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When Naphthalene is examined dairvoyantly, its appearance is as in Fig. 204. We find a symmetrically balanced molecule, which has a close resemblance to two molecules of Benzene placed in juxtaposition. Fig. 210. The difference, however, is that out of the six arms of each Benzene, two have disappeared. But in the new combination, the symmetry is brought about by a new object between the two truncated Benzene molecules. This new object is composed of eight funnels of Carbon. These funnels become spheres, and the eight spheres make one whirling group. The arrangement of the spheres show that they are on the eight faces of an octahedron. The student will at once follow the arrangement of Naphthalene, after examining that of Benzene. Fig. 204.


The <-h»irnra1 formula for Anthracene may be represented by Fig. 211.

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