POUND flic. The pound weight is mos1: commonly gii^on a sigiilic form iroiu the tf?m J ¿ire, as for example in the list of mediaeval forms recorded hy GE SSMANN 1306 t X "tV .J^X I't ^

EERTHEl/3'1' 1&G5 records u. sigil from the Greei tradition; ALEERTUS 19 74 gives a sigil t^t which is almost certainly a poor copy of £hc common contraction l / ij

POtfDES Ale. Several of the rr^dineval sigils h^low ^rc used nynonyiucusly with tfcoae for DrJST, and in bcth cases certain of t^e dxüttgílary oe occult, hrrnetic and. alcbemlicaz $tgtls sigil= are den i ved f^ucn nn abbreviation of the latin pui'/is.

^ ¡J c dldergt ]. 7b3 p j" gfissmann 19ob ^ % -"i-

powder of brick jllc.

SRELlON 17c HJ dtderqt 1763 FT

prAVLr Oec. two related early christian sigi-s fare recorded by verarll '372, though with Tin ode rn (and perhaps imaginative) interpretations: 'prayer addressed hg t^ie World Lo Godr: 'prayer rising to Cod íroííj the Earthly and Lower World' ;

testa 19 G2 y jives three sigila which depiet the praying human: hr1 ljfj jjpch :9jO give^ a highly personalised interpretation of the ^lx-pointed as being derived zrom j yrt-phic íooj depicting the lición oí hutia^ prayer ^ with the descending power of god:

eiderot 17b.l c^j— gessmanm 190g precipitate or lead alo, valentine 16 71 $

precipitate OF mercury ale. vatiektine 1671 , she eton 1?c signa 17c preparation Ale- gessmann 190é ^ü

prepare ale. éommerrqfí 1701 gives the forms for 'pregare1, at¿ a direction to the practical alchemist.: fp p "p ff somberijoff 1701 a_so gives lhe sigi],s for eojjjue securájejíf} artei^, which means 'prepare ^¿chemically1:

previous syzvsy twc sigils have survived, bjt in buth cases the references are generally to the opposition between The luiainaricy H rather than ho hhn eon juncti on. a or ae^o-byzantine sigi ! is given by


NRtGEEAuER IT 59 whilst SMITH 1£C gives a sigil OO which is sometimes pre coded by the abbreviation p/'a^ to denote the previous pRiflPuS TAURl A C-F.SSMAT-JN 190k records several sigils, all clearly

PRIMAL POWER Occ. In the graphic system proposed by HONE the circle is said to symbolise eternity t iilp nettfiff-h.ncJ ing, ' htmcc spirit or ^rinsaJ pow&r* ■ fallen a dot 1h placed inside the circle, to produce the modern sigil for the SUN, then ' t£e circle... kj' gni fi the beginning of the emerger?ce of theit power*.'J (3

?j?TMOR7jIAL C IP CLE Oca. BLAVATSKY L8fi8 in her account of the occult, theory of tine - dealing speci€ieally with the birth of time H and with t.he earliest, cycle of the ye^i - writes 'The first sign of this primordial circle ¿and cycle iuade in heaven is the earliest shape ci the Ankh-cro^ &C a mere loop, which contains both a circle and the cruxa in, one imsge1 --- 'it is the ideograph of a period, an sjiding j a time . 1 See alsc ANKH and CROSS


PR IMC IP IA ¿HYMTCA Ale. SDMMLRHOFF 170 J gi'jes the following sigils for the 1Chemical Principles' or n.f ^¡Tienta P which ate scarcely the 'Elements1 of nocern science: SALT Q SULPHUR MIlKCIJP 7 SPIRIT EARTH \7 See ¿i L SO ELLMEb"'S

pRiflPuS TAURl A C-F.SSMAT-JN 190k records several sigils, all clearly


prituivi occL a ¡-¡igil ivhieh is virt.jally an equival&nt of the occidental EARTH element, given in ori ert.ul purees, and associated with Lhe wifJiihara^ or Roct Ohafcra: '__!

The sigil is said to be of a yellow colour, ana i.s recorded by avalom 1919-

PRCCECTlbN ¿le. MiCH&Ë^PACHËR It 16 gives thtf si.gil next to the sig-" cii" con she I 1 atlori Fi sc?5j pe-ho:;.^ to syrnbo". i ¡hp thé alchemical process of Frajcctî en twhi-fcï^i nendless Lo say, has nothing to do the occult spiritual' technique or Astral Projection, as it is wrongly t^r-niHd) -


PSOHROîT Mùg. SC HE I BLE 1&43 gi^es four variant ¡nigiiin for t: hi-fi spirit, KtJj rCtJj -¿fej.^. Mv

^L'ELLA CeOr S^gil for one fof the sixteen gconian~ic nyures: *

A ti tudtr of variants i H tars, dot s, floral d^vi^s, eLc.) are used to âer.o~e the sanis four-fold a r rail genie r. I-. Pueila i s linked by

■ i agrtppa 151j with the. element of water, the pi anê'JE Venus, and the zodiacal sign _.ibra. The following sigils arc derived frcw The late riHdioeval tradition, and are some tine s used to der.oce the planet Venus r as for exanple ir. 'i'RlTLEMlljS 150j.

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