Occult Chemistry

atomic no. 53. TIN

Central globe. The central globe consists of the five interpenetrating tetrahedrons, Nel20. Tin omits the eight Anu at the centre found in Titanium. Fig. 132.

Funnels. The funnels of Tin are similar to those of Germanium and contain four segments of Ge39, making a total of 156 Anu.

Spikes. To make room for the necessary increase in the number of Anu, Tin adopts the system of spikes met with in Zinc and other elements. These spikes radiate from the central globe but are only six in number. They point to the corners of the octahedron. In each spike there are three pillars and a cone. The pillars, Sn35, are new in detail though not in principle. They consist of small globes containing 3, 5, 6, 7, 6,5, 3. Anu respectively. The cone at the top of the spike has 21 Anu and is identical with the cone in Silver, Ag21. The total number of Anu in the spike is 126.

Tin = Nel20+8 (4Ge39) + 6Snl26 Central globe 8 funnels each 156 Anu 6 spikes each 126 Anu

Total = 2124 Anu Number weight = 118.0

atomic no. 65.


This element resembles Tin and Lead. It was found in solder. Central globe. This is similar to that of Tin, being composed of Nel20. Fig: 133. Funnels. The eight similar funnels each contain four Ge39, two Mo46 and one L7, making a total of 255 Ana Fig. 134.

Spikes. There are six spikes similar to those of Tin, each composed of Snl26.

Terbium = Nel20+8 (4Ge39+2Mo46+L7)+6Snl26

Central globe 8 funnels of 255 Anu 6 spikes of 126 Anu

Total = 2916 Anu

Number weight ^ = 162.00

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