S^uatir^Tig pf the ¿Teoret IVis-doin given as one of a series of graphic structures related to occult ideas. The sigi] has a multilayer significance, taut is virtually illustrative of the text actributed to Aristotle by the alchemists: pi vide tho tfl^eatiesi stone into the four elements, rectify these, th&n eon join their, as one: in the n-i^ole you will ha ire the Magi star.iun\-

secunijadeis see ptianetary spirits

SELRNTTE Ale- BEFTllELDT 1885 records two sigi Is ircm the Greek rilchemical traditicm

SEM1-SEXTILE Ast. Most of the sigiis for this aspect, of 30 degrees are truncated forms of the SEXTILE.

PEAROE 1879 SX' SlMMDNITE 1390 5s

FJAftKS 1967 y

SHjil-SQUARE Ast, This aspect of 45 degrees is sometimes called the scjtii•rfyu.vtile, and all the most ccmmorly used si^ils are derived fron^ that used for the SQUARE.

ZADKIEL 1819 *tl PEARCE 1U79 :&Q

S1MM0NITE 1890 So DE G1VRV 19 31 \

senary Occ*. Sigil given by blavatskY i860 ^^ intended to show the commingling of the three (philosophical) fires with the three (philosophical) waters, 'whence results the procreation of the elements o£ all things'. elavatsky 1803 claims that it is wrongiy called the Seal of Solomon, and adduccs argument as to why the sigil, with a central dot, is a decade See SEAL OP SOLOMON,

SENSORY Occ, a modern sigil given by ClPhCr 1962 as 'sensory,


antbropornorphic principle'] ^T This view of the sigil does in fact find some support in tfe® occult tradition, for example in A-CR1PPA 1531, STEiNER 1904 and SUCHER 1970.

SEPARATE Ale- Tho sigil is intended to denote the verbal sense of the wnrd in ALCHEMICAL 17C:

SEPARATION Ale- MICdAELSPACHER 16lb gives the sigil next to the

Fiign or L-onstcllation Scorpio, either to symbolise the alchemical process of Separation, or (less likely) the ¿ilchecr.ieal Sulphur,

SEPTENARY MAN Oco. Sigil given by REJWATEK¥ 1SRS to represent the image of the seven principles within man, the assjmption being that t_he sirprtj is symbol of physical man (the six dimensions of all bodies) plus the iujnorial soul, which is -symbolised in the seven points of ths sigil: ^Tj The triangle is symbolic of the three 'higher- spiritual beings of mail - those hum^r. principles st..i 11 eapable of developmentt ca":led in thcosophieal parlance Atnia, liuddhi and Manas. The square represents those spiritual bodies which have been developed, if not yet. controlled? :tbe 'principle of animal desire1 the Ka;rja-rupa, the 'vehicle of life1 the L/nga-sarii«t the pewer productive of vital phenomena, which is the '¿rana f and the physic^.; body itself, which is built up from substances formed and moulded over the Linga™sar.frs by the actfor* of Pra^a. FiTAVATSKY 1986 develops inany parallelisms between Lhe triad and the guaternary of this sigil, but broadJ.y speaking the triad represents the cosmic or spiritual element {the upper Seph i.roth^L) whilst Lhe £juac_ernary r which emanates from Lhe Lriad, symbclises the 'Reave:ily Man1, the sexless Adairj-KadmoiL, who may beccme a septenate 'by emanating from itself Die additional three principles^- Rut see 5.1*0 HEXAGON.

□EE 156-1 mak^s of th£ simple cross a septenary irom the addition of

three —(two lines and an inter section) and four—J—■ (the four arms of the proas) , which is clearly intended to link with' the occult, septenary of man's spiritual nature, seen either as the combination of

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