atomic no. 16. SULPHUR

Central globe. Sulphur, like Magnesium, has no central globe. Funnels. The funnels of Sulphur are very similar to those of Magnesium, having three segments of three ovoids. The ovoids consist of three small spheres, a duad, N2, and two septets, 1.7, making S16. Thus 36 extra Anu are slipped into the funnels. Fig. 60.

Total = 576 Anu

Number weight yg = 32.00

atomic no. 30. ZINC

Zinc contains a globe and four spikes in addition to the four funnels. Funnels and spikes alike radiate from a simple globe. Fig. 60.

Central globe. The globe is made up of one N2 and four Li4, making Znl8. These five contained spheres are arranged cross-wise, preparing for the fully developed cross of Cadmium. One end of the cross touches the bottom of each funnel.

Funnels. The funnels are identical with those of Sulphur, though they are more compressed.

Spikes. The extra weight is mainly made up by the use of spikes, as was sometimes done in the previous group. The spikes show the cone of ten Anu, met with in other elements, and three very regular pillars, each with six spheres containing two, three, four, four three and two Anu respectively. The four supporting spheres, Zn20, are on the model of the central globe but contain two more Anu.

Zinc = Znl8+4 [3 (3S16) ]+[4 Zn20+3 Znl8'+Cul0] Central globe = 18 Anu

4 funnels of 144 Anu = 576 4 spikes of 144 Anu = 576

Number weight = 65.00

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