the Age of Aquarius. Healing sanctuaries will be opened everywhere. It will not matter if we have to tolerate with stoicism the swats from the claws of the beast, whose number is 666. To the battle, children of the light, for our ideas, for the triumph of truth and goodness, to the battlel

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